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Pitt Co., NC, Deed Abstracts

Selected, Annotated and Contributed to the PCFR
by William B. (Bill) Kittrell.

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James Powell, Division of land (DB GG p 92) (Court Nov 5, 1831) Lot #1 Warren Wallace & wife Pherebe, 150 acres; Lot #2 Menan Patrick Powell, 131 acres; Lot # 3 Arcena Powell, 141 1/2 acres; Lot #4 Charles Jenkins Powell, 297 1/2 acres; Lot # 5 James Shivers & wife Ripsey, 206 acres

John Braley to John James (DB GG p 250) (Jan 7, 1830) (Aug Court 1834 104 Acres, $375.00 Purchased from Etheldred Little, John Anderson. Wit: Marshall G. James, John Anderson. (Note: See DB WW p 123)

Joel Braxton to Felix Braxton (DB GG p 510) (May Term 1836) 100 acres adjoining lines of Joshua Nobles, Jonathan Kittrell and Arthur McGlowhorn. Felix Braxton mentioned as son. Wit: B. Hooker, Jesse Hart

Oliver & Elizabeth Lockhart to Allen Kittrell (DB HH p 268) (April 24, 1837) (May Court 1837) Paid $400.00 located southside of Tar River, east side of Little Contentnea Creek, land owned by Lacy Robinson, after his death sold by Walter Hanrahan to Nathaniel Lockhart & Oliver Lockhart except 100 acres which said Oliver Lockhart sold to John Hart, contained by estimation 316 acres. Wit: Whitney Nichols, Frederick Nichols

Allen Kittrell to Thomas Nobles (DB HH p 300) (April 4, 1837) (August Court 1837) Paid $550.00, 130 1/2 acres located east side of Little Contentney Creek, from John Adams to daughter Rebecca Adams, from Cannon Johnson and wife Rebecca Johnson.

Barrum Hart & Celia to Caleb Cannon (DB HH p 307) (Nov 24, 1835) Begins on Sandy Run Swamp at Jesse Rountree's upper corner, south to Benj. Brown corner, then with Brown's line to his other corner, to Jethro Kittrell's line, to mill pond known as Frizzle land. 300 acres. Wit: Jesse Rountree, George Belcher

Samuel Smith & Charles Smith to Wm. J. Laughinghouse (DB KK p 335) (Feb Court 1844) 90 acres part of land given to Charles' daughter Susannah Mills signed Samuel "x" Smith, Charles "x" Smith. Wit: C. J. Vanorder, Jordan Nelson

Willie Nobles to Lazarus Brewer (DB KK p 409) (Nov 27, 1841) (Pitt Court Aug 1844) Paid $55.00, 51 1/2 acres located on northside of Little Contentney, at Joab Smith's corner, to Robert Weathington line, to Robert Weathington corner then to the beginning. Wit: Arch Parker, Abner Evans

William Britt to Allen Kittrell (second), Robert Weatherington (third) (Mar 15, 1845) Paid $1.00, 331/3 acres (farm equipment, animals, etc) Adjoining lands of Alexander Harper & Nathan Bowden. Britt was indebted to Robert Weatherington $45.00 and also debt to Charles Edwards $5.00. Wit: None. All three signed.

Purnal Patrick to Willie Nobles (DB LL p 222) (Nov Court 1865) 161 3/4 acres, $400.00 Beginning at mouth of Redy Branch, fork of Hardee's Run west prong to Evans land, mentions 1 acre for Patrick cemetery.

Jethro Kittrell to Stanley Kittrell (DB LL p 388) (Mar 13, 1842) (May Court 1847) Paid $38.00, 16 1/2 acres located eastside of Little Contentney Creek, north side of Sandy Hardee Johnson line, to Brewers line, to Charles Rountree line, then to Hardee Johnson to the beginning. Wit: R. H. Blount

Matthew Hart to Allen Kittrell (DB MM p 331) (Feb Court 1850) Paid $100.00, 33 1/3 acres located at pine in Kittrell's line, to Hasty Vinson's line, then down Vinson's line to B____ Vinson's line. Signed Marrhew "x" Hart. Wit: James Sutton, Stephen Nobles

Thomas Smith to Samuel Williams (DB MM p 470) (Oct 10, 1850) Paid $8.00, 90 acres south side of Cow Swamp, all my interest in a parcel of land which was laid off to the heirs of Rewbin Smith in the division of the land of Chalres Smith. Signed Thomas "x" Smith. Wit: William Laughinghouse, Sr., W. M. Nelson

M. G. James to Albine M. James (DB MM p 519) May Court 1851) $100.00, 1/5 part of tract of land, south of Tar River being tract of land M. G., & Albine M. James' father, John James purchased of Daniel Wainwright, and which Elizabeth his wife holds an life estate. Wit: Penelope A. Speir, Harvey B. James

Robert Willoughby & wife Elizabeth to Marshall G. James (May 8, 1851) (May Court 1851) $300.00, 300 acres Tract of land south side of Tar River, adjoining lands of Harvey James, Marshall G. James and heirs of Ruel Anderson, dec'd. being part of land known as Great Survey being allotted to Willoughby and wife in division of land of Tomas Carson, dec'd and Allen Tison and wife, dec'd. Wit: None

Willie Nobles to Greenville & Raleigh Plank Road Company (May 27, 1851) Station 48 to Station 69, adjoins land of Abner Evans, crosses Hardee Run, to Noah Forbes line. Wit: Mason Loomis, Jr.

Redding Hudson to Lewis Hudson (DB NN p 46) (Jan 29, 1837) (Nov Term 1851) $70.00, 100 acres located south side of Tar River adjoining Naisby Mills and David Lewis, known as James Buck tract. Wit: James Griffin, Jr., James Griffin

Marshall G. James & Harvie B. James to Greenville & Raleigh Plank Road Company (DB NN p 66) (May 27, 1831) (Feb Court 1852) $2.00, 3 acres beginning at line of plank road at Stations 124 in Benjamin Crawford line to Henry Horn's corner.

Willie Nobles to Abner Evans (DB NN p 101) Jan 1, 1850) (July Court 1851) south side of Tar River, at Hardees Run, in fork of Hardees Run and Redy Branch, known as part of the Patrick land. Beginning near west prong of Redy Branch formerly Evans corner, now Selbys with Selby's line north near Nobles fence at mouth of old lane, then south to end of Patrick lane, then down Hardees Swamp to run of Redy Branch to beginning, containing 91 acres except 1 acre where graveyard is. Wit: Amos Evans, _____ Jackson

Persons listed below to James Sutton, Henry Sutton, former owner) (DB NN p 138) (May 5, 1852) James Allen, Cinderella "x" Allen, Phelix Braxton, Sarah Ann "x" Braxton, Simon E. Nobles, Lydia "x" Nobles

Thomas Hanrahan to Allen Kittrell (DB NN p 216) (Feb Court 1853) Paid $266.92, 110 acres located...bounded on the north by Pheoby Moye, on the west by John Tripp, on the south by James Tripp and on the east by Allen Fulford. Formerly owned by Ira Evans. Wit: Joseph Davis, S. S. Hathaway

Marshall G. James to Calvin Crawford (DB NN p 235) (Dec 27, 1852) (Feb Court 1853) $141.25, 56 1/2 acres south side of Tar River, southside of main county road leading from Greenville to Adams Bridge between six and seven miles from Greenville. The lands M. G. James purchased from John A. Tyson known as Speir lands, adjoining James' line, south of above road. Wit: None

Marshall G. James to Benjamin Crawford (DB NN p 238) Dec 22, 1852) (Feb Court 1853) $33.00, 8 1/4 acres south side of Tar River, south side of plank road adjoining lands of said Crawford, with his line to meeting house lot near where the steam saw mill, Moye's line to Crawford's corner. Wit: None

Hardy Johnson to Jesse Sutton (DB NN p 289) (May 3, 1853) Part of the estate of Hardy Johnson, Sr.. Lot # 7 drawn by Noah Weatherington & wife Jemima (Power of Attorney by them from state of Alabama)

Marshall Dickinson to Willie Nobles (DB NN p 294) (April 14, 1853) $40.00, 40 acres located on road from Greenville to Snow Hill, adjoins land of Lacy, Calvin Evans, Willie Nobles. Dower of Elizabeth Little, widow. NOTE: DB MM p 63 mentions Grey Little and Thomas Little as sons of Elizabeth Little.

M. G. James to Henry B. James (DB NN p 297) (May Court 1853) North side of main road from Greenville to Adams Bridge. Bought from John A. Tyson and Meahn Moye. Deeded to Benj Crawford 40 acres

Thomas Nobles to Arden Nichols (DB NN p 427) (Dec 12, 1853) (Feb Court 1854) Paid $120.00, 40 acres located south side of Tar River, beaverdam Swamp, adjoining lands of Matthew Smaw(?), James Sutton & Robert Turner. Former Owner Ormand Knox, descended to my mother Penny Knox, his sister and held by minor heirs of Wright Nobles, dec'd and myself. Wit: Jas A. Brown

John & Sarah Stocks to Stanley Kittrell (DB NN p 429) (Feb 6, 1854) (Feb Court 1854) Land known as Susan Brown land, adjoining Charles J. Rountree and Stanley Kittrell. Wit: William May, Abram Cox

Zelotta P. Wallace to John Vinson (DB NN p 447) (March 25, 1852) (Feb Court 1854) 60 acres bounded on south side by Gidieon Wallace, east side by Lener Griffin and northside by Joseph Bridgers. Wit: Theophilous Slaughter, Andrew Vinson

Rebecca Hart to Allen Kittrell (DB NN p 488) (Dec 29, 1849) (May Court 1854) Paid $60.00, 33 1/3 acres located east side of Little Conteny Creek and west side of Galberry Pocosin, along Kittrell's line to Matthew Hart's corner and with his line to a _____ in Vinson's line, then west along Vinson's line to a pine on Kittrell's line at the beginning. Rebecca Hart signed with an "x". Wit: Charles Harris, Elias Sermons

Person listed below to James Sutton (DB NN p 513) (May 4, 1884) Property located south side of Hardee Run, former owner Henry Sutton. John "x" Sutton, Cinderella "x" Sutton, Phelix Braxton, Noah Sutton, Sarah Ann "x" Braxton, Simon E. Nobles, James Allen, Abram Barber, Jonathan "x" Nobles, Barbary "x" Nobles, Elizabeth "x" Barber. Elisha Sutton lands- by Henry Sutton- land was divided into 12 parts. (See previous DB NN p 138)

Hannah Braxton to Penny Harrington (DB PP p 516) (September 11, 1860) 1/2 of tract (25 acres) conveyed to me by my father John Braxton, to my sister Penny Harrington. Adjoins Thophilus Slaughter, James Braxton, John Vinson and known as the Hooker land. Wit: Germain Bernard. signed: Hannah "x" Harrington, James "x" Harrington

John Smith to John F. Hellen, nephew (DB RR p 118) March 17, 1867) Adjoins Guilford Cox, Samuel Wilson corner, Bland's lane, Sylvester Cox, Elizabeth Stocks, Josias Nelson 100 acres Wit: William H. Smith, John Kinsaul. signed John "x" Smith

Garrison Tucker to Mary L. Nelson, daughter (DB RR p 389) (Dec 20, 1867) 123 acres, adjoins James E. Edwards, David Adams, John Donnels. Wit: W. L. Quinerly, Jas L. Tucker.

Garrison Tucker (DB RR p 390) (Dec 20, 1867) to Levinda Rachel Stokes, daughter (Wm Stokes), Sarah Mills, daughter (James H. Mills). Garrison Tucker's wife Telitha Tucker is mentioned. 245 acres

Garrison Tucker to Joseph J. Tucker, Son (DB RR p 394) (Aug 4, 1866) 160 acres known as Arnold Taft's land, adjoining James Nelson, Susan Spain, John Galloway.

Charles & Emily (Emma) Kittrell to Arden C. Tucker (DB SS p 199) (Feb 19, 1870) Paid $300.00 (Promissory note), 20 acres. Lot #2 belonging to Jethro Kittrell located on creek road from Snow Hill to Kinston, east side of Little Contennea Creek, adjoins lands of Gustavus Forbes. (Note: Gustavus Forbes m. Louisa Kittrell, d/o of Jethro Kittrell) and also lands of Sarah Kittrell. Note due Feb 1, 1873 Court Feb 19, 1870 Charles and Emma singed with an "x".

John S.. Kittrell, Alex Kittrell & Lunicy Kittrell to P. E. Braswell (DB SS p 226) (May 15, 1868) Paid $105.00, 35 acres beginning at Nobles & Kittrell line to Spencer Harris lines, to Joab Harrington line and Moses Harrington line. Wit: Ele (Elcy) Bland, Barnes Bland

Thad P. & John P. Bernard to A. C. Tucker (DB SS p 438) (Nov 4, 1869) Executed last will & testament of Blount Noblers $3,000.00, 225 acres located on road Greenville to Snow Hill by way of Adams Bridge. Nine miles from Greenville, homeplace of Blount Nobles on east side of Snow Hill road, except tract bought by Arden Tucker.

Redding Hudson to Henry J. Mills (DB SS p 523) (Oct 18, 1856) 50 acres, $215.00, adjoins Lewis Mills, bounded by Cow Swamp, Henry Mills Wit: Bryan Smith, Lewis Mills

John S. Kittrell, Alex Kittrell, Lunicy Kittrell to Charles Harris (DB SS p 536) (Oct 3, 1869) Paid $600.00, 165 acres begin at Bland's line and down path of line to Brazell's corner. (Pitt Court Oc 4, 1869) signed John S. Kittrell, Alex Kittrell, L. A. C. Kittrell. (WBK Note: John S. Kittrell, Alex Kittrell were sons of Jonathan & Rebecca Nobles Kittrell; Lunicy was wife of Alex Kittrell and later m. William Alfred Nichols, she was d/o Benjamin & Alvira A. Nobles Tyson)

Arden C. & Mary Jane Tucker to Charles Kittrell (DB TT p 11) (Feb 1, 1870) 20 acres. It is part of Jethro Kittrell land beginning at run of Deep Branch at last corner of Lot #1, to Simpson's pat line, to Sandy Run then with run to beginning. (WBK Note: Mary Jane Tucker was d/o of Jethro & Ann Little Kittrell...Arden C. was s/o Arden C. & Edith Tull Tucker)

Arden C. & Mary Jane Tucker to Allen Kittrell (DB TT p 38) (Dec 1, 1872) Promissary Note: $2,412.30. Located 9 miles from Greenville, known as Blount Nobles Homepace on east side from Greenville to Snow Hill purchased of T. P. Bernard, John P. Bernard, exec of late Blount Nobles.

J. H. Kittrell & Clara E. Kittrell to Benj F. Tuckeer (DB TT p 479) (Court Nov 27, 1871) Paid $500.00, 70 acres located on Contentnea Creek to corner of Lot #2 of division of lands of Stanley Kittrell. Portion of land given to John H. Kittrell in the division of Stanley Kittrell land, lies west of Brewer line. Signed John H. Kittrell, Clara E. Kittrell

John Spivey & Grizzy A. C. Spivey to Benj. F. Tucker (DB VV p 176) Sept 27, 1872) Paid $500.00, 71 acres located on north side of Little Contentnea Creek, first corner of Lot #3 in division of lands of Stanley Kittrell. Runs north with line of #3 to a horn beam on Contentnea Creek, then down creek to a corner of lands of late H. M. Rountree. Lot #4 division of Stanley Kittrell land, lying west of Brewers line as assigned to G. A. C. Kittrell. Signed John Spivey, Grizzy A. C. Spivey (WBK Note: Grizzy was d/o Stanley & Winifred Jenkins Kittrell)

John H. Kittrell & Clara E. Kittrell to Benj. F. Tucker (DB VV p 177) (Sept 30, 1872) Paid $1000.00, 73 acres located on west side of Little Contentnea Creek bounded to stake in Johnson's line, to John Kittrell corner in Sandy Run. Part of Lot #3 in division of lands of Stanley Kittrell assigned to John H. Kittrell. This is rest of lot #3 of which part had been coveyed by deed book TT p 479. (WBK Note: John was s/o Stanley & Winifred Jenkins Kittrell)

Marshal G. James to John B. Nichols (DB WW p 123) (Jan 21, 1867) Paid $1000.00. located south side of Tar River, one tract of land deeded to my father John James, dec'd by John Briley date Jan 7, 1830 (WBK Note: DB GG p 250) beginning at Hardee's Run at south of small branch to edge of pocosion in Sam'l Brown, Jr. line, then to various runs of branch to beginning, containing 104 acres. Another tract at Hardees Run containing 9 acres. Tract on south side of Hardees Run adjoing land of Inloe Lacy, Benj. Tison containing 9 1/2 acres. Another tract beginning at what was once Cullen Nichols corner in Allen Tison, Jr. line, to Sherwood Hines corner, to pine in head of Hardees Run to beginning, containing 15 acres. Also one tract beginning at dividing corner between George Moye, Sr. and George Moye, Jr. in Wainwright's line to Wainwright's corner west to Allen Tison corner, then Tison line north to Ruel Anderson's former corner, Anderson line to corner and then west to Great Surveycalled Arnetty Survey to John Moye corner to beginning, containing 118 1/2 acres. Tract on north side of Hardees Run at Tison's line containing 8 acres. Wit: H. Sheppard, B. S. Sheppard (WBK Note: John B. Nichols (m. Margaret "Maggie" James) was son in law of Marshall G. James.

Samuel & Elizabeth Kittrell to John Spivey & Gris Ann Spivery (DB WW p 434) (Nov 17, 1873) Paid $125.00, 43 acres adjoins Elias Blount & William Johnston. (WBK Note: Elizabeth Kittrell was d/o Arden C. Tucker & Edith Tull, sister of Arden C. Tucker, Jr.)

George Moye, Gracey Moye, Mary Moye to S. A. Kittrell (DB WW 462) (Nov 18, 1873) Land bound by Nuham Garris on the east and south, on the west by John Moye and on the north by S. A. Kittrell. 60 acres, $500.00

Joab Harrington, Jr. (DB XX p 537) (April 7, 1874) Indebted Amount $27.50, 44 1/2 acres Note due Jan 1, 1875, adjoins Annie Johnson, Joab Smith. Signed Joab "x" Harrington, Jr.

W. L. Cherry, Referee to Arden C. Tucker (DB YY p 73) (Feb 7, 1874) Lot #2 of Jethro Kittrell property. 20 acres

Theophilus & E. W. Smith to Benjamin T. Smith (DB B3 p3) (Dec 4, 1874) (WBK Note: Pitt Chronicles #1104: Theophilus and Benjamin T. Smith were brothers and sons of Henry Smith and Celia Tucker. Theophilus' wife was Elizabeth W. May.)

Joab Harrington to Carherine Spivey (Grizzy Ann Catherine Kittrell) (DB B3 p 495) Indebted Amount: $116.45. Note due Dec 1, 1875 44 acres adjoins William Johnson, Matthew Hart. Wit: John R. Hart. signed Joab "x" Harrington, John Jerinton

Henry D. & Catherine Smith to Purnell Patrick (DB D3 p 83) (Jan 19, 1876) 80 acres signed Henry D. Smith, Catherine "x" Smith

Moses Tyson (Mary) to D. H. Allen and wife, Mary P. Allen (DB E3 p 5080 (Jan 16, 1877) 60 acres, former lands of John Moye, John Lacy and Inloe Lacy March 17, 1830 (Note: Mary P. Allen was d/o Moses and Mary Tyson)

L. P. Beardsley, Adm. of Marshall G. James to B. F. Jolly and Lydia James (WBK Note: widow of Marshal G. James) (DB E3 p 529) (Jan 13, 1877) (Court Nov 4, 1875) 70 acres subject to widow's dower. (John B. Nichols, son in law of Marshall G. James, step son in law of Lydia Mills James) Bid $200.00. Dec 6, 1875. adjoins Frank Nobles 7 wife Sarah, T. R. Cherry, Edward Yellowley, Moses Willoughby, Braley tract, heirs of William Jolly.

Will of J. J. Bland (DB F3 p 477) (Oct 6, 1863) Benjamin Smith and Susan Smith mentioned as heirs. Susan was daughter of Barnes Bland.

Mary J. Nichols to Allen Kittrell (DB G3 p259) (Jan 12, 1878) (Court Jan 14, 1878) Paid $50.00, 52 1/2 acres adjoins land of Robert Baldree & Levi Wetherington on the west, Allen Anderson heirs on the east, lying on the east side of road leading from Plank road to Kinston road. Allotted to her from her father and known as Cory land. Wit: Harry Skinner

George & Nancy Elizabeth Crawford to Ashley A. Allen (DB G3 p 440) (Mar 6, 1870) Her interest in estate of father, Titus C. Allen $400.00 for rights and interest.

George T. Allen to Ashley A. Allen (DB G3 p 441) (Mar 9, 1878) (May 8, 1877) His interest in estate of Titus C. Allen

W. C. Gardner & Elizabeth to Sarah P. Quinerly (DB L3 p 482) (Dec 13, 1878) 90 acres bounded on the north by J. L. Tucker line, on the east by Wiley Clark, on the south by road leading from Johnson's Mill to Bell Ferry and on the west by Harriet Loftin; land lies on opposite side of road where I now live.

B. F. Tucker to Phelix Braxton (DB M3 p 150) (Oct 1, 1877) Sandy Run, Simson's line, adjoins Caleb Cannon, Lot #3 in Jethro Kittrell division of land to Nancy E. Kittrell. Note for $144.52, property to be sold if not paid.

Henry D. & Catherine Smith to Amos G. Cox (DB M3 p 213) (Mar 5, 1879) 75 acres adjoins A. M. Stocks, Lewis McGlohon

W. C. Gardner (Elizabeth) to Sarah P. Quinerly land bounded by George Browning's line, Gallaway Swamp, to David Kennedy corner and Bell's Ferry. $700.00, 122 acres

Johnson Nobles to Joab Harrington (DB N3 p 217) (May 6, 1879) 150 acres bought from Charles Rountree. Wit: Eliazer Ellis, William "x" Herrington

John R. Hart & Rebecca to G. A. C. Spivey (Grizzy Ann Catherine Kittrell) (DB O3 p 24) (Nov 14, 1879) Note: $150.02, Due Jan 1, 1882 Land bounded by Joab Smith & Augustus Braxton, 50 acres signed John R. Hart, Rebecca "x" Hart

Margaret A. Weatherington to Abner Slaughter (DB O3 p 418) (Feb 3, 1880) Paid $100.00, 160 acres adjoins Franklin Brooks heirs, Bryant Ellis, part of 40 acres tract. The 160 acres to be taken from the east side of the tract. Wit: John W. Cox, Amos G. Cox

Joseph Barber to Phelix Braxton (DB P3 p 111) (Mar 1, 1880) $50.00, 19 1/2 acres located east of Contentnea Creek and adjoins Sandy Run Lot #4 in Jethro Kittrell division to Nancy E. Kittrell.

Allen Kittrell to Kindrick Kittrell (DB R3 p 284) (July 20, 1870) (Mar 22, 1881) Land bounded on north side by Horse Pen Branch, down branch north to Fulford's line, now to J. B. Ellis corner, Ellis' line to W. J. Fulford's line, to Joshua Tripp line to main road at Hines Corner. 40 acres, $100.00

Will of Aaron T. Allen (DB R3 p 421) (Mar 11, 1881) Lot #1, 20 acres Margaret Allen; Lot #2, 20 acres Icabod Allen; Lot #3, 20 acres John R. Allen; Lot #4, 20 acres Louisa Allen; Lot #5, 20 acres Zachariah Allen; Lot #6, 20 acres Lewis Allen; Lot #7, 20 acres Ivy Allen; Lot #8, 20 acres Sally Ann Allen; Lot #9, 40 acres Samuel Flake, Priscella Allen Flake. Adjoins Samuel Flake line, Beddard's corner, Samuel Brown line, Hardee's Run.

John Slaughter, Theophius Slaughter, Elizabeth Tripp, Dulry Dail, Edne Slaughter, Catherine Smith And Susan Cannon to John C. Cox (DB Y3 p 276) (Sept 29, 1882) Paid $175.00, 55 acres. Located near Thomas Tripp, Redden Tripp, Thomas Cannon, Henry May and William Little..known as Slaughter land. Every one but John Slaughter signed with an "x".

Abner & Queenie Slaughter of Lenoir County to A. Weatherington (DBY3 p 277) (Oct 2, 1882) Paid $800.00, 160 acres, Part of 400 acre be taken from the east side of this tract. Adjoining Franklin Brooks heirs and Bryant Ellis. Wit: William T. Fields

S. A. Kittrell to P. H. Kittrell (DB A4 p 181 (Feb 10, 1883) Allen Kittrell land (S. A. Kittrell, commisioner) Begin at road leading from Greenville to Scufferton, north to Fulford's corner, then east to Timon Stocks' fence, back to main road. Land purchased by Allen Kittrell from Tilman Stocks and wife. (DB TT p 195, Feb 1, 1871) 26 acres, $525.00. (WBK Note: S. A. Kittrell was s/o Allen & Lois Hawkins Kittrell, P. H. Kittrell was s/o Allen & Martha Stocks Kittrell)

Lucy A. Vainwright to John H. Vainwright (DB G4 p 116) (Nov 18, 1882) $200.00, 130 acres Part of William Vainwright tract, adjoins B. A. House, W. G. Blount, Major James

Arden C. Tucker to E. H. Craft (DB G4 p 160) (Mar 10, 1884) 20 acres signed by A. C. Tucker, N. E. Tucker (WBK Note: This was part of Jethro Kittrell land, Arden's first wife Mary Jane (d/o Jethro Kittrell) has died) and Arden m. Nancy E. Williams)

Cullen Tripp to Joseph Smith (DB H4 p 558) (Feb 20, 1849) Paid $62.00, 20 1/2 acres, 9 1/2 acres. Mentions: Charles Jenkins, Daniel Oquin line, Thomas Griffin and Sarah Moye. Wit: J. Ringgold, Lazarus Smith. Signed Cullen "x" Tripp

Joseph Smith to Williams Smith (DB H4 p 559) (Dec 24, 1858) Natural love and affection for my son William Smith. Mentions: west side of Hencoop Swamp, upper corner Harvey Meglohon land, corner of Kittrell land, Griffin line and Tripps corner. Wit: Caleb Cannon, Lucretia R. Cannon

Stanley Kittrell to Joseph Smith (DB H4 p 561) (Oct 20, 1851) (Court July 11, 1885) Paid $62.00, 14 1/2 acres west side of Hencoop Swamp, east side of main road leading from Greenville to Contentney Creek, beginning on the side of Hencoop Swamp formerly Rountree's corner with his line to Smith's line. Wit: Allen Kittrell, William Smith

Harvey McGlohorn to William Smith (DB H4 p 562) (Dec 17, 1855) $125.00 located on east side of Little Contentnea.

Ivy & Susan Allen to William Smith (DB H4 p 565) (May 5, 1882) Paid $200.00, 202 acres. Our interest in southern portion of tract of land belonging to Joseph Smith. Adjoins Caleb Cannon, John J. Frizzle beginning at Hencoop Swamp, S. N. Manning & Allen's corner to J. J. Frizzle's corner, to Caleb Cannon's line, to Caleb Cannon corner to Sandy Run Swamp. Wit: E. C. Blount. signed Ivy "x" Allen, Susan "x" Allen

Marshall G. James to Free Will Baptist Church (DB L4 p 483) (Sept 20, 1852) (Proved Dec 7, 1885). Located on road from Adams Bridge to Greenville...Moye's line, Moye's corner, Benjamin Crawford line. 1 1/2 acre. Wit: W. F. Tripp, W. F. Nobles

Allen Kittrell to William W. Hardy (DB p 485) (Feb 2, 1884) (Pitt court Dec 30, 1885) Paid $150.00, 50 acres Beginning at line of said Hardy to Allen Fulford's corner, then with Fulford's line to cun of Horsepen Branch to Fulford's and Allen Kittrell corners, south side of said branch to Harrington and Kittrell's corner, then with James Harrington line to main road then to Hardy's line. Wit: Kendrick Kittrell, James Tripp

John A. Hart & Rebecca Hart to G. A. C. Spivey (DB P4 p 354) (Dec 24, 1886) 50 acres bounded by Joab Smith land. Property for note in Deed Book O3 p 24). signed John R. Hart, Rebecca "x" Hart

Redding Hudson & Brillincy Hudson to Joseph Warren (DB P4 p 676) (Jan 20, 1887) 15 acres, $500.00, located in Belvoir Township adjoining land of J. A. Davis, Jas. A. Pollard. Wit: J. A. K. Tucker, Redding Hudson, Brillency "x" Hudson

W. B. Garris & Penelope Garris to G. A. C. Spivey (DB T4 p 171) (Jan 21, 1887) Note for $94.37, 45 acres begins at Garris corner running to Joseph & Mack Dixon's corner to W. S. Cannon corner. signed W. B. Garris, Penelope Garris (WBK Note Penelope Kittrell Garris was d/o of Jonathan & Rebecca Nobles Kittrell and first cousin of Grizzy Ann Catherine Kittrell Spivery, d/o of Jethro Kittrell)

Daniel Foreman to Alfred Nichols (DB T4 p 172) (Mar 30, 1887) (executed Mar 30, 1889) Note for bale of cotton, note due Nov 1, 1887. Wit: Maggie Kittrell. signed Daniel "x" Foreman. (WBK Note: Maggie Kittrell was daughter of Alexander Kittrell and Lunicy Tyson Kittrell. Lunicy married Alfred Nichols after death of Alexander Kittrell. Maggie Kittrell married Luke Hemby)

Redding Hudson to J. M. Norfleet (DB Y4 p 590) (Mar 11, 1889) 15 acres J. S. Warren & wife J. A. Warren owed note to Redding Hudson in the amount of $500.00 (see DB P4 p 676) This property had been purchased from Jas. A. Pollard.

Sarah A. Braxton, executrix last will of Felix Braxton to J. G. Cox (DB X4 p 195) (Feb 16, 1888) Located east side of Swift Creek, G. B. Ellis corner, J. D. Cox's land and Briant Tripp land. 25 acres

S. A. Kittrell to Chas. T. Kittrell (DB H5 p 287) (Feb 18, 1887) (Court May 26, 1888) Paid $1.00, 150 acres located between Nahum Garris and J. S. May, known as Craft land. Dividing line of James Harrell, Franklin Nichols and Lafe Smith. (WBK Note: Chas T. Kittrell was s/o Samuel A. Kittrell)

Ivy Allen & Susan Allen to W. J. Smith (DB A5 p 518) (May 21, 1891) Paid $250.00 located near old Johnson Crossing..on dividing line between Susan Allen and William Smith. Signed Ivy "x" Allen, Susan "x" Allen. (WBK Note: Susan Allen and William Smith were sister and brother, children of Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Hardee)

Mary J. Wingate (DB M5 p 108) (Mar 12, 1892) Mary J. Wingate is mentioned as daughter, same property as in DB W8 p 115 (listed later)

Redden Hudson to John A. Hudson (DB T5 p 153) (Feb 26, 1895) 70 1/2 acres, $423.00 Wit: R. Hudson (WBK Note: John A. Hudson is s/o Redden Hudson)

Richard and Mary J. Wingate to Elias E. Dail (DB W8 p 115) (Aug 30, 1907) Paid $10,000.00, 214 acres property conveyed to Richard and Mary J. Wingate by G. A. Spivey on Mar 12, 1892 by DB W5 p 108. (Mary Jane is d/o of Grizzy Ann Catherine Kittrell Spivey)

93. William Smith & Nicey Smith to Benjamin Smith, son (DB R6 p 490) (June 5, 1899) given for love and consideration of their son, located on new road, T. N. Manning line, Joyner Smith line, Joseph H. Smith corner and Hencoop Swamp. 48 2/5 acres Singed William Smith, Nicey "x" Smith

J. T. & Laura Braxton to Atlantic Coast Realty Company (W. A. Morton) (DB P11 p370) (Dec 7, 1916) Contract to sell 125 acres known as the Charles Kittrell place

J. T. Braxton & Laura to W. Z. Morton (DB Q11 p 170) (Dec 20, 1916) (Court Dec 21, 1916) Lot #1, 9.04 acres; Lot #2, 68 acres; Lot #3, 48.07 acres Paid $8,700.00

W. Z. & Clara S. Morton to M. D. Crawford (DB Q11 p 171) (Dec 20, 1916) Lot #3 48.07 acres. (WBK Note: same land as in DB Q11 p 170)

J. T. Braxton & Laura to Atlantic Coast Realty Company (DB W11 p 118) Contract to sell 47 1/2 acres

M. T. Frizzell (Fannie H.), J. Paul Frizzell (Nina), J. B. Frizzell (Virginia D.) & John Frizzell (Jennie) to John Avery & Hattie G. Avery (DB C20 p 424) (Jan 17, 1934) (WBK Note: Dec 26, 1921 J. T. Frizzell sold to John & Hattie Avery (DB X13 p 552) owned by J. T. Braxton See Map Book 1 p 87 for map of lands, Lot #2 containing 68 acres, known as the Charles Kittrell place.)

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