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Cohabitation Records

These records were found on microfilm at J. Y. Joyner Library,
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. Contributed by Roger Kammerer.

Contributed by Roger Kammerer.

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In the March 1866 session of the North Carolina General Assembly, an Act was passed concerning negroes and persons of color. Justices of the Peace were to collect and record in the County Clerk’s office, a record of the cohabitation of former slaves to ratify their state of marriage. The Court Clerk was required to maintain a record book for this purpose and to receive 25 cents per entry for his service. In Section 6, Chapter 40 of the Act, it was a misdemeanor if negroes did not record their marriage by Sept., 1866. This section of the Act was amended by Section 1, Chapter 70 (ratified March 1867), to extend the time of recording these marriages until Jan. 1, 1868.

Husband Wife Cohabitated or Married Since
Abram Boyd Gracy Tripp February 1864
John Dickson/Dirkson? Elizabeth Brown September 1860
Boston Easton Martha Ann Easton October 1827
Isaac Brown Julia Cherry 1854
Jarrat Staton Penina Thomas 1854
Moses Staton Adeline Brown 1861
Willie Clark Mariah Randolph March 1853
Lewis Dunnell Harret Randolph June 9, 1865
Primus Randolph Elizabeth Randolph Dec. 18. 1855
Alfred Andrews Polly Ward 1861
Gabe Jenkins Harriet Ward 1844
Leon Teel Larina/Lavina? Highsmith 1836
Henry James Elmira James Aug. 4, 1848
John Randolph Temperance Randolph Jan. 5, 1865
Norcott Cherry Malvina Boyd Dec. 25, 1859
Kinchen Beverly Artimessa Little 1859
Orrange Whitehurst Harriet Blount 1843
George Hopkins Mary Taylor 1853
Jacob Braddy Sarah Brown July 1, 1863
Simon Peyton Aminty Brown Jan. 3, 1858
James Teel Nicey Gwaltney August 1836
John Little Jane Brown 1854
Jetha Whitehurst Larina Jenkins 1859
Ben Chancey Arcenay Lanier 1852
Sandy Bernard Gracy Tyson May 1, 1829
Peter Cobb Dicey Johnson July 1851
Samuel Rives Drucilla Rives April 1838
Martin Ward Marina Whitehurst 1860
Harman Harrell Matilda Staton` 1850
Moses Stancill Annis Jenkins 1844
Matthew Williams Penney Brickel Dec. 25, 1855
Toney Horn/Ham? Milley Martman Dec. 28, 1854
Alfred Teel Edney Rives June 1858
George Andrews Annis Cherry 1861
Bryant Brown Mary Stokes 1852
Arden Hopkins Anacha Stokes 1863
Edmund Robbin Harriett Gorham February 1852
Jackson Robbins Easter Mathews October 1847
Richard Rivers Margaret Rivers October 1839
Peter Thomas Phebe Jenkins 1844
Willis Whitehurst Jane Whitehurst 1859
Orrange Porter Haly An Whitehurst 1846
Peter Stancel Celia Pollard March 1838
Sawney Dupree July Norvel November 1855
Irvin Harris Lizzie Norvell Feb. 14, 1866
John Jones Adaline Jenkins February 1865
Willis Jenkins Jane Staton 1860
Ransom Staton Murry Jenkins 1860
Caesar Evans Pleasant Mooring November 1831
Samuel Cherry Ama/Anna? Laughinghouse February 1861
Amos Evans Harriet Evans August 1836
Zibe Barnhill Sabra Jenkins 1845
Austin Staton Harriet Jenkins 1843
Joseph Highsmith Winnie Whitfield 1856
Sharper Forbes Esther Randolph Sept. 18, -----[blank]
Holloway Randolph Jinny Randolph December 1837
Christopher Randolph Catherine Randolph Feb. 26, 1856
George Taylor Dicey Cherry 1845
Daniel Redmond Mentha Hopkins 1857
Haywood Dupree America Dupree October 1849
Alfred Foreman Creacy Gorham November 18[1?]0
Henry Patrick Martha M. Forbes December 1865
Joseph Jones Clara Smith August 1856
Solomon Williams Rose Wilkes April 1816?
Henry Dixon Hannah Bynum Dec. 15, 1844
Loveless Joyner Rose Lang March 1860
Alfred Wilson Argent Mills June 1811?
Asa Brinson Hannah ----[blank] May 25, 1822
David Cherry Martha Boyd July 1859
Rilles Darden Hannah Joyner October 1845
George Barnes Nicey Moye August 1864
William Harris Nelley Harris March 1847
Stephen Ward Mahalah Albritton March 1839
Prince Moore Louisa Ward Jan. 1, 1859
Abram Bell Mary Bell May 1823
John Belcher Gatsey Turnage December 1843
Ned Joyner Jene Moye January 1849
Blany Joyner Elan Moye April 1851
William Pollard Della Pollard May 20, 1859
Daniel Harris Malvina Williams August 1857
Aaron Ward Lucinda Hyman August 1836
Jacob Gay Jane Jeferson March 1858
Thomas Blount Rose Rountree April 1829
Alfred Joyner Chaney Tyson January 1862
Samuel Jolly Penelope Whitehead Aug. 5, 1837
Stephen May Parthenia Anderson February 1855
Absolem Braddy Ansley Perkins September 1816
George Randolph Hannah Nobles November 1844
Daniel Turnage Katey Carr March 1845
Ceasar Tyson Milly Williams May 1854
Peter Lang Ginnetta Slaughter May 5, 1863
William Smith Susan A. Evans Jan. 25, 1864
Lewis Pervis Malsey Albritton July 1846
King Tucker Edith Elks January 1816
Ransom Dupree Charlotte Wilkes February 1862
Sowels Hardee Ann Eliza Mills Dec. 25, 1840
Elijah Staton Scotty Carfet September 1843
Benjamin Baker Hannah Sheppeard Dec. 25, 1849
Riley Turnage Cherry Clark August 1844
Providence Cooper Mahalah Wilson October 1865
John Davis Mary Daniel December 1859
Sheppeard Cooper Elizar Keel August 1848
Henry Hoyle Milly Ann Perkins January 1857
Riley Evans Harriet Evans January 1860
Mills Rollings Flora Perkins November 1857
Edward Wiggins Edith Horn April 1850
Matthew Kittrill Lurany Nicholds 18__[blank]
Peter Prince? Ann Easton August 1844
Titus Short Susan A. Eborn Mar. 3, 1858
Redman Clark Laney Daniel Dec. 24, 1858
Valentine Clark Jennie Clark June 1826
Silas Randolph Mary Rives October 1857
Wilson Stancil Sophis Roberson June 1852
Samuel Rives Elizzer Rives December 1864
Joshua Williams Dicey Johnson May 3, 1854
Richard Christman Jane Albritton Mar. 1, 1866
Mead Little Mary Daniel May 1, 1859
Thomas Clark Louisa Randolph May 1855
Cato Tyson Fereba Tyson October 1864
Edmund Foreman Mary Evans January 1856
George Tool Judy Eborn September 1840
Henry Langley Harriet Langley September 1855
Fleming Harris Amanda Stokes January 1864
Samuel Williams Matildy Spruel March 1864
Monroe Peyton Henrietta Randolph November 1846
Redmond Ceaser Ann Brickell November 1847
Jethro Laughinghouse Fanny Wilson March 1852
Romeo Telfair Penelope Ward March 1840
Allen Cobb Phebe Vines September 1864
Washington Ceasar Temperance Parker September 1840
Fredrick Moore Dolly Hanrahan November 1853
Reubin Clark Louisa Clark May 1864
Charles Myers Rosetta Rodman June 1858
Starling Ewell Elmira Chapman November 1860
Hosea Edwards Harriet Godley December 1858
Luke House Carolina Perkins Aug. 10, 1840
Robert House Lettice Parker Aug. 3, 1851
Joseph Grimes Annus/Unus? Gorham 1826
Robin Cooper Lovey Richardson February 1862
George Gilbert Dilly Gilbert November 1865
Cairy Satterthwaite Martha Bates September 1861
Abram Williams Clemmenser Price Dec. 25, 1859
Alfred Foreman Harriet Clark August 1847
Doctor Latham Pheraba Yellowley Sept. 1, 1865
Simon Kennedy Matilda Johnson February 1860
Allen Brown Margaret Brown August 1848
George McFail Annie Brewer October 1858
Benjamin Brown Alavania Evans Aug. 1, 1858
Shaderick Brickel Dinah Battle March 1851
Esias Payton Arminty Bernard August 1836
Haywood Dawson Edna Forbes December 1858
Edward Gorham Aira Latham January 1838
Solomon Edwards Roseana Brown November 1844
Henry Randolph Winnie Atkinson September 1825
Eli Porter Mariah Bell September 1836
Joyner Spain Mariah Brown July 1861
Toney Nelson Margaret Galloway August 1852
Thomas Collins Mariah McCulloch September 1818
Alexander Wooten Elizabeth Davis August 1864
Luke Stocks Harriett Stocks Jan. 2, 1851
Norage Knox Clarisey Laslie February 1840
Altimore Bernard Mary Evans September 1825
George Galloway Lina Galloway March 1855
Bryant Page Alevany Little May 1861
Windsor Manning Caroline Chance June 1824
Albert Smith Ann Tyre Dec. 16, 1860
Alexander Foreman Jenny Foreman February 1854
David Smith Kizzie Weatherington July 4, 1863
Nelson Clements Sabry Chance January 1864
Simon Jenkins Canzetta Barnhill November 1861
Sidney Turnage Hagar Tyson January 1850
David Forbes Caroline Flood November 1844
Arthur Peel Prissy Forbes May 10, 1846
Elbert Forbes Charity Randolph Dec. 25, 1860
Jerry Bell Hollon Burney Feb. 6, 1863
Henry Lewis Cherry Pugh Mar. 20, 1857
Simon Gardner Mary Smith February 1844
Arnold Spain Harriet Thigpen Mar. 6, 1864
Toney Thigpen Martha Norris May 1858
Henry Nobles Ann E. Nichols December 1863
Sammie Dupree Violet Williams August 1842
Lanie Howard Sarah Rasberry 1852
Reuben Foreman Delia Foreman Dec. 25, 1829
Churchill Smith Susan Cox Feb. 25, 1859
Austin Gorham Harriet Taylor August 1855
Jethe Brown Dinah Sheppard 1864
Abram Lang Anacha Lang 1849
Aaron Barrett Matilda Barrett 1839
Silas Randolph Aggie Hearn September 1816
John Redman Bell Alley Thigpen June 1859
Mills Moore Sarah Moore July 1863
John Barrett Patsie Hines 1862
Daniel Davis Rachael Hines 1864
Marcus Parker Julia King 1850
Austin Cooper Olivia Eason August 1844
Washington Smith Peggy Jenkins Jan. 5, 1852
George Sutton Jane McGlawhorn Dec. 25, 1856
Anthony Parker Tempie Moore 1853
Jack Moore Cynthia Barrett 1844
Charles Joyner Sabra Joyner 1843
Toney Hanrahan Jenny Hardy September 1849
Benjamin Ward Millie Daniel Dec. 25, 1846
Jordan Daniel Raney Albritton June 1846
Jordan Daniel Nancy Williams 1827
Jonas Joyner Julia Joyner 1836
Arden Bynum Exelina Dildy 1850
William Eborn Delia Ann Daniel Dec. 15, 1846
George Eborn Jenny Daniel September 1854
Anthony Albritton Easter Daniel Mar. 1, 1862
Dave Vines Rhoda Wooten 1856
Albert Barrett Lizzie Joyner 1864
Willie Peebles Feraby Forbes 1839
Richard Nobles Rachael Kittrell December 1849
Archibald Rhem Mary Garris Feb. 14, 1864
Nathan Grimes/Grimer? Chaney Hearn October 1828
Thomas Williams Martha Foreman 1852
Curtis Foreman Hannah Foreman 1860
Champhon Foreman Edith Joyner August 1859
Sampson Rountree Raney Nobles August 1816
Silus Moye Amelia Moye August 1842
Peter Nobles Raney Nobles October 1854
Major Dixon Cherry May 1861
Berry Williams Sara May 183_?
Guilford Davis Dinah Moore 1856
Edward Tripp Louisa Weatherington Oct. 15, 1836
Jefferson Davis Isabella Smith 18[blank]
Robert Bonner Abley Warren August 1818
Elias Bargeron Lettice Davis 1860
Washington Forbes Priscilla Harrell 1863
Caesar Bynum Chloe May 1854
Joseph Rollings Millie Rollings August 1836
Edward Walston Viney Walston September 1851
Lazurus Daniel Fereba Daniel August 1858
Orange Scarboro Ara Howard 1851
Robert Barnes Harriet Barnes 1856
Allen Ward Elan Bynum 1829
Wilson Randolph Penina Warren September 1850
James Parker Violetta Brown June 1862
Philip Fleming Louisa Daniel July 1864
Amos Bynum Sarah Askew 1860
Richard Gay Ferebe Spell 1860
Africa Moore Sarah Moore 1851
Marjer Pollard Sabre Pollard 1865
John Langley Arcada Little June 1833
Warren Little Maniza Redding Nov. 17, 1861
Jackson Moore Esther Moore 1863
Silus May Mary May 1858
Charles Jones/Joiner? Edith May 1860
Prince Staton Jr. Ann E. Staton October 1848
Riley Brown Ann E. Rives June 1862
Friday Glaspy Sally Glaspy Dec. 18, 1855
Noah Speight Cynthia Speight 1862
Howell Barrett Nancy Lang 1845
Duke Joyner Priscilla Joyner 1863
Samuel Evans Margaret Hardy November 1854
Richard Anderson Charlotte Hooker May 1854
Fredrick Anderson Rachael Cannon March 1861
Peter Joyner Martilla Joyner 1848
Willis Hines Mariah Moore 1851
Reuben Mitchell Mary Joyner 1863
Benjamin Braddy Lydia Brown August 1831
Henry Dupree Diley Williams January 1859
Irvin Hines Chaney Bynum Apr. 15, 1864
Windsor Turnage Fanny Joyner 1856
Ned Moore Sarah Joyner Dec. 25, 1860
Alston May Mary Dixon March 1849
Silas Sheppeard Anaky Dupree Dec. 25, 1862 (3?)
Harvey Dupree Cynthy Dupree April 1859
George Hardee Luraney Evans Dec. 25, 1856
Daniel Bargeron Jenny Joyner 1862
Tony Cox Margaret Cox April 1861
John Cox Sidnia Cox 1858
Simon Harrington Caroline Fleming July 1851
Sharper Tyson Gennetta Tyson August 1836
John Baker Bridget Whitehead February 1864
Isaac Cox Margaret Smith June 15, 1865
Joseph Gardner Tilla Williams March 1855
Toney Wilson Winifred Wilson 1813
Redman Parker Jane Albritton Aug. 2, 1859
David Moye Isbil Rountree February 1856
Drewry Langley Bridget McGowan May 3, 1839
Moses Smith Susan Clark 1841
Charles Cox Rose Wilson 1859
Stephen Chapman Elizabeth Smith 1861
Willis Harrington Harriet Eason November 1855
George Forbes Tresey Tyson August 1859
Warren Randolph Harriet Smith August 1864
Church Cox Sophia Cox August 1857
John Garris Mary Nelson September 1865
Asa Brown Harriet Ellis 1848
Alfred Brown Frances Evans June 15, 1855
Henry Payton Mary Paton Dec. 19, 1842
Henry May Sarah Boyd July 25, 1854
Wiley Clark Mariah Garris September 1864
Edward Wilson Catherine Stokes 1816
Richard Cox Martha Cox January 1866
John Moye Dinah Moye Jan. 6, 1843
Simon Clark Matilda Beardsley October 1853
Joseph Telfair Ann Eliza Ernul January 1846
Daniel Williams Miller Williams June 1865
Daniel Joyner Rhoda Williams 1862
Thomas Williams Rachel Rountree February 1866
Kit Clarke Amitta Salter June 1830
Lewis Tyson Mathery Allen December 1862
Benjamin Vines Mary Barrett October 1845
John Greene Loaty Joyner April 1865
John Stubbs Nicy Williams February 1866
Thomas Randolph Mariah Peebles 1856
Louis Lang Louisa Barrett April 1865
Elijah Bynum Sylvey Bynum June 1861
Benjamin Darden Celia Tucker July 1863
Robert Hardee Pheobe Galloway November 1863
Ceasar Forbes Marshall Forman January 1866
Green Patrick Flora Ellis October 1858
Elias Tyson Rosetta Wooten July 1864
Norfleet May Jane Hearn Jan. 5, 1857
Robert Jones Mathew Steward August 1817
Stephen Joyner Jennie Joyner August 1865
Isaac Sumner Susan Kittrell Dec. 25, 1857
Squire Nobles Flora Nobles March 1851
Henry Sowel Lydia S. E. Edwards February 1864
Stanley Haddock Sarah Cox March 1844
Peter Mayo Sylvia Walker April 1823
Sandy Manning Sarah Tucker Dec. 25, 1862
John Flood Jane Perkins [blank]
Frank Smith Elizabeth Smith 1859
Simon Nathan Temperance Ballard March 1862
Prince Eborn Jennie Staton December 1845
Kinchen Perkins Dorcas Hill November 1857
Gabe Smith Nervey Smith 1831
Stephen Tyson Nancy Smith December 1865
Samuel Grimes Mariah Smith December 1865
Jacob Perkins Martha Tool March 1857
Henry Daniel Adeline Langley January 1862
Silas Moore Mary Daniel February 1863
Peter Stancill Emily Bell 1855
Reuben Adams Edney Smith 1859
Henry Clay Kate Whitehurst December 1864
Moses Gorham Cloe Joyner January 1853
Simon Langley Sylvia Langley August 1847
Rix Johnson Lishey Randolph Dec. 25, 1863
James Boyd Nancy Parker 1862
Hanen Andrews Eliza Brown 1863
John Dawson Lewey Jackson June 1845
Thomas Jackson Cherry Harper August 1826
Hilliard Vines Ary Peebles June 1859
Blount Cherry Annis Everett 1856
David Moore Tener Daniel October 1863
Warren Brown Lucy Wilson June 22, 1864
Glascow Laughinghouse Easter Laughinghouse June 1826
William Rodgers Edney Bugh January 1845
Offey Brown Mary Brown August 1844
Stephen Mayo Anna Hoel July 4, 1864
Warren Moore Harriet Langley Dec. 10, 1858
Samuel Latham Deley Whitehurst 1850
Riley Wooten Lucey Cobb Dec. 25, 1860
Eli Wilkes Beedie Tyson March 1859
Silas Hardee Mary E. Galloway July 5, 1851
Elias Daniel Amanda Langley Jan. 28, 1866
Oliver Chapman Rhoda Chapman December 1853
William Beck Gatsey Venters December 1836
Jacob Cherry Philey Brown July 13, 1853
George Forbes Sr. Jane Moye June 10, 1858
Charles Weatherington Phebe Nobles August 1836
Samuel Cox Alemeter Dixon August 1864
Luke Chapman Eiller Chapman March 1856
Jordan Thomas Hannah Hines Aug. 15, 1854
Aaron Hines Pattie Hines March 1, 1864
Obid Payton Rachael Ward Feb. 15, 1844
Mills Edwards Jamessey Chapman February 1858
James Smith Jincey Garris January 1845
Peter Smith Eliza Edwards December 1865
Eli Barrett Fannie Spell Aug. 25, 1841
Miles Vines Easter Joyner June 1, 1861
Jim Crandell Sarah Craner Peel May 1858
Cambrin Cannon Caroline Churchel 1861
Augustus Abbott Mary A. Brown June 4, 1855
Merril Brown Chana Rice July 1862
Jim Lang Laney Joyner Aug. 20, 1860
Harrel Foreman Mary Bland December 1861
Altimore Gorham Raney Moore March 1, 1855
Jordan Cox Rachael Herrington February 1853
Green Cox Matilda McLawhorn September 1861
Warren McCotter Rachael Dawson September 1855
Gabriel Moore Amey Boyd March 1855
Austin Scarsborough Eliza Spell Aug. 7, 1836
Fedrick Brooks Easter Brooks March 1863
Ben May Hannah May April 1861
Thomas Wilson Apsie Nobles September 1863
Robert Cannon Arsena Cannon January 1841
George Greene Betsey Green April 1864
Arnold A. Greene Easter Runnels 1839
Louis Harriss Aliff Brown 1837
Arnit Cannon Anea McLohon November 1864
Owen Hicks Mary Carr January 1841
Washington King Chana Spell January 1844
George Rodgers Nancy Brooks 1855
Lazarus Brooks Fillis Brooks 1845
Lucy? Atkinson Cherry Streeter 1848
James Roberson Dellah Thigpen Aug. 20, 1855
Cain Thigpen Bettie Barnhill Feb. 20, 1862
Redmond Atkinson Mooring Thigpen Apr. 2, 1836
Amos Greene Mary Brickhouse 1864
Ephriam Rives Mary Atkinson 1864
Balum Joyner Cathrine Williams 1860
Ephraim Randolph Martha Roberson Dec. 24, 1850
Mike Thigpen Mary Thigpen Sept. 1, 1835
Alfred Thigpen Penina Roberson Feb. 20, 1860
Joseph Cox Easter Haddock 1843
Fedrick Daniel Sarah Hooker 1863
James Cannon Clora Garris 1848
Nathan Warren Bettie Bell Feb. 1, 1856
Caesar Thigpen Mary Harrell Mar. 20, 1862
Thomas Bell Henrietta Norris Apr. 1, 1850
Joseph Baker Hannah Willoughby May 1863
Charles Dupree Martha Moye 1846
Daniel Barrett Fanny Wilks 1859
Cullen Thigpen Arie Bell Jan. 15, 1860
Moses Stancill Jennie Randolph Mar. 1, 1863
Bryan Peebles Emiline Randolph October 1848
Daniel McNair Harriett Dupree 1854
Allen Wilks Raney Tyson 1853
Henry Edwards Mary Williams 1858
Willie Clark Dollie Burris 1865
Isaac Hopkins Patience Brown 1840
Nathan Williamston Venus Johnston 1841
Thomas Harper Louisa Williams 1861
Stephen Clark Hannah Clark January 1851
Riley Clark Caroline Clark Jan. 25, 1828
Ephraim Pitt Gracey Pitt 1858
Thornton Murphey Hannah Murphey 1860
Joseph Williams Cherry Garrett 1855
John Peyton Matilda Stocks March 1862
Daniel Foreman Viney Harris October 1836
Allen James Isabella Chapman December 1854
John Wooten Brittanna Summerell 1862
Hamon Andrews Eliza Brown 1863
Blount Cherry Annis Everett 1857
Joshua Sutton Lamina Holliday May 10, 1864
Thomas Moye Mary Harris January 1853
Benjamin Tyson Tamer Tyson Sept. 2, 1864
Macon Hazelton Mimcy Hazelton December 1843
Sam Burnee Harriet Noble May 16, 1861
Abram James Matilda Hanrahan Dec. 25, 1859
Abel Thigpen Harriet Randolph May 1863
Kinchen Brown Rody Moore November 1863
Samuel Whitney Lucetta Brown January 1862
Daniel Jones Holland Hanrahan Apr. 2, 1861
Caesar Fulsher Benner Fulsher 1846
Denard Jones Margaret Hanrahan 1863
Amos Blount Julia Blount 1856
Daniel Brown Juda Nobles September 1838
Benjamin Moye Cloie Kittrell May 1850
Shade Quinerly Lony Hazelton 1850
Cicero Burney Ann Eliza Brooks 1864
Killis Ellis Peggy Cox 1861
Marcus Galene? Fannie Nobles December 1856
Ned Moore Sarah Joyner Dec. 25, 1865
Alston May Mary Dixon March 1849
Daniel Bergeron (Wallace??) Jenny Joyner 1862
Isah Grey Albritton Henrietta Flood 1857
George A. W. Forbes Sally Ann Willoughby March 1856
Peter Carr Cherry Ann Davis 1864
Gaston Watson Hester Brown 1862
Fortune Gardner Penelope Gardner 1848
John Williams Nelly Tyre Aug. 14, 1835
Daniel Forbes Violate Patrick November 1853
Dennis Atkinson Hester Atkinson May 1833
James Cannon Harriet Cannon 1861
David Gaskins Charlotte Gaskins 1858
Stephen H. Hazelton Mariah Hazelton 1858
Kinchen Atkinson Mahalah Atkinson January 1864
Daniel Joyner Emalin Joyner Jan. 1, 1861
Majer Stocks Susan Weatherington Dec. 25, 1860
Isaac Ward Ellen Bynum 1841
Aaron Vines Ellen Bynum 1857
Hardee Edwards Mariah Spell February 1863
Richard Keel Nelly Gorham April 1847
Augustus Blount Cherry Spivey March 1859
Joseph Langley Caroline Perkins June 1857
Richard Tyson Anaka King August 1836
Edmund King Polly Atkinson Dec. 25, 1862
Norfleet Moore Sarah Willoughby 1854
Cain Atkinson Prescilla Atkinson September 1858
David Atkinson Emily Atkinson September 1836
John Eborn Maria Sheppeard Feb. 15, 1859
Daniel Corbitt Eliza Williams January 1864
Starling Dupree Martha Corbitt 1850
Ellick Corbitt Alley Dupree 1862
George Griffin Mary A. Nicholson December 1863
James Holliday Ellen Sheppeard August 1856
William Sheppeard Harret Baker January 1856
Lazarus Barrett Emaline Hines December 1855
Willis Edwards Catherine Peebles 1854
Joshua Dupree Hannah Corbitt 1852
John Bough Martha Sumerel Mar. 1, 1853
Mack Moore Ansley Moore Dec. 1, 1860
Isam Alston Martha Jordan Sept. 1, 1860
Jim Pitt Alvina Pitt 1845
Will Dupree Ferebee Corbitt 1826
Peter Williams Dinah Dupree 1860
Churchill Moore Louisa Cherry Jan. 1, 1863
Alfred Langley Fannie Daniel Feb. 20, 1856
Winser Crandell Mariah Little May 1848
Calvert Williams Abbey Vines 1861
Austin Dupree Cherry Williams 1826
Amos Bell Mary Matthews 1856
Edmund Adams Harty Perkins Apr. 22, 1862
Warren Langley Viney Whitehurst Dec. 1, 1864
Riley Moore Temperance Little Aug. 1, 1850
Louis Bernard Violet Matthews 1864
Phill Dupree Kate Dupree 1846
John Dupree [blank] Leare 1864
Grey Tucker Hagar Eborn July 1, 1858
Peter Keel Silvina Terry Dec. 1, 1853
Peter Tucker Amanda Sheppeard Apr. 1, 1863
Nat Newton Darah Wooten 1850
Caesar Corbitt Gennette Wooten 1858
Bob Shirley Manerva Barnes 1840
Albert Langley Eliner Daniel Oct. 1, 1865
George House Sidney Langley Oct. 1, 1846
Hary Knight Sarah Edmunson Apr. 2, 1820
Littleton Ellis Ginny Barnes 1864
Austin Barnes Scynthia Edmundson 1855
William King Harriet Rasberry Mar. 29, 1859
Daniel Barnhill Winnie Barnhill August 1850
Alexander Dawson Chany McGlawhorn August 1849
Obed Brown Nancy McGlawhorn March 1858
John Kilpatrick Lydia Pugh Mar. 10, 1836
Spencer Gardner Louisa Chapman Dec. 25, 1857
Bryan Peebles Emiline Rountree October 1848
Alfred Moore Sarah Moore 1851
Jackson Moore Esther Moore 1863
Silas May Mary May 1858
Charles Hines Edith May 1860
Noah Speight Cynthia Speight 1862
Howell Barrett Nancy Lang 1845
Duke Joyner Priscilla Joyner 1863
Peter Joyner Martilla Joyner 1848
Willis Hines Mariah Moore 1851
Reuben Mitchell Mary Joyner 1863
Windsor Turnage Fanny Joyner 1856
Washington Wilson Winnie Wilson June 12, 1859
Virgen Harriss Gatsy Bland Apr. 10, 1848
Joseph Solomon Emily Hazelton Sept. 1, 1862
Stephen Jackson Jane Jackson August 1857
Edward Jackson Marilie S. Caton July 1864
James McGlawhorn Lasina Dawson August 1849
Jerry Pugh Cherry Bland May 6, 1829
David Chapman Jane Hazelton Apr. 10, 1861
Gatlin Moseley Winney Blount October 1859
Edward Rogers Hannah McGlawhorn March 1853
Merril Patrick Susan Brown August 1837
Elijah Smith Susan Brown August 1859
Junius Quinerly Susan Noble May 12, 1861
Lewis Kilpatrick Rossetta Smith Feb. 6, 1854
John Smith Patience Stokes Mar. 12, 1836
Moses Cannon Margaret Brown January 1865
John Hines Eliza DeBerry May 1854
Harry Perkins Elizabeth Rollings Mar. 1, 1861
Jacob Burney Violet Kilpatrick Dec. 25, 1862
Benjamin Wilson Judia Stokes 1840
Simon Sheppard Sylvia Dixon Feb. 5, 1841
Edmund Harris Gatsey Rollings Mar. 1, 1841
Ralston Rollings Viney Little May 1846
Alfred Barnhill Elizabeth Gray May 4, 1856
Kinsor Wilson Betsey Cox Mar. 17, 1850
Edward Wilson Dorcas Rountree Nov. 8, 1850
Reuben Rhem Jane Bland May 24, 1858
Samuel Page Hannah Perkins August 1864
ToneyTyson Gatsey Barrett Jan. 1, 1866
Warren Coburn Jane Stancil October 1858
Caesar Harper Mary Harper Dec. 25, 1857
Jacob Wilson Lydia Highsmith October 1858
Nelson Williams Ann Stancil September 1861
Moses Rives Mary Stancil December 1809
Jacob McGlawhorn Nerva Jane Harper Jan. 1, 1853
Bradley Phillips Olley Ganger Mar. 5, 1853
Robert Smith Nancy Smith Mar. 5, 1850
Arden Atkinson Anny Atkinson May 1863
Charles Atkinson Allice Atkinson January 1857
Henry Perkins Mariah Fleming June 9, 1860
Jonas Redding Annis Snell December 1858
Miles Little Edmire Little March 1864
Alfred Clark Febby Eborn December 1843
Benjamin Hardison Rebecca Holliday August 1836
William Little Patience Adams March 1841
Moses Little Dicey Mobley Jan. 1, 1843
Washington Daniel Catharin Perkins Jan. 25, 1856
Arden Eborn Nicey Whichard Dec. 23, 1853
Robert Austin Silvey Clark Sept. 19, 1859
Iseral Little Lucenda Eborn Dec. 27, 1865
Hardy Little Tempy Eborn November 1862
Joseph Little Matilda Eborn August 1840
Fellip Little Adline Little January 1852
Warren Wilson Adline Perkins December 1860
Whitmel Daily Mary Albritton September 1859
Dandie Lanier Mooring Smithwick December 1836
John Wilson Mary Ward August 1860
Simon Atkinson Sarah Ellen Dec. 10, 1864
Abel Gorham Emily Perdy August 1848
Stephen Eagle Rutha Williams October 1862
Diver Simmons Easter Sparrow July 1861
John Hanrahan Judy Delany Aug. 1, 1857
James Hanrahan Nicey Grimes March 1862
Moses Williams Jane Hanrahan October 1858
Andrew Cox Lucy Evans October 1853
Daniel Whitley Betsy Simmons September 1863
Redding Cox Martha Holden February 1865
David Williams Sally Grimes April 1862
Ezekiel Daverson Winnie Stevenson August 1859
Jesse King Mary Ann Andrews March 1836
Silas Yellowley Tempy Moore March 1858
Jerry Wilson Martha Brown Jan. 5, 1863
Lamuel Grimes Asey Clemments June 1857
Levi Clements Malvina Perkins Sept. 27, 1859
Lamuel House Clarah House March 1849
George Grimes Frances Grimes Dec. 25, 1858
Windsor Brown Laura Grist Mar. 1, 1864
Essick Staton Ishel Hanrahan April 1821
Marcus Crandell Drucilla Ann Little September 1840
Samuel Daniel Mariah Daniel March 1836
Jacob Grimes Mary Little October 1852
Stephen Wilson Ann Gorham May 1860
Richmond Staton Mary Staton May 14, 1838
Leven Hardee Delia Moye April 19, 1833
Ansley Grimes Jane Stevenson July 1863
Thomas Nelson Lilly Laughinghouse June 5, 1828
Conner Sheppeard Hannah Stancil Dec. 25, 1835
Alexander Boyd Patsey Roberson October 1836
Arch Ward Sally Ann Boyd August 1863
Louis McGowans Bridget Carney March 1844
Paymer Wooten Rosetta King Dec. 25, 1856
Brister Brown Mariah Boyd March 1816
Bryant Thompson Fannie Thompson January 1847
Allen Barnes Matilda Barnes April 1862
Henry Brown Hannah Langley March 18---?
John Hardee Sabrey Hardee Sept. 4, 1823
Louis Taft Piney Taft Jan. 1, 1840
Louis Hardee Mariah Patrick Jan. 1, 1856
Ned Brown Mary Smith Oct. 15, 1852
Puly Holland Harret Brown March 1861
Albert Barnhill Ann Whichard Feb. 1, 1863
Samuel Ross Minty Perkins June 1, 1857
Mack Hanrahan Fannie Rolling Jan., 1, 1864
Hoyt Brown Francies Spencer Jan. 1, 1857
Ceaser Augustus Emily Steward March 1842
Henry Edmunds Eliza Cherry Feb. 14, 1866
Aaron Wooten Violette Dupree Sept. 15, 1854
Bryant Whitehurst Mary Staton August 1860
Major Boyd Rosetta Gorham September 1855
Daniel Moye Peggy Moye Dec. 25, 1861
Samuel Albritton Celia Moore March 1845
Louis Hanrahan Nancy Brown June 1855
Robert Fleming Louisa Parker May 1848
Steward Smithwick Eliza Johnson April 15, 1864
Redman Braddy Burney Harris Feb. 1, 1864
Wilson Eborn Sarah J. Winfield Jan. 22, 1864
Riley Harrington Alavany Lasiter August 1864
Willis Albritton Easter Daniel December 1826
Hallerey Harris Mary Dupree February 1865
Iseral Adams Easter Jordan December 1823
William Perkins Lisina Jordan November 1846
John Whitley Hannah Jordan December 1826
Albert Grimes Peggy Grimes June 1, 1861
Mike Eborn Morning Eborn Oct. 7, 1840
William Williams Liley Forbes August 1854
Randolph Gorham Edith Brown Jan. 1, 1859
Toney Price Mariah Stocks February 1839
Moses Griffin Marandy Perkins October 1831
Harry Daniel Emily Langley December 1856
George Bell Amanda Bell September 1846
Louis Daniel Penina Staton Aug. 5, 1849
Mack Whichard Frances Staton May 1, 1854
Brister Fleming Eliza Ward Oct. 1, 1858
Bright Marshale Rachael Shaw March 1861
Edward Weatherington Zilphy Brooks April 1856
George Thompson Edney Thompson March 1856
Raferd Thompson Mary Thompson April 1863
John Tompson Emma Tompson March 1862
Thomas Kinsauls Mary Cannon January 1862
Curtis Moore Jane E. Maning September 1861
William Turnage Patience Williams November 1861
Brommfield Turnage Marina Carr October 1856
Foster Suggs Clara Johnson 1816
Toney Kittrell Dinah Kittrell August 1855
Ned Smith Violate Smith August 1847
Alexander Venters Susan Smith March 1865
Stephen Durham Mary Venters August 1856
Robert Jackson Matilday Clark January 1830
Benjamin Dixon Siddy Gorham March 1864
Amos Pollard Alicy Clark August 1865
Nathanal Chapman Elizabeth Chapman April 1826
Romeo Stokes Mary Jane Hardee March 1850
James Hines Holland Turnage July 1852
John Tyson Tiller Joyner April 1862
Frank Allen Rachael Williams February 1845
John Payton Sen. Clarisey Brickell May 1833
William P. Norcott Olivia Brickell December 23, 1853
Moses Willoughby Ritta James October 1854
Wyatt Anderson Chaney McGlawhorn June 1863
Joseph Evans Lucy Wilson December 25, 1859
Alfred Gorham Allvany Brown September 1849
Henry Jordan Britty Ann Cherry June 1863
John Tucker Harriet Brown December 25, 1847
Charles Holland Mahalah Albritton July 9, 1863
Simon Cherry Siddy Greene October 1865
Benjamin Johnson Cherry Johnson December 1853
Georg Lancaster Henrietta Evans February 1862
Luke Whitehead Jenie Albritton January 1, 1859
Noah Payton Martha Nobles May 1864
Henry Gorham Chaney Clark December 1850
Austin Flood Frances Delaney June 17, 1850
Elzer Foreman Martha Manley January 1, 1855
Henry Johnston Lucy Nelson March 1838
John Benner Nancy Hanrahan August 1852
Daniel Bullock Clarisey Buck October 1859
Louis Hardee Mariah Smith June 1851
John Williamson Mary Ann Newton July 20, 1864
Woodman Hines Burney Hines August 1836
William Smith Rachael Smith November 1844
David Bilbry Amey Pitt August 1855
James Ellis Martha Ann Hardee August 1863
Samuel Garris Faney McCotter December 25, 1862
Augusters Roach Mary Greene March 1, 1858
Alfaius Jones Cherry Dawson October 1844
Virgin Dawson Sarah Dixon December 1853
John Simmons Mariah McKinnie December 1851
Jim Johnson Anarcha Newton 1845
Jim Laurence Rostta Belcher 1850
Abell Newton Mary Ann Newton 1850
Berry King Anarcha Harris 1863
Stephen Spell Julie Parker 1864
James Walston Sarah Harriss 1847
March King Mehala Parker 1847
William Dilda Rosetta Scarboro 1850
Ephriam Wooten Mahala Grey 1851
Amos May Tempy May 1865
Frank Bynum Mary Bynum 1858
Collin Walston Hanah Harriss 1844
David Dupree Easter Dupree 1853
Franklin Ward Emily Moore 1857
Hooker Harriss Chilse Smith 1848
Willie Vines Charita Spell 1853
Ben Peaden Gatsar Newton 1848
Jacob Peaden Edna King 1840
Cezar King Mary Harriss 1863
John Parker Piety Peaden 1836
Ceazar Peaden Easter DeBerry 1841
Warren Williams Mariah Joyner 1854
Redmond Harriss Clarisa Joyner 1862
Louis Askew Patience Ward 1854
Ben Daniel Angeline Dickens 1855
Jordan Dupree Sarah Harriss 1862
Charles Harriss Rhoda Harriss 1836
David Harriss Grace Dupree 1836
Sampson Vines Frances Vines 1863
Simpson Cobb Sylvia Tyson 1851
Jacob Williams Martha Williams 1845
Margaret Dancey Vina Dickens 1854
Ben Foreman Jane Williams 1857
Jacob Jordan Sarah Tyer 1863
Hardy Gorham Mary Gorham 1846
Caswell Gorham Feribe Drake 1836
Bryant Ward Pelina Daniel June 15, 1861
Jim King Della King April 1862
Burton Albritton Hanah Daniel March 15, 1863
John Harriss Jane Rountree January 25, 1865
George Pitt Zilphy Sharp May 1851
Abram Wooten Patience Wooten April 1857
Ned Spell Silva Williams March 1865
Redman Wooten Creecy Dupree September 6, 1852
Edmund Wooten Fannie Ann Wooten April 1828
Amos Langley Celey Johnston August 1846
Louis Wooten Dafney Johnson August 1845
Willis Johnston Susan Johnson August 1849
Ben Johnson Peggy Johnson December 1846
Andrew Moore Jenny Laughinghouse January 1863
Augustus Harriss Bitha Harriss June 1847
Isam McGowans Hariet McGowans August 1842
Payton Wilks Nicey Blount September 25, 1863
Randolph Blount Zilphy Hooker February 1840
Calvin Churchill Roda Patrick August 1839
Stephen Spivey Cynthy Cannon December 25, 1844
Lewis Tyson Courtney Hart December 1859
Samuel Cannon Reny Cox August 1857
Isaac Slade Hariet Hull (Hall?) August 1859
Hecter Williams Annie Dixon March 1865
John Grimes Allie Grimes January 1836
Moses Gatlin Mariah Stancill March 1860
Daniel King Amanda Manley August 1863
Lemuel Dberry James Clementie Barnhill May 25, 1864
James E. Perry Jenny Hanrahan December 1856
Esau Forbes Mary Tyson May 1865
Greene Little Rossetta Rogers January 5, 1852
Hoyt Little Julia Crandell September 1858
Warren Harriss Adaline Moye October 1861
Edmund Williamson Jane Davis February 1851
Fed Cannon Penny Brooks December 1, 1857

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