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NC -- Pitt Ayden Historic District Roughly bounded by Verna St., Peachtree St., E. College St. and Planters St. Ayden 08/26/1994 94001026

NC -- Pitt College View Historic District Roughly bounded by Holly, Eastern, E. First and E. Fifth Sts. Greenville 03/19/1992 92000181

NC -- Pitt Farmville Historic District Roughly bounded by Turnage, Pine, Jones, and Waverly Sts. Farmville 10/21/1993 93001121

NC -- Pitt Ficklen, E. B., House 508 W. 5th St. Greenville 12/20/1984 84000564

NC -- Pitt Fleming, James L., House 302 S. Greene St. Greenville 07/21/1983 83001903

NC -- Pitt Greenville Tobacco Warehouse Historic District Roughly bounded by Twelfth, Clark, Ficklen, and Washington Sts. Greenville 07/17/1997 97000726

NC -- Pitt Greenwreath W of Greenville Greenville 04/29/1982 82003498

NC -- Pitt Grimesland Plantation E of Grimesland on SR 1569 Grimesland 03/31/1971 71000616

NC -- Pitt Humber, Robert Lee, House 117 W. 5th St. Greenville 07/09/1981 81000425

NC -- Pitt Jones-Lee House 805 E. Evans St. Greenville 11/25/1980 80002894

NC -- Pitt Lang, Robert J., Jr., House SR 1231, 0.1 mile S. of jct. with SR 1200 Fountain 08/23/1990 90001313

NC -- Pitt Long, Willian H., House 200 E. 4th St. Greenville 04/15/1982 82003499

NC -- Pitt May-Lewis, Benjamin, House US 264-A Farmville 06/20/1985 85001337

NC -- Pitt Moye, Jesse R., House 408 W. Fifth St. Greenville 10/17/1997 97001220

NC -- Pitt Pitt County Courthouse N. 3rd St. between Washington and S. Evan St. Greenville 05/10/1979 North Carolina County Courthouses TR 79001745

NC -- Pitt St. John's Episcopal Church SE corner of SR 1917 and SR 1753 St. John's 12/02/1986 86003268

NC -- Pitt US Post Office 215 S. Evans St. Greenville 02/06/1986 86000784

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