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Martin Countians: Selected Marriages
and Deaths in Old Newspapers

(in Chronological Order)

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Md. on 2nd Inst. at the seat of the late John Roulhac, Esq., dec'd., in Martin Co., Mr. Horace Ely, merchant of the firm of Flower & Ely, of Plymouth, to the amiable Miss Mary Jane D. G. Roulhac, dau. of the late P. G. Roulhac, Esq. —Edenton Gazette, June 11, 1811.

Md. in Raleigh, yesterday morning, Dr. Simmons J. Baker of Martin Co., to Mrs. Nancy Hunter, widow of the late Harry Hunter. —Raleigh Register, Dec. 23, 1814.

Md. on 13th ult. in Martin Co., Benjamin B. Hunter, of Windsor, to Miss Emily Baker, dau. of Dr. Simmons J. Baker. —Raleigh Register, Mar. 1, 1816.

Md. in Palmyra, Martin Co., on 22nd Inst., Gabriel L. Stewart of Plymouth to Miss Ann J. Baker, dau. of Dr. Simmons J. Baker. — Raleigh Minerva, Jan. 30, 1818.

Md. in Martin Co., on 27 ult., Mr. Wm. Armistead to Miss Mary E. E. Baker, dau. of Dr. S. J. Baker. —NC Star, Feb. 4, 1820.

Md. on 7th Inst. at the residence of Lawrence Cherry, Esq. by the Rev. Joseph Biggs, Mr. Edward Byrd, aged 82, to Mrs. Elizabeth Cherry (late consort of Jesse Cherry, Esq., dec'd.) age 71, both of Martin County. —Raleigh Register, Feb. 22, 1822.

Md. at the residence of Mrs. Margaret Slade in Martin Co., on 13th Inst., Abraham Maer, Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Isabella, dau. of Dr. Ebenezer Slade, dec'd. —Raleigh Register, July 23, 1824.

Md. at the seat of Dr. Simmons J. Baker, in Martin Co., on 28 ult.; Dr. William H. Hunter of Raleigh, to Miss Anna Marie, dau. of Dr. Baker. —NC Star, Jan. 7, 1825.

Md. in Martin Co. on 1st Inst., Mason L. Wiggins of Halifax Co. to Miss Elizabeth Slade, dau. of the late Jeremiah Slade. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, June 6, 1826.

Md. lately in Martin Co., Dr. L. H. Hare to Miss Mary Luton. —NC Star, Sept. 13, 1827.

Md. in Martin Co. on 17 ult. by Joshua Robinson, Esq.; Mr. Levi Bryan, formerly of Halifax Co. to Miss Mary R. Farmer, only dau. of the late Capt. John Farmer, dec'd., of the former county. —Tarboro Press, June 13, 1828.

Md. in Martin Co. on the 11th Ult., Otis Andrews of Beaufort Co. to Miss Elizabeth Wheatly of Martin Co. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, Mar. 8, 1830.

Md. in Martin Co. on the 8th Inst., Jacob Sessoms of Halifax Co. to Miss Emma Morriss. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, Aug. 20, 1830.

Md. in Martin Co. on 1st Inst., Bryant B. Buffaloe of Wake Co. to Miss Adeline A. Cherry, dau. of Darling Cherry, Esq. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, Oct. 14, 1830.

Md. in Warren Co., NC, on 28th Ult., Thomas Slade of Martin Co. to Miss Eliza R. Gordon, dau. of James Gordon, Esq., of Norfolk. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, Nov. 11, 1830.

Md. in Mart. Co. on Feb. 24, Reuben Manning to Miss Elizabeth Howell, both of that place. —Roanoke Advocate, Mar. 10, 1831.

Md. in Martin Co., on the 6th ult., Mr. Thomas Jones, merchant, to Miss Evalina Taylor, dau. of Mr. Kinchen Taylor. —NC Star, Jan. 18, 1833.

Md. in Pitt County, on the 3rd Inst., Mr. Thomas Howell, of Martin County to Miss Elizabeth Cherry, dau. of Roderick Cherry, Esq. —NC Star, Jan. 18, 1833.

Md. in Martin Co., on the 23rd ult., Mr. Wm. Howell, of Tarboro, to Miss Eliza Cooper, dau. of Jesse Cooper, Esq., Senator in the legislature from Martin County. —NC Standard, May 8, 1835.

Md. at Palmyra, Martin Co., on 9th Inst., by the Rev. George N. Gregory, the Rev. Wm. W. Williams to Miss Elizabeth B. Harvey. —Raleigh Register, Aug. 23, 1836.

Md. in Lenoir Co., on the 7th Inst., John G. Williams of Williamston to Miss Sarah Wiggins of Lenoir. —Raleigh Standard, Apr. 28, 1836.

Md. in Mart. Co. on 29 Ult., Bennett Briley of Pitt Co. to Miss Mary Ballard, dau. of Lemuel Ballard, dec'd. —Tarboro Free Press, Apr. 7, 1838.

Md. in Martin Co. by Rev. George N. Gregory, Rev. Robert J. Carson of the NC Conference to Mrs. Mary L. G. Williams. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, Apr. 7, 1840.

Md. "In the Episcopal Church of this place, on the 25th inst., by the Rev. Benjamin S. Bronson, of Windsor, Mr. Henry A. Gilliam, of Plymouth, to Miss Hannah Clements of this place..." —Williamston Mercury, May 25, 1859.


D. on 25 ult. of an inflamation of the brain, Mr. Thomas C. Stewart, of Martin County. —Edenton Gazette, Feb. 2, 1810.

D. at the seat of her mother, in Martin Co., on 15th Inst., Mrs. Charity A. Hall, consort of the Rev. H. E. Hall, in the 26th year of her age. —NC Star, Jan. 24, 1811.

D. on 26 of last month, Mrs. Mary Baker, consort of Dr. Simmons J. Baker of Martin Co. —Raleigh Minerva, Nov. 13, 1812.

D. at Williamston on 21st Inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Yellowly, consort of Capt. Edward Yellowly, age 44. She leaves her husband and several children. —NC Star, June 7, 1816.

D. in Williamston on the 10th Inst., Smith Burroughs, Sheriff of Martin Co. —Raleigh Register, June 27, 1817.

D. on 10th Inst., Mr. John Luten, Clerk of Superior Court of Martin County. —Raleigh Register, Jan. 20, 1825.

D. at Williamston, Martin Co. on 9th Inst., Richard Williams, age 66 years. —Raleigh Register, Jan. 20, 1826.

D. Williamston, Martin Co., on the 18th ult., Col. Durham Davis. —Raleigh Register Semi-Weekly, Aug. 24, 1829.

D. on the 11th Inst., at residence of Dr. S. J. Baker, in Martin Co., his sister, Miss Agatha Baker. —Raleigh Register, Aug. 26, 1830.

D. in Martin Co., on 30th ult., Mr. Edward Bird, aged 93 years. —NC Star, Jan. 30, 1831.

D. in Martin Co. on 5th Inst., Theophilus Harrell. —Roanoke Advocate, Sept. 15, 1831.

D. at the residence of her father, Dr. Simmons J. Baker, in Martin Co., a few days ago, Mrs. Anna M. Hunter, widow of the late Dr. William H. Hunter, of this city, aged about 24 years. —Raleigh Register, Dec. 21, 1832.

D. in Williamston, Martin Co., on 21st ult., Susan, infant daughter of Henry Williams. —Raleigh Standard, Dec. 26, 1834.

D. at the residence of Gen. Hawkins in Warren County, on the 24th ult., Mrs. Nancy Williams, consort of Dr. William W. Williams, of Martin County. —Raleigh Register, Oct. 13, 1835.

D. in Martin Co. on 16th Inst., Mrs. Priscilla Williams, the companion of Mr. Lewis A. Williams, aged about 56 years. She leaves a husband and several children. —Raleigh Register, Nov. 8, 1836.

D. in Martin Co. on 23rd ult., Lewelling Bowers, aged about 60 years. —Tarboro Free Preee, Mar. 3, 1838.

D. in Martin Co. on 27 ult., Romulus S. Cherry, son of Darling and Elizabeth Cherry, of the late firm of Buffaloe and Cherry of Raleigh, age 25. —Raleigh Register, June 11, 1847.

D. in Martin Co., Mrs. Elizabeth Rebecca, age 21, wife of Sheperd S. Spruill and dau. of David Latham, dec'd., Senator. —Raleigh Register, Apr. 12, 1848.

D. In this place, on the 6th inst., of Consumption, David B. Knight, Esq., age 26 years, 6 months and 14 days. —Williamston Mercury, June 8, 1856.

D. "Murder. A negro belonging to Lewis Harrell, Esq., was killed in the upper part of this county, on Monday last, by a white man, named Cowey. The circumstances connected with the case are as follows: The negro and Cowey, the overseer, were in a canoe together, when some words arose between them, whereupon C. struck the negro upon the head with a stick, knocking him overboard. He immediately sank, and the body has not been recovered. The murderer fled and has not been taken." —Williamston Mercury, July 13, 1859.


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