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Davidson County, North Carolina

Abstracts of Will Books 3, 4, and 5

Abstracted by

Becky Nifong Lassiter


This volume contains abstracts of wills from Will Book 3, Will Book 4, and Will Book

5 of Davidson County, North Carolina with one full name index for the combined will

books. About 750 wills were recorded in these three volumes. These abstracts were

completed over a period of several years from microfilm.


Many times only the first name was given for a person named in a will. At times it

was difficult to determine what the correct surname should be based on the content of the



These abstracts should not be used as documentation for will information. A copy of

the complete will should be obtained either from records in the Clerk of Courtís Office of

Davidson County, from microfilm of Will Book 3, Will Book 4, and Will Book 5 for

Davidson County, North Carolina or from State Archives in Raleigh, NC. If possible locate the original will for the most accurate source. Some original wills are available on microfilm in the genealogy room at the Lexington Library or at the North Carolina State Archives.


In the full name index, the name(s) of the testator and the first page number for the will

is marked in bold print.


Price $30.00 and S&H is $4.00


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