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Smith Family

I.     Smith Lineage - Decent from Col. John Hardee
     The lineage through the Smith familey leading back to Col. John Hardee appears to be entirely correct as you have stated it. I have endeavored to fill in a few blanks and provide documentary evidence for the lineage.  At the present I have not provided copies of all the documents cited, as it is expensive to copy from microfilm.  However, the references are given should hyou need any of these documents.
     JANE ELIZA SMITH (1841-1922) married on 13 March. 1862 John Bryant Hardee.  It appears that no further proof is needed from this point forward.  However, I note that the death certificate of Jane Eliza Hardee (Vol 738 P 203) at the Archives states that she was a daughter of John Stanley Smith and Sallie Daniels, as we also know from other records.
     JOHN STANLEY SMITH was born on 13 Jan 1812, according to the Bible record, and his parentage is confirmed in the deeds (see below)  He married first on 24 March 1835 Sally Daniel, the date again given by the Bible record. It appears however that the Bible record of John's children is not complete. 
     I located John on the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Pitt (copies enclosed), which show him with a large estate and confirm his and Jane's birthdates.  Sally is said to have died about 1870, and John then remarried.  The Pitt Co. Marriage Register (Vol I) shows that Jno. S. Smith, son of David Smith and Elizabeth Smith, and Frances Ringold, daughter of Joseph Ringold, were married at the residence of Joseph Ringold on 9 Feb 1871 by W. A. Ross. No license survives, but the entry in the register [rpvodes additional confirmattion of John's parentage.
     The Pitt deeds do not directly prove Jane's marriage to John Hardee.  However, we do find that on 10 Feb 1867 J. S. Smith sold for $50.00 to John B. Hardee 60 acres on the south side of Tar River and north side of the old Plank Road, joining J. S. Smith, Lucy Patrick, and Allen Avery, "Begining at the road at my Gin House".
     John is said to have died in 1873, but no probate record is found in Pitt Co.  There turns out to be a good reason for the absence of such a record.  In the Pitt deeds we find that on 4 Sept 1873 John S. Smith and wife Fannie made a gift for parental love and affection to John L. Smith and Ada C. Smith of all the land on which said John S. Smith resided, being on the south side of Tar River on the old plank road, "excepting a life estate for said John S. Smith", and also coveying all personal property "except the following viz Two Thougand dollars in money...and...securities, paid by said John S. Smith, to said Fannie Smith, for herself and child, and also except all...personalty...the said Fannie Smith may have carried with her to said John S. Smith on becoming his wife" (WW Page 321). This deed of gift was basically equivalent to a will.
     Using the census and the records you provided we can list the children of John S. Smith as follows.  By first wife, Sally Daniel:
     1.  William Henry, born 17 Mar 1838, died 18 Mar 1881
     2.  Margaret Ann Elizabeth, 8 Feb 1841 - 20 Feb 1874
     3.  Jane Eliza  2 Feb 1844 - 23 Dec 1922 married John Bryant Hardee
     4,  James Thomas  7 Aug 1846 -11 Aug 1918
     5.  Thomas Jefferson  listed in your notes, but does not appear on the census.  Perhaps died in infancy.
     6.  Francis Marion born ca 1849
     7.  John L. (or A.) born ca 1853/4
     8.  Ada C. born ca 1858/59 marr. D. D. Haskett
Children by Second wife, Frances Ringold
     1.  Tersie Mordenia died young
     2.  David Stanley born 26 Feb 1873 age confirmed by the 1900 census which lists him in Greenville (E. D. 94, sheet 26 line 32)
     John Stanley was the son of: David Smith, Jr. who was probably born in the early 1770's.  He first appears in the Pitt deeds on 22 March 1795 when David Smith, Sr. sold for 160 pds to David Smith, Jr. a negro, Simon (Book N Page 254)  Davids parentage is shown by the wills of both his father David Smith, Sr. and grandfather Col. John Hadee, but unfortunately both of these are out of official custody, and Col. Hardee's will survives only in abstract, however, the parentage of David Jr. is confirmed by deeds made after the death of his youngest brother: (Boo Q Page 403)  Know by the presents that I Sally Smith have sold unto my brother David Smith all my right title claim interest & demand in and to all the lands and plantations given by father David Smith, in his last will and testament to his son John Hardee equal undivided eleventh share..the 20 April 1807.  Witness:  Henry Smith
     A similar deed was made from Henry Smith to his brother David Smith on 21 April 1807 (Book Q Page 404).
     The Bible record record states that David married on 14 May 1809 Elizabeth Smith (WBK Note:  Daughter of Oliver Smith) This marriage is confirmed, with a slight discrepancy in date, by an entry in the Raleigh Register, issue of 1 June 1809:  Married on the 7th inst..David Smith, Esq. of  Pitt County, to Miss Smith, dau. of the late Oliver Smith, of Greenville.
     David Smith apparently died in late 1817 (rather than 1818) A partially torn obituary appears in the Raleigh Register issue of 28 Nov 1817 (I have interpolated the blanks in square brackets): Died, a few days since in Pitt County, David Smith, an old and respected inhabitant of that county,
     David did not leave a will, and John Mooring was appointed to administer his estate at the Pitt Co. Court of Pleas and quarter session of February 1818.  This is shown by some debt proceedings against his estate preserved in the estate papers of Craven Co. (see copies enclosed) We also find the following notice in the North Carolina Star (Raleigh) issueof 13 Feb 1818:  Notice is hereby given that David Smith, late of the County of Pitt is dead and that administration upon his estate has been granted to the subscriber at February Session of Pitt County Court...John Mooring, Adm. Greenville Feb 10, 1818.
Further Notice: On Thursday the 5th day of March next at the Court House in Greenville, will be exposed to public sale...between 50 and 60 valuable Negros.
     David Smith, Jr. seems to have left a very large estate, but also extensive debts.  The procedings in Craven Co. concerned a note given by David to pay James McKinley $550.00 dated 13 June 1817.  This resulted in an order for the sale of his lands, noting that these had "descended to William Smith, John S. Smith, Elizabeth Smith and Rufus Smith infants by Sauel Simpson, guardian..Simpson the guardian, lived in Craven, which may be why the papers are preserved there.  To settle this and other debts the Sheriff sold off David's lands in a series of deeds over the next ten years.  At least 20 such deeds were noted from the Pitt deed index  (AA Page 230, AA Page 237, AA Page 261, AA Page 267, AA Page 302, AA Page 330, AA Page 345, AA Page 420, BB Page 28, BB Page 100, BB Page 320, BB Page 398, CC Page 15, CC Page 207, CC Page 261, CC Page 538, DD Page 12, DD Page 182, DD Page 411) David's father did not leave him land in his will, but some of this landwas likely inherited both from David's yunger brother and from his grandfather, Col. John Hardee.  A quick survey of these deeds did not reveal such a statement of inheritance, however, although this might be implied by a more careful examination of the tracts involved.  The largest sale, involving 9 tracts, is AA Page 302. Many of the other sales involved parts of land purchased by David from William A. Blackledge, while many other deeds are for various lots in Greenville.
     David Smith, Jr. was a son of David Smith Sr. and wife Jemima Hardee. The identity of his father is confirmed by the deed cited above.  There is also preserved at the Archives a photographic copy of the will of David Smith Sr., naming David Jr. as a son (see photostat enclosed). This coy was obviously provided fromprivate hands, but unfortunately there is no notation as to its origin.  Note that David Sr. had both an elder sib Gardee Smith, of age by 1793, and a younger son John Hardee Smith.
     The final part of our proof is to show that the wife of David Smith, Sr. was Jemima daughter of Col. John Hardee, and that Jemima was the mother of David Jr. The first condition is readily shown, but the second must rely on some less direct evidence.
     Col. John Hardee left a will dted 1783 but it was lost in the Pitt Courthouse fire of 1857.  However, a brief abstract was apparently made some time previous to this.  In 1961this was said to be among the papers of Judge Henry Bryant of New Bern, and the abstract is reproduced in D. L. Hardee's The Eastern North Carolina Hardy-Hardee Family in the South and Southwest.  Page 188 see photostat enclosed.  Note that this mentions daugher Jemima Smith and grandchildren Hardee, David, Mary and Zilpha Smith, implying that David Jr. was indeed Jemima's son.
     From the deeds it is first clear that David Sr. and family obtainted much of the lands of Co. John Hardee.  For instance, we find the following deeds, which probably concerns a bequest made by Co. Jhn Hardee tohis grandson Hardee Smith:  (M Page 683) North Carolina Pitt County.  This indenture made this fifteenth day of March 1793 between David Smith Senr. and Hardee Smith of the one part and Lemuel Cherry of the other part al of the cunty & state afroesd.  Witnesseth that for Two Hundred and Eighty Nine Spanish milled dollars have sold unto sd Lemuel Cherry a certain tract of land on south side of Tar River and west side of Swift Creek on the Long Branch Ninety Eight acres being part of a tract of land granted to Lawrence Klrwin which waas converyed by deed from said Lawrence Kirwin to Hohn Hardee Esqr. Dated May 22d 1763 and also by Daniel Wilson to said John Hardee Esqr. by deed bearing date May 30th 1764 also another tract on the south side of Tar River and west side of Swift Creek swamp containing one hudred and thirty nine acres being part of a tract of land granted to John Hardee Esqr. dec'd 14th January 1783 for two hundred and eighty acres.
     That Jemima was a daughter of Co. John Hardee is even more directly shown by the following, which also confirms the existence of the will: (S Page 273)  State of North Carolina Pitt County.  Know all men by these presents that I Jemima Smith do for the natural good will love and affection that I bear toward my son Charles Smith but more especially for the consideration of twenty dollars give unto the said Charles all my right title interest claim and demand in and to all the lands whered I now live and the same which was given to me in the last will and testament of my father John Hardee deceased accepting that part which was sold by my husband David Smith to his son Hardee Smith the 13th day of June 1809. Witness: David Smith
     Jemima was living as late as 13 May 1819 when she made a deed to her grandson David A. Smith (DD Page 279). I did not find any direct statement that she was the mother of David Jr. However, the other evidence in combination with the abstract of Col. John Hardee's will appears to confirm that this is so.
     Col. John Hardee, Esq., according to his grave, died on 4 December 1784 aged 77 years 8 months 9 days.  This seem to place his birth at 26 March 1707: however, the change of clendars took place in the inteerventing years, and possibly his birth was actually in 1706.  With him buried his wife, Susanna, said to be a Tyson, who died 8 Aug 1785 Aged 84 and their son Isaac, who died 9 Jan 1760 aged 25 years 7 months and 17 days. John was apparently in Bearfort Precinct by 1 Mar 1736, when he witnessed the will of Samuel Tison.  However, he does not appear in the Beaufort deeds until 13 April 1752 when Moses Tyson sold 100 acres on Tysons Branch to George Sugg and John Hardee as administrators of Benjamin Forbes (3 Page 94) We then find that on 8 Feb 1755 John Moy and Richard Harris sold 103 acres to John Hardee, Trader (3 Page 204), witnessed by Abraham Enloe, Abraham Tison, Arthur Moore.  He also received a Lord Granville grant on 22 Sept 1760 of 50 acres on the north side of Grindall Creek and Impassable Pocoson.
     John is listed on the Beaufort tax of 1755 with Isaac Hardee (his son) and 7 slaves in his household.  On the Pitt tax of 1762 he appears as John Hardee Esq. (1 white, 7 black polls), and he was apparently Sheriff of Pitt Co. in 1767.  He appears in a large number of later deeds, usual referred to as John Hardee, Esq. I first found him calling himself Col. John Hardee in a sale to William Hellen of 29 Jan. 1777 (F Page 247).
     As noted above, Col. John Hardee left a will dated 1783, which is lost, although we do have the brief abstract, made before the Pitt courthouse burned.  This abstract is not necessarily complete, but names no sons, while mentioning a nephew Abram Hardee.  Previous surveys of the Pitt deeds however provided no evidence that Col. John left any surviving sons.  Using the will abstract we can then identify his children as follows:
     1.  Susannah, married (1) Abraham Enloe, and (2) Major Croom, Sr.
     2.  Isaac 22 May 1734  9 Jan 1760
          Apparently the father of the granddaughter, Elizabeth Hardee mentioned in Col. John's will.
     3.  Elizabeth, 1 Jan 1738  5 March 1805 married in 1753 Genl. John Simpson
     4,  Jemima, married David Smith, Sr.
     Col. John Hardee's will mentions a nephew Abram Hardee, and the deeds show that on 17 July 1799 Abraham Hardee sold to Hardee Smith a negro Tom that was given to me by Col. John Hardee decd (P Page 173) This is evidently the same Abraham identified by the deeds as a son of Robert Hardee (born ca. 1710, proving the relationship between Robert and John.
     Another probably brother was Joseph Hardee, who according to later deeds, had a grant in Beaufort on 26 Mar. 1755., although I did not find him on the 1755 tax. North Carolina Secretary of State records show that his will was probated in Pitt in May 1762 by the executor, John Simpson. From later deeds and taxes we can conclude that he left a widow Mary and at least two sons:
     1.  Thomas, likely born ca. 1740, about 1766 sold land bequeathed to him by Joseph (C Page 338). He was likely living in the household of Thomas Jr. in 1800.
     2.  John, sold the land willed to him on 30 Mar. 1770 (D Page 114) I believe this is the John Hardee who removed to Camden Co., Georgia.
     The various other Hardees taxed in Beaufort in 1755 may have included other brothers and or cousins.  These included Thomas (who died prior to 1758 leaving a widow Grisel, acccording to the Beaufort deeds, (3 Page 369), Andrew and Isaac.
     We now turn to the question of the origin of the family, which has been a subject of some controversy.  Some accounts say that Col. John camse from Chowan or Bertie Co., N.C., son of a John Hardee who died in 1739.  Others sayd that he born in Wilmington. However, I have not been able to documnt either of these accounts, and others have apparently also failed to do so. There was a numerous Hardy family in Bertie Co., descending from a John Hardy and wife Charity, who proved imporation rights for themselves and five children in Chowan on 7 Oct 1695.  However, I have not been able to find out Hardees in the Chowan and Bertie records.  I have certainly not exhausted all possibilities there, but I think there is a much more likely possibility in the adjacent counties of Middlesex and Essex in Virginia.  There we find a numerous Hardee family (consistently using the "ee" spelling, which includes most all of the given names used in the early generations of the Hardees in Pitt Co.  I suspect it is from here that our Hardees derived, but unfortunately only limited records of this area are available to me in abstract, and more research will be needed.  In Essex Co. the estate of one Andrew Hardee was administered in 1710 by widow Ann Hardee.  She apparently remarried, and accunts of the estate were presented on 20 Mar. 1715 by Thomas and Ann Wheeler.  On 2 July 1716 Joseph Hardee of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. discharged Thomas Wheeler of Essex for 2 orphans estates belonging to Andrew Hardee deceased (Rec. Bk. 1714-1717 Page 512).  There was also a Robert Hardee active in Essex in 1712-1720, but the Essex record after 1712 have not been abstracted.
     In Middlesex Co. a Joseph Hardee left a will in 1729 which is not available to me here.  We do however have The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va. from 1653 to 1812 (1897) which contains much on the family.  From this we can form the following family groups: John Hardee died on 13 March 1726/7.  By his wife Margaret he had the following children:
     1.  Robert, born 30 Mar. 1707/8
     2,  Jane, bap. 6 Feb 1708/9
     3.  Isaac, bp. 18 Apr. 1714 Perhaps the Isaac Hardee who died 16 April 1729
     4.  Abraham born 5 July 1722
     5.  Avarilla born 21 Jan. 1725/26
     I wonder if the Robert noted above might be our Robert Hardee, and if Co., John Hardee was an older son of this famiy, whose birth is not recorded (this would assume that John's birth date is off by a year or so on his tombstone) Joseph Hardee, Sr. died on 28 March 1729, leaving a will.  By his wife Availla he had:  1.  Averilla, bp. 22 April 1705
              2.  Joannah born 3 Aug. 1707
              3.  Joseph bp. 23 Oct. 1709 died 2 Dec 1734 perhaps the Joseph who by wife Mary had:
              1.  John born 27 Sept. 1728
              4.  Mary  born 1 May 1712
              5.  Charles bp. 25 Aug. 1715
              6.  Perrott born 4 Apr. 1718
              7.  Sarah born 19 Oct 1720
     Andrew Hardee and Constant Sears were married by banns on 5 Jan 1724. 
They had:  1.  Mary born 19 Jan 1734/35
                     2.  Joseph born 27 June 1737
                     3.  Rhoda born 9 July 1739
                     4.  Andrew born 10 Oct 1741
                     5.  Margaret born 17 July 1744
     John Hardee and Agathe Gardiner were married by banns on 5 Jan 1734, the same date as the above couple.  They had:
                  1.  Agatha born 30 June 1737
                  2.  Sarah born 6 Dec 1738
                  3.  John born 9 April 1741
                  4.  Catherine (twin) born 15 Dec. 1743
                  5.  Elizabeth (twin) born 15 Dec. 1743
                  6.  William born 26 May 1746
                  7.  Daughter born 9 April 1749
                  8.  Josiah born 19 June 1751
     The similarities in given names between these Hardees and the ones in Pitt Co. are really quite remarkable, including the names Robert, John, Andrew, Joseph, Abraham, Isaac and Josiah. Therefore I think it might be worthwhile to pursue the family further in records of Essex, Middlesex and neighboring counties  in Virginia.

SOURCE:  Jemina Hardee Smith Deed Transactions
     Pitt Deed Book R-85 1-8-1808
Jemina (signed with an "x") Allen  (appears that Jemina remarried after David Smith, Sr.'s death)
Grandson: Samuel Smith (son of Charles Smith)
Mentions Mary Smith, daughter
     Pitt Deed Book S-273 6-13-1809
Jemina Smith to son Charles Smith
Mentions David Smith, husband, Hardee Smith, Son
Wit: David Smith, Son
     Pitt Deed Book R-85  1-8-1808
Jemina "x" Allen to Samuel Smith, grandson  Mentions Mary Smith, daughter

SOURCE:  PCGQ February 2006  Craven County, NC Estate Records, NC
Archives, Raleigh, NC Roger Kammerer   David Smith Estate
State of North Carolina  To the Sheriff of Craven County  Greetings
Whereas James McKinlay lately in our court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions held for the County of Craven recovered against John Mooring Administratior of David Smith the sum of five Thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars for debt and interest and also the sum of five pounds eight shillings and three pence ___? for cash & whereof said Admr is convicted as appears of record, and whereas it was admitted of record that the said Admr had fully administered so that Execution of the said debt interest and costs cannot be had against the personal estate of the said David Smith.  And whereas it is suggested that said David Smith died seized of a large real estate sufficient to satisfy said claim which has descended to William Smith, John S. Smith, Elizabeth Smith and Rufus Smith infants by Samuel Simpson their guardian and heirs at law of the said David Smith.  And whereas the plaintiff suggests that Samuel Simpson guardian of the said heirs by virtue of an order of the court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Pitt County has sold land which were of the said David Smith and which descended as aforesaid and which were liable to the payment of the plaintiffs judgement to the amount of twenty five thousand dollars to inable the said Samuel Simpson to pay and satisfy the debts for which said land was liable and the said Samuel Simpson as it is alledged hath received & now holds in his hands the proceeds of the said sale subject to said judgement and the plantiff having prayed a remedy in this behalf and we willing what is right should be clare command you that you make known to the said Samuel Simpson personally to appear before the court aforesaid at the courthouse in Newbern on the second Monday of September next to shew cause if any he hath wherefore the said James McKenlay should not have execution of the aforesaid debt interest and costs against the aforesaid Samuel Simpson and further to do and receive whatsoever our said court shall order and decree in the premisesherein fail not and have you there and there this writ.
Witness:  James G. Stanly Clerk of Said Court at Newbern the second Monday of June in the 42nd year of our Independence AD 1818

SOURCE:  Smith Burials, Wesley Cemetery, Chocowinity, Beaufort County, NC
OLIVER SMITH, Son of Dennis Smith  b. July 23, 1900  d. May 2, 1902
SOFIE SMITH, Daughter of Dennis Smith  unable to read stone
SEALE SMITH, Wife of Dennis Smith  b. May 19, 1865  d. Feb 20, 1898
MILA SMITH, Daughter of Dennis Smith  b. Sept 15, 1896  d. Nov 20, 1896
JIMIE SMITH, Son of Dennis Smith  b. Oct 2, 1885  d. July 7, 1886
DENNIS SMITH  b. Oct 15, 1851  d. Aug 27, 1925
SALLIE SMITH  b. Dec 3, 1857  d. Mar 26, 1927
KATIE MAYO SMITH  b. June 9,1909  d.
THAD MATTHEW SMITH  b. Sept 1, 1908  d. Mar 4, 1968
INFANT SMITH, Son of Thad & Katie Smith  b.       d.
INFANT SMITH, Daughter of Thad & Katie Smith  b.     d.
PENNY SMITH Manning Mills  b.         d. Dec 27, 1946 Age 67 Years
JAMES STANCIL SMITH, Husband of Callie Mayo....Father of George, Joe & Kuba Smith  b.   1876  d.   1944
LOUISER H. SMITH b. May 10, 1870  d. Feb 10, 1902
CANNON SMITH b. Mar 10, 1851  d. April 4, 1916
LYDDIA SMITH, Wife of Oscar Smith  b.       d. Sept 20, 1902 Age 16
JANIE SMITH, Wife of J. R. Smith  b. July 10, 1885  d. June 24, 1934
J. R. SMITH  b.   1877   d.      1952
VELMA C. SMITH  b. Sept 7, 1918  d.
ALBERT M. SMITH  b. Mar 28, 1908  d. July 12, 1963
HOLLIS SMITH  b. Aug 8, 1929  d.  Nov 27, 1931
LILLIE SMITH  b.     1900  d.     1947

SOURCE:  Burials in Trinity Cemetery, Chocowinity, Beaufort County, NC
Mable Clark Smith b. Mar 11, 1907 d. _______
Rev. Louis F. Smith b. Dec 28, 1903 d. Feb 26, 1978
Jack Smith b. Feb 16, 1897 d. Mar 20, 1956
Major C. Smith b. 1864 d. 1961
Fannie T. Smith b.  1868 d. 1951
Baby Smith, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Louis Smith  d. Sept 8, 1924
Rosa Dixon Smith b. Feb 26, 1906 d.  ____
Joseph Daniel Smith b. Nov 13, 1903 d. Dec 15, 1969
Permelia Smith b. Oct 26, 1874 d. Dec 18, 1943
J. J. Smith  b. Nov 4, 1854 Dec 10, 1935
Charles J. Smith b. Sept 2, 1821 d. Oct 20, 1899
Edna Smith, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Solmon S. Smith b. Oct 15, 1924 d. Nov 26, 1924
Elizabeth Smith  b. Oct 17, 1815  d. Aug 1, 1894

Speight Family

SOURCE:  J. BENNETT SPEIGHT Cemetery… on Rountree Road (SR 1114) at its intersection with Speight Seed Farm Road (SR 1124) on the west side of the road behind Joyner's Store.
J. BENNETT SPEIGHT  b.  July 11, 1853  d.  November 10, 1918
     d.  December 6, 1929  Member of Tyson's Primitive Baptist Church
STANLEY SPEIGHT  b.  ____ __, 1887  d.  ____ __, 1889
GEOFFREY SPEIGHT   b.  ____ __, 1889  d.  ____ __, 1890
BENNETT SPEIGHT   b.  ____ __, 1898  d.  ____ __, 1898
EVA INEZ SPEIGHT  b.  ____ __, 1890  d.  ____ __, 1891
MACKIE LOU SPEIGHT   b,  ____ __, 1891  d.  ____ __, 1891
LYMAN C. SPEIGHT  b.  ____ __, 1901  d.  ____ __, 1901
B. FRANK TUCKER   b.  August 5, 1816  d.  May 19, 1890
MARTHA A. TUCKER  b.  October 13, 1825  d.  January 30, 1913
JOHNNIE E. TUCKER  b.  March 29, 1866  d.  March 21, 1892
     NOTE: Stanley Winifred Kittrell Speight was d/o Stanley and Winifred Jenkins Kittrell
      Martha A. Tucker, was Martha Ann Carr, second wife of Stanley Kittrell
and second wife of Ben Frank Tucker


Stocks (Stox) Family

SOURCE:  Pitt County Deaths from Register of Deeds

Date Name Father Mother Township Vol Page
6.15.14 Stox Allen M Stox John Brewer Sarah M Winterville 1&2 242
9.3.14 Stox Mary Ellen Dail Elbert Turnage Mary Winterville 1&2 209
8.1.22 Stox John A Stox John Braxton Laura Ayden 9 740
2.16.23 Stox Chester L Stox Jefferson Whitehurst Mattie S Winterville 10 518
10.30.23 Stox Martha F Nobles James L W Brown Louisa Winterville 10 537
2.12.25 Stox Jesse Stocks Jonathan Garris Viney Swift Creek 12 681
9.6.25 Stox Rachel E Stox John S Braxton Maggie E Winterville 12 769
5.17.45 Stox Blaney Stox Ben Dail Mary Ellen Winterville 31 425
1.16.59 Stox James Jefferson Stox Jefferson B Whitehurst Mattie Winterville 45 964
5.20.60 Stox Lawrence M Stox Benjamin Dail Ellen Winterville 46 969
2.17.14 Stocks Father not given Stocks Bessie Winterville 1&2 236
11.21.14 Stocks Sarah Stocks Lewis Williams Vesta Swift Creek 3 547
12.12.15 Stocks Elbert Stocks Arch Sutton Julia Greenville 4 397
11.6.15 Stocks Heber E Stocks W H Jackson Alic Ayden 3 150
4.21.15 Stocks Ialo Cox James M McGlohorn Reno Chicod 3 173
5.10.17 Stocks Joe John Stocks John Brewer Sallie Greenville 5 417
9.2.17 Stocks Nina Allen Stocks Raymond Allen Nina Bell Greenville 6 445
7.9.17 Stocks Nina Bell Allen W Harvey Forbes Bettie Winterville 5 603
11.3.18 Stocks Bertha Lee Sutton Elias Smith Catharine Winterville 6 896
10.10.18 Stocks Minnie Bell Worthington C A Worthington Ida Ayden 6 1010
12.13.18 Stocks Pattie Whitehurst Tom Jane Falkland 6 308
10.30.19 Stocks Louis Stocks Vista Swift Creek 7 604
2.23.19 Stocks Louis Father not given Stocks Sally A Swift Creek 7 591
1.14.19 Stocks Pattie L Stocks Leno Whitehurst Pattie Greenville 7 223
1.17.19 Stocks Venie Jones Joe White Puss Winterville 7 328
7.21.20 Stocks Everlin P Stocks J L Allen Lucille Greenville 8 476
2.9.20 Stocks Shade A Stocks Jesse A Williams Ayden 7 155
7.21.21 Stocks Charlie Stocks W A Tyson Lizza Greenville 8 524
10.14.21 Stocks Ellen M Stocks B C Heath Ruby Greenville 8 538
10.9.21 Stocks Mary Stocks C S Stocks Martha L Greenville 8 556
11.30.21 Stocks William L Stocks J H Sutton Paddie Ayden 8 752
4.19.23 Stocks Eliza Tyson Lemuel Greenville 11 607
3.29.23 Stocks John B Stocks James Casey Sallie Winterville 10 525
2.14.23 Stocks John H Stocks John B Palmore Clara Winterville 10 507
12.24.23 Stocks Mamie R Stocks W A Stocks Nona M Swift Creek 10 482
2.16.25 Stocks Fenner L Stocks Ben Simons Josephine Ayden 12 29
5.8.25 Stocks Mabel Stocks Charles Stocks Martha Greenville 12 581
11.12.25 Stocks Martha Ann McLawhorn J S Adams Mary Chicod 12 268
10.25.26 Stocks Harold A Stocks Lonnie Harrell Rosa Ayden 13 71
12.17.27 - Stocks W Amos Haddock Nonie M Swift Creek 14 487
7.25.27 Stocks Ann E Williams J T Vines Clara Greenville 15 471
10.1.27 Stocks Floyd Stocks J C McLawhorn Fannie Greenville 15 499
2.23.27 Stocks J Frank Stocks Mose Mother not given Chicod 14 199
1.13.27 Stocks Jessie B No parents listed - Ayden 14 3
12.5.28 Stocks Fred Stocks Lafred Stocks Clemmie Greenville 15 419
6.5.28 Stocks Lester E Stocks Fountain Ross Fannie M Greenville 15 402
1.8.30 Stocks Arch Stocks John Harrington Vinnie Greenville 17 444
12.30.31 Stocks Edward L Stocks F V May Francis Greenville 18 520
1.24.32 Stocks Stocks Frank Spangler Mable Ayden 19 43
3.19.32 Stocks Ben Stocks John Stocks Susan Ayden 19 53
6.25.32 Stocks Patsy Ann Turnage William Smith Mary Ayden 19 586
7.24.33 Stocks Henry Stocks Biggs White Martha Ayden 20 51
5.11.33 Stocks James R Stocks W L Hudson Gertie Greenville 20 322
4.23.33 Stocks Nona Haddock Henry Haddock Louisa Greenville 21 499
2.14.33 Stocks Sophie Stocks James C Sally Swift Creek 20 456
1.17.33 Stocks William A Stocks James A Smith Rebecca Swift Creek 19 642
5.5.34 Stocks Bobbie D Stocks T O Nickals Olivia Greenville 21 664
7.21.34 - Stocks David Stocks John Ayden 21 55
7.18.34 Stocks Lewis A Stocks S A McLawhorn Martha A Chicod 21 263
10.9.35 Stocks Earl N Stocks Nile Briley Elsie Greenville 22 405
5.16.35 Stocks Frank Stocks Frank Spangler Mable Ayden 22 35
10.14.35 Stocks James H Stocks John B Parymore Chloe Ann Winterville 22 579
3.4.35 Stocks Stancill G Stocks N S Briley Elsie Greenville 22 305
9.27.35 Stocks Vera V Little Callis L Vincent Sudie Winterville 22 580
1.18.37 Stocks Myrtie Ruth Stocks Josh W Evans Pearlie Winterville 24 455
8.16.37 Stocks Carl Briley Stocks N C Briley Elise Greenville 24 434
9.9.37 Stocks John Stocks Biggs White Martha Swift Creek 24 426
9.14.37, Stocks Frank Stocks J B McLohorn Maude Ayden 24 39
9.4.40 Stocks C H Stocks T Coward Mary Ann Farmville 26 199
10.12.41 Stocks Dallas Dean Stocks Arch Sutton Julia Greenville 27 435
6.9.41 Stocks Heber F Stocks W A Tyson Lizzie Greenville 27 255
4.21.41 Stocks Mary McLawhorn Frank Lang Mary Ayden 27 22
6.22.41 Stocks Mary E Stocks Gilford Stone Fannie Winterville 27 524
4.18.41 Stocks Patsy Ann Sutton Jesse Adams Elizabeth Ayden 27 25
2.4.42 Stocks Pittman Johnston Stocks Pittman Ross Tabytha Greenville 28 277
5.21.43 Stocks Clearlie Lee Stocks Jessie Cox Mary Ann Greenvillle,? 29 2
7.28.44 Stocks Eugene Stocks Frank Spangler Mable Ayden 30 11
2.7.45 Stocks Mosie Harrington Harrington Henry Jackson Nancy Ayden 31 4
1.7.46 Stocks Nile S Stocks John Harrington Vina Greenville 32 185
7.6.46 Stocks William Henry Stocks Jesse Cox Mary Ayden 32 16
11.15.46 Stocks Will Stocks Biggs White Martha Winterville 32 447
12.10.47 Stocks Carolyn Sue Stocks Leroy Earl Sutton Olive Greenville 33 353
5.18.48 Stocks Phylis Jean Stocks W H Stocks Annie Greenville 34 687
12.20.48 Stocks Levie Calvin Stocks Jesse Abner Cox Mary Winterville 34 1103
1.13.49 Stocks Stocks John David Parker Lucille Greenville 35 615
3.20.49 Stocks Mrs. Easter Dunn Dunn Tom - Farmville 35 454
9.12.49 Stocks Joe Cephus No father given Stokes Sophie Swift Creek 35 10
11.29.49 Stocks Sam Stocks Biggs White Martha Winterville 35 758
2.25.50 Stocks Elsie Briley Briley James A Harris Elsie Greenville 36 624
4.18.50 Stocks Laura Ann Stocks Murvis L Stocks Pearlie Christine Bethel 36 162
5.23.50 Stocks Mrs. Lida Sumrell Sumrell Edward H Brown Martha Greenville 36 672
7.12.50 Stocks Mr. Zeno Stocks Joe Nichols Clemmie Greenville 36 689
7.9.50 Stocks Mrs Ida Bagley Bagley Mack Page Rachel Greenville 36 928
5.5.51 Stocks Billy Lee Stocks Walter L Rivers Gladys Ayden 36 58
9.16.52 Stocks Clifton H Stocks Gilford Stocks Dicy Mills Ayden 37 31
6.11.53 Stocks James Henry Stocks Jessie A Williams Dissie Ayden 39 17
3.6.53 Stocks Henry Howard Stocks Jessie Hardee Sarah Ayden 39 1
5.15.53 Stocks Andrew Sr. Stocks Israel Edgar McLawhorn Mary Greenville 39 1034
11.9.56 Stocks Mrs. Rena Vincent Vincent E M Little Solotey Winterville 42 925
3.4.57 Stocks Elbert M Stokes Frank Cox Sara Greenville 43 4
4.19.57 Stocks Leroy No parents listed No parents listed Wake Co. 43 1025
7.17.57 Stocks Walter Stocks William Higgins Elizabeth Farmville 43 382
8.11.57 Stocks Teresa Lynn Stock J D Wilson Fay Greenville 43 625
11.16.57 Stocks James Allen Stocks James Allen Smith Rebecca Greenville 43 722
11.23.57 Stocks Myrtle McLawhorn McLawhorn Frank Lang Mary Ayden 43 42
12.6.57 Stocks Mrs. Julia S. Sutton Elias - Greenville 43 738
6.12.58 Stocks Mrs. Annie Teel Teel Epps Thomas Lydia Greenville 44 600
6.29.58 Stocks Brenda Sue Stocks Paul Brooks Owens Lizzie Mae Bethel 44 157
1.30.59 Stocks Joseph Lonnie Stocks Joseph Nichols Martha Falkland 45 302
2.19.59 Stocks Mrs. Emma Loftin Loftin Zeb Haddock Magnolia Ayden 45 20
10.1.59 Stocks Blondle Cletus Stocks Ben W Dail Ellen Greenville 45 707
12.8.59 Stocks Louvenia Robinson Robinson James T Heath Cathrine Greenville 45 774
12.11.59 Stocks Vesta Williams Williams Jimmie Beddard Bessie Greenville 45 784
3.8.60 Stocks Theron Nathaniel Stocks Arch Sutton Julia Greenville 46 514
6.21.60 Stocks Alice Jean McLawhorn Lloyd Mills Minnie Ayden 46 7
12.25.60 Stocks Mrs. Rosalee Paramore Paramore William Henry Eason Lydia Greenville 46 814
4.16.61 Stocks Suan Malissa Williams Alp Stocks Almeta Greenville 47 535

Sumrell Family

SOURCE:  Pitt County Deaths from Register of Deeds

Date Name Father Mother Township Vol Page
12/24/15 Sumrell Sue Sumerell Ed Vincent Eula Chicod 3 243
8/22/16 Summerell Emmett R Summerell Blaney Pierce Ethel Ayden 4 50
2/4/16 Sumrell R B Sumrell Barns Harrington Pennie Ayden 4 19
11/7/17 Sumerell Louise Sumerell Joe Skinner Lottie Swift Creek 5 497
3/27/17 Sumrell Maud Sumrell James E Evans Fannie Ayden 5 17
12/31/18 Sumerell Cressa B Sumerell B S Dixon Minnie Ayden 7 371
11/18/18 Sumrell Josephine E Jones Asa Turnage Lydia Ayden 6 1005
12/5/20 Sumerell Jennie L Sumerell A L Barnhill Musa Ayden 7 161
8/26/20 Sumerell Blaney M Summerell Blaney Pierce Ethel Ayden 9 662
3/27/20 Sumerell Crave Summerell Barnes Harrington Martha Ayden 9 641
8/23/20 Sumrell Pennie Ellis J B Jackson Minnie Swift Creek 7 535
10/3/22 _______ Summerell Blaney Pierce Ethel Ayden 9 752
4/8/23 Summerell Moses Summerell Barnes Harrington Pennie Ayden 10 555
5/23/24 Summerell Julia _________ Sutton Cindy Ayden 11 909
3/1/24 Summerell Lydie E Allen James Sutton Cinderella Ayden 11 927
6/6/26 Sumrell Musa D Barnhill J H Barnhill Melissa Greenville 13 493
12/7/30 Summerell Summerell Dixie Newell Ehtel M Ayden 17 71
11/9/30 Sumrell Dave Sumrell R B Jones Josephine Farmville 17 421
7/30/31 Sumrell Jim J Sumrell Ed Ennis Fannie Ayden 20 12
4/25/32 Sumrell Brady L Sumrell Bert Barrington Minnie Swift Creek 19 624
1/19/33 Sumrell Charlie F Sumrell Bill J Allen Julia Ayden 20 24
11/8/34 Sumrell Rhesa H Harris Walter C Harris Caroline Ayden 2 63
5/30/34 Sumrell Sarah Corbett Jim M Brinkley Annie Ayden 21 9
8/10/37 Summrell Charles S Summerell Washington Phillips Annie Ayden 24 33
8/20/37 Summerell Charles D Baldree E G Little Lena Ayden 24 35
11/20/37 Summerell Guy H Summrell Craven Allen Lydia Ayden 24 43
3/24/38 Summerell James N H Summerell J J Mitchell Ellen Greenville 24 348
1/3/43 Sumrell Joe Sumrell R B Jones Josephine Ayden 29 16
6/12/47 Sumrell Hugh Ambrose Sumrell Craven Allen Lydia Greenville 33 265
7/2/53 Sumrell John Sumrell Bill Joe Allen Julia Grifton 39 1101
12/12/52 Sumrell Sumrell Jack Pittman Inez Lenoir Co. 37 5
6/2/53 Sumrell Howard E Sumrell Edgar Jolly Nannie Greenville 39 1050
1/27/54 Sumerell Joe V Sumerell John Willis Penny Grifton 40 1001
12/12/54 Sumrell Barnes Staton Sumrell William J Allen Mrs. Julia Greenville 40 1083
7/1/55 Sumrell Mrs. Maude Hemby Sumrell Amos C Nichols Carnelia Greenville 41 671
8/19/56 Sumrell Clarence Craven Sumrell Craven Allen Elizabeth Ayden 42 45
12/20/57 Sumrell Ethel Mae Pierce John McLawhorn Bettie Ayden 43 47
8/13/58 Sumrell Blaney Sumrell Rhoderick Jones Josephine Lenoir Co. 44 1470

Sutton Family

SOURCE:  Pitt County Delayed Births from Register of Deeds
Eddie Lee Sutton  b. Nov 23, 1902  Henry Sutton/Bertha Joyner
Mary Madeline Sutton  b. Dec 8, 1922  Ola Sutton/Emma Boyd
Edwin Allen Sutton  b. Aug 20, 1909  Edward Sutton/Lilly Dixon
George Washington Sutton  b. Feb 19, 1914  Noah Heber Sutton/Lucy Carson
Clara Bell Sutton  b. Oct 10, 1905  J. W. Sutton/Annie Godley
Nettie Sutton  b. Feb 18, 1889  Frank Sutton/Martha Ann Lewis
Winfred Earl Sutton  b. Aug 9, 1921  Snodie A. Sutton/Rosa Haddock
Leonard Glenn Sutton  b. Sept 3, 1912  Heber Noah Sutton/Lucy Carson
Eva Olivia Sutton  b. July 25, 1887  Seth Sutton/Zilphia Harrington
Norma Faye Sutton  b. Mar 20, 1939  Ralph Sutton/Connie Mae Hardee
Dorothy Cathleen Sutton b. Oct 11, 1910  Jesse Siah Sutton/Rosa Cannon
Bertha Sutton  b. April 5, 1913  Henry Sutton/Bertha Joyner
Bessie Sutton  b. Jan 6, 1894  James W. Sutton/Sarah Emily White
Jimmy Sutton  b. July 11, 1904  James William Sutton/Sarah Elizabeth ______
Zilphia Leona Sutton  b. Nov 6, 1910  Henry Sutton/Bertha Joyner
Bertha Sutton  b.  Aug 5, 1904  David Sutton/Ada Elliott
Merton Elree Sutton  b. Dec 25, 1908  B. F. Sutton/Mary Dail
Mattie Velvina Sutton  b. Jan 24, 1907  Jim W. Sutton/Annie Godley
Roy Lee Sutton  b. July 11, 1904  Henry Joseph Sutton/Bertha Joyner
Reba Sutton  b. May 24, 1900  Joseph Franklin Sutton/Maggie Williams
Ralph Sutton  b. Nov 30, 1910  Richard Sutton/Lula Taylor
Walter Lee Sutton  b. Mar 25, 1901  Frank Sutton/Patty Moore
Myrtle Irene Sutton  b. Nov 14, 1910  Benjamin Franklin Sutton/Mary Dail
Lester Lee Sutton  b. Jan 2, 1915  Jim Wright Sutton/Ann Godley
Velma Mae Sutton  b. Mar 25, 1905  Elias Gray Sutton/Catherine Smith
Hattie Estelle Sutton  b. Oct 28, 1909  Richard J. Sutton/Hattie Powell
Amos Sutton  b. Sept 24, 1913  Thomas C. Sutton/Rosa Lee Coward
Martha C. Sutton  b. July 5, 1905  J. C. Sutton/ Harriett Mills
Bonnie Samuel Sutton  b. Aug 30, 1909  Henry Alonza Sutton/Carrie Carson
Mary Madlen Sutton b. Dec 8, 1922  Ola Sutton/Emmie Boyd
Kay Frances Sutton  b. May 17, 1937  Scott Sutton/Mabel Ormond
Ruth Mae Sutton  b. Mar 9, 1915  Jimmie Lemur Sutton/Sadie Wiggins
Bruce Earl Sutton  b.  Nove 2, 1922  Walter Sutton/Kathleen Gaskins
Elias Gray Sutton  b.  Nov 28, 1920  Lester Sutton/Lindy Moye
Lindsey Jay Sutton  b. Sept 7, 1938  Scott Sutton/Maebell Ormond
Shirley Ann Sutton  b. Feb 10, 1935  Garfield Sutton/Lady Allen

SOURCE:  Pitt County, NC Deeds
     DB KK p 384 Noah Sutton & Wife, Arrabella to Riley Stokes  $800.  Adj: John Jenkins, east side Conetoe (Contentnea?) 85 Acres also our interest in Lot of land drawn to Marcus Stokes Mar 13, 1844.
     DB L4 p 166 March 7, 1870  Benjamin F. Tucker, adrm of estate of Noah Sutton, dec and Henry Smith $10. land on south side of Tar River adj. James Braxton, John Evans and heirs of David Sutton 20 Acres
     DB L4 p 168  B. F. Tucker, adr. estate of Noah Sutton & Henry Smith  Mar 7, 1870 $317  200 Acres reserving 31 1/2 Acres at southwest corner adj. Henry Smith
     DB L4 p 295 January 7, 1874  Permelia A. Sutton to Benj. Smith $175.   Noah Sutton land  40 Acres
     DB L4 p 333 Nov 10, 1882 Amelia Sutton to Eliz W. Smith $50. life estate  southside Kinston Rd part of my life dower of my late hus. dec. Noah Sutton  She is to live in house until Jan 1, 1883
     DB SS p 591  Noah Sutton $35. to James L. W. Nobles 7 Acres Jan 16, 1858
SOURCE:  Allen Churchill's Brides Book (Pitt County)

Bride Father Date Groom
Bettie Sutton Hugh A. Sutton 9-16-1885 W. H. Ragsdale
Clemone Sutton Elias Sutton 3-16-1893 Alfred Stocks
Drucilla Sutton James Allen 4-19-1876 John C. Crawford
Elizabeth Sutton Jonah Sutton 3-30-1876 J. W. Allen
Estelle Sutton Hugh A. Sutton 11-29-1876 Henry Sheppard
Hattie Sutton Jess Sutton 10-7-1896 Henny R. Mills
Hennie W. Sutton H. A. Sutton 11-13-1888 D. J. Whichard
Hulda F. Sutton James Sutton 10-4-1882 Henry F. Keel
Ida M. Sutton J. A. Sutton 2-1-1899 Kennedy Evans
Jackie Sutton ? 10-3-1894 Mack Haddock
Julia Sutton Elias Sutton 3-7-1894 Arch Stocks
Julia Sutton Noah Sutton 6-20-1872 Henry C. Williams
Liddie Sutton Joseph Sutton 4-26-1892 J. B. Crawford
Lula P. Sutton G. L. Sutton 3-18-1893 Joseph J. Jenkins
Mary Sutton W. J. Sutton 1-7-1903 Clinton Smith
Mary A. Sutton ? 12-10-1873 Benj Weathington
Mary A. Sutton Jesse Sutton 1-9-1892 W. H. Boyd
Mary F. Sutton J. W. Sutton 11-18-1896 J. A. Williams
Mattie Sutton J. W. Sutton 8-25-1897 R. A. Dixon
Millie Sutton Jesse Sutton 1-27-1897 Fred Haddock
Mollie Sutton Elias Sutton 7-18-1893 ? Flanagan
Pattie Sutton Jesse Sutton 11-20-1895 Hireland Cox
Sarah Sutton J. W. Sutton 11-19-1899 John A. Mills
Sarah Sutton Noah Sutton 1-6-1881 James F. Braxton
Susan Sutton William Boyd 6-22-1892 Columbus Buck
Tessie Ann Sutton Noah Sutton 4-13-1879 William Lacy

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