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Haw River Time Line

Important Dates

1745 Adam Trollinger established settlement on banks of Haw River
1747 No. 1 Trollinger Grist Mill built by Jacob Trollinger
1781 Cornwallis' men appropriate grain from Jacob Trollinger's 
  grist mill
1835 Griffis-Patton and Henry Bason houses constructed.
1838 No. 2 Trollinger Grist Mill built
1844 General Benjamin Trollinger built Granite cotton mill
1851-55 NCRR bridge built by Gen. Benjamin Trollinger and 
  Dr.Dan A. Montgomery
1855 NCRR service reaches Haw River
1856 The Haw River House hotel opened for business
1858 Granite Mill purchased by E.M. and Thomas M. Holt
1858 Artelia Roney Duke buried in Trollinger Cemetery
1861 Thomas M. Holt purchased E.M. Holt's share of cotton mill; 
  built house on west bank of river
1865 Gold buried along railroad line between Company Shops and 
1865 Adolphus Moore arrested in Kirk-Holden War
1868 Mill became Holt and Moore
1870 Barges began operating between Haw River and Swepsonville
1870-72 Holt and Moore built one-room meeting house at Walnut
  Grove; four churches founded there
1871-87 Thomas M. Holt served as president of North Carolina 
1876 Dolph Moore found shot in George Swepson's yard
1876 Mill became Thomas M. Holt Manufacturing Company
1881 Thomas M. Holt built Cora Mills and power dam
1891-93 Thomas M. Holt governor of N.C.
1896 Charles Holt house constructed
1896 Thomas M. Holt dies; Charles takes over mill
1899 Flood due to winter snows bursts dam and washed out 
  highway bridge
1904 Haw River School opened for students
1905-10 Gasoline tugs pulled barges between Haw River and
1911 Streetcar service from Haw River to Graham and Burlington 
1911 Train wreck on railroad bridge
1920 Holt family sold out textile operations in Haw River
1923 Concrete highway bridge and route 10 (later U.S. 70)  
  into Burlington constructed
1928 Cones acquire the Haw River mills
1929 Granite becomes a finishing mill
1930 Tabardrey began corduroy production
1936 Train wrecked at railway bridge
1949-53 William Kerr Scott served as governor of North Carolina
1951 Haw River Sanitary District reactivated
1956 Cone Mills sold remaining mill houses in Haw River
1957 Volunteer fire company established
1960 Derailment of 20 freight cars at bridge
1960 Interstate highway opened
1962 Haw River School closed
1969-73 Robert Walker Scott served as governor of North Carolina
1971 Haw River campus of the Technical College dedicated
1973 Town of Haw River incorporated
1976 Municipal building dedicated
1981 Municipal park established
1985 John Robert Watkins bridge opened
1992 U.S. 70 bypass opened
1995 250th Anniversary Celebration
1996 Haw River Historical Association and Museum established
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