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Mitchell County, North Carolina
World War I Draft Registrations

     During World War I, male United States citizens (and aliens who had declared their intention to naturalize) between 18 and 45 were required to register for the draft. A total of 24 million men born between 1873 and 1900 registered in 1917 and 1918. These are civilian registrations; most of the men who registered didn't serve in World War I. Each card gives the registrant's date of birth, and for many individuals this is the earliest documentation of birthdate.

     There were three draft registrations for World War I:

     First Registration: Men born 6 June 1886 through 5 June 1896 were required to register on 5 June 1917. These were men 21 to 31 years of age.

     Second Registration: On 5 June 1918, men who had turned 21 since the first registration were require to register. The Second Registration includes a supplemental registration on 24 August 1918 for men who had turned 21 since 5 June.

     Third Registration: On 12 September 1918, all men aged 18 to 45 who had not already registered were required to register.

     Three different cards were used in the World War I draft registration, but each included pretty much the same information. The most important difference for genealogical purposes is that the third card does not include the place of birth.

Examples of World War I Draft Registration Cards:
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Card A, also called
the First Card or
the 10-Question Card
(Paul Waits McKinney)

Card B, also called
the Second Card or
the 12-Question Card
(Nimpson Gouge)

Card C, also called
the Third Card or
the 20-Question Card
(David Garland)
Where to Find the Records

    Mitchell County World War I draft registrations are found in National Archives and Records Administration Publication M1509, World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, Microfilm NC-47. The easiest and least expensive way to view the microfilm is to borrow it through your local Family History Center. The Family History Library's number for this microfilm is FHL US/CAN Film 1765690.


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