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The Quinn Families
Carteret County, North Carolina

About Me

Born in Munich in 1963 I am a happy go lucky, with a streak of intense from time to time kinda person.

Current Projects

Some of the work I am doing now.

Latest Book

The Laughlin Quinn Pathway and Irish Family History


300 Years of Family History

Latest Research


The evolution of my own genetic material.

Further defining the pathway of the R1b haplogroup and sub-clades


Embedding a fully integrated 4th dimension into full feature films, presentations and internet-based applications. All accomplished in nearly all indoor and outdoor environments.

Hardware & Software API designs are in-work now targeting 1st quarter 2012 prototype.

Consumable requirements being prepared for presentation to Proctor and Gamble.


Automated and Integrated Electronic Medical Records recording from home, hospital, remote testing locations via cellular, wifi, or dialup to the Medical Record repository and databases.

Design Stage

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   The family tree contains references, and where available copies from original documents associated with the project are also attached to the GedCom file.

As always, we appreciate your help and continued support in making this project useful for everyone.

T. Allen Quinn


The Quinn Genealogy Project Core Resources

The Quinn Genealogy Project Goals

To make the results and findings of all that is discovered about the ancestors and descendants of Laughlin Quinn a well established and defined lineage. 

Ensuring a free to use and disseminate presence is fully supported and employed.

A tool for reconnecting with lost family members.