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Pasquotank-Camden Library
205 East Main St.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Virginia Dare Building
103 N. Ashe Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
This is the library of the Family Research Society of Northeastern North Carolina. It contains many useful census, wills, cemetery records, family records, published family histories, and more. Anyone wishing to research in these counties, needs to begin here. The library hours are; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10:00 to 3:00. A Librarian will be on hand to show you around and answer any questions. The phone number there is (252)333-1640. It is open to the public.


     Camden County Courthouse

117 North 343
Camden, NC 27921
 252 338-1919 ext. 244, 245, or 255 

The Register of Deeds Office is located in the Old Courthouse Building downstairs at the backdoor. 

Peggy C. Kight is the Registrar.

The office consists of 3 rooms.  The 1st room  is where we greet people and take recordings.  The 2nd is for the Registrar's desk and Deed and Real Estate Records, which start in 1777 and go to the current date. In the 3rd room vault, we have Marriage Records from 1848 to the present, Birth Records from 1913 to approximately mid 1970's; Delayed Birth Records starting around mid 1880s. Death Records from 1913 to present.  We also have a small Genealogy
Section with Camden Co. Census Records from 1790 to 1920 ( except 1800 & 1810) and (2) copies of  NC Bible Records and some scattered genealogy papers compiled in books.  As time permits we do answer mail queries and send copies. If a person wants a certified copy of their vital record, they would need to call the office at 252 338-1919 ext. 244, 245, or 255 to get information. 

We are open (except for Major Holidays) M-F, 8-5, with someone
in the office all day. The charge for regular copies is $0.10 per page for copies made in the office and $1.00 per page for copies mailed .

The above information was provided by: Ann R. Sawyer, Deputy Register of Deeds 


Records Available

bonds of apprentices 1871-86
bonds of bastardy 1871-79
court dockets 1807-1912, 1920-60
court minutes 1807-1925
court records 1802-1929
deeds 1777-1927
estate accounts 1866-1918
estate administrators 1853-1916
estate records 1790-1929
estate settlements 1862-1960
estate widows' dowers 1894-1918
guardian 1800-1925
land miscellaneous 1807-1925
land processions 1874-1904
marriages 1848-1960
miscellaneous 1786-1928
naturalizations 1786-1928
roads 1879-1903, 1917-31
schools 1861-77
tax 1782, 1790-95, 1815, 1848-1918
wills 1777-1970



1800 - regular
1810 - regular
1820 - regular, industrial
1830 - regular
1840 - regular, Revolutionary War pension
1850 - regular, agriculture, industrial, mortality, slaveholder
1860 - regular, agriculture, industrial, mortality, slaveholder
1870 - regular, agriculture, industrial, mortality
1880 - regular, agriculture, industrial, mortality
1890 - Union Civil War veterans
1900 - regular
1910 - regular
1920 - regular


Three Hundred Years Along the Pasquotank: A Biographical History of Camden County
by J. F. Pugh, The Author, Old Trap, NC 1957



Family Research Society of Northeastern North Carolina



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