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We'd like for you to copy our photographs for your personal collection, but please do not publish them in any manner (hardcopy or web page) without providing credit to the PCFR and the contributor.

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Left to right:
1. School picture, thought to be in Greenville Academy on Dickinson Avenue--can anyone further identify this photo?
2. Penny Hill doctor's office, Pitt Co., NC.
3. Capt. Charles Alexander White House, on "Capt. White Road" in 1860 (now Firetower Road), Greenville. Moved by Martilla Ross to near Falkland, Pitt Co., and being restored.
   Contributor: Mrs. Sarah Adams White

1. William Haul Haddock (1845-1911), son of Nasby and Phenetta, and his wife Talitha Elizabeth Spain (1849-1929), dau. of Stanley S. Spain and Susannah Nelson. [Note: See also Photo Page 1]
   Contributor: Asa Haddock

1. Elisha Abrams (Feb. 7, 1828-Sept. 5, 1884) and wife Mary Finette Dupree (July 25, 1828-June 12, 1892); md. Aug. 24, 1848. They lived at Crisp, Edge. Co., straddling the Pitt-Edge. line at Otter Creek.
2. James Thomas Abrams (Aug 1, 1852-Jan. 11, 1909), second son of Elisha Abrams and Mary DuPree.
3. James Thomas Abrams Family, ca 1895, Pitt Co. L-to-R: Nancy Rebecca (1882/3-1902; md Willis Edward Moore), Mary Louise (1880-1910; md Abram Wyatt Barber), Rosa (1878-1956; md Joseph Franklin Smith), Delphia Almeta (ca. 1885 - ?), Martha Elizabeth (1879-1956; md Willoughby Theophilus Phelps), Margaret Louise Jones (1854-1912; daughter of Willoughby Jones and Martha Elizabeth Wallace, md James T. Abrams Mar 18, 1875, Greenville, NC), James Thomas Abrams (1852-1909), Sallie Aldonia (1883/4-1928; md Thomas Rankin McKee).
4. Thomas Rankin McKee (b. Nov. 26, 1870) home, Greenville, NC. He was the son of Thomas Nelson McKee and Penelope Moore (dau. of Hillary Moore and Polly Rogers of Pitt County.
   Contributor: Lisa Burford

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