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Will of James Poteat

Contributed by Pricilla Caris


The last will & Testament of James Poteat of the County of Caswell and the state of North Carolina, Being of sound mind and the right to dispose of this estate in the way he may desire.

Item 1:  I give and bequeath to my darling wife Forest Home place with all the land west of the main road from Yanceyville to Milton commencing at James Williamson's corner out said road and following said road up to Longsline including the mill tract, the Poteat tract, the Willis tract, the Sawyer's tract & Ceogne tract containing all is supposed 500 or 600 acres more or less, with the mill and all its appurtenances thereunto belonging together with my hotel lot, household 7 kitchen furniture and all my horses, cows, hogs, absolutely to do as she may desire with it all also all vehicles.

Item 2:  The balance of my land shall be equally divided between my 5 children Jas. P. Poteat, W.L. Poteat, Ed. M. Poteat, Ida I. Poteat, Emma L. Poteat, making all equal in value.  

Item 3:  The lands that Ida I. & Emma L. Poteat should they marry and have no children or child after their death shall come back to my estate and be divided between the remaining heirs                             And in case they do not marry they have the same right to dispose of their land to anyone they may chose first consulting my executor whom on Item 5 I herewith name.

Item 5:  Mrs. J.P. Poteat, J.P. Poteat & W.L. Poteat who are here appointed.

Item 6:  The warehouse and lot and the factory lot & houses shall be sold on the most favorable terms and the money arising from the sale to be applied to my outstanding debts or as may be deemed best by my above named executor.

Item 7:  The bonds I hold against any one must be settled by compromise if possible to do so.  I wish Bettie P. Lindsay to be educated as far as Emma L. Poteat, caring for her as one of our family, and paying her expenses out of any profit either from farm or mill.

Item 8:  It is my desire that after my decd as soon as is convenient for my executors to let J. C. Lindsay & his sister, Lou Lindsay have two hundred dollars each from my estate from any sources they may think best.  G.R. Lindsay already has received from me five thousand, six hundred dollars, the father of these children J.C.  Lindsay and his sister, Lou Lindsay & Bette P. Lindsay.

In testimony I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 2nd day July, 1883.
James Poteat
Thomas J. Florence
S.E. Williams

October 4. 1888
In the last few days I have made a deed of land to James P. Poteat (deed will describe it) forgetting the leaving of my will to the same.  Thereupon I add this codicil that this piece of land that his deed calls for is to be valued with all the balance of my land given to my children and all made equal.  The land Ida Poteat draws is hereby absolutely given to her so that she may dispose of the same as she may choose first consulting Exec.

In testimony I have hereunto set my hand and seal.  This the 4th day of October, 1888.

James Poteat (seal)

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