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Galloway Primitive Baptist Church Minutes

These notes taken from the Minute Books found in the Department of Archives and History, by Mr. Jesse Lill Jackson. The church site was located by Bill Kittrell on the north side of Chicod Creek, 200 yards west of present day Blackjack-Grimesland Road. It was on the east side of the old road. The site was pointed out by a local person near the Galloway house and cemetery.

Contributed by Bill Kittrell.


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Galloway Primitive Baptist Church was located in the southeastern part of Pitt County on the old Blackjack-Grimesland Road, two miles south of Grimesland. This church was organized October 15, 1828. The charter members were Caleb SMITH, Lanier GRIFFIN, Noah BUCK, William GALLOWAY, John HADDOCK, Henry SMITH, Jr., Elijah HARRISON, Martin NELSON, Sarah MILLS, Elizabeth MILLS, Mency BROOKS, Elizabeth HADDOCK, Mary GLADSON, Nancy BOYD, Laney SMITH, Mima (Jemima) HADDOCK, Rachel NELSON, Caleb HARRISON, Nancy BUCK, Margaret POWELL and Martha GALLOWAY.

Most of the charter members had previously been dismissed from Hancock and Red Banks Primitive Baptist churches for the purpose of organizing another church.

Saturday before fourth Sunday in January 1829, James GRIFFIN was moderator and William GALLOWAY, Clerk. John and Sarah STEVENS were received and Martha PRITCHARD was received at waterside next day.

At the next meeting Saturday before fourth Sunday in February agreed to correspond with Red Banks, Hancock and Unity (Unity was in Beaufort County). Lanier GRIFFIN and William GALLOWAY were delegates to Red Banks. SMITH and Noah BUCK to Hancocks and Brethren NELSON and HARRISON to Unity.

May 1829 - William CLARK, moderator

August 1829 - Benjamin SHIVERS was one of delegates to Unity.

Other members in the early days were Silas EDWARDS, Silas ELKS and wife, Sally EDWARDS, Tarley ELKS, Fillis ELKS (col), Thomas MILLS, Loftin NETHERCUTT.

October 1829 (1830?) - _______ HARRINGTON, moderator

February 1831 - David WHITFORD, moderator

March 1831 - Silas EDWARDS, clerk

July 1831 - New Bible was received

August 1831 - William CLARK, moderator

November 1831 - Sister BOYD excommunicated for joining Free Will Baptist Church. Alexander BRINKLEY was delegate

January 1833(2) - Edmund DANIEL, moderator

_______ 1833(2) - Robert LANIER, moderator

_______ 1833(2) - J. GORNTO, moderator Sally GALLOWAY, Samuel CORBITT and Mary BUCK received.

______ 1837 - Sary SMITH received by letter

July 1837 - Church leaves the Neuse Association and joins the Contentnea Association.

[Then comes an interval of ten years in which there are no records]

September 1847 - Church was reorganized with these members: Silas EDWARDS, Samuel CORBITT, Nancy BOYD, Sally EDWARDS, Martha GALLOWAY, Sally BOYD and Tarley ELKS.

November 1847 - James GRIFFIN was elected pastor, Silas EDWARD, clerk and Samuel CORBITT, deacon. _____ _____ and James GRIFFIN constituted presbytery for ordination.

April 1848 - Samuel BOYD received

August 1848 - Nancy GLADSON received

September 1848 - Nancy MILLS and Mahala SMITH received, Betty, a colored woman also received.

March 1849 - Agreed to wash feet every March and September.

August 1849 - Fanny EDWARDS and Diner (Dinah) a colored woman received.

September 1849 - Mary ARNOLD received

[Sketch of the life of Martha GALLOWAY]....Martha GALLOWAY died October 7, 1850 in the 69th year of her age. She joined the church in 1827, lived with her husband 43 years, was a widow six years, raised a large concourse of children. She was a kind wife, an affectionate mother and was loved by all. We mourn her loss. Written by Silas EDWARDS.

September 1850 - Annette EDWARDS received

November 1850 - Noah BUCK received

December 1850 - Bitha EDWARDS and Asa EDWARDS received

December 1851 - Noah BUCK elected treasurer. Mary AVERY excommunicated for joining Free Will Baptist Church.

October 1852 - Levy P. WAIN, moderator Arnet EDWARDS, Samuel BOYD and Silas EDWARDS were appointed delegates to the association.

March 1853 - James GRIFFIN resigned as pastor. Sary WILSON received.

June 1853 - Levy P. WAIN was chosen pastor

September 1853 - Silas EDWARDS was chosen clerk

March 1854 - Mary PETIT received by letter from Red Banks.

August 1854 - Winney, property of Bryan GRIMES received

September 1854 - Seley, property of GRIMES received. Delegates to the Contentnea Association were Silas EDWARDS and Noah BUCK.

June 1855 - Susannah EDWARDS received by letter from Red Banks. Mary PETTIT excommunicated for having a bastard child. Sary WILSON excommunicated for telling falsehoods.

March 1857 - Janey EDWARDS dismissed by letter

September 1857 - John S. BRILEY, moderator Diner (col) property of Alice LAUGHINGHOUSE, received. Levy P. WAIN and John S. BRINSON, form presbytery for ordination of Noah BUCK, deacon.

September 1859 - Samuel BOYD excommunicated for non attendance

December 1859 - Oliver PEATON received

March 1860 - John A. WILLIAMS received

June 1860 - Mary WILLIAMS received

March 1861 - Mary E. BOYD received. Silas EDWARDS for good causes has withdrawn from the church at Galloways Meeting House and has resigned his office of clerk. (The foregoing statement is in his handwriting.)

[NOTE: There are no minutes from here till September 1866]

September 1866 - Silas EDWARDS was excommunicated from this church
Nancy GLADSON is dead. Nancy BUCK is dead.

_____ 1867 - Noah ADAMS is chosen pastor. Colored members in course.

March 1868 - Oliver PEATON dismissed by letter

November 1868 - William S. CORBITT received John A. WILLIAM, clerk

August 1869 - Fanny LAUGHINGHOUSE (col) received

January 1870 - Oliver PATON excommunicated

May 1870 - Martha PAGE received

September 1870 - Levy P. WAIN (Wayne) chosen pastor

September 1871 - C. C. BLAND, moderator

June 1872 - John A. WILLIAMS resigned as clerk, Silas EDWARDS succeeded him.

September 1872 - Archibald JONES, moderator Diner LAUGHINGHOUSE (col) excommunicated for non attendance

_____ 1873 - John A. WILLIAMS, chosen pastor

July 1874 - James M. CORBITT received

July 1877 - Catherine M. CORBITT received

September 1877 - William JONES, moderator

January 1878 - James M. CORBITT appointed clerk of church

July 1878 - John A. WILLIAM and Mary A. WILLIAMS dismissed by letter

March 1878 - William M. JONES, moderator David LEWIS received

April 1878 - Creacy EVANS received

December 1879 - Elizabeth GLADSON received

July 1880 - James S. CORBITT received

June 1881 - Emily SMITH received

September 1881 - Association was held at Union Meeting House in Wilson County.

October 1881 - J. S. CORBITT is licensed to preach

March 1882 - Lucrecia EVANS dismissed to join Red Banks

September 1882 - Association met at Bear Creek, Lenoir County

September 1883 - Association met at Sandy Grove Beaufort County

September 1884 - N. A. BUCK, James S. CORBITT and William CORBITT were delegates.

March 1886 - Jesse NELSON and David STOCKS messengers present. William S. CORBITT and James S. CORBITT to be ordained to the ministry at Red Banks second Sunday in March.

June 1886 - James HARDEE and Absalom WILLIAMS messengers to Red Banks. James M. CORBITT restored.

September 1886 - Association met at Aycock Meeting House in Wayne County.

August 1887 - Elizabeth HADDOCK received

October 1887 - George M. CORBITT received and his wife Annis CORBITT received next day at the water.

December 1887 - John A. WILLIAMS, Edmond EVANS and Frank STOCKS present from Red Banks. Emily SMITH dismissed by letter.

June 1888 - G. M. CORBITT to be ordained deacon at the home of James M. CORBITT at seven o’clock. Conference met at Old Town Creek in Edgecombe County in October of this year.

November 1889 - Betty BUCK received

January 1890 - Excommunicated Haul HADDOCK and his wife for denial of the faith and David LONG for not regarding the church and lying in same.

June 1890 - Shadrack EVANS received

April 1891 - James M. CORBITT acknowledges his error in drinking and is forgiven.

October 1891 - Association is to meet at Autrys (Otter) Creek in Edgecombe County.

_____ 1892 - James M. CORBITT and Shade EVANS using too much strong drink and are forgiven.

December 1892 - Sallie HARRIS received

March 1893 - Commune and wash feet James S. CORBITT elected pastor

______ 1893 - G. M. CORBITT and Oliver PEATON delegates to the Association.

______ 1894 - John B. WILLIAMS received

December 1895 - G. M. CORBITT is to be ordained to the ministry by C. C. BLAND and H. B. TUCKER assisted by G. W. STOKES

______ 1897 -Matilda TAYLOR received and James S. CORBITT chosen pastor

October 1897 - Mary V. CORBITT was received

December 1897 - Siddy BUCK received

March 1898 - Oliver PEATON excommunicated for claiming that he was sanctified both soul and body. Shade EVANS and his wife both to be seen about the same charge. They were excommunicated at the next meeting.

July 1898 - Eliza (or Lida) JACKSON received from Singleton Church in Beaufort County

_____ 1901 - J. B. WILLIAMS treasurer reported that he had paid $1.75 for repairs on Well and 20 cents for wine.

_____ 1907 - Luke BATES received

June 1908 - Eliza J. BATES received

December 1909 - Joe TAYLOR received

March 1915 - Contributions received for purchase of new record book amounted to $5.75

April 1918 - Debated whether to move the church building or repair it on its present site. Total membership is only ten. Three members, G. M. CORBITT, Margaret SMITH and Liza JACKSON voted for repairs. Others did not vote. G. M. CORBITT and J. B. WILLIAMS were named building committee.

September 1919 - Lizzie LEE received for baptism but next day she had changed her mind and was not baptized.

June 1925 - Bryant SMITH received at the river. He and C. M. BUCK were baptized.

June 1926 - Martha A. MAY was received. Sallie A. HARRIS was dismissed to join the church Rosemary, NC

December 1921 (?) - Luke BATES and his wife were dismissed to join Singleton Church.

June 1922 - Ada O. EDWARDS was received

September 1923 - Lost one by death

June 1924 - Sarah A. EDWARDS was received

June 1925 - C. M. BUCK received

June 1927 - Preaching by W. M. MONSUSUS or MONSEESOS (illegible). Lost one by death.

March 1928 - W. T. EDWARDS was received but owing to his physical condition his baptism was deferred till a later day. He was baptized in June 1928

Deaths of members of Galloways Primitive Baptist Church:
Mimie SMITH June 7, 1833
Elizabeth NELSON January 12, 1835
Nancy ELKS December __, ____
Martha GALLOWAY October 7, 1850
Seley, a colored woman August 1856
Nancy MILLS ___ __, 1865
Mary ARNOLD ____ __, 1865
Nancy BUCK ____ __, 1865
Emily BOYD ____ __, 1866
Sally BOYD September 21, 1870(9)
Tarley ELKS September 1871
Susan BATES November 5, 1874
Janey LAUGHINGHOUSE February 16, 1875
Mary V. CORBITT March 13, 1920
Eliza JACKSON January 1921
John B. WILLIAMS April 21, 1921
Augusta FAUCETTE June 3, 1927
Martha A. MAY December 7, 1928
Ada O. EDWARDS July 2, 1929
Anise L. CORBITT November 17, 1929
Sarah A. EDWARDS September 28, 1930
G. M. CORBITT August 15, 1935
Jep EDWARDS April 22, 1936

PASTORS: Taken from the minutes
James GRIFFIN elected pastor November 1847
Levy WAIN chosen pastor June 1853
Noah ADAMS chosen pastor 1867
Levy P. WAIN chosen pastor September 1870
John A. WILLIAMS chosen pastor 1873
James S. CORBITT elected pastor March 1893

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