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1850 Moore Co, NC Census, Mortality Schedule, and Slave Schedule 233 pages, full name index, spiral bound. Price $25 plus $6 postage and handling.

Bible Project Books are $15.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling

Books by Larry Koster: (Books are 9.95 plus 5.00 for postage and handling)

  • More Moore County, NC History 1784-2004; The Moore Story of County Government Overview, Creation and Changing Boundaries, Courthouses and Meeting Places, & County Leaders -- This book tells about many interesting areas and periods in the life of Moore County. It is a story that expands and adds significant information to that which has been previously written by others. The story of the birth of the county is told and how the county has changed geographically. Did you ever wonder how many different courthouses were associated with our county? The many courthouses are described in detail and the men and women are identified who served as leaders of our county’s government from its beginning. There is also an overview of North Carolina county government and how it has evolved throughout the years. Larry also has plans for writing about other areas of Moore County history. This is his way of learning about the county and the people that contributed to its past and also sharing that information with others.; 79 pages; includes End Notes, Bibliography, and Index
  • The Story of Parkewood, NC; A Moore County Community That Disappeard -- The Parkewood story is an interesting tale of success and failure. Parkewood is associated with millstones and portable mills that were manufactured there. The products were very well received in the market place and the community became one of the largest enterprises in the county in the 1880s. However, the business went through a number of difficult years and the community became deserted and eventually disappeared. The book explains where Parkewood is located, how it began, give a detailed description of the community, provide information as to its size, and explains why the business failed and the community disappeared. Of special interest is the story of the people who began and were involved with this community. 66 pages; includes End Notes, Bibliography, and Index
  • The Hotels and Boarding Houses of Moore County, NC, 1870 - 1950 -- This book tells about the many interesting hotels and boarding houses that were in operation from 1870 to 1950 in Moore County, NC. Moore County attracts many tourists today and that was also true a hundred years ago. A large number of hotels and boarding houses were built to provide accommodations for those that needed a temporary place to stay.
  • The Photographers of Moore County, NC and their Postcards - 1900 - 1970 --This book highlights the lives and work of one woman and eight men photographers who lived in Moore County and whose pictures were used in the production of postcards. Surprisingly, Moore County had the unique distinction of having a woman photographer about 100 years ago. Biographical information is included about each photographer and descriptions of their studios and of the postcard they produced. In addition, there are two other listings-- the Moore County photographers who did not produce postcards and the non-local photographers who are responsible for postcard of local scenes.


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