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Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church Minutes 1830 - 1851

The following are selected items taken from the church minutes as found on microfilm in the
East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J.Y. Joyner Library,
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

The records are hard to follow since the original record pages were out of order when microfilmed. Contributed by Roger Kammerer.


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Jan. 1830 - Elder Thomas D. MASON, moderator. George MCGOWAN and James EDWARDS were delegates to Galloway’s Church; James GRIFFIN and David SUTTON to Hancocks; Wilie NOBLES and Silas TISON to Rountrees; John EVANS and Benjamin CORY to Greenville. Black brother named Jerry has certificate to speak publicly in exhortation.

May 1830 - Silas TISON, church clerk. Wilee, a black brother should be silenced from preaching.

Aug. 1830 - Stephen, a black member ran away.

Sept. 1830 - William PAGE Sr. departed this life Sept. 17, 1830.

June 1831 - Azeniah PAGE appointed for letter of dismission.

Sept. 1831 - Black sister Philis, belonging to W. PAGE recieved. Margaret SERMONS received.

B. CORY to have letters dismission.

Mar. 1832 - Difficulty between David SUTTON Jr. and Wilie NOBLES, SUTTON excommunicated to his own wish. Burgess GLADSON, Jane ELLIS, William COX received. Wiley and Clemmy NOBLES, John and Allis MOYE, Azaniah PAGE, John EVANS, Elizabeth HENDOM, and Litty were baptized.

June 1832 - Anny, belonging to Caleb NELSON received.

Aug. 1832 - Timan [Timney?] JAMES received. Ephriam BROOKS and wife to attend next meeting.

Prayer given by brother Benjamin SHIVERS.

Sept. 1832 - Black sister Fanny, belonging to Benjamin TUCKER received. Elizabeth WOMBLE and Mariah MCGLAHON received. Wiley NOBLES given letter of dismission. David SUTTON restored to fellowship and to the office of deacon. George MCGOWAN was treasurer.

Nov. 1833 - Lydia SMITH departed this life Nov. 13, 1833. Margaret SERMON departed this life Nov. 26, 1833.

Dec. 1833 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. James GRIFFIN, David SUTTON and George MCGOWAN were named as delegates to Union Meeting. Azaniah PAGE returns his letter of dismission back to the church. Jacob MILLS excluded for drunkenness. Lydia SMITH departed this life Dec. 16, 1833.

Mar. 1834 - Lanier GRIFFIN received. Noah and Sary TISON received. Moses TISON said Mary AVERY could not attend.

Apr. 1834 - Sary BEDFORD received.

May 1834 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Elizabeth CATON received. Lanier GRIFFIN licensed to preach. A Sanction says that Abraham CONGLETON, John P. DUNN and William CLARK have and are now in the habit of preaching doctrines which are deemed not only heretical but subversive of the peace by the fundamental views of a certain W. W. CAMPBELL. They are to be excluded from their pulpits.

June 1834 - Thomas D. MASON, moderator. James GRIFFIN clerk. Irvan, a colored man belonging to Joseph RINGGOLD received. Caleb NELSON and James EDWARDS to visit church at Galloways. James GRIFFIN and Lanier GRIFFIN to visit church at Hancocks. James DEMBY departed this life June 18, 1834.

July 1834 - Edmon A. DANIEL, moderator. David SUTTON, clerk.

Aug. 1834 - Benjamin SHIVERS, moderator. Colored woman belonging to William HARDEE received.

Sept. 1834 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Lanier GRIFFIN, clerk. David SUTTON to have a letter of dismission.

Oct. 1834 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Brother PAGE charges Luke DENNY of stealing.

Nov. 1834 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Dec. 1834 - Noah TISON, moderator.

Jan. 1835 - No meeting

Feb. 1835 - No meeting

Apr. 1835 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Jesse TICE received. Colored man belonging to John EASON received. Peter charged with drinking.

May 1835 - Brother TISON [Noah TISON], moderator. Brother MCGOWAN be ordained as a deacon.

Sister Nancy HARDEE departed this life May 22, 1835.

June 1835 - Brother TISON [Noah TISON], moderator.

Sept. 1835 - Elder DUPREE, moderator.

Oct. 1835 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Dec. 1835 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Jan. 1836 - Brother TICE [Noah TISON] acted as moderator.

Feb. 1836 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. To speak to Brother PAGE to not sell spirits on the Sabbath.

Mar. 1836 - Noah TICE [TISON], moderator.

Apr. 1836 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

May 1836 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

June 1836 - Brother TICE [Noah TISON], moderator.

July 1836 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Aug. 1836 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Oct. 1836 - Brother TICE [Noah TISON], moderator.

Nov. 1836 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. There is a difference between Timney JAMES and Evelther HARREL. Woman Kate excluded for getting drunk.

Dec. 1836 - Noah TICE [TISON], moderator. Sister Timney JAMES restored to fellowship and Evelthy HARREL offered and was not received.

Jan. 1837 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Feb. 1837 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Mar. 1837- Brother TICE [Noah TISON], moderator.

Apr. 1837 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Caleb NELSON, clerk.

May 1837 - Brother TICE [Noah TISON], moderator. Brother PAGE be returned to fellowship.

June 1837 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Caleb NELSON, clerk.

Sept. 1837 - Yearly Meeting, James GRIFFIN, moderator. Tone and Ned cited to next meeting, belong to brother James WILSON. Next Association meeting to be at old Red Banks.

Oct. 1837 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Mrs. Jesse TICE cited for her disorderly walk of joining the church at Greenville without proper letter of dismission, was brought forward and she was turned out.

Dec. 1837 - Noah TISON departed this life Dec. 12, 1837. David SUTTON departed this life Dec. 14, 1837.

Jan. 1838 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Feb. 1838 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Jesse TICE excluded from the church for not attending worship. Tony to be excluded for trespass against his master. James GRIFFIN have the lliberty to choose deacons for the church. John EVANS departed this life Feb. 13, 1838.

Mar. 1838 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

May 1838 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

June 1838 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.


Apr. 1839... James GRIFFIN, moderator. Brother Moses TICE [TISON] cites sister AVERY to the church.

June 1839 - Caleb NELSON ordained as deacon; Lanier GRIFFIN ordained to the office of the ministry.

Aug. 1839 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Peter accused of drinking.

Sept. 1839 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Toney restored to fellowship. July BELL received.

Oct. 1839 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Feb. 1840 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Peter expelled for intoxication. Betty WOMBLE charged with keeping a disorderly house.

Mar. 1840 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Sept. 1840 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Louisa TAFT received. Tony expelled for stealing.


Sept. 1841 - James GRIFFIN, moderator; Brother BUCK and wife received.

Dec. 1841 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Jan. 1842 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Apr. 1842 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Oct. 1842 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Nov. 1842 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Dec. 1842 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Jan. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Feb. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Apr. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Colored woman named Rose received.

June 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

July 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Aug. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Sept. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Abram HARDEE received. Agreed we commune on Sunday Baptism at Hardees Run.

Oct. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator; Polina HARDEE received baptism on Sunday at the river.

Nov. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Colored man belonging to Hozey BUCK received in baptism at the river.

Dec. 1843 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.


July 1844 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. David, belonging to Luke ALBRITTON, departed this life July 21, 1844

Aug. 1844 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Josiah NELSON clerk. Abram C. HARDEE departed this life Aug. 31, 1844.

Sept. 1844 - Lanier GRIFFIN, moderator.

Mar. 1845 - Lanier GRIFFIN, moderator.

June 1845 -Lanier GRIFFIN, moderator.

Aug. 1845 - Lanier GRIFFIN, moderator. Allen STOCKS and wife received.

Sept. 1845 - Yearly Meeting. James GRIFFIN, moderator. A. STOCKS, clerk.

Dec. 1845 - Elisabeth WETHERINGTON received. Caleb NELSON chosen church clerk. Liscom CAMPBELL departed this life.

Mar. 1846 - Lanier GRIFFIN, moderator. Wilie a colored man belonging to John HARDEE, be excommunicated for stealing.

May 1846 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Susannah RINGGOLD received. Sister RODY PAGE departed this life June 1, 1846.

Aug. 1846 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Peter, belonging to Cornelius PATRICK, is restored to fellowship. David, belonging to Joseph COX is received.

Sept. 1846 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Caleb Nelson clerk. James GRIFFIN, Caleb NELSON and Allen STOCKS are delegates to the Association. Grace FORBES received. Mary PETIT received.

Oct. 1846 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.


Martha SMITH departed this life June the 25, 1847
Peter NELSON departed this life June 28, 1847
Elizabeth SMITH departed this life Aug. 13, 1847
Sarah BELL departed this life Sept. 1847
Rose BELL departed this life 13th day of September 1847

Sept. 1847 - Wiley came forward and was restored. Rhodia HERRINGTON given letter of dismission to join church at Hancocks.

Oct. 1847 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Josiah NELSON to go to Association in place of George MCGOWAN.

Nov. 1847 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Dec. 1847 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.


Susanna RINGGOLD departed this life June 18, 1848.

July 1848... Diannah owned by Reuben GORTNER restored to fellowship.

Aug. 1848 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Sept. 1848 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Communion tommorrow and wash feet. James, a coloured man belonging to Garrison TUCKER was received. Tony, owned by Brother James WILSON restored to fellowship.

Oct. 1848 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Irvin departed this life Oct. 21, 1848.

Dec. 1848 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Feb. 1849 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Belle, a colored woman departed this life Feb. 14, 1849.

Mar. 1849 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Apr. 1849 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Susanna STOKES received. Lucey, colored woman belonging to William STOKES received.


Sept. 1849 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Calvin EVANS received. Lucy, colored woman belonging to A. TAFT received.

Oct. 1849 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Lucinda TUCKER received.

Dec. 1849 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Harriet MOORE received.

Jan. 1850 - Lanier GRIFFIN, moderator.

Feb. 1850 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Mingo KNOX, a colored man, departed this life Feb. 14, 1850.

Mar. 1850 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Calvin EVANS chosen church clerk.

May 1850 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

June 1850 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Allen STOCKS departed this life July 5, 1850

Sept. 1850 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Phany TUCKER colored woman, excluded for adultry.

Oct. 1850 -James GRIFFIN, moderator. Harriet MOORE given letter of dismission. Sarah HADDOCK excluded for having united with another profession. Josiah NELSON appted. Church Treasurer. Calvary a colored person received.

Dec. 1850 - James GRIFFIN, moderator. Brother PAGE called for non-attendance, but was excused. Susanna STOKES married to Thomas N. EDWARDS.

Esther EDWARDS departed this life Jan. 6, 1851

Elizabeth NELSON departed this life Jan. 11, 1851.


July 1851 - Sister WOMBLE restored.

Aug. 1851 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.

Sept. 1851 - James GRIFFIN, moderator.


Caleb NELSON departed this life April 15, 1862
Julia BELL departed this life May 14, 1864
Elisbeth WETHINGTON departed this life May 26, 1867
Laney CHERRY departed this life July 17, 1867
Jesse TYSON departed this life April 30, 1870

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