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Cox, Wicker, Gilmore, Hawley-Brooks, Morris Walker, Gaster
Lee County, North Carolina

Surveyed by John Altenburger
Notes at bottom of page.

Morris Walker Cemetery Plot Map

Gilmore Cemetery

Annie K. Gilmore w/o J. B. Gilmore died Jun 27 1917

Elizabeth Gilmore w/o J. H. Gilmore died Aug 18 1921

John B. Gilmore died Nov 14 1960

Mary Jane Gilmore died Sep 23 1941

Sara C. Gilmore died Apr 27 1932

Walter McLennan Gilmore died Dec 5 1920

William J. Gilmore died Jun 12 1961

Son of (no name) J. B. & A. K. Gilmore died Oct 30 1912

Wicker Cemetery

Hattie H. w/o Dock D. Wicker died 1950

Carson Wicker died Feb 27 ????

Charles Wicker died Sep 25 1911

Dock D. Wicker died 1950

Houle Wicker died Feb 5 1916

Joe B. Wicker died Apr 6 1939

Rubie Lillie Wicker died Oct 26 1910

Hawley-Brooks Plot

William Hawley died Jun 5 1859

Margaret Hawley w/o William Hawley died Oct 19 1867

Clarence L. Brooks s/o R. W. & C. A. Brooks died Nov 2 1876

Gaster et al Cemetery
(readable & carved headstones only)

_______, w/o John G. Hunter died Sep 19 1912

Addie Hunter w/o J. D. Hunter died 1927

D. V. Clark died May 10 1930

Elizabeth Brannon w/o Sanford Brannon died Aug 20 1900

Famey Gaster w/o John Gaster died Aug 18 1853

Fannie E. Clark w/o D. V. Clark died May 26 1926

Jemima Jane Gaster died Feb 10 1924

A. J. Gaster died Dec 16 1855

Christopher Columbus Gaster s/o John M. & M. M. Gaster died Jan 21 1887

David Gaster died Oct 28 1882

Gertrude Gaster d/o J. F. & Mattie Gaster died Dec 6 1905

Jacob Gaster died Dec 16 1855

Jemima Gaster died ????

John M. Gaster died Jan 1 1912

Lizzie Chrisman Gaster d/o D. S. & Lottie Gaster died Dec 28 1900

Margaret Elizabeth Gaster died Feb 11 1924

Mary Dalrymple Gaster died Feb 7 1926

Mary Lessie Gilmore d/o D. D. & B. M. Gilmore died Jan 26 1923

Jno Hunter died Nov 22 1888

John D. Hunter died Sep 11 1917

Sophire Hill Hunter d/o J. G. & A. S. Hunter died Feb 20 1914

India G. Gaster w/o John M. F. Gaster died Jan 18 1898

Infant d/o D. V. & E. F. Clark died Sep 18 1888

Mary E. w/o ? died Jun 21 1889

Mary E. McGilmore w/o J. McGilmore died Jun 4 1927

Mary G. McNeil w/o David McNeill died Jan 2 1932

Mary M. Gaster w/o John M. Gaster died Sep 29 1899

J. McGilmore died Oct 13 1938

David McNeill died ????

B. C. Mitchell died May 16 1910

Henry B. Williams died Apr 28 1906

James H. Williams died 1919

Cox Cemetery aka Dodd-Cox Grave Yard

Mattie E. H. _____ w/o F. M. P. McLeod died Sep 19 1882

A. H. Cox died Dec 17 1902

D. M. Cox died Oct 2 1904

Dr. John Lewis Cox died 1913

John M. Cox died Nov 7 1878

Minnie Blanche Cox died Nov 2 1877

W. J. Cox died Sep 21 1906

Maggie Hackney Cox d/o J.J. & Susannah Hackney died Mar 14 1873

"Amy" McLaughlin Cox w/o Dr. John Lewis Cox died 1923

Telephone conversations from the News Article

T/W Marvin Gaster (711 Cedar Lane, 27332) and sent him an index, the Gaster Cemetery Layout, and Row G sheet of tombstones.

T/W Anne Louise Pomerantz. She has much info on local families. She is 84, lives at 526 Forest Drive, and referred to a book that should be in the Library. It was published in 1950, the title is Brooks and Kindred, and the author is Ida Brooks Kellam. If the book should be missing from the library, she asked me to come to her house and pick it up. She quoted from her book that regarding the Hawley plot, the 1st wife of William Hawley was Miss McFarland and all the children were hers. The stone at the plot shows Margaret as William Hawley’s wife and Margaret is the 2nd wife and there were no children.

T/W both Bill Arnold and Joyce Arnold (260 Lakeview). They built the log cabin where Alan Kyles lives in 1958. Bill indicates there are stories of other burials at the Hawley plot and that one may been a worker who was killed on the job of building hwy 87 in 1959. It seems to him there were other graves at that plot beside just the 3 shown from tombstone information. There may have be black burials in addition to the 3 on the stones. The large oak tree just south of the water tower was in the back or side yard of the Hawley home and the home burned in 1958. The Gilmore cemetery had a burial in it in 1967 or 1968 even though the most recent tombstone shows a burial in 1961. To find the Gilmore person buried most recently either the Miller-Bolles or the Rogers-Pickard funeral homes may have records, as they were the only ones around then. There are two more family plots close to Trace but across the hwy 87. West of Sandy Williams pre-civil war house on hwy 87 & fenced in a farm field is a cemetery of 5-6 graves with some brownstone tombstones 4’ high. The Morris family graves are there. You’d need permission to visit those. Also, across from the Trace entrance west of the old railroad trestle, south of the Upper Little River, and north of Frank Wicker is a plot.

T/W Marie Morris 73 who lives in town but is at the Baptist Church on Swann Station 4 days a week. She grew up on Cox-Maddox Road and remembers Dock and Francis Wicker coming to town in a wagon selling vegetables. She grew up on Cox-Maddox close to Cox Mill (where there’s a bend in the road and the new houses are) and there used to be a school house where her Daddy went to school but no longer exists. Skip Kelly lives on a dirt road south off of Cox-Maddox Road and he knows a lot about the local history as well as where the Morris Cemetery or the Wicker Cemetery is located. Marvin Johnson on hwy 87 also is a local person with knowledge of the Morris Cemetery that is closeby there. An additional person is John Sharp, 499-6881, who lives on Sharp Road and he will be able to tell you where the cemetery is that is across from the entrance to Carolina Trace.

David R. Williams 499-4422 who lives in Olivia, PO Box 483 is a life long native and is aware of several cemeteries in addition to the 5 at Trace. He calls them the James Cemetery in back of Sam Mauldin’s mother’s house, the Walker Graveyard across from the Trace entrance, and the Edwards or Bright-McNeill graveyard west of the bend on Frank Wicker. He also heard rumors that a Trace home builder took a tombstone from the Hawley plot for use as a door stepping stone. That was never confirmed. David has kin buried in several of the graveyards at Trace. I have sent him the index and 5 CAD drawings.

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