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Society History


The Genealogical Society of Davidson County was organized in the latter part of 1980.  A small group led by Mary Jo Shoaf, a teacher of genealogy at Davidson County Community College, formed a society to increase interest in genealogical research.  The group agreed to work to preserve and utilize manuscripts, documents, and other material of genealogical value.  They met quarterly and began to publish journals, Bible records, marriage records, cemetery records, tax lists, death certificates, and early news paper notices.


The first official meeting of the Society was held in Reich Auditorium of Davidson County Community College, with 64 members present.  Officers were elected:


          President: Mary Jo Shoaf

          First Vice President: Katherine Skipper

          Second Vice President: Richard L.Walker

          Treasurer: Linda M. Perryman

          Recording Secretary: Marie L. Hinson

          Corresponding Secretary: Margaret R. Trantham

          Librarian: Jeanette B. Wilson


          Board of Directors:  Richard L. Conrad, Chairman, Coyt W. Hewitt,              Henry A. Reeves, Rev. Frank W. Snider, and Ruth B. Stoner.


          Editors of Journal:  Kathleen M. Craver, Taft Lewis and Henry A.                Reeves.


          Membership Committee:  Richard L. Conrad, Mary Warren, Linda M.            Perryman, Kathleen Craver and Hazel Payne.


          Cemetery Committee:  Rev. Frank W. Snider, Chairman.  Frank                    Swicegood, Vernelle Greene, Lloyd Canoy and Iris Ann Routh.


One of the Society’s first endeavors was to glean from old cemeteries their vast information on birth and death dates.  After publishing the first volume of Cemetery records, Marie L. Hinson, a charter member, agreed to underwrite expenses for a second volume.


In the early years, the fledgling Society compiled books and journals in the basement of Kirby and Vernelle Greene’s home.  In 1981, a plan to publish quarterly journals was adopted and members worked hard at establishing an identity for the Society.  By then, membership had grown to 229 members from 19 states.  The front cover of The Genealogical Journal was designed by charter member and local artist Katherine F. Skipper.


On January 18, 1982, the society held a ribbon cutting at its new office in the basement of the old court house.  Doug Flick and Tim Timberlake were present.  Frank Swicegood and others worked tirelessly to make it look like our office.  That same year, Society members compiled a great deal of information for THE HERITAGE OF DAVIDSON COUNTY, which was published by Hunter Publishing of Winston-Salem, NC.  The editor was John Thomas.


The Society began exchanging Journals with other organizations all over the United States.  By October 1982 the Society boasted 304 members.  Many families offered their old family papers to the Genealogy Room located in the Lexington Library. The room contains a wealth of information that is made available to the public by the Society.   Through the years the Society has become firmly established.  The genealogy room has been praised and appreciated by many researchers from all over the United States.


Over past years, the Society has published eight volumes of Cemetery Records, three volumes of Bible Records, five volumes of Marriage Records, Davidson County (Old Rowan) Cemetery Inscriptions, Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1830-1846, an 1840 Census Book, Abstracts of Davidson County, NC Divorce Files, and nearly 120 quarterly Journals.


Many members, including Frank Swicegood have faithfully contributed their time and efforts in service to the Society.  Ruth B. Stoner was recognized for donating a table, a desk, a typewriter and many books for use in the Library.  The Genealogy Room was named for her after her death.  Violet S. Stokes also gave a large map cabinet in memory of her husband, Paul Vestal Stokes.


Past Presidents include:

Mary Jo Shoaf                     1981-1982

Rev. Frank W. Snider           1983-1984

Linda M. Perryman              1985-1986

Bridgett Nifong                    1987-1988

Connie C. Leonard               1989-1990

Linda M. Perryman              1991-1992

Joyce W. Melton                  1993-1994

Dewey Snider                      1995-1996

Linda Perryman                   1997-1998

Dewey Snider                      1999-2000

Marlene Adams                   2001-2002

Becky Lassiter                     2003-2004

Belinda Rodgers                   2005-2006

Roy Cope                            2007-2008

Belinda Rodgers                   2009-2010

Randy Hepler                       2011-2012

Dewey Snider                       2013-2014

Melissa Gregory                   2015-2016


The primary goal of the Society is to make research materials available to the public; to preserve the past for the future.  Many hours, days, weeks and years have been and will be spent in achieving this goal.