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Letter from Abner Miles in Yanceyville, N.C. to Paul A. Haralson in Social Circle, Ga.


Yanceyville N.Carolina
June 20, 1844


Dear Sir


Your friendly letter of the 11th has been duly received and believe me when I say I was quite glad to hear from you, your family & friends in Georgia.  I would have answered it by return mail if I could have seen Mr Mebane & Gunn in time to have ______ but not seeing Mr Gunn for several das after the ______ of letter has caused a few das delay.-  I now will _______ to answer _______________________________________ since you left.  Capt Graves _________ about this time and in part an account of the __________ debt ______ him.  I say a few days since he wished you would _______ and help him out of that difficulty, the Walker ______________ will turn out but indeed, not one cent paid by the Trustee ________ and he says the Trust will not pay more than 40 to the ______ and doubts whether it will do that.  Willis instructed Robinson to ___________ Alabama, to pay off your part of the Walker debt, _________ which was sent to him,  I had been drawn by that ________ being in the _____ of a man (Henderson) to borrow ______ or hand my property sold, and having done so and paid _______ for which we was jointly bound I appealed to the _______ on the _____ that delayed the matter until Robertson paid __________ the net proceed of John which I applied to said _____ which I think is between thirty & forty dollars more that you ________ for Walker that balance you shall have on application ________ Walkerís business will be wound up.  I cannot tell _____________ to sell.  The sale money becomes due next Monday.  Genl Graves still hangs on and with better prospects that for several ____________.  If his creditors will indulge him a year or _______ I think he will pull out.  You know his brothers are buying Negroes for him.  He says since last fall he has aid near __________ dollars of his indebtedness, he has paid I believe nearly ________ Hodnett debt.  P. Hodnett & family are well and doing well _______ town today.  Bob Anderson left here a few weeks ago _______ to Raleigh and obtained license to practice law. ________ his fathers at this time I understand, what he __________ I cannot say, John K. & lady was well a few days _______ they have _________ very ____ the village since their marriage.  They stay mostly at _______ in Halifax Va.  Pink & John are both quite _____.  Pink attends to business for his father and John A reads law.


            You speak of our having long been friends with the exception of one time when there was some appearance of unkindness.  So far I forgotten any and all unkind feelings which may have arisen through momentary sentiment towards you ________.  I declare I do not know to what particular time or ________ you allude.  I know at various time in an excited ____________________________________________________________ feelings of _____ words by which they were indicated, and if you have not always __________ friend since our first acquaintance.  I have veen deceived and _______ in my heart that was bitter or unkind towards Paul A. Haralson I would raise my ______ hands and heart to ______ being whose nature is love and ask him to take it far away _______ they are not there.


Regarding your brothers letter and the Mississippi land Mr Mebane _____ Mr Gunn instructs me to say to you they are unwilling ________ the offer as yet.  They wish you to write to your brother and _________ him to attend to the collection of the money due there ___________ let you know when it can be collected.  Mr Mebane says if he _____ get that it would nearly release John Hís securities ________ by waiting a little longer before the land was sold it would ________ pay all Johnís liabilities.


I do not know what more to say that would interest you.  I expect _________ & lady will start for Georgia in a few days.  Myself _______ are well with the people generally in the village.  Crops of ________ very promising wheat crops tolerable, the scarcity of plants __________ the tobacco crops,

Political ______ is gradually rising.  Polk & Texas seems to carry _____ before _____ here.

Give my best respects to Leannah the old Col. & lady and believe me to be your sincere friend.


                                                                                                            Abner Miles

© 2002 Tommy Booker

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