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In Memory of Jeff McAllister


Pitt County Family Researchers has lost another friend, Jeff McAllister, a former PCFR Officer. Jeff joined PCFR in 1996, served on the executive board in 1997, was Vice-President of PCFR in 1998, and served as Secretary of PCFR in 1999. He and his wife Phyllis were always so gracious, letting us put together the Quarterly at their beautiful home. Back then, we would have pages of the Quarterly strung everywhere, with people collating, some stapling, some stuffing envelopes and others addressing. Then we would spend another hour trying to understand the bulk mail rules and get the Quarterlies in stacks and into certain tagged bags. There would always be laughter and of course lots of genealogical talk.
I have a personal connection to Jeff that I didn't realize until about two years after I knew him. He had ancestry back to West Virginia and would occasionally ask me about research techniques on tracking that family there. About two years later I was tracking a line of my mother’s family out of Texas, which lead me to Indiana and then West Virginia. When I went on-line looking on message boards for this family I found a message about them. It turned out to be a message from Jeff McAllister! He came off the son and I came off the daughter of the same family. So, however unlikely, I found a distant cousin in Greenville, NC, since my mother’s people lived in Texas. Jeff was warm, intelligent, and loved gardening. I really appreciated his being direct (which came from his military training) and he did much for PCFR in its troubled and stumbling years. He will be missed and Phyllis and their children will be in our thoughts.
According to his obituary, Jeff McAllister, 81, died Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2006, in Greenville, NC at Pitt County Memorial Hospital. He was a native of Hopewell, Va. and later served in the United States Navy during World War II and the Korean Conflict. Following his military career, he was employed with the Voice of America as a radio technician. For several years he served as director of the Pitt County Council on Aging.
Mr. McAllister was preceded in death by four brothers and three sisters. He is survived by his wife of 24 years, Phyllis J. McAllister; two sons, James McAllister of Winston-Salem, NC and Kevin McAllister of Scituate, Maine; three daughters, Eileen Demain of Fairbanks, Alaska, Kathleen Albritton of Mount Airy, NC and Heather Jones of Denver; two stepsons, Joseph Kernen of Greenville, NC and James Allen Kernen of Dallas; Tx., a brother, John W. McAllister of Dinwiddie, Va.; three sisters, Barbara Denson of Hampton, Va., Nancy Krise of Hopewell, Va., and Helen Pitman of Kilmarnock, Va.; 10 grandchildren, Steven, Chris, Josh, Megan, Jessica, Jordan, Eliza, Tom, Caitlin and Richard; four step-grandchildren, Jonathan, Allen, Benjamin and Rebecca; and two great-grandchildren.


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