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Truss Family

SOURCE:  Pitt County Deeds for Truss Family
1762 Richard Allen sold 180 acres to John adjoined Samuel truss
1762 John Stocks sold 160 acres to Samuel Truss
1768 Samuel Truss sold 150 acres to John Kennedy, former owner was John Forbes who was the father of Samuel's wife Mary Forbes.
1777 Samuel Truss sold 1/2 acre to Gideon Pettis..lot #124
1778 Samuel Truss sold 640 arces to James Johnson..border James Williams up corner runs to Horsepan Pocoson with that to Capt. Williams line with his line to Hurley Br., withHurley Br. to Richard Jordan's corner, with his line to James Johnson's line to John Wooten'sline with Wooten's line to Great Br., up Great Br. to Piney Pocoson, down Piney Pocoson to Shadrack Williams' line and up his line to the beginning, caveated by Edwd Williams' entry
1784 James May sold 100 acres to Samuel Truss adjacent to James Williams
1784 James May sold 180 acres to Samuel Truss, adjacent to Richard Allen
1790 Noah Sugg to Samuel and Joel Truss andothers, use of Sein Hole for 14 years
1801 Frances Hathaway sold 15 acres to Warrn Truss adjacent to Samuel Truss and Merriman Allen
1803 Samuel Trus sold 200 acres to Warren Truss adjacent to Samuel Truss
1809 Samuel Truss sold to Samuel Truss, Jr. 33 1/3 acres adjacent to Moses Cobb and James Williams
1809 Joel, Samuel and Warren Truss to Shadrack May, John Saundeers and Absalom Saunders 1/2 sein hole (fishing place) named Blue Banks.former owner RandolphJohnson, Thomas Tison, John Ellis, Col Henry Ellis heirs
1810 Samuel Truss sold 40 acres to William Williams adjacent to James Williams, Sr. and Samuel Truss, Jr.
1768 Abraham Breeler sold 80 acres to Joel Truss adjacent to Thomas Bonner
1797 James Williams, Sr. sold 105 acres to Joel description.
1802 Randal Johnson to Joel and Warren Truss 1/2 sein hole.
1809 Joel Truss sold to Jhn Odom his interest in a grest mill..building and equipment owned with Henry Harris.
1808 Joel Truss sold 120 acres to John Foreman and son adjacent to Samuel Truss, Sr., James Williams, Sr. and Reuben Cobb.


Tucker Family

SOURCE:  MARY J. TUCKER Cemetery… on Rountree Road (SR 1114), 0.1 mile south of Mack Allen Road (SR 1123).  It is on the west side of the road about 100 yards in the field.
MARY J. KITTRELL TUCKER, Wife of A. C. Tucker  b.  October 24, 1834 
     d.  March 16, 1874
CHARLES E. TUCKER  b.  August 5, 1866  d.  June 13, 1867
DEBORAH TUCKER   b.  October 24, 1861  d.  May 14, 1863
HENRY TUCKER  b.  October 8, 1872  d.  November 25, 1873
Wm  H. TUCKER   b.  November 8, 1870  d.  July 2, 1871
EDITH ANN TUCKER   b.  November 24, 1868  d.  August 1, 1869
NOTE:  Mary J. Kittrell Tucker was w/o Arden C. Tucker, Jr. and d/o Jethro and Anne Little Kittrell
NOTE:  Mary Jane Kittrell and children are buried on Rountree Road about two miles north of Rountree.  The cemetery is on the west side of road in the field.  This was a piece of land given to her by her father Jethro Kittrell.  I believe the military map of 1860s shows A. C. Tucker as living on this land.  It was
Lot #2 in the division of Jethro Kittrell's land to her and Arden, her husband.

SOURCE:  Family tradition has it that Joshua Tucker came from Nansemond County Virginia.  Joshua Tucker came to Pitt  County about 1760.  A grant of land is recorded on October 16, 1761 from the Earl of Granville.  Deed Book
C Page 318  records a deed to Joshua Tucker, Shoemaker March 15, 1766.
He is the only Tucker listed on the taxables of 1762, 1763 and 1764.

SOURCE:  TUCKER-CAMPBELL Cemetery -on the south side of Beddard Road (SR 1761) one mile west of Black Jack-Simpson Road (SR 1755) about 300 yards in edge of woods.
GARRISON TUCKER  b.  February 26, 1802  d.  February 8, 1882
TELITHA C. TUCKER  b.  March 11, 1807  d.  April 28, 1881
MOLLIE J. TUCKER, Daughter of W. W. & M. E. Tucker  b.  February 2, 1869 d. March 30, 1869
EDDIE TUCKER, s/o W. W. & M. E. Tucker  b.  ____ __, ____  d.  July 21, 1871
FRANK S. TUCKER, Son of J. R. & S. A. Tucker  b.  December 16, 1886  d. December 20, 1886

SOURCE: Pitt County Deed Books
     DB RR-389  12-20-1867  Garrison Tucker to Mary L. Nelson, daughter
123 aces...adjoins James E. Edwards, David Adams, John Donnels  Wit: W. L. Quinerlly, Jas L. Tucker
     DB RR-390  12-20-1867  Garrison Tucker to Levinda Rachel Stokes, daughter (Wm. Stokes) and Sarah Mills, daughter (James H. Mills)  245 acres.  Telitha Tucker is mentioned.
     DB RR-394  8-4-1866  Garrison Tucker to Joseph J. Tucker, son
160 acres...known as Arnold Taft land, adjoins James Nelson, Susan Spain, John Galloway.

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