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Salem Church Records: 1876-1887

Pitt County, NC

Abstracted from Film #1976593, LDS Church, by Sloan S. Mason
(This is the complete record--copied exactly as record appears)
(Surnames capitalized for easier reading)


The church of Christ at Salem, Pitt County, North Carolina was organized on the 19th day of November 1876 by Elder's Henry D. HARPER and Gideon ALLEN and Elected the following Officers:

x-Jacob MCCOTTER-------------------Died Sept. 3rd 1887.
L. T.? WITHERINGTON--------------For Elders

W.S. BLOUNT-----------------------------For Deacons
x-Guilford GARDNER-----------------Died Oct. 1880

Calvin STOKES---------------------------For Clerk

Gideon ALLEN----------------------------For Pastor for 1877.


-------x-William PATE-Remove to Timothy -March 1879
-------x-Thomas STOKES-Remove to Timothy
-------x-Thomas W. STOKES-Removed
----------John B. WITHERINGTON
-------x-Edmond STOKES-Removed to Timotha-March 1879
----------George B. MCCOTTER
----------Theophilus BLAND-Sn.?
-------x-John C. BLAND-Dismissed by letter-Sept. 1889
----------Jese P. QUINERLY
----------Samuel QUNERLY
----------Spencer BROOKS
----------Thomas E. BROOKS
-------x-James BROOKS, Jr.-dismissed
----------Coart PATRICK
-------x-James G. WITHERINGTON-removed to Timotha-March 1879?
----------E.A. WILSON
----------F.? M. KILPATRICK
----------Lewis EDWARDS

p.4 ----------J.E. SPEIR
-------x-Theophilus BLAND, Jr.-joined Episcopal church 1887.
----------W.C. BUTLER
-------x-N.H. HATHAWAY-removed to Timotha -Jan. 1879
----------Joseph CANNON
----------W.A. QUINERLY-died
March 19-Evan? [Ivan] K. WITHERINGTON-Removed to Timothy- 1880
----------John A. SMITH
-------x-Archible DUDLEY-died June 1888
----------Samuel DUDLEY
April 20-George W. GARDNER-received by letter from Bethel-- 1879

June 14-x-Dr. H.D. HARPER-received by letter from Mill Creek
October-Dr. W.L. BEST----------------------1879
----------Jesse C. WILSON
----------John B. HOLAWAY
-------x-Edward T.? HOLAWAY-dismissed Sept. 1887
-------x-Shadrick F. WITHERINGTON-died Feb. 1882
1880----Canerdy? MOORE
July 18-x-Jesse CANNON-remove to Rountree-Sept. 1883
----------Josephus HOLTON
1882----Marcellus M. STOKES
----------Willie C. STOKES
1887----George B. KILPATRICK
--"-"--S.R. WILSON
--"-"--Edward BUTLER
--"-"--Robert L. JOHNSON
--"-"--Pinkney HARDEE
--"-"--M.C. SMITH

(no page 5)
------x-Mary QUINERLY-died Dec. 3rd 1883, 7 o'clock, P.M.
------x-Arrena PATE-removed to Timotha March 1879
---------Mary SMITH
---------Sarah E. BLOUNT
---------Mary E. BROOKS
---------Jemimma QUINERLY
---------Argent PATRICK
------x-Ally HATHAWAY-removed to Timotha January 1879
------x-Eliza GRIFFIN-died April 1878
------x-Mary BROOKS -(unable to read)
------x-Mary A. STOKES-remove to Timothy-1879
1878-x-Sarah VENDRIX-remove to Episcopal Church
------x-Margaret A. STOKES
---------Lucretia WITHERINGTON
------x-Susan E. PATE-removed to Timotha March 1877
---------Elizabeth CARNEY
------x-Elizabeth H. QUINERLY-died April 18th, 1888
------x-Lydia STOKES-removed to Timothy 1879
------x-Sarah P.? QUINERLY-died
------x-Augusta STOKES-remove to Timotha March 1879
------x-Melvina SUMERULL-died Sept. 1887
---------Jestin? R. MCCOTTER
------x-Pattie TUCKER-dismissed?
---------Caroline TUCKER
---------Martha A. BLAND
------x-Sarah E. GRIFFIN-SPEAR-died March 1883
---------Mary A. GRIFFIN-SPEIR
---------Willie BROOKS COBB-married Dec. 12, 1883
---------Annie Brooks TAYLOR
---------Lovie Brooks FRIZZLE
------x-Jane LANCASTER-remove to Timotha March 1879
---------Susan BUTLER
---------Geneva BROOKS BUTLER

---------Fannie BROOKS CHAPMAN-married May 5, 1887?
------x-Bettie Garris CANNON
------x-Emeline MCCOTTER-died 1887

---------Susan SMITH
------x-Henrietta WITHERINGTON-remove to Timotha March 1879
---------Sarah J. KILPATRICK
---------Julia ADAMS
---------Elizabeth BUTLER
---------Martha J. EDWARDS
---------Sarah E. WILSON EDWARDS
---------Kizzah HARDY
------x-Sarah HOLLAWAY SMITH
Jan. 1880-x-Susan SMITH-dismissed at request
Jan. 1880-x-Carrie L. SMITH BLAND Dismissed at request
---------Eliza GARDNER of Gulfport?
---------Eliza GARDNER of Georgia?
---------Veney MCCOTTER
---------Sarah ADAMS CANNON
---------Julia BUTLER
---------Sarah SMITH HARDY
---------Mary SMITH of Apex?
---------Henrietta SMITH
------x-Mary E. QUINERLY-dismissed by letter 1881
---------Jackey A. JOHNSON
------x-Pattie BROOKS
------x-Mary QUINERLY
------x-Nancy DUDLY-died Sept. 1881
------x-Ann E. COX FOREST-died July 1886
---------Elizabeth COX
------x-Eliza HARRISS-died 1880
Oct. 7-x-Lidia WITHERINGTON MOORE-died July 1887
1878----Maggie GARDNER
----------Sarah SPEAR
----------Yannah? HARDY
----------Pattie A. BROOKS
1879-x-Lizzie PITMAN-rec'd from Bethel? April 20-died 1885?
--"----x--Cardelia M. HARPER from Hookerton-June 14th

June 14-Elizar HARPER- (name crossed out)
--------x-Liddie HELLEN-died Sept., 1888
-----------Brinie? WITHERINGTON
-----------Mary A. HOLOWAY
-----------Mary Jorden BROCK
-----------Sarah Bland HELLEN-married August 1885
--------x-Elizabeth BLAND-dismissed by letter 1882?
-----------Susan E. WILSON
1880-x-Cinthay HARDY-dismissed by letter June 14, 1884?
June 20-x-Fannie C. GARDNER-dismissed by letter March 1887
Nov.---x-Elizabeth CANNON-remove to Rountree-Sept. 1883

-"-------- Tresey JONES
-"-------x-Lona A. JONES-dismissed by request-1882
1882, Sept.-Lula WITHERINGTON
---------x--Florance BUTLER-died Aug. 1st, 1886
1887-x--Addie BUTLER
Aug. 25-Esther T.? BROOKS
" "-Minie DAWSON
" "-Reby GRIFFIN
" "-Martha BALDREE
" "-Eliza PATRICK
" "-Bettie WILSON
" "-Josephine QUINERLY
" "-Mary E. QUINERLY

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