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Caswell Co., North Carolina Surnames with Researcher Contact

If you have Caswell County ancestors and would like to hear from others searching surnames in which you are interested, please let us know. [AA] indicates African-American surnames. Please submit a changed email address. New entries are at the top.




Page, Vaughn, Atkins(Adkins) Julia Hall
Price  Don Price
Mitchell, Foster, Spencer, Sawyer(s), Hensley/Henslee, Lackey, Anderson, Ector Phil Mitchell
Frederick; Moorefield; Smith; James; Adkins; Stanfield; and Fox Rick Frederick
Ashburn, Evans, Lea, Morton, Villines Leslie Hines
Somers &  Landman ( Lanman, Lanmon) Grace Upshaw
Phelps, Dye, Bateman   Jack Phelps
Pittard Anne Bowden
Bass Lena Bass
Burton, Pass Anne Burton Washburn
McGonigle, Yates V. Brian Anderson
Walker, Somers, Sommers, Summers, Dove Roberta Butler
Hester  Melissa C. Mihok
Terrell, Henshaw, Lewis, Kennon, Cannon, Bush. Doug Terrell
Stubblefield, Weathers Elreeta Weathers
Tennison, Dennis Sue Dennis Green
Terry Kathy Argo
Anderson, Bird, Harrison, Hubbard, Miles, Rice, Satterwhite Slade Anderson 
Somers/Summers; Wade; Carter; Gillaspey/Gillaspy. Betty Phillips
Rice, Bullock   Marylou Denyer
Foster, Perkins and Grant  Mary Perot
Burford , Terrel Gil
Williams, Henry & wife Elizabeth; Simpson;  Kincheloe, Oldham, Jesse; Harris, Tyree E.W.Wallace
Lea; Lee; Grinstead; Royster; Westbrook; Draper Randall Lee
Richmond, Dameron, Johnston, Malone and Gray Cindy Horrace
Strader; Graham E. Perkins
Lyon;  Chance;  Hinton;  Howard;  Watlington;  Roberts;  Allen M. Benson
Martin Niota
Tinker Betty Tinker Wells
Stephens, Groom, Johnson and Brim Mary Anne Stephens
Horton, Gillaspy, Gillaspie, Williams Wayne & Peggy Horton
Alderdice, McClain (all spellings), Keen, Dill
Garry Brown
Bigelow, (Bigloe, Biglow, Bagelow) - various spellings Pattillo (Patilo, Petullo, Patilo) various spellings Donnell (Darnell) (various spellings);Leath V. J.  Payne
Crowder and Samuel Terry
Carnel/Cearnal; Mitchell; and Holloway Linda Franks
Aldridge; Brannock; Crawford; Graves; Hodges; Lea; Simpson; Swift; Walker Jack & Dottie Pickett
Massey; Hastings; Collier; Simmons; Barton; Bush; Low Pamela Lavery
Powell, Carrol/Carroll and Phillips/Philips Jo Ellen (Powell) Jester
Boulton; Farley; Stanfield Francie Lane
Mitchell, Jones, Murphey Tom Fox
Holt; Powell Jayne
Bradsher, Jones, Thompson and Connally. Martha Spencer
Graves, Settle, Yancey; Howard; Slade Pat Hansen
Link,  Malone, Warren Charlie Weaver
Black, Randolph and Dye Jan Lopez
Tinker Betty Tinker Wells
Smith, Walker, Rudd, McKinney. Arnold, Montgomery, Terrell, Anglin, Sheppard, Miles (Adopted name, Maybe), Sartin, Bush, Tapscott, Rice, Windsor, Allred, Stadler, Thomas, Jones, Evans, Lea/Lee, Ramona Supensky
Adkins, Allen, Ball, Guthrie, Nichols, Page, Pass, Phelps, Royster, Tapley, Anita Avery
Stephens, Groom, Johnson and Brim Mary Anne Stephens
Perkins and Loafman Gail Loafman
Hughesand Paschall (and all variants) John Hughes Sr.
Burch and Willingham/Winningham Glenda Brothers
Gooch, Hightower, Kerr, Miles, Rice, Slade Nancy Crawford
Jones Paula Carle-Bosch
Lyons, Nichols Lorraine Robinson
James Randall/Randolph Shirley Pierre  
Wiley, Noel, and Richmond Mary Wiley Campbell
Lunsford, Sparrow, am also interested in Beavill Russell Brown
Elizabeth Halcomb, William Henry Chaney Willette
Carman & Quine Wiliam L. Wallace
McDaniel and Eubanks Vernon Compton
Boswell, Price, Pride, Robeson,Dunaway, Mitchell, McCain, Booker, Williams, and Williamson. Walter Boswell
Crumptons or Compton [AA] Karen Martin
Stephens, Pleasants Ronald Weiss
Barton, Compton, and Henslee/Hensley Jerry L. Barton
Fuller, Lea Carol Ann Vian Bennett

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