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Table of Contents for 1999-2008


Volume XVIII 2009 January

Volume XVII 2008 Four Quarterlies

Volume XVI 2007 Four Quarterlies

Volume XV 2006 Four Quarterlies

Volume XIV 2005 Four Quarterlies

Volume XIII 2004 Four Quarterlies

Volume XII 2003 Four Quarterlies

Volume XI 2002 Four Quarterlies

Volume X 2001 Four Quarterlies

Volume IX 2000 Four Quarterlies

Volume VIII 1999 Four Quarterlies

Volume VII 1998 Four Quarterlies
Volume VI 1997 Four Quarterlies
Volume V 1996 Four Quarterlies
Volume IV 1995 Four Quarterlies
Volume III 1994 Four Quarterlies
Volume II 1993 Four Quarterlies
Volume I 1992 Four Quarterlies

Volume XVIII 2009


January 2009 – Contents





























Volume XVII 2008


January 2008 – Contents


In Memory/Thanks/Contents

Note from the President

NCGS Award for CT&B

Pictures at NCGS Meeting-Raleigh

NCSH Malcolm Fowler Society Award

NCSH Claude Hunter Moore Journal Award

Taft Ancestor Chart

Dorothea Dix Hospital Burials

Cemetery near Berea Baptist Church

An Example Using FRS Library Resources

The Quaker Position on Slavery and War

The Norfleets of Pasquotank County

Eliob Griffin Cemetery

Stokley Cemetery

Three Hatteras village sisters

Dare County website under new management

Smith Bible Record

NC has a new adoption law

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Queries/New Law/NC Collection

Mark Your Calendar


What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events


April 2008 – Contents



In Memory of FRS Members

Note from the President

Financial Report for the year 2007


Thanks for the donations

Smithson Bible Record/Pool Cemetery

An Elliott Family and the Duke-Lawrence House

W. S. Jones Cemetery/Pearce & Old Cemetery/Pearce and Tatum Cemetery

A Tennessee Connection-The Midgett Family of Hyde County, NC

Epitaphs of Interest

Look-ups or Research?

Spence-Baum Bible Record

Perquimans County Cemetery

Powells Point Christian Church Records

Will of Elizabeth Brite

Some NC & VA 1890 Statistics

Welcome New Members/Address, etc.

Queries/Food Lion

Publication News (new books)

Mark Your Calendar

Codicil to Will


What's New in the Library?

Calendar of Events



July 2008 – Contents


In Memory/Contents

Note from the President/Thanks to Librarians

A "Bible"-Ledger Record

Sawyer/Evans Cemetery

Researching/Finding African-American Possibilities

Thomas Palmer Bible

Selected Excerpts from Deed Book M Pasquotank County, NC

Chowan County, NC Marriages 1900-1920

Some More Veterans Laid to Rest in Old Hollywood Cemetery

Powells Point Christian Church Records conclusion

Edith Bates Generational Lineage

The Myth of Thomas Weekes as the Son of Francis Weekes of Virginia

An Excerpt from The Morrisettes of NC & Other Southern States

Cobb Family Bible

Slatter Family Bible:

A Journey of Preservation

A Document/Query About Coopers/ Enter The Virginia L.H. Davis Scottish Heritage Research Award

Welcome New Members/Add-Ph-Email/ Members adding Surnames/ George Washington History Quiz

Publication News

Mark Your Calendar


What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events



October 2008 – Contents


Thanks for Sign/Contents

Message from the President

Claim of Timothy Morgan/Know Your Name

1890 Veteran Schedule

1898 NC Supreme Court, etc

W.B. Sanderlin v. E.W. Sanderlin

1790 Chowan County Election Records

Lela Mae Sanderlin

Seaman Protection Certificates-Camden

Bits & Pieces

Renters of the Hinton Building in 1918

1754 Tax List Perquimans County

Thanks for the Donations

Lassiter Family Record

Records of U.S. Dist. Courts-Elizabeth City Div

Dunton Bible Record

Some Dare County Cemeteries

A Few Gates County Death Records from Book

Publication News

Welcome New Members/Welcome Back/ Address/Phone/Email

NCGS Workshop & Annual Meeting

Thanks to Domtar Paper Company

Thanks to Vance Haskett

Virginia Gen Soc & Tidewater Gen Soc Workshop/ Thanks to the Librarians


What's New In The Library?/About The New Editor/ Past Editor Note

Calendar of Events


Volume XVI 2007


January 2007 – Contents



Contents/Bible Records

In Memory

Note from the President

Malcolm Fowler Society Award

Claude Hunter Moore Journal Award

NC Genealogical Society Award

NC Gen Soc Award to Ray Winslow



Brief History of Christ Episcopal Church

My Ancestry by James M. Davis, Jr. cont'd

U.S. Presidential Election of 1844

The Cabbage Patch

Marine Disaster/Arson Attempt/Theft/Letter

Tales Heard About Stevens People & Relatives

Brief Account of Dr. Walter Reed's Ancestry/

Conjuration No Good in Politics

Origin of the McLendon/McClendon Family

Major William Henry Bagley

A Rebellious Woman


Welcome New Members/Welcome Back

March 24 Fair Information

Alternate Spellings/Know Your Name

The Thank You Page


What's New?/Note/Editor

Calendar of Events



April 2007 – Contents




Note from the President

Financial Report for 2006

My Ancestry cont'd

A Contribution by Alicia Jones

Note about FRS Cups

Parker Bible Record

Missing Perquimans Marriages 1809-1814

Reid Family Farm/Reid's Grove School

Some "During the War" Experiences

The Silent Witness/Daily Advance

The Battle of Elizabeth City

Bits & Pieces of Interest

The Man Who Burned the Bridges

For Your Information/Daily Advance

Welcome New Members/Welcome Back


NGS Conference in Richmond

Digitized Records/Freedman Bureau Records

Preserving Your Family Records

News About Publications


What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events


July 2007 – Contents



In Memory/Contents

Note from the President

Pasquotank River - "Underground Railroad"

Some Norfolk Co, VA Marriages Relating to NC

Gray/Miller Cemetery

Voter Registration-Pasquotank County, NC-1900

John O. Kelly Bible

Camden County Orphans Accounts 1804-1809

Revolutionary War Pension Application

Will of Richard Gregory the Elder of Pasquotank/Will of Richard Gregory, Jr. of Currituck

Thomas W. Baxter Cemetery

Some Camden County Marriages in 1873

My Ancestry by James M. Davis, Jr. concluded

Overton Bible Record/Know Your Name

Mullen (Moulin) Records

Thanks to the Librarians

Goodman Bible Record

Welcome New Members

Welcome Back/Adding Surnames/Add-Ph-E


News About Publications

Camden County Marriage Certificate

What's New In The Library?


Forbes & Daniels Reunions

Calendar of Events


October 2007 – Contents



In Memory/Contents

Note from the President

Arrival of Religion in Pasquotank County

Kirby Family Bible

Yeopim Baptist Church Cemetery

Mathias Seymour Bible

Oldest Living Grad of Chowan College

Pre-1700 Tax Lists, Perquimans County

Zachariah Evans Bible

The Farrows of Dare and Hyde Counties

Obituaries from Henrietta Leary collection

Warren Green House

Bell Deed Abstracts

Jasper N. Bell obituary

Descendants of William Henry Riggs

Why Can't I Find That Marriage?

Welcome New Members/Welcome Back

Adding Surnames/Address-Ph-Email/Notes

Queries/Thanks to Librarians

Book Review/Thanks

NCGS Workshop


What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events


Volume XV 2006


January 2006 – Contents



Contents/Message from the President

Malcolm Fowler Society Award

Claude Hunter Moore Journal Award

FRS Genealogy Fair

Family Histories Changing

Thanks and Winners

Chowan Female Collegiate Institute

Shiloh/Old Trap/Camden Co Rec/Marr. Ret

Lassiter Deed of Release - Gates County

George Roscoe Little, Sr

Simons Cemetery-Camden Co

Excerpts Pasquotank Co. Deed Book M

Hatteras Lighthouse Keepers/Israel Block

Elizabeth Burcher Jennings

Anthony Burton Persse

Godfrey Memorial Library/Error

For Your Information

Privacy and Genealogy



Welcome New Members/Welcome Back

Mariners' Museum Genealogy Seminar

Virginia Beach Genealogy Society Spring Conf


What's New in the Library/Awards

Calendar of Events


April 2006 – Contents



Contents/In Memoriam

Message from the President

Thanks to the Librarians

Letter from Christian Bell

Does your MSL look different?

Problem Solving at June meeting

Food Lion report

My Ancestry by James M. Davis, Jr

Letter from Frances Griffin

More Names from FRS Bible Records

The Boushell Ship Builders

Descendants of John & Lois Boushell

It pays to know the history of

African-American cemetery in Edenton

Two corrections in January CT&B

History of Edenton Methodist Church

History Outline of the above

Pastors serving Edenton Meth. Ch

Hidden Clues in Guardianship Bonds

Twiford Funeral Home Records cont

Search for man who built Hatteras Light

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Queries/Newspaper items


What's new in the Library?/Fair

Calendar of Events


July 2006 – Contents




Census of Revolutionary War Pensioners

My Ancestry by James M. Davis, Jr.

Chowan County Will Abstracts

David Rooks Farm

Sawyer Lines

Thanks to the Librarians

Benbury-Blount-Greene Bible Record

Three Meads Sons

Completion of Bible Records Indexing

NC State Archives Manuscript & Archives Record System (MARS)

Error/Correction to MSL

Welcome New Members

Welcome Back/Members Adding Surnames/ Address/Phone/Email

Tidewater Genealogy Society Bus Trips

Publication News

(TGS) Trace Your Roots With DNA

Slave Descendants Freedom Soc Symposium

FYT - Freedom Journal available


What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events


October 2006 – Contents




Message from the President

Nurses and Midwives

Thanks to the Librarians

Belanga-McDonald-Sawyer-Sexton Bible

Some Veterans in Old Hollywood Cemetery

Mail Carrier 1800s/Nine Foot Roads/ Driving Different Horses

Beatrice Louise Gatling

The Jesse Gregory Family

Letter to Governor Schley

Gates County Deed 1

Chowan County Will Abstracts

Will of Isaac Gregory

Isaac Gregory to Truman Sawyer Deed

Fork School Photo/Story

Who Owns that Picture

DNA Results

Looking for Sawyers


Welcome New Members/Welcome Back/ Address/Phone/Email

Address-Phone-Email/By-Laws Changes

Publication News

Most Recent Books Available at FRS

NCGS Annual Meeting & Workshop

Jamestown Anniversary-Virginia Beach


What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events

Volume XIV 2005 Four Quarterlies


January 2005 - Contents




Malcolm Fowler Society Award

Claude Hunter Moore Journal Award

East Part of Bauson's Manor conclusion

Newspaper Abstracts

Division of Estates-Chowan County, NC

Rollinson's List of Ships

Abstracts of Wills-Gates County, NC

Peter Weddick Moore

Elizabeth City State University

Deed Book M-Pasquotank County, NC

Can you identify this man

The Martin Family

Marriage Bonds of Perquimans County, NC

Articles of Peace with the Tuscarora Indians

Abraham Warren's Will

Julian Calendar vs. Gregorian Calendar

U.S. Presidential Election of 1840

Calvin Lay den Bible Record

Nash Cemetery/Abbott Grave

Act to Prevent, etc

Thanks to Librarians

Welcome New Members/Welcome Back/



Civil War Maps Online

International Genealogy Searches

What's New/Awards/Librarian

Calendar of Events



April 2005 - Contents




Lamb/Duke Bible

The Martin Family continued

Robert J. Brocket! Heirs

Rollinson's List of Ships continued

York County, VA Public Library hours

The Bray Farm-Century Farm/Camden Co

Currituck County Cemetery

Numbers & Losses (The Civil War)

Civil War Diary of Thomas A. Savage

Party in the middle 1800s/

   Thanks to Librarians/Know Your Name

The Cost of War

 Interesting News from Different Counties

Brief Notes on the Chessons

Morris Bible Record

How can Twiford Funeral Home Records benefit you?

Two marriages/Ball Invitation at Nags Head

T \\iford Funeral Home Records

Obituary of Miss Lillie Grandy

Reminiscences of Abigail Brothers Stanley

Two seminars in April & May

Lion Shop & Share/Spring Conference

Welcome New Members/Surnames/Add-Ph-Email/

    NCGS CD for sale


New Books for sale


What's New/NC Troops/Editor note

Calendar of Events


July 2005 - Contents




Rollinson's List of Ships concluded

Thanks Librarians & Donors

The Martin Family concluded

Interesting News/Know Your Name/

    Presidential Quotes

Twiford Funeral Home Records continued

Mary Jane Bogue Griffin Funeral

North Carolina Governors 1585-1958

Joseph Hewes

More to Patrick Henry

Letter from Charles Eden – 1714

Recreation in Colonial North Carolina

The Outer Banks History Center

Reminiscences of Abigail Brothers Stanley continued/

    The Computer Swallowed Grandma

Use Unconventional Sources in Your Research/

    Tombstones & Epitaphs

F. Y. I

Welcome New Members/Address, etc. changes/


Publication News/Daniels Reunion/

     Johnston County Gen & Hist Soc workshop

Programs at FRS Meetings/Forbes Photo


What's New in the Library?

lnside Back Cvr Calendar of Events


Oct 2005 – Contents




Reminiscences of Abigail E. Stanley conclusion

Volunteers Near and Far

Emanuel Low's Will

African American Life in Edenton

Riddick Bible Record

Presidential Quotes

South Mills-WWII Marriage Hot Spot

Isaac Huntor's Will

Washing Clothes Recipe

FRS Bible Records Being Indexed

Only One Big Leaguer From Here

Food Lion Reminder/Cup for Christmas

Welcome New Members/Address-Phone-Email/

    Thanks to Librarians


Book Review

Top 50 Oxymorons

Book Review/

    Twelve Days of Genealogy Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

NC Gen Soc Workshop/ Tidewater Gen Soc Bus Trips

Pitt County Family Researchers Reunion/

    Don't Forget/From the Editor


What's New in the Library/DAR Online Index/

     FRS Meetings

Calendar of Events






Volume XIII 2004 Four Quarterlies


January 2004 - Contents



Maclennon's Tavern, etc

Chowan Precinct Court 1711

Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds

Local Confederate Information

Charles Eden's Will

Confederate Soldier's Letter

Abstracts North Carolina Journal

Elizabeth City Facts

Frederick & Fanny Davis continued

Act to Destroy Vermin

Affidavit of Patrick Henry

Spelling in Olden Times

North Carolina Gazette

Slave Life of Rev. L. R. Ferebee

Newspaper Abstracts

Ultimate Red Tape

Storm at Sea

Licenses/Taxes 1854-1877

Oath of Allegiance 1867

Pasquotank County Deeds

Know Your Name - Thorp(e)

Abstracts of Gates County Wills

Publication News/Book Review

New Members/Surnames/ Addresses




Calendar of Events


April 2004 - Contents



Message from the President

Pictures from the Fair

Frederick & Fanny Davis conclusion

Civil War Unit Designations

Local Confederate Information

The First Light of Freedom

Williams Cemetery

Camden County 1860 Slave name census

Civil War fought by boys

Reign of Terror in Elizabeth City

Wit and Repartee

Report of Col. Alonzo G. Draper


Bible of Daniel Lindsey IV


Newspaper Abstracts

Miscellaneous Items-Bertie County

Storm at Sea conclusion

Pasquotank Shipping & Ports

Grand Assemblie of Albemarle

Gregory Cemetery

Elements on early travelers

Division of Estates-Chowan County

Rev. L. R. Ferebee continued

Queries/FYI/Carter Surname Project

Welcome New Members


Publication News/Congratulations Winners

Librarians Thanks/Financial Report 2003


What's New in the Library?

Calendar of Events


July 2004 - Contents


Contents/NCGS Workshop

Lowther Memorial

Tulls School Currituck County

Leary Cemetery/Death In Colonial Times

Excerpts-Court Records-Pasquotank County

Order Relating to Bay River Indians

Boushall-Ferebee Marriage/Know Your Name

Rev. L. R. Ferebee continued

Overton-Creekmore Cemetery

Samuel Johnston/Willie & Allen Jones

Black Veteran of Revolution

First State of the Union Address 1790

Item Relating to Revolutionary War

Abstracts from State Gazette

Thomas Watkins' Will

New Hope Methodist Church Ministers 1773-1995

Abstracts from The Old North State

Dailey/Midgett Obituaries

Division of Estates-Chowan County

William Samuel Wiggins House

Marriage Bonds of Perquimans County


Samuel Nicholson's Will

U.S. Presidential Election of 1832

Abstract of Wills-Gates County.

Staple Commodities Rated/Payment

Welcome New Members/Surnames/Address

The Thank You Page


What's New in the Library/Williams DNA

Calendar of Events


October 2004 - Contents


Contents/Message from the President

Rev. L. R. Ferebee conclusion

Know Your Name Leggett

Henry Baker's Will

Martin Van Buren White Bible Record

William Hamilton Welch

Abstract of Wills-Gates County

Birthday Gift from George Washington

Perquimans County Cemeteries

Glad You Are In My Dash

Hope Plantation/King-Bazemore House

First Toll Gates in North Carolina

Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds

Visitors Guide to Ocracoke

East Part of Danson's Manor

Newspaper Abstracts

Jackson Bible Record

Stories in Stone

Martha Murray Grave

Welcome New Members/Address-Phone-Email/


New books for sale/Book Review

Don't Forget/Research Trip


What's New in the Library/

We Won!

Calendar of Events

Volume XII 2003 Four Quarterlies



January 2003 - Contents



Old Episcopal Cemetery – conclusion

Berea Baptist Church, Elizabeth City

Frederick Jones' Will

Frederick & Fanny Davis continued

Camden County Tax List 1782

Early Governors of Old Albemarle

Proposal for Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Marriage Bonds of Perquimans County

Gates County Will Abstracts

Piercing the Night-Wade's Point Lighthouse

Berry Family Record

Know Your Name – Moore

Marriage Bonds of Bertie County

Abstracts from North Carolina Journal

Elizabeth City H.S. Seniors/Faculty & Personals

Rev.  Paul  Palmer License to  Preach/Indictment

      against Thomas Baylye/Lee's Mill

Old Times on Currituck/Thanks, Librarians

Will of Joshua Campbell

Lemuel Campbell-James Merchant Deed

Book Review

Welcome New Members/Add-Ph-Fax-Email



What's New in the Library?

Calendar of Events


April 2003 - Contents



Alonza E. Bell & John B. Fearing

The Maple Leaf

Marriage Bonds of Perquimans County

George Moses Horton

Births, Deaths, Marriages in Berkeley

Garland E. Midyette

Abstracts of Wills of Gates County

Frederick & Fanny Davis continued

Will of Ambrose Knox

Grave of Joseph Seymour

Morris Bible

Pasquotank County Civil Action 1831

Good Neighbor Supper

Squires Family

Abstracts from Edenton Gaz.& NC Gen. Ad

Pardon Our Patronymics

Welcome New Members/Add/Ph/Fax/Email


NCGS Workshop/Grandy Reunion

Publication News/Book Review

Financial Report for 2002


What's New In The Library?


July 2003 - Contents



Frederick & Fanny Davis continued

Samuel Stephens-Early Governor

U. S. Presidential Election of 1824

Family of Herbert V. Garrett, Sr

Newspaper Abstracts

Keaton Family Bible/Know Your Name

Miscellaneous Items

Marriages/Obituaries, etc

Abstracts from NC Journal, Halifax, NC-Vol IV

Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds

Ballard's Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Saunders Bible/Durant Bible

Abstracts from NC Journal, Halifax, NC-Vol IV

Abstracts of Wills - Gates County, NC

Item Relating to Cattle/Thos. Boucher Petition/

Letter from John Egan to Col. James Blount

Chronology of Some Events – Revolutionary

From the Diary of John Adams

Letters in 1779-Joseph Hewes-Gov. Caswell

Population of NC Principal Cities in 1910

Unusual Facets of Info-People of Revolution

John Sitgreaves/John Swan/William Blount

Welcome New Members/Add-Ph-Fax-Email

Queries/Daniels' Day Reunion

For Your Information/Workshops


What's New In The Library?/Book Review/

We Won!/MSL

Calendar of Events


October 2003 - Contents


Contents/URL/Don’t Forget/Librarians

Frederick & Fanny Davis continued

Whitehurst & Duncan Cemeteries

Squires Letter – 1858

Hewett/Hewitt/Huit/Family Group Sheet

Reed/Reid Family Bible

P. C. Creekmore

Camden County Civil War Roster

Moonlight Party/Newbegun WMS Meets

“County script”/Ad in 1936 “Spotlight”

William Duckenfield's Will

Historical Notes - The Ordinary

U.S. Presidential Election of 1828

War - Indians/Sloop Seized/Witchcraft

1699 & 1742 Accounts

Simpson-Duke Bible Record

Note from Norten to Snoden

City-County Government-E. City/Pasquotank

Orders of Nobility in Carolina

Abstracts of Gates County Wills

Joseph Blount Skinner

News of Interest from Dare County

200th Anniversary of Louisiana Purchase

Lewis & Clarke Exp./Changing meaning

Elizabeth City High School Seniors/Faculty

Welcome New Members /Welcome back/FYI

Publication News/Book Review


What's New in the Library

Calendar of Events

Volume XI 2002 Four Quarterlies


January 2002 - Contents


Contents/President Message/Church

Jennings Bible Record

Deaths in Camden County

The Cape Henry Light

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

The Gordon Family of Gates County, NC

Letter relating to the Revolutionary War

Tamsen Donner

Birth of Confederate Veteran's Daughter

Births in Berkeley

Medal of Honor for Lifesaving

Abstract of Chowan County Marriage Bonds

Berea Church of Christ - Perquimans Co

Moses Grandy continued

Library Notes

Providence Twnshp First Election in 1869

Marriages in Currituck County

First Modern War

Calculating Birth Dates

Twenty Ways to Spell Currituck


Welcome New Members

Add-Ph-Fax-E-Mail Changes

Publication News

What's New in the Library

Calendar of Events


April 2002 - Contents


Contents/FYI/Gen Classes

Welcome New Members

Abstract of Chowan County Marriage Bonds

Draft Questionnaires/Movies- 1941

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site cont'd

21st Spelling of Currituck

Will of Thomas Grandy

Minutes of Perquimans Co. Court-July 1777

Jamestown Church

Cox Cemetery/Gallup & Morris Cemetery

The Weekly Transcript

U.S. Presidential Election of 1812

Know Your Name - Outlaw(e)

1880 Census of South Mills & Shiloh

Newspaper Abstracts/Clippings

James Andrew Riddick

Officers of Pasquotank County in 1901

Lowery Bible Record

Lafayette's Visit to NC

Book Review



FRS 2001 Financial Report

Local Library Hours

What's New in the Library?

Calendar of Events


July 2002 - Contents


Contents/Veterans/1st/Apology/Gen Class

Welcome New Members

Add-email/E. B. Midget!

Minutes of Gates County

Gates Co. Men WWII/Social Activities

Shiloh Baptist Church 1927/Personals

Will of James Hodges

Interesting Revolutionary Times Bit

Revolutionary War Recruiting Poster

The Price They Paid

Deborah Sampson

Whitmel Hill/INC Delegates Conl. Cong

Revolutionary War Battle Report

Whitmel of Bertie

Thomas Barker/Curr. Doctors/Witchcraft

James T. Smith Bible/Personals – 1927

James Andrew Riddick conclusion

U.S. Presidential Election of 1816

Fort Raleigh conclusion

Signals/Another Currituck Spelling

Minutes of Perquimans County-July 1777 con

Dare County News/Bundles for Britain


Publication News/Book Review

Forbes/Daniels Reunions

What's New in the Library/Thanks

Calendar of Events


October 2002 - Contents



Frederick & Fanny Davis

William Hooper

John Bennet's Will

Another Currituck Spelling

Eason Family Bible/Library Hours

Clerks of Court-Perquimans County

Locals/First Juvenile Court

Civil War Bounty Pay Rolls

Know Your Name-Odom/Odum

Symons Family/Grace Santos

John B. Bray-City Manager

Lamb & Sanderlin/Richard Byrd

Hanging at Lake Landing

U.S. Presidential Election 1820/Personals

Births in Berkeley


Old Episcopal Cemetery


Chowan County Marriage Bonds

Welcome New Members/Add-email-phone

For Your Information

Publication News/Book Review/Wood Bklet

Queries/Furlough Reunion

Pitt County Reunion/Albemarle Gen Soc

What's New in the Library

Calendar of Events

Volume X 2001 Four Quarterlies

January 2001 - Contents


Contents/What's in a Name/Cemetery

John Bailey, Teacher of Law

U.S. Presidential Election of 1800

Abstract of Marriage Bonds of Chowan Co

Benedict Arnold in Edenton, NC

Members of the Senate, 1876-77

Negro Legislators in NC (conclusion)

Elizabeth Pritlowe's Will

Thomas Jordan Jarvis, Governor

Letters of Thomas J. Jarvis

Willie McPherson-Estate Sale & Death Notice

Waterfield-Ballance Family Cemetery

Newspaper Abstracts of Murder & Mayhem

NC's Colonial Pirates (conclusion)

Some Marriages at Lake Drummond Hotel

Photographs for identification

Will of James Blount

Welcome New Members


FYI - Civil War Website

FYI - Library Closings during 2001

Publication News

What's New In The Library?

Calendar of Events

Message From The President

FRS Library Moving Information


April 2001 - Contents



President's Message/FYI

A Place To Hide?

Washington Chronology

Marriages in Currituck County


Need Newspaper Clippings?

Outer Banks Man Radio Broadcast Pioneer

Bunch Bible Record

Abstracts Edenton Gazette/NC Gen Ad

Original Stockholders in Dismal Swamp Canal

U.S. Presidential Election of 1804

Abstracts of Camden County Wills

Miscellaneous Items

Marriage Bonds of Perquimans County

Robert Murden

Fighting African-Americans/Picture ID

Register of Physicians/Surgeons-Hertford Co

Welcome New Members/Congrats AGS

Add/Ph/Fax/E-Mail Changes


Publication News/Barrow Family Reunion

FRS Annual Financial Report for 2000

FRS By-Laws Revised

What's New in the Library?


July 2001 - Contents


Contents/Message from the President

Welcome New Members

Will of Malachi McPherson

A Diamond in the Rough

Miscellaneous Items

Unpublished Letters from NC to Madison

John W. Rollinson's Journal

Journal of Provincial Congress of NC-1776

Boushell Bible Record

Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness

Why Did They Fight?

Jones Cemetery-Camden County

Greene-Fearing Family Bible


Roanoke Island Baptist Church

Know Your Name – Hayes

Births in Berkeley

Gates County Court Minutes

Merchant Marine Port of Roanoke

County Educator

For Your Amusement

Marriage Bonds-Perquimans County

Inventory of Caleb Wilson Estate

Daniels' Day Reunion

Forbes Family & Friends Reunion

Brickhouse Family Reunion

Calendar of Events


October 2001 - Contents



Contents/Message from the President

We Won! We Won!

Deaths in Elizabeth City & Pasquotank

Jackson Bible

Petition for Clerk of Corotuck Precinct/Contract

for Building a Court House

for Currituck Precinct/Newspaper Abstracts

Father's Letter to His Son During Civil War

Sunken Ships May Get Protection

Abstract of Marriage Bonds of Chowan Co

U.S. Presidential Election of 1808

Newspaper Notes on Wars

A Physicians Account in 1694

Moses Grandy: A Slave Waterman's Life

Whale Fishing in NC Wafers

The Name Ocracock/Picture-Pun of

Ocracoke/Affidavit of Willis Boon

for Pension as Rev. Soldier

Barber-Billups Bible Record

Autobiography of Solomon James Moss

FVI/MSL Update 2001 /Renewal/Parking

Photographs for Identification

What's New in Library /Special Kudos


Welcome New Members/Add-Ph-Fax-Email

Changes in Library Closings/Help, Please!

Publication News/Book Reviews

Workshops/Research Trips

UDC Mem Marker Ded/Wiggins Reunion

Pitt Co Fam Researchers Reunion






Volume IX 2000 Four Quarterlies


January 2000 - Contents



Message from the President

Gr-Grandfathers That Were Skippers


Two Sisters-Chow an Institute


U.S. Lifesaving Service

Benbury-Blount Bible Record

Letter to Andrew Jackson

George W. Creef/Boatworks photos

Sharpies, Spritsails, Shadboats

Know Your Name/Will Whimsies

James Luther Ball

Letter Back Home in 1869

Scott-Musgrave Records

Mentions of Staples/

U.S. Presidential Election of 1796

Cowper-Williams Cemetery-Gates Co

Dare County 1884

Tribute of Respect

Welcome to New Members

Address/Phone/Fax/E-Mail Chgs-Add

Details of New Book in the Library


What's New in the Library?

FRS Meeting dates 2000


April 2000 - Contents



Message from the President

Notes on Collections

Lost Colony Recrealed-1937

Negro Legislators- NC-1868-1872

Charles Griffin

Interesting News in the Albemarle

John O, Kelly Bible

Records of Perquimans Precinct Court

Vestry of Caratuck to the Society

Minutes of County Court-Gates County

Will of Benjamin Jennings

Capt. William Blount Shepard

W. W. Griggs, M.D

Town of Nixonton

Leigh Reunion 2000

Your Ancestor By Any Other Name

Welcome New Members


Members adding surnames


Error/April program/FYI/No training

Book Reviews

Books by Raymond Fouts

What's New in the Library?

Calendar of Events


July 2000 - Contents


President's Message/Contents

First To Land In North Carolina

Negro Legislators-NC 1868-1872 cont'd

Know Your Name – Fisher

Excerpts From Minutes-E.City-1863

Excerpts From Registration of Slaves

Herring Fishing Lore

Blount Family/Blount Family Bible Records

The Mosquitoes of Hatteras

Momentous Marriage

Will of Jacob Bagley

How The Meadses Came to Pasquotank

Tragedy & Mystery/Nuova Ottavia

Halls Creek Cemetery & Church Yard

Baxter Cemetery

Brief Notes on Second Wife of Thomas Blount

Courting Independence/Prince Omar Idn Said

The Mighty Tuscarora

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October 2000 - Contents


President's Message/Contents

Negro Legislators-NC 1868-1872 cont'd

Dr. William T. Sparrow

Peleg Pritchard's Bible Record

'Tring Or No 'Tring

A Who's Who of NC's Colonial Pirates

Anne Bonney and Mary Reed

Wood Bible Record


List of Branson C. Bell's Children

Abstracts Edenton Gazette/NC Gen. Ad

The Edney Family

The Battle of Hertford

Certainties of Life: Death & Taxes

Will of James Garrett, Sr. - Gates County

James Monroe Richardson

Will of Thomas Campbell-Currituck County

Presidential Election of 1796

Letters from NC to Madison & Monroe

Know Your Name-Richardson

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Pasquotank County Officials 1872

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John Keen-Soldier of the Revolution

Elizabeth City's Humorous Side

My Childhood Recollections, cont'd

J. B. Flora

Perquimans County Physicians-1884

Camden County Cemeteries

Elizabeth City Boy Scouts-1915


Gates County Courthouse-1836-1976

Indian Ridge Liberty Pole

Letter from Wilson Sanderlin

More about September Hurricane-1846

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Jones Farm - Chowan County

Know Your Name - Ward(e)

Francis Saunders Will - Gates Co.

Cowell Bible Records - Currituck Co.

Gates County Cemetery

Neglected Records - Pasquotank Co.

IA = Iowa, Right?

Mentions of Brockett

I. W. Roberts Family Bible

Pasq. Court Action 1740-1765-1767

Perquimans Co. Farmers –

1884 Perquimans Co. Schools –

1884 Perquimans Co. Teachers -1884

Perquimans Co. Mills -1884

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Volume VII 1998 Four Quarterlies

Large, Extended Families Quite Usual In Early Days

Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station

Camden County, Nc Cemeteries

Ferebee Cemetery (Compiled 1938)

Ferebee Cemetery (Compiled 1938)

Edwin Ferebee Cemetery (Compiled 1939)

St. Paul Church Cemetery Edenton, Nc - Chowan County

Gates County, Nc Minutes Of County Court Feb 1788-Aug 1793

First Methodist Church Dedicated Here 150 Years After Sermon

Pool - Kennedy Bible Record

Harvey Perry Goodwin Bible Record

Winslow-Morris Family Bible Record

The First Fact By J. C. Gregg

The Game Of The Name By J. C. Gregg

Some Early Nc Marriage Laws

January Queries

April Issue

Tombstone/Battle Of South Mills

North Carolina Confederate Militia Officers Roster Camden

Abbott House

Pop Call

St Paul Church Cemetery, Edenton, Nc – Chowan Co

Sheriffs In Perquimans County, Nc

Coinjock Church Relics And Records Preserved For Future

Know Your Name -Wilson

Captain Spence Recalls City On Roanoke Island

Battle Of Roanoke Island

Gates County Court Minutes

Carver Bible

Will Of James Carver, Sr. 7 May 1738

Encyclopedia Of American Quaker Genealogy

Is This Your Peter Cartwright???

April Queries

July Issue

General Isaac Gregory

Aydlett / Robertson Family Bible

Currituck County Cemetery

John Jacobs Naturalization / Riggs Letter

Edenton: Sculpted By Colorful Past

Know Your Name - Riddick

Century Farm-Gates County

The Old Rountree Farm

Muster Rolls Of The Soldiers Of The War Of 1812 Gates County

Historic Significance Of Old Mercantile Records

Marriage Records, Christ Episcopal Church, 1821-72 Elizabeth City, Nc

Perkins/Jones Family

Representatives (From Perquimans County)

Leaders Or Scoundrels?

The Letters

Do You Know These Ladies?

Are These Children In Your Family?

October Issue

General Isaac Gregory

September Hurricane Of 1846

The "Unpainted Aristocracy": The Beach Cottages Of Old Nags Head

Joseph Riddick'S Will

Perquimans County – Historic Facts

Flesh Or Cattle Marks Recorded In Pasquotank County

Childhood Recollections

'Colonel' Arthur Jones

Beds Were Once Prized Possessions

Currituck County Cemeteries

Newspaper Abstracts

Snowden Bible Records From 1804

Tax List - Camden County – 1782

Can You Identify The People In These Photographs?

October Queries

Volume VI 1997 Four Quarterlies

Camden County Cemeteries

Historical Reminiscences Centre Hill Chowan County

List Of Taxables, Currituck County, 1779

Old Time Remedies

The Big Snow - 1854

Dare County – Marriage Records – Mann’S Harbor, Nc

Williamsburg Would Be Envious Of Gates County'S Historic Homes

Prices In 1856 Flatty Creek General Store John B. Lister, Proprietor

Death Of Old Sailor

Bible Record In Possession Of Mrs. Fanny James

The Gregorys: 100 Years Of Family Industry

January Queries

Camden County Cemeteries

Burfoot Family Bible

The 135Th Anniversary Of The Battle Of South Mills

Historical Reminiscences Centre Hill Chowan County

Re-Enactment Brings Civil War To Life

Wessington House Opens For Re-Enactors

List Of Taxables, Currituck County, 1779

An Early North Carolina Movie – “The Lost Colony”

60 Years Of Theatre For The People

Gates County - The Booming Town Of Drum Hill

Some Firsts In Hertford & Perquimans County

April Queries

Samuel & Elizabeth Sawyer Leary Family

Thomas Linton & Elizabeth Morrisette Roberts Family

Camden County Cemeteries

Century Farm Chowan County - The Greenfield Farm

List Of Taxables, Currituck County, 1779

Destination: Kitty Hawk

Gates County, Nc - Minutes Of County Court Feb 1788 - Aug 1793

From Early Pasquotank Records

A Pretty Church Wedding

Thompson Bible Record - Pasquotank Co.

Durant'S Neck - Perquimans County

July Queries

1812 War Veterans - Camden & Currituck Counties

List Of Taxables, Currituck County, 1779

Some Records Of Perquimans/Pasquotanik Friends

Quaker Historical Markers

Early Trails And Travel In Gates County

Gravestone Art – A Language Of Symbols

Williams/Baxter Deed – Currituck Co 1839

The Father Of Our Country Visits Perquimans County In The Year 1766

What Was A Quitrent?

Marriages In The Eighties

Pasquotank Indians

John Lawson'S Description Of Indians In Colonial North Carolina

The Town Named For A Boat

October Queries

Volume V 1996 Four Quarterlies

Poems Including Experiences

The Old Sand-Hill Place

One Of The Fairest Belles Of Edenton Raleigh News & Observer

William P. Roberts (1841-1910)

January Queries

Memories Of The Eastern Cotton Oil Company Fire / 1934

Lane Brothers Recall Their Early Years

Will Of Daniel Parker - Gates Co 1780

The Old Sand-Hill Place (Part Ii)

Williams (6 Generations)

February Queries

Living Between Salmon Creek And Cashey River

County Railroads Provided Vital Link

The Old Sand-Hill Place (Part Iii)

Will Of Esther Pollock - County Of Albemarle – 1712

March Queries

Durant Bible Is One Of State'S Historic Treasures

George Durant'S Wife Left Mark On County History

Young Ladies Schooling Following 1865

Colin & Charles: Long-Lost Kin?

Barnard Bible Records

Chappell History

Obituary Of William C. Chappell

April Queries

Markers, Monuments & Mistakes Tell Co. History

The Clagon Family

Hugh Bradley Family

William C. Cotton Family

North Carolina Federalist (1800-1816)

Silas Whedbee Is A Living Book

May Queries

The Big Game

Father-Son Day

Excerpt From The Diary Of Dr. George N. Halstead

Missing Ancestor Alert!!

Old Cemeteries Of The Surrounding Area

Elizabeth City

Will Of Abraham Pierce

June Query

Boy Scouts Of America Have Rich Heritage In Perquimans

Doward Nixon Jones, Sr. Mar 28, 1926-Jan 17, 1996

Deed Of Bargain & Sale – 1758

A True List Of Taxables ~ 1742

July Queries

Brothers Family Tree

Will Of Joseph Speight 1792

North Carolina Masons In The American Revolution

Blacksmith Shops: A Thing Of The Past

James Robert Bent Hathaway

Letter From George Washington Whitman

August Queries

Ray Stewart Visits North Carolina

Will Of Thomas Clark - Chowan Co. – 1718

North Carolina Masons In The American Revolution (Cont)

Criminal Proceedings In Colonial Virginia 1710-1754

Indians Of Carolina

The White Supremacy

October Queries

Will Of William Tarkington

Nights Were Black During The War Years

Early Medical Terminology

Hobbs - Seven Generations Documented

First History In Carolina Began At Durants Neck

Inquisition - 1837

Samuel Norman, Deed Of Gift To His Brothers

Abiatha Dozier Willis - Frs Charter Member

The Long Swamp Road & Surrounding Area Of Perquimans County

November Queries

Eye Witness Tells Of Lee"S Surrender To General U.S. Grant

Ballance To Creedle - Indenture - November 14Th, 1750

Sherlock Bible Records Bible Dated 1791

Known Facts About Morgan Overman

University Of N.C. Has Youngest Student (1911)

Welch History

Washington Co. Hero Of Rev. War Resting Unknown Philadelphia Grave

Sawyer History

Hughes/Rhodes Marriage - 1879

Volume IV 1995 Four Quarterlies

Umbilical Lines And The Mtdna Project

Will Of Mathew Caswell

Confederate War Diary Of Alonza Etheridge Bell

Olivet Baptist Church - Pasquotank Co., Nc

January Queries

Astonishing Coincidences (Lincoln-Kennedy)

Letter From Fred G. Roberts  Edenton, N.C. 12Th June 1868

February Queries

Tracing Family Roots

Granmaw’S Day

Marriages Performed By Cader Perry 1858-1877

Family Lines Of Cader Perry

William Byrd'S History Of The Dividing Line Between Nc & Va

Corn Of Carolina

The Vanhorns

March Queries

In Search Of Southern Plantations

Baxter Bible

Constitution Of Bethel Baptist Church

Cartwright Cemetery (Pasquotank County, Nc)

The Tuttles & Wardens Memorial Gardens

April Queries

Belvidere Academy, Seat Of Learning, Burned Thursday

Obituary Of Hon. Jasper N. Bell

The Constitution

Letter From Patrick H. Winston  Windsor, N.C. 11 June 1868

May Queries

Jack Lucas Recognized By President Bill Clinton

After All, What'S In A Name?

Did You Know?

Records Of Laura Bell Mathias West (B)1869 (D)1952

The First Birth - The First Minister

Phillips (8 Generations)

June Queries

Floats Laden With Lovely Ladies

July Queries

School Roll - Shady Grove - August 4Th 1873

Eva Dozier Ramey Family Bible

North Carolina Corn List Circa 1716

Isaac Jordan Cemetery

East Lake Methodist Church Cemetery

The Vine Of North Carolina

Letter From C. T. Bailey - 1869

August Queries

Petition From Decendants Of William Goodwin

Incident During The War Between The States

Letter To Rev. James Wilson 1797 Roanoke, North Carolina

September Queries

East Lake Methodist Church Cemetery

The Battle Of Roanoke Island

Notes From Papers Of William Alexander Graham (1838-1844)

Population Of Nc Counties In 1790

Letter From Edward Nicholas Boots To Sylvia Coleman Boots

Charlie'S Column

History Of Gates County

East Lake Methodist Church Cemetery

October Queries

Nathaniel Batts & Mary Woodhouse Marriage 20 Apr 1656

Notes From Nc Historical Review - Winter 1966

Brothers Reunite After Being Separated As Toddlers

North Carolina Corn List Circa 1716

Spruill Bible Records

November Queries

Bible Record Of Peter D'Auge (Dozier)

Why They Are Called Tar Heels ...

Edna Morrisette Shannonhouse

Sawdays Of California Visit Our Area

Notes From Papers Of William Alexander Graham (1838-1844)

'The Quiet Man': A Salute To Earnest L. Hardy

Nag'S Head Hotel (1851)

Hugh Cale (1835-1910)

North Carolina Republicans (1800-1816)

Woodley Family Of Tyrrell & Washington Counties, Nc

December Queries


Volume III 1994 Four Quarterlies

Pasquotank County Schools

Austin Cemetery

Brief History Of Christ Episcopal Church Parish

Morgan - 8 Generations

Edenton Gazette & Nc General Advertiser

Currituck County Record Of Deeds

Will Of Josiah Trueblood -27 Feb 1795- Pasquotank Co., N.C.

January Queries

Wild In North Carolina

Edenton Gazette & General Advertiser

Bible Records Of Samuel Ferebee & Wife Peggy Dozier

February Queries

Stumpy Point Cemetery

Nansemond County History Found In N.C.

Notes From Papers Of William Alexander Graham - 1845-1850

Dies -In Hertford – Josiah Elliott

Edenton Gazette & Nc General Advertiser

Currituck County Record Of Deeds

Letter From Gen. Isaac Gregory To Gov. Abner Nash

March Queries

Mongrief/Simmons Pedigree

First Breach Of Promise Suit

She Chose Newsman, Found Life'S Job – Kate Peele

Losing A Child, Most Tragic Experience A Parent Must Bear

Highlights Of The Revolutionary War

Meekins Family Lines

April Queries

Wood Family Lines

Virginia Land Grants In The Seventeenth Century

Charter Members Of Berea Baptist Church

Ward Family Lines

A Brief History Of Elizabeth City & Pasquotank County

Elected Members Of General Assembly For Northeastern N.C.

Notes From The Papers Of Thomas Jordan Jarvis - 1869-1882

Emigrants Establishing Nc'S First Permanent Colony

May Queries

Southern Phelps

A Brief History Of John Henley 1766-1834

Marriage Vows Of John Henley & Keziah Nixon - 1789

Generations Of Margaret Estelle Osborne

Freeman/Chesson Family Lines

Isle Of Wight County, Virginia - Records And Resources

June Queries

Bible Records Of Harvy Casse & Wife Grezzell Gould

Highlights Of The War Between The States

Walker Generations


New Temple Of Unanimity Lodge, No.7, A. F. & A. M. Edenton

Nansemond Site Of Early Settlement

July Queries

Will Of Jacob Riddick

The Night Cousin Agnes Served Up Disaster

Elizabeth City, Nc - Pasquotank County

Names Of Places In Our Early History

Jackson Family Lines

Different Conclusion For Freeman/Chesson Lines

August Queries

A Gates County Heritage

Copy Of A Letter From Spangenberg To Count Zinzendorf

List Of Parishes, Ministers Of Parish & Precincts – 1741

September Queries

East Lake Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Sixty-Four Jury Men - Currituck – 1723

William Weeks, Sr. Family

Family Bible Of Samuel Ferebee Overman Of Pasquotank Co., Nc

The Pritchards And Their Name

October Queries

History Of The Nc Chowan Baptist Association

Letter From Claudia A. Vaughn – Gates Co 1877

Letter From Jno. W. Halstead – Camden Co. - 1874

Letter From John O. Kelley – South Mills - 1876

Misplaced Perquimans Marriages 1790-1824

Missing Perquimans Marriages 1809-1814

Ancestors Of Captain James Dauge (Dozier)

Creef Family Cemetery

General Assembly Papers - 1773

Volume II 1993 Four Quarterlies

Colonel Peter Daughe

The Revolution Dare County

A Brief History Of Bethany United Methodist Church


Currituck County Record Of Deeds

The Hettrick Brothers And The Dutch Net

Newspaper Abstracts

January Queries

Newspaper Abstracts

A Brief History Of Mount Hermon Church

Topside Restaurant

Old Albemarle County Records

List Of Old Soldiers

February 1993 Queries

Newspaper Abstracts

Currituck County Record Of Deeds


Richard Dixon Recalls Early Days In History Of Albemarle Section

A Look Backward

The Sanders Family

Padget Family

Winslow Family

March Queries

Evans United Methodist Church

Odd Fellows - Windsor, Nc - Tuscarora Lodge - 1905

The Descent Of North Carolina

10 Generation - Davis Line

A Word Or Two Of The Past

Study Of Battle Of South Mills-April 9,1862

Robert Riddick Cemetery

Currituck County Record Of Deeds

Albemarle Sound

Drake'S Outer Banks Rescue

Revolutionary Ancestor

“Colonel” Arthur Jones

Newspaper Abstracts

Old Photo (In Front Of Barber Shop)  Bertie County, Nc

The Wilson D. Williams Family Bible

Nixonton Has Interesting History

J. B. Flora

Letter To Mr. Walton H. Riggs, South Mills, Nc - March 2,1862

Cannon Ball Found

June Queries

Attacks On The Colors Confederate Records Crumble Away

Notes From The Papers Of John Willis Ellis 1860-1861

Boyce Graveyard

Elizabeth City Has A Donner Connection

July Queries

North Carolina Perquimans County Muster Rolls

Sawyer Family Of Nc In The 1790 Census

Delegates To The Nc Constitutional Conventions 1788, 1789

Newspaper Abstracts

August Queries

The History Of The Rise, Increase And Progress, Of The Christian People Called Quakers; With Several Remarkable Occurrences Intermixed

Norman Ancestor Table Of Ronnie Pritchett

Bailey/Brothers Bible

Protecting The Animals

Thomas Jefferson'S Map - 1787

Pasquotank Indians/The Tuscarora War 1711-15

Henry Phelps Of North Carolina

Cousins: Henry & Edward Phelps

Query For September

Will Of Edward Tatlock

Bill Of Sale – 1790

Roanoke River

Subdivisions Of Old Albemarle

Halsey/Mccabe - 13 Generations

Freeing Slaves

Notes From The Papers Of John Willis Ellis  1841-1859

Bible Of Daniel Lindsey

Queries For October 1993

Perquimans County High School – Class Of 1937 - Hertford, N . C .

Notes From Papers Of William Alexander Graham - 1838-1844

Currituck County Record Of Deeds 1764-5

Origin Of The Mclendon/Mcclendon Family

Skinner - 10 Generations

Newspaper Abstracts

Settling The Albemarle

10 Generations Of Halsteads

Newspaper Abstracts 1913

Jordan - 12 Generations

Midgett Cemetery

Leary - 11 Generations

Edenton Gazette & Nc General Advertiser 1818

Information From Task Force Midgett

Letter From Joseph M. Haskett  1912

Queries For November 1993

Happy Turn Of Century - '”Miss Rennie” Invites All

Chowan River

In Loving Memory Of Margaret Barton Gray (1924-1993)

Horace - The Yule Mule - Rides Again

Currituck County Record Of Deeds

Will Of John Marriner-7 Dec 1771-Tyrrell Co., Nc

Notes From Papers Of William Alexander Graham 1825-1837

Mullen - 10 Generations

Edenton Gazette & Nc General Advertiser


Volume I 1992 Four Quarterlies

January Queries

District Superior Courts

February Queries

Old Albemarle County

Confederate Veterans

Newspaper Abstracts – ‘The North Carolinian’ 1876-1879

April Queries

May Query

Ancestor Chart Of Joyce Esther Overman Bowman


June Queries

Pasquotank County

Newspaper Abstracts -" The North Carolinian" 1879-1888

Newbold-White Descendents

Donald Wayne White – Family Lines

Elizabeth City Fire Department - Photo

Elizabeth City Fire Department - 1901

Reed/Reid Ancestor Table

Gov. William Reed

Abstracts From Newspaper : “The North Carolinian” - Elizabeth City, N.C.

Sarah Blount Littlejohn

The Edenton Tea Party

Voyages Of The 1580'S

July Queries

The Hatch Family


The History Of Parkers' Methodist Episcopal Church

The Sharber Family

August Queries

First English Settlement In America 1585-1586

Shiloh Baptist Church

Newspaper Abstracts – “The North Carolinian”

Forehand Genealogy

Hobbsville, N.C.

Dr. William James Lumsden

Jacob Jordan, Jr.

Jury List-Pasquotank (Camden) County 1723

First Albemarle Precinct Organized At Hall'S Creek

September Queries

North Carolina Counties & Year Of Formation

Twelve Generation Ferebee Line

Inglis Fletcher (Novelist) Photo

Inglis Fletcher Novelist Of 12 Carolina Series

Wallis  Parker  Norfleet  Winborne  White  Cherry  Hettrick

Martinique PlantationChowan County

Bundy Memorial

Piney Woods Friends Meeting House

Formal Opening Of Albemarle Sound Bridge August 25, 1938

October Queries

Colonists Came Up Perquimans River Tyner Man Thinks

Follow Up - February 5,1976

N.C. Colonels Of Civil War

November Queries

Jacocks Ancestor Table

Ray Edward Stewart

Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church 1858 - 1976

December Queries