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The Heritage of Old Mecklenburg County Society

Mecklenburg County, NC

The Original Mecklenburg County Heritage Book Project 1763-2003

We are busy editing the family stories

Please be patient with us.

This is a long drawn out process-

PHOTO ISSUES have delayed delivery

Please bear with us, we are working hard on polishing up all articles and stories for final proof.


Next meeting September 18, 2004 at Kannapolis Branch Library in Kannapolis, N.C.

Time usually starting at 10 AM thru 5 PM (directions only call 704-938-9121)

please e-mail sheila for more information.

This scheduled time is on-going, (in the event of bad weather, meeting may be cancelled)


Send your pre- publication book orders in as soon as possible-

The Heritage Book will cost $14.00 more after publication.

Public Service Announcements

Please Note: Last chance to purchase a heritage book

August 30, 2004

Committee Meetings

Most every Saturday at Kannapolis Library

Guidelines on Submission Information

2002 --

Original Mecklenburg County

Heritage book



SPONSORED BY: Original Mecklenburg Co Heritage Book Committee



Criteria --

A current resident;

Past resident;

and /or (roots) family ancestors in Early Mecklenburg County prior to 1800

(including all of OLD Mecklenburg) all of Cabarrus westward to Lincoln, Gaston Buncombe, Rutherford, Cleveland, Transylvania, Cherokee, Cherokee Reservation, Clay, Jackson, Old Tryon Cos, NC; Chesterfield, Chester, Greenville, York, Union, Spartanburg, & Catawba Indian Reservation.

* We invite all residents, former residents, and those with roots in Mecklenburg County to submit a family household history of 500 words and one photograph to be printed free!

(Also invited to participate are residents of Old 1763 Mecklenburg County which includes parts of or all of present-day Buncombe, Cabarrus, Cherokee, Clay, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, Jackson, Lincoln, McDowell, Rutherford, Transylvania, [Old Tryon], Union Cos, (NC); In South Carolina- all or parts of Chester, Cherokee, Greenville, Kershaw, Lancaster, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg, Union and York Cos (SC) And the Catawba Indian Reservation.)

Included are all residents of Union Co., NC extending westward towards the Cherokee Reservation in Cherokee, NC as well as the upper portions of SC along the same area Pickens Co., SC eastward towards Chesterfield Co., SC. Time line span is from 1763-2003 Present-day- From Modern Stories to Pioneer, Families asked to participate include everyday citizen to those of position in the communities.


Mecklenburg was bordered by Rowan county in the North, East by Anson county and in the South by South Carolina.


This definition was sent to help update where the area of old Mecklenburg existed in 1763 (in present-day) during today's busy lifestyle.

PDF File of Heritage of Old Mecklenburg Co, NC 1763-2003 (4 pages)

Submission List of Family Stories

1800 Pioneers of Mecklenburg County, NC

1800 Pioneer of Cabarrus County, NC

-updating soon-

1800 Pioneers of Lincoln County, NC







Name: __________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________


_______ Yes I'd like to Volunteer helping with the Heritage Book Project (Collect Stories, Promote the Project, and/or Write Histories about the Old Mecklenburg area, including parts of Buncombe, Gaston, Lincoln, Rutherford, and Cabarrus.)

Phone Number: _____________________________ (if you volunteer we need to contact you)

The Heritage of Old Mecklenburg County 1763-2003

Quantity _______________________

Total Due _________ x 58.50/ 52.50= _____________

Cost per book picked up in Huntersville $52.50

Cost per book delivered to your door $58.50

Please make checks payable to;

Old Mecklenburg County Heritage Book Project or

Original Mecklenburg County Heritage Book Project


Original Mecklenburg County Heritage Book Project

formally: Old Mecklenburg County Heritage Book Project

P.O. Box 1348

Huntersville, NC 28070-1348

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Sheila Weaver - Head Organizer /Co-Chairman / Editing/Topical Histories // Kannapolis, NC

(Cabarrus-Mecklenburg area)

John Misenhiemer - Co-Chair / Revolutionary War // Charlotte, NC

Larry Hayer- Kannapolis & Concord, //Cabarrus area /Process article submissions

Marilyn Brown- Charlotte, East Mecklenburg area ( Ramah & Huntersville community)

Lee Ramsey- Topical Co-Chairman/ Early Settlements of Mecklenburg County, NC (GA)

JoAnne Miller - Publicity-Huntersville Star // Huntersville, N. Mecklenburg area

Paul D Buckley - Meckle list Charlotte, NC

John A. Suther- Collecting St. John's Lutheran Church (Cabarrus Co.) Concord, NC

Janet & Marie Morrison- Rocky River Church area/ Southeast Cabarrus area

John Misenhiemer - Treasurer / Revolutionary War // Charlotte, NC

John Blair Hagler- Collecting and Promoting / Raleigh, NC

Joan Raney- Promoting and Collecting (Meck Messenger) [OMGS]

Tom Gray- Collecting and Editing / Charlotte, NC (OMGS)

Sarah R. McAulay- Promoting and Collecting family stories / Huntersville, NC

Deeanne Barnette - Promoting and Collecting family stories / Hopewell Community

Nell Jenkins- Promoting and Collecting family stories / Ramah Community

Tina Brown - Writing Histories / Gilead area Huntersville/ Hugh Torrance

Max Alexander- Promoting / TX

Ed Baker- Promoting and Writing Histories / TX

David Suther- Writing Histories - Civil War / Concord, NC

Derick S. Hartshorn - Promoting // Lincoln, Burke, & Tryon, NC

Shirley West- Mint Hill Histories // Mint Hill, NC

Dorothy C. White- Historic Charlotte Photos // VA

Nelda Daniels- Southeastern part of Mecklenburg Co., NC area

Submission Information

Who is eligible to participate? (we loosely refer to these as "modern articles")

A. Present residents of what is or used to be
Mecklenburg County.

B. Former residents of Mecklenburg County.

C. Those with roots in Mecklenburg County.

How much may I submit and what is the cost?

A. Each household is encouraged to send in 500
words of their family history and one picture.

B. These amounts will be published at no charge.

C. In addition, if your ancestors were in (here are your pioneers!)
Mecklenburg County before 1800, you may submit

One additional Pioneer story and another picture;
limit: 500 words per household.

D. Additional words are 10 per word. Extra photos
are $12.50. Double wide or double deep photos are
also $12.50 additional.

Abbreviations/numbers: four or less
letters/numbers (considered to be) = one word. Five or more
letters/numbers (considered to be) = 2 words. Punctuation is ignored.

What will I write?

A. About your ancestors.

1. Why and when they came to Mecklenburg County.

2. Birth, marriages and death dates.

B. Yourself and your family.

1. Childhood, school days, and other events.

2. Jobs, residences, hobbies and pastimes.

C. Anything you can tell future
generations of their ancestry.

Article directions.

A. Double-space type or word processing on bond paper.

We cannot accept articles, which are typed
in ALL CAPS. Upper and lower case must be used!

B. Include at end of article:

1. Word count.
2. Sources, if available.
3. Name and address of story submitter.
4. Photo caption (see V. C)

Photograph directions.

Note: Do not submit original irreplaceable photos.

We make every effort to return them, but cannot be
responsible for loss or damage.

A. Types and size.

1. Glossy photos are best! Black and white are preferred, though we will accept 35 mm
color and studio quality photos. Laser copies don't reproduce nearly as well,

so please don't submit them.

2. The following are not acceptable:

Computer scans, diskettes, etc., Xerox
copies, negatives or faded Polaroid prints.

3. Any size up to 8" x 10".

4. All photos will be reduced to one column - 2 1 /2 " wide x 1 3 /4 " high,

with standard cropping as a bust shot.

You must pay extra, as detailed in II. D., for larger sizes.

B. Identification.

1. Place a return address label with telephone number on the back or (not as
desirable) print this information lightly with soft lead pencil on back of photo.

2. Include stamped, self-addressed envelope.

C. Captions

1. Limited to 10 words or less.
2. Type at end of article.

Additional articles.

A. Histories of churches, clubs, and organizations.

1. Each allowed 250 words and one photo free.

2. Additional words and photos as in II. D.

B. Communities and major topics allowed 600-750
words and one photo at committee discretion.

C. Veteran, Tribute, Memorial and Business History section.

1. The only pages, which cost the submitter.

2. Contact the committee for details.

Writing assistance.

A. Contact committee members.

B. Attend our writing workshop.

A. Articles cannot harm or embarrass another individual.

B. No genealogical charts or tabular material may be used!


Tribute and Memorial Pages will be sold to

Businesses and Individuals:

Sizes Include: $200 full-page; $110 half-page; 1/4 page; and 1/8 of a page available.

Contact the committee for more information.


Last updated September 16, 2004

Copyright @ reserved by Mary Hawkins; May 2002- Sept. 2004