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Amazon.com  - some of the historical books recommended for Durham's Creek area  

  • The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate [Hardcover].

    By Kevin P. Duffus.  (2008)
    • contains unique information on this famous pirate who frequented the Durham's Creek area in the early 1700's.
    • based on original genealogical research by the late John Oden, a renowned local genealogist & historian.
    • Kevin has an interesting and unusual style of presenting this story -- part speculation, but based on facts gleaned from exhaustive genealogical research.  This is very different than any other story of Black Beard.  [read this book to see why his name is actually two words, not one as commonly used]
    • a must read for anyone interested in this famous pirate.  It defies all of the conventional history about this man, and where he came from.
    • has beautiful photos and artwork!!
  • A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Eastern North Carolina [Paperback].

    By Catherine W. and Michael T. Southern Bishir (Author), Michael T. Southern.  (1996)
  • Herring Fishing: Images of an Eastern North Carolina Tradition [Paperback].

    By Frank Stephenson.  (2007)
    • an understanding of the watermen's life is essential to understanding life on Durham's Creek.
  • Throwed Away: Failures of Progress in Eastern North Carolina [Paperback].

    By Linda Flowers.  (1993)
    • a provocative and controversial story of life in eastern NC, where Durham's Creek is located.
  • Graveyard of the Atlantic:
         Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast [Illustrated] [Hardcover]

    By David Stick.  (1985)
    • this is a classic!
  • Legends of the Outer Banks and Tar Heel Tidewater [Hardcover].

    By Charles Harry Whedbee.  (1966)
  • Outer Banks Mysteries and Seaside Stories [Hardcover].

    By Charles Harry Whedbee.  (1978)
  • Nothing but Blood and Slaughter:
         Military Operations and Order of Battle of the Revolutionary War
         in the Carolinas - Volume One 1771-1779 [Paperback]

    By Patrick O'Kelley.  (2004)
    • this 4-volume set is an excellent source for history of the region during the Revolutionary War.  This war had a great impact on this area.
  • Nothing but Blood and Slaughter:
         The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas - Volume 2 1780 [Paperback]

    By Patrick O'Kelley.  (2004)
  • Nothing but Blood and Slaughter:
         The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas - Volume Three 1781 [Paperback]

    By Patrick O'Kelley.  (2005)
  • Nothing but Blood and Slaughter:
         The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas - Volume Four 1782 [Paperback]

    By Patrick O'Kelley.  (2005)
  • Unwaried Patience and Fortitude:
         Francis Marion's Orderly Book [Paperback]

    By Patrick O'Kelley.  (2006)
    • a little further south, but still a great read.
  • Storm over Carolina:
         The Confederate Navy's Struggle for Eastern North Carolina [Paperback]

    By R. Thomas Campbell.  (2005)
    • another war that had an even greater impact on this area.  The Federal occupation of nearby Washington and the subsequent Reconstruction Period after the war effected the people of this region up till, and including, present day.  It may seem to be only in the past, but the War for Southern Independence (as this war is known as in the South) still has considerable influence on the people native to here, even today.
  • North Carolina Off the Beaten Path,
         9th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) [Paperback]

    By Sara Pitzer.  (2008)
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