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Brown Family

submitted by  D.G.Owens

This is a partial chart of the BROWN FAMILY of CAMDEN COUNTY, N.C.. 
Any corrections or additions are appreciated, please contact  D.G. Owens

                                DESCENDANTS OF BENJAMIN BROWN

Benjamin Brown, b. abt. 1760; d.? marr.?
Sons:1. James Brown, b. abt 1790 Camden County, N.C.
     2. Joseph Brown, b. March 19, 1793 Camden County, N.C.

1. James Brown, b. abt 1790, marr. Nancy ? lived in the Lakeside Area of
Lambs Rd. Camden Co. d. ?
Children: i. William, b. 1814/15 marr. Nancy Jones
          3. ii. Jerimiah M. (Jerry),b. abt 1817 marr. Susan Spencer
           iii. Patsy B., b.? marr. James Sawyer
         4.  iv. Tully B., b. 1826, marr. Margaret Owens

2. Joseph Brown, b. March 19, 1793, d. Oct. 20, 1948. Marr. Elizabeth
(Betsy) Cartwright, dau of Robert and Keziah Cartwright. She was born
August 9, 1785/95? . She died Nov. 20, 1847. Lakeside Area, Camden, N.C.
  Children: i. Lathan ? Laban ? ,b. Dec.6, 1817
            ii. Mary , b. Sept. 3, 1819
            iii. Chloe, b. June. 12, 1822
          5.   iv. Melissa C., b. Sept. 29,1825
             v. Elizabeth Cartwright, b. Nov. 11, 1828. Marr. 1st Zero
Hamilton , lawyer from New York, on July 7, 1849. Marr. 2nd Zebedee Williams
on April 4, 1871.

3. Jerimiah (Jerry) Brown (James, Benjamin)  b.? d.? marr. Susan Spence. She
was born 1817 and d. 1902. Camden, N.C.. She marr.2nd David Starboard.
    Children: i. Henry Brown, b. 1837,mar. Lavina Bright.?.
             ii. Polly Brown, b. 1840,marr.1st ? Cartwright;2nd John
             iii. James Brown, b. 1842
             iv. John T. Brown, b. 1844
              v. Jerimiah Brown, b 1848 d. 1896

4. Tully (Tullie)Brown (James, Benjamin);b.1826,died 1881. marr. Margaret
Owens. She was b. 1828,in Currituck, N.C. and d. 1881 Camden. Both are
buried in the Old Brown Cemetery, Lakeside.
    Children: i. Mary Etta Brown. b. 1847 d. 1899, marr. James Bray .  ii.
Henry B. 1847, d. 1883
iii. James Wilson Brown ,b. Mar. 1,1849; d. 1915,marr. Sarah Jane Sawyer, dau
of Lemuel and Lucinda Morgan Sawyer. She was b. Aug. 25, 1849,d.1938
             iv. Benjamin F. b.1852,d.1893
              v. Joseph T. b. 1856,d. 1922
              vi. Tully Brown Jr. b. 1861
              vii. Jordan Brown b. 1863
              viii. William E. (Willie) b.1868
               ix. H.L. b. 1871, died 1903

5.Melissa C. Brown (Joseph, Benjamin). Sept 29, 1825, d. May 30, 1853.
marr. 1st Coston Sawyer ? abt 1845. marr.2nd Mark Roberts Gregory on May 13,
1847. She died May 28, 1853. Buried in the Old Brown Family Cemetery,
          Child 1st marr.- Mary E. Sawyer b. 1846,d.1865
       Children 2nd Marr.
                   i. Sarepta Ann Gregory, b. Nov. 19, 1848,Belcross, Camden,
N.C. d. April 17, 1893, Elizabeth City, N.C. marr. Nov. 19, 1872 George Dana
Boardman Prichard, son of Isaac Lamb & Elizabeth Berry Prichard.
                   ii. Celus Lester Gregory, b. Oct 10, 1850, d. Jun 22, 1870
                   iii. Melissa Brown Gregory, b. May 16, 1853. d. May 29, 1853.