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Haw River Historical Association

Haw River, North Carolina

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In 1995, the people of Haw River organized for the official observance of the 250th anniversary of their community's settlement in 1745. In conjunction with that celebration, several projects were undertaken, one of which was the establishment of a place to store artifacts and display some of the history of the area. Inspired by an artifacts show and the celebration as a whole, the Haw River Historical Association was formed and, consequently, incorporated in October 1996 as a Non-Profit Organization, exempt under 501(c)(3).. We are blessed with a strong core group of volunteers with a love of Haw River and a desire to preserve the history of our small town.

The objectives of the Haw River Historical Association are to:

 Promote awareness of the town's historical significance
 Promote the preservation of the town's historical sites
 Promote and maintain a town museum
 Promote historical and social activities among the members
 Promote civic improvements in the community
 Raise monies to fund projects
 Own, buy, and sell personal property and real estate significant
   to the town's history
Some of our current and past activites include:
 Holding open monthly meetings at which a program on some part 
   of the town's history is presented. As occasions arise, speakers
   from outside the community are included.
 town museum has been developed. 
 Fabric of a Community,book on the history of Haw River, 
   has been written by members, Bob & Gail Knauff. The books are being
   sold through the association. 
 Programs on the history of Haw River are presented at civic clubs
   and organizations around the county.
 The Childrey house is being developed into a period museum of 
   the 1930's & 1940's. The house was built by Haw River's first 
   sock manufacturer and donated to the Town of Haw River by his granddaughters. The Association has been granted use of the house for a period museum 
 A project to renovate and redevelop the old downtown area near
   the museum was started by requesting graduate students at the state university's design school to look at the area. The students presented plans to the town council who is hoping to implement some of the ideas. The association will continue to promote and support this work as well as improvements and preservation of other sites around town, especially some of the old homes.
 Because of the town's location on the Haw River, the association
   has members working with leaders from other communities, from the state, and several private groups to establish a hiking, biking trail along the river. Others are hoping to reestablish canoeing and boating activities. 
 Tours of historic homes and sites will be organized and conducted 
   by members.
 A program was given for the local elementary school staff and a 
   children's activity book about Haw River's history was given for each child. These books will also be sold at the museum; the authors have specified any money raised is to go to the elementary school library for new books. Plans are to eventually develop a full children's educational program.
 Volunteers are being solicited to write family histories for 
   display at the museum. 
 A display honoring Haw River Veterans is being planned. 
 There are plans to erect historical markers for the Charles Holt 
   House, the Granite Factory, and the Town of Haw River. 
 Members are working to return the Max Lieberman Scholarship 
   to the Town of Haw River. Max Lieberman was a Yangee textile man who 
   did business in Haw River at the turn of the century.  He established 
   a scholarman to send a Haw River boy to Elon College.  Since the closing
   of the Haw River High School, the scholorship has not been going to
   a Haw River boy.
Please feel free to visit one of our meetings and share a little piece of our history. 
We meet the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 at the Musem.
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