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PCFR Mailing List

The official PCFR mailing list is in place, sponsored by the time-honored folks at Rootsweb. Please read the guidelines, and join us in the exchange of vital information pertinent to genealogical research in Pitt County, NC. Welcome!

The PCFR and its list managers reserve the rights to uphold the guidelines.

PCFR List Rules and Guidelines

Please submit messages only in plain text, and do NOT submit attachments.

Use a helpful subject line that includes name, approximate date, and location, if possible.

Include enough data in your query to help pinpoint the ancestors/locations/time period, etc.

Don't overuse the "Reply" button, sending the same message plus new comments for several posts.

Please do not submit virus alerts, chain letters, or other off-topic material to the list.

Vulgarity and personal attacks/confrontations on other list members are unwelcome.

Please do not endlessly thank people or chat off-topic. Use private addresses for those personal topics of little interest to the list as a whole.

Make sure you're not posting copyrighted material in bulk!

If you share someone else's research, it's polite to get their permission first, and always give due credit.

How to subscribe and how to unsubscribe

1. From the mailing address to which you want the messages sent, address a message to:,
OR, if you prefer Digest Mode, address a message to:,

2. put NOTHING in the subject line,

3. put the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message--nothing else. Remove any automatic signature lines.

4. Send.

Once you receive your subscription verification and welcome message, address queries to (or, accordingly).

To unsubscribe--follow the same instructions, but put the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the body.

In all cases, make sure you've spelled it right! (Unsub, unscribe, etc., won't work!).

If you encounter problems, please address a private mail to one of our list administrators:
Janice Tripp Gurganus ( or Brenda Davis Stocks (

Rootsweb policy governing their mail service

"When you post messages to this list, those posts remain your property under copyright law. By posting here, you give RootsWeb a permanent license to archive and redistribute your posts in order to provide current and future users access to the information. When you post to RootsWeb, you must either be the copyright holder (that basically means you wrote it), have written permission from the copyright holder, or the material must clearly be in the public domain.


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