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Letter from Paul A. Haralson regarding education of his son, Camillus



                                  Social Circle 19th Augt 1844


Dear Sir

          I have sent Camillus over to See you again on the Subject of his Schooling.  I am truly thankful to you for your Kindness to me in this thing and So long as I love I can have no other feelings for you than those of gratitude and Kindness.  I had hoped that by this time I should have been enabled to have Sustained him at School myself but I find that my calculations are disappointed and unless I get further aid I Shall have to give out the idea of giving him that education which I had always intended and which to me was a matter of Very great importance-  You, I Know will understand my feelings when you think of my Solitude and anxiety for my only Son. and my wish to See him a good and a great man-  It is true I have property-  And it is equally true that I am not much in Debt.  But my present Situation in a New Country almost amongst Strangers, having had in the Course of the last three years more than $4000 to pay as Security for other people and in consequence being drained of all my resources, and now having to bear my part of Col. Graves' liabilities & withall having to live in a trial and a weight which you can understand without my attempting to describe it-  I should have been glad to have Seen you, but I cannot now leave home,-  I have a claim which you will See here enclosed which I do not want to enforce for the next 3 or four years- (which in fact I do not want ever to enforce )  But which I did not want to demand payt on under several years..  because the obligors, like myself are hard ____ .   I had promised to wait, & my word is binding on me -  This claim, (if you desire it) I hesitate to place at your disposal to be held by you as Counter Security or as an indemnity if you would take the responsibility on yourself of the education of Camillus-  or any other arrangement which you might think right-  I know I would be asking much at your hands.

   But nevertheless I have confidence in him to whom I place my child.   pardon me in indulging in the expression that I have known you almost from the cradle till now & I know that nobody to whom I can go with more confidence-  I had expected to have received $750 from the sale of a negro man.-  But I have just learned that it has been detained to pay a Security Debt of $600 in N.C. for a man & the only man for whom I was.  Security who I fear has Swindled me by Smugling ___ property.    Write me by Camillus

                             Yours very respectfully

                             Paul A. Haralson


P.S.  I Send you Esqr. Miles letter to read which tells me of my last Misfortune.

2002 Tommy Booker

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