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Mitchell County Families

Blalock Family

Variant Spellings: Blaylock.
Soundex Code:
See also: John Blalock Family.
               Malinda Pritchard Blalock, a.k.a. Sam Blalock.

Early Blalocks of old Burke and Lincoln counties included John Blalock, a soldier in the Revolution; Richard Blalock, aged between 26 and 45 in 1810; Hubbard Blalock, and Squire Blalock. It is uncertain how these men were related.

Most of the Mitchell County Blalocks are desendants of John Blalock and his wife Mary "Polly" Dorman. (See John Blalock Family.) Noting that John was twenty years older than Polly, some researchers believe that Hubbard Blalock may have been John's son by a previous marriage. It is known that Hubbard Blalock was acquainted with and had business dealings with John Blalock's sons. The facts are not entirely clear, but Hubbard Blalock apparently moved to Kentucky and later to Tennessee.

Some researchers believe that John also had a brother named Richard, but it's not clear to me whether this is the same Richard Blalock who is found in Burke County in 1810. John may also have had a brother named William.

George Parker gives what appears to be the most likely version of John Blalock's ancestry. See "Our Roots Grow Deep." However, further documentation is desirable.


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