The Moore County Genealogical Society meets bimonthly at the Moore County Library in Carthage on the third Saturday of the months of Jan., Mar., Mary., July, Sept., Nov..  It  mseet at 10:30 am. Every November the annual meeting is held for the election of new officers and directors.

NEXT MEETING --   The Moore County Genealogy Society will meet November 15, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at the Moore County Library, 101 Saunders Street, Carthage, NC. Michael Cox, a native of Southern Pines will be the speaker.  He is a seventh generation relative of Duncan Patterson who settled in the northern corner of what is now Richmond  County  around 1740. He has connections with the Auman family and, of course, the Cox family. He became interested in a mysterious area called "Craigrownie" that he often heard mentioned in family stories. He found that Craigrownie, loosely translated, means "Tree on a Hill" in Gaelic and is located in the Argylle section of Scotland. Duncan Patterson's wife was reared in that area of Scotland and she chose the name. Mr. Cox is going to tell us about our "Craigrownie" here in North Carolina and some of the families who settled there.  Please plan to attend as this will be a very interesting program and an important becauae new officers will be elected.

The speaker will be our own vice president, Paula Caddell.  Paula will share "BITS OF BARBECUE" with us.  In the 1750's, Presbyterians in Pennsylvania were dismayed at the moral and spiritual state of the colonists in the Cumberland-Cross Creek area and sent a Rev. Campbell to establish some churches.  He established three churches and Moore County's barbecue Church was one of them. Ms. Caddell has gathered interesting bits that she has gleaned from various sources , and she says the church was full of colorful characters.  Come and learn and be entertained by this presentation,

For further information:  about the program you may contact Paula Caddell at or Dorothy Thomas at about the program --or for information about the location,

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