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Will of Isham Graves

I, Isham Graves of the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky, Do hereby make my last Will and Testament […] and from following that is to say, 1st I want all my Just Debts paid, 2ndly [after?] the payment of my Debts, I give my wife Elender Graves all my Estate both real and personal [for?] and during the [?] of her Natural life, and after her Decease, I give the same to my children here after mentioned equally to be divided among them, and to be enjoyed by them forever, whose names so follow, John Graves, Ezekiel Graves, Lucy Taylor, William Graves, Littlebury Graves, Mary Graves, Nancy Graves, Elizabeth Graves, Daniel Graves, and Marthy Graves. 3rdly I divise that my Daughter Lucy Taylor shall have Marthy my Negroe Girl to live with her, so long as my Wife E. Graves may think proper and if she should remain in the hands of my daughter Lucy Taylor until the Death of my Wife, the said Girl with her increase if any, shall be equally divided among my several Children, herein before named as the Rest? of my Estate, which I give to them, their heirs, Executors, Administrators and assigns forever. And lastly I do hereby Constitute and appoint my friends John Hill and Elender Graves my Wife Executors of my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other or former Wills or Testaments by me heretofor made, In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 26th day of April 1831. Isham Graves His Mark X Witness: John Hill Wm. [?] Hill Isham's wife was Eleanor Perdue, they married in approx. 1797-1799 (ministers' returns) in Chesterfield Co.

Will of Thomas Hodges

December 9, 1857

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Hodges of the County of Caswell and State of North Carolina Being of sound mind and disposing memory and Knowing it is appointed for all men Once to die do hereby make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows to Wit

1. I desire that all my just debts be paid out of my Property before any division takes place.

2. I give to my Daughter Martha Simpson one neagro boy Basmy Worth five Hundred and fifty dollars.

3. I give to my Daughter Mary West One Neagro Woman Jinny and her Children namely George Hansy John Preston Sally Betty I. Silvy Worth four Hundred an a fifty Dollars.

I entere a Security for Caisy W. West Guardian Ship for his Childrens Legacy in Their Grand Father Benjamin C. Wests Estate to the Amount of four Hundred Dollars for which if I have it to pay Which my Papers Will Show She is not to draw one cent more of my Esstate untill the balance of my children is made Equal With and her and then She is to come in for her Equal part.

4. I give to Robert A Gatewood one Neagro Girl Maria Worth five Hundred and Thirty Dollars it is further my desire that Whatever is due my Daughter Eliza Gatewood Deceased at my death shal go to the heirs of her body forever.

5. I give to my Daughter in law Susan M. Hodges five Hundred Dollars Which my son Samuel Hodges Deceased is due me on the purchase of A piece of Land and I Further desire she shall not receive one cent more of my Estate until all the balance of my Children is made Equal With her and then for her to come in for her Equal part.

6 It is further my desire that the balance of my children be made Equal with my Daughter Martha Simpson.

7. It is my desire That my Land be Laid off in three Equal Lots as near as possible and sold By My Executors here in after named. Also my Neagroes and all of my Esstate sold and Equally Divided among all of my Children namely James A Hodges Samuel Hodges Deceased Thompson C Hodges Mary West Henry E Hodges Nancy Hagood Eliza Gatewood Deceased Harrison L. Hodges William H Hodges Martha Simpson Yuel F. Hodges and Thomas W. Hodges.

8. And lastly I doe hereby Constitute and appoint My Three sons James A Hodges Henry E. Hodges and Thomas W. Hodges Executors of this my last Will and Testament in Witness Where off I here unto set my hand and affix my seal this the 9th day of December in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and fifty seven.

His Mark __X___

Thomas Hodges (seal)


S.W. Garrett

W. H. Gatewood

North Carolina

Caswell County January Court of 1858

The execution of this will was duly proved in open Court by the oath of I. W. Garrett and William H. Gatewood the subscribing witnesses to the same to be the last will and Testament of Thomas Hodges deceased ordered to be registered at the same time James A Hodges, Henry E Hodges and Thomas W. Hodges the Executors therein named Came into open Court and was duly qualified according to Law as the Executors & Letters Testamentary offered to them accordingly.

Thos. W. Graves Clk


October Court 1815

In the name of God Amen
I John Keen of the County of Caswell & State of Ncarolina being weak & infirm of body but disposing mind & memory do make and appoint this my last Will and Testament. In the follow ing manner that is to say------ I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife and my son Thomas all my lands and Houses with the plantation & a Negro woman named Dealy and one horse, two Cows, six head of Hogs each and as much other household property as will make life comfortable and at my Wifes death and my son Thos death what property [ ] lands and the above property to be sold and Equally divided among my Children as follows My son William & Daughter McClain and Daughter Elizabeth Grayham and my Daughter Sally Potter [ ] the[ ]of my property. All the rest of my property is to be sold except my Negroes and after paying my debts to be equally divided to my five Children (to wit) My son James & Daughters Nelly Nancy Susannah & my Son David the Negroes all of them After my [ ] is to be [ ] by men Appointed by the Court to my last five Children named. That is when and at the time my Youngest Child comes of Age.

Herinto I set my hand and seal this 30th day of August 1815

AB also my wife to will her Chest & Table & Cloths to who She pleases.

John Keen (seal)

[ ] Jos. Roe

State of North Carolina
Caswell County October Court 1815

The Execution of this will was duly proved in Open Court
by the Oath of Joseph Roe the Subscribing Witness thereto an on
motion [ ] to be Recorded [signature]

Compilers note: The spaces in brackets are words that could not be made out,but do not effect the genealogical usefulness of the will. The original punctuation and capitalization are followed. The signature of the county official was unreadable. The names of the children and their spouses, as far as known, is as follows: Polly married George McClain, Elizabeth married a Grayham Sally married a Porter, William married Elizabeth Cobb James married Francis Cobb, Nelly unknown Nancy married James Shackelford, David unknown Susannah married John Henson Humphries, Thomas unknown.

Will of Francis Shackleford

Book B page 86......Oct. Court 1785 Yanceyville, North Carolina

In the name of God, Amen, I FRANCIS SHACKELFORD of Caswell County being of sound and perfect memory (Blessed by God) do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner following, That is to say, first it is my will that all my just debts be paid of that part of my estate (as shall my Executor hereafter named be thought) can be best spared(except Negroes) ---Secondly I leave to my beloved wife EUNICE SHACKELFORD during her lifetime a negroe woman Jude with all of my household furniture and stock of all kinds. I give to my son JOHN SHACKELFORD ten pounds to be paid him at my wife's death ---It is my desire that the perishable part of my estate at my wife's death shall be equally divided amongst my children: REBECCA SHACKELFORD, ARMSTEAD, NANCY, HENRY, ABSALOM, ABNER AND BETSY SHACKELFORD --- I leave my Negro fellow Bob to be hired annually by my Executors for the schooling and maintaining my young children and at my wife's death if amongst those mentioned that shall be then living (except JOHN SHACKELFORD) but if the youngest child should not be of age, the Negroes to he hired until that time. And I do appoint Col. JAMES SANDERS, NATHL. DICKERSON, OLIV TERRY and EUNICE SHACKELFORD. Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have henceforth set my hand and seal this 18 February 1780.

Francis Shackelford


This will was duly proved by JAMES GILASPY and order to be recorded Oct. Court 1785

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