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Letter from F.B.E. Overly addressed to C. A. Haralson Esqr, Social Circle, Walton Co., Ga.



Jefferson Jackson August 28th 1846

Dear Camillus,

          Now Ramsey I tell what I want you to do old fellow.  I want you to ask your sister to ask your Mother to ask your Father to let you come over to Athens at Commencement.  If your mother won't give your Father permition to let you come, run away and come any how.  You can borrow your Father's saddle horse I suppose, if you will take him without his permition.

          I have been quite unwell since I left Oxford, and not well now by a cart load.  I hope to be well enough to go to Athens, infact I will go any how.  Commencement at this place came off last night.  The house was crowded beyond discription.  If all the _______cians in the State had ________ there skill in me, they could not have given me so sucksessful a steering.  At least half of my mortality evaporated and some of the spiritual part, the big half of the congregation was negroes.  Chlorene gass is younger brother to the perfume that arose from that modly crowd when the caloric was aplied.  I have enjoyed myself as well as a sick man could.  There are young ladies of all discriptions about hear.  Some of the Swine family have been at Brothers.  They stated that they had received a letter from there relations a few weeks ago.  And at the table wanted to know of me when I had seen them last.  I was taken sick forth with and left the room, it was to warm for me.  I feel quite bad, am stooping over an old desk, to high to sit and wright, to low to stand.  The room is as hot as a stove.  Write to me soon.  Excuse all errors.  I have been disi____ting so my nearves are unsteady, no dictionarys in this ____.  Believe me as ever   your ardent friend.

                                           F.B.E. Overly

2002 Tommy Booker

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