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St. Paul's Episcopal Church Funerals

The following is transcribed from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Register, Book 1, Greenville, NC; found on microfilm in the East Carolina Manuscript Collection,
J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Contributed by Roger Kammerer.


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Names Dates By Whom
Miss Elizabeth Cobb, adult 1833 Rev. Wm N. Hawks
Dr. Robert Williams, adult Octr 14th 1840 Rev. John Singeltary
Ann Eliza Williams, infant Novemr 4th 1843 Rev. John Singeltary
George Herbert Joyner,infant 1850 Rev. Edwin Geer
Dr. Robert Franklin John Haywood Williams, adult March 28th 1853 Rev. N. Collin Hughes
Mr. Nymphias A Price adult ------ Rev. N. Collin Hughes
Joseph J. Norcott Octr 9th 1848 Rev. N. Collin Hughes
Mrs. Martha A. E. Clark July 4th 1850 Rev. Edwin Geer
Mrs. Mary G Pearce 1851 Rev. N. Collin Hughes
Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Feby 17th 1854 Rev. N. Collin Hughes
Mr. Nicholas D. Williams May 30th 1858 Rev. S. C. Roberts
Caroline (infant of Richard F. J. H. & C. E. A. Williams Octr 14th 1858 Rev. S. C. Roberts
Mr. Richard F. J. H. Williams Sept 17th 1860 Rev. Edwin Geer
Capt. Joseph A. Williams Novemr 26 1862 Layman Richd Williams
James (infant son of HA & E Sutton) August 1866 Layman Richd Williams
Mary (infant of Aaron & J. A. Ernul) 1866 Layman Richd Williams
Louise (infant of Joseph and Mary Comer June 3rd 1863 Rev. T. B. Haughton
Mrs. Sarah E. Blount Octr. 6th 1867 Rev. Israel Harding
Myrtle O’Hagan Stilley (infant of C. C. & C. Stilley) 1868 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Lee (infant of W. L. & Mary Cherry) Augst 23 1869 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Mary E Cherry (wife of W. L. Cherry) Sept 5th 1870 Layman R. Williams
Pearl (infant of C. C. & C. Stilley) 1870 Layman R. Williams
Olive Lydia (infant of D S Morrill) June 21st 1871 Layman Robt. W. Joyner
Mrs. Alley Joyner (Falkland) August 25th 1871 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Mrs. Elizabeth Sheppard (wife of H. Sheppard) July 1870 Layman Ed. N. Joyner
Martha (infant of Simon B. & Martha Wilson) Sept 18th 1871 Layman R. Williams
Olive (infant of James J. & B. M. Perkins) June 1872 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Sally Kinsaul (wife of M. Kinsaul) June 28th 1872 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Eliza Nelson (wife of James) July 10th 1872 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Polly Ernul (wife of Burton G.) August 14th 1872 Layman R. Williams
Mr. O. H. McLuer November 18th1872 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Emily A. Joyner (wife of Dr Noah) July 18th 1874 Layman Wm Hargrave
Hilliard (infant of D. G. James) Octr 20th 1874 Layman R. Williams
(infant of Asa & Georgianna Pritchard) Octr 29 1874 Layman Lewis Cloak
Mrs. Margaret Shultz Novem 26th 1874 Layman R. Williams
Dr. W. A. Bernard March 8 1875 Rev. N. Harding
Mr. T. E. Nelson April 15th 1875 Layman R. Williams
James (infant of James Warren) August 13th 1875 Layman R. Williams
Myra Dennis (infant) April 22nd 1876 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Delzora ONeal May 20th 1876 Layman R. Williams
Mrs. Sarah Johnson Goelet Augt 12th 1876 Rev. N C Hughes
Mrs Ann Dunlevy Sept 4th 1876 Rev. N C Hughes
Mr. Burton G. Ernul Octr 27th 1876 Layman R. Williams
Louis Latham (Infant of _ & O. Latham) May 23rd 1877 Layman R. Williams
Solomon Sheppard (Infant of R. W. & A. J. Joyner) July 13th 1877 Layman R. Williams
Bettie M Perkins (Mrs.) March 4 1878 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Lyman Hughes Proctor (Infant son of Jesse and Sara Proctor June 6th 1878 Layman R. Williams
Zeno Holstein Williams Sept 24th 1878 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Cora Barrett (wife of Walter) Sept 1879 Lay R. Williams
James C Skinner June 21st 1880 Rev. N. C. Hughes
William Worsley son of J. B. Worsley October 3rd 1880 Lay R. Williams
Mrs Mary Boyd wife of Mr A. Boyd Feby 2d 1881 Lay R. Williams
William Bryan Proctor son of James and Amy M. Proctor Octr 17th 1881 Lay R. Williams
Henry Sheppard Octr 31st 1881 Rev N. Harding
William Sheppard Nov 29th 1881 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Benja Cobb Feby 9th 1884 Lay R. Williams
Robert R Cotton July 16th 1883 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Chas N. (or A.?) Swindell April 9th 1884 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Charles Smaw Proctor son of J. & S Proctor Sept 16th 1884 Lay R. Williams
Wallace Lewis of W. B. & M. A. Jarvis July 17th 1885 Lay R. Williams
-----Parker Infant of Geo. & Inez Parker June 21st 1886 Lay R. Williams
E. C. Yellowley Sept 1885 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Zeno Swindell Novemr 26th 1886 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Abner Boyd Jany 31st 1887 Lay R. Williams
Lucy Infant of R. B. & Sue Bynum Nov 24th 1887 Lay W. S. Bernard
Mary F Yellowley -- --
Duglas C Yellowley -- --
Mrs Latrie Skinner April 17th 1888 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Mrs Christiana Thomas Jany 9th 1890 R. Williams Lay
Mr. Robert Greene Sr June 23rd 1893 Alban Greaves
Estelle Williams (23) d. of Dr R and H. Williams St. Matthew’s Day Alban Greaves
Dr Richard Williams (80) June 26th 1894 Alban Greaves
Havens Cherry [FADED] Rev N. Harding
Mr W. T. Haydn Apl 17th 1897 Rev N. Harding
Mr. John W. Suydam March 13th 1899 J. A. Canfield
Hattie Mildred Williams (child) May 24th 1899 J. A. Canfield
Miss Penelope (Pennie) Dudley (adult) July 1st 1899 J. A. Canfield
Bernard Green (child) July 14th 1899 J. A. Canfield
Mrs. Jane M. Brown wife of (Dr. Wm Brown) Sept. 12th 1899 J. A. Canfield
William Bartley Williams (child) Sept 14th 1899 J. A. Canfield
William Henry Long (child) June 6th 1900 Rev. N. Harding
Mrs. Henrietta Williams Feb. 18th 1901 Rev. N. Harding
    Rev. F. H. Harding
Mr. J. Johnson March 13th 1901 Rev. F. H. Harding
William King (child) Aug 22nd 1901 Rev. F. H. Harding
Mrs. Wyatt Brown May 1902 Rev. Nat. Harding
Miss Margaret Boyd May 1902 Rev. N. C. Hughes
Mrs. Noah Jackson April 25, 1903 Rev. W. E. Cox
Dr. W. M. B. Brown Nov. 12, 1903 Rev. W. E. Cox
Mrs. Allie Perkins, wife of J. J. Perkins Dec. 21-1903 Rev. W. E. Cox
Mrs. John F. Boyd Nov. 16- 1904 Rev. W. E. Cox
Mr. Jesse Proctor Mar. 5- 1906 Rev. W. E. Cox
Mrs. M. M. Moore Mar 18- 1906 Rev. W. E. Cox
Annie Ella White (Infant) May 22- 1906 Rev. W. E. Cox
Mrs. Annie Shepard White adult Dec. 5- 1906 Rev. W. E. Cox
Tillman B. Cherry adult Jan. 4-1907 Rev. W. E. Cox


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