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Biographical Abstracts From the
Writings of C. C. Ware

The four volumes abstracted were written by Charles Crossfield Ware, historian for the Disciples of Christ Churches in eastern North Carolina, working out of Atlantic Christian College in Wilson (Wilson Co.), NC--now renamed Barton College. The four books are listed below, with the abbreviations used in the bracketed citations.

The Disciples immortalized by Mr. Ware lived in Pitt, Beaufort, Martin, Greene, Lenoir and surrounding counties of North Carolina. Many of them moved often and come into contact with other Disciples in the large area. They are listed here in alphabetical order.

North Carolina Disciples of Christ: A History of Their Rise and Progress, and of Their Contribution to Their General Brotherhood. Christian Board of Publication; St. Louis, Mo., 1927. [Hereinafter NCDC]

Albemarle Annuls. 1961. [Hereinafter AA]

Pamlico Profiles. 1961. [Hereinafter PP]

Rountree Chronicles. 1947. [Hereinafter RC]

James Adams: Postmaster of Middleton, Hyde Co., NC, 1834 - 1839. [AA, p. 54.]

Gideon Allen: 1817 - 1891. A native of Pitt Co., NC. He was ordained to Ministry of FWB in June, 1846. United with Disciples of Christ in 1850 at Oak Grove, Pitt Co.; remained with Church of Corinth, Pitt Co., after Oak Grove disbanded, until his death in 1891. He was preceded to the grave by his wife and four of his seven children (names not given) [Portrait; NCDC; pp. 281 - 282.]

Stanley Ayers: 1831 - 1910. Native of Martin Co., NC, born near Everetts, NC. Ordained shortly before Civil War. During last 15 years of life was inactive "due to physical weakness." His home was on Bear Grass Creek, 2 mile south of Christian Chapel. A memorial service was held for him on Oct. 11, 1936; three of his grandsons present on that occasion were Oscar Ayers, Leslie Ayers, and Archie Roberson. [NCDC; p. 282. Also AA; p. 21.]

Virginia A. Dunn Barrington, Mrs.: Was 89 yrs. old in 1944; member of Broad Creek Church, Pamlico Co., NC; baptized in 1866. [PP; p. 20.]

Amos Johnston Battle: 1805 - 1870. Son of Joel and Mary P. Battle, Amos was b. at Shell Bank, Edgecombe Co., NC. His brother, William Horn Battle, was associate justice of the State Supreme Court. Amos was first a Missionary Baptist, converted at Mt. Zion, Georgia, on a trip to his Florida plantation in 1828. He was ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1831; became minister of Disciplies of Christ in 1852. He had moved to Wilson, NC, in 1843. Amos married Miss Margaret Hearne Parker of Edge. Co., NC. He was a trustee of Wake Forest College in NC, and ran the 1st hotel in Wilson, "Battle House." In 1869 he was "attacked with cancer near the outward corner of his right eye," interrupting his evangelistic work in the mountains of NC. [NCDC; p. 283 - 285. Portrait p. 145]

Jesse Mercer Battle: Son of Amos J. Battle. [NCDC; p. 187.]

Lena Norfleet Bell Waters: From Dunn, NC; married Rev. Waters on Sept. 9th 1917. They had 1 son and 1 dau. (quoting history of Bethany Church, Pamlico Co.) [PP; p. 14.]

Robert Bond: 1800 - 1849. Son of Isban Bond and Elizabeth _______. Lived near the present Grainger's Station in Lenoir Co., NC. Married Elizabeth Moore on Apr. 23, 1822 and had several children. Baptized by Elder Levi Braxton and ordained on Jan. 6, 1828 by Elders Jesse Heath and Levi Braxton of Free Will Baptist faith. In 1839 Robert joined the Disciples of Christ movement. He died. Apr. 9, 1849, survived by wife and several children. [NCDC; pp. 285 - 286.]

Carrie Bowen: Dau. of H. C. Bowen. [AA; p. 57.]

Henry Cleophas Bowen: 1858 - 1915. Born near Plymouth, NC, died in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Son of H. H. Bowen and Ann Latham Boyd. He attended school in Farmville [Pitt Co.], NC in 1878. Married Miss Martha Josephine Sutton in May 1880; married second Miss Caroline Cox in Dec. 1882. He was pastor in Kinston, Williamston, and other towns. He was editor of the Carolina Evangel. [NCDC; pp. 286 - 287. Portrait p. 320]

Thomas H. Bowen: 1813 - 1878. Native of Pamlico Co., NC; married on Dec. 14, 1854 to Miss Mary Lewis, dau. of Bro. Isaac Lewis of Carteret Co., NC, and had a son and a daughter. Mary died on Mar. 3, 1861. Thomas began preaching at age 33. [NCDC; p. 287.]

Benjamin F. Brinson: 1823 - 1901. Member of Bethany, near Amity, Church until 1892 when he united with Amity. Married Julia Bennett who died in 1885. Had a grandson, Zeb Brinson, who was with the Chevrolet agency in Tarboro, NC, in 1961. Julia Bennett Brinson was born in 1826, baptized by Henry Smith at Bethany in Dec. 1848, and married on Apr. 8, 1848, and served as deaconess. She had 7 children. [PP; p. 3, 12.]

Jehu Jackson (Jack) Brinson: 1863 - 1954. Layman, member of Bethany in Pamlico Co., NC, for over 70 years. Baptized by Jesse T. Davis in Nov. 1884. Married Kate Pipkin on Feb. 9, 1890. Had 2 son (one was Marion B.), and 4 daus. Served 2 terms in NC Legislature. [PP; p. 14.]

Marion B. Brinson: Native of Pamlico Co., NC, son of J. J. Brinson. Held Bethany Church's revival in 1935. [PP; p. 14.]

Judah Britten, Sister: "departed this life the next weeke I think after March Meeting [1858]. . . Her daughter dide only about a fortnit before she did." (quoting Oak Grove Church minutes, Pitt Co., NC) [NCDC; p. 253 - 254.]

Joshua Lawrence Burns: 1826 - 1904. The "one-armed preacher," he was born near Goldsboro, NC, and d. near Jamesville. Buried in the Robersonville Cemetery, Martin Co., NC. Spent his youth in Tennessee and Mississippi. Was a Confederate veteran who had lost his arm in a Virginia battle. Joshua was baptized by Josephus Latham and began preaching in 1870. He married Miss Mary E. Massey of Greenville, SC, on Nov. 15, 1881. [NCDC; p. 288. Picture p. 241]

Clarence Victor Cannon: of Ayden, NC, son of Robert C. Cannon, and grandson of Caleb Cannon. [RC; p. 9]

Henry Dennis Cason: 1812 - 1889. Native of Pitt Co., NC. Married 1st to Miss Frances Eliza Baldree of Pitt Co., and had 12 children, 5 sons and 7 daus.; 6 daus. and 2 sons preceded him to the grave. Married 2nd to Mrs. Nancy Spencer of Hyde Co. who d. about one year before him. Connected with FWB in about 1834; left them for the Disciples of Christ in 1846. In 1851 moved from Hookerton, Greene Co., to Beaufort Co.; in 1868 moved to Hyde Co. He was a blacksmith, buggy maker and farmer; was of medium height, "possessed of a stout, strong and well knit frame . . . " [NCDC; pp. 288 - 290.]

Isaac Lamar Chestnutt: 1861 - 1907. Born and reared near Grifton in Contentnea Neck Twsp., Lenoir Co., NC. United with the Disciples about 1872. Married Miss Clara Dixon of near Hookerton in 1885. Lived near Hookerton; farmed and preached later in Newbern Church, and later in Fredericksburg, Va. [NCDC; pp. 294 - 295.]

Louisa Pearce Lanier Clark: wife of Gen. William Clark, and a native of Pitt Co., dau of Mrs. Edith Pearce Lanier; moved with the family to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1835. [NCDC; p. 246, 290.]

William Clark, Gen.: 1790 - 1859. Son of William Clark and Mary Ann Woodard; lived 1st 45 years of his life in Pitt Co., at Pactolus & Greenville; his "Tavern Home" in Greenville stood on Second Street between Cotanch and Reade. Md. 1st Jane Roe Fuller on July 26, 1810; md. 2nd Louisa Pearce Lanier (see above) on Sept 29, 1814. Was first a Prim. Bapt. and Clerk of the Kehukee Assoc.; united with Neuse Assoc., but later it excluded him. He went to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1835 and owned 17 acres in the "heart of the city" of which he gave 2 acres for the Christian church lot before the Civil War. His 2nd wife was dau of Robert F. Lanier, wealthy planter of Pitt Co. who gave each of his children a plantation and built a home on each. William and Louisa had one such about 3 mi. from Pactolus on the present Williamston Rd. Bro. Clark "'was 5 ft 8 in, corpulent, old and crippled with rheumatism,' as described after 1849." [NCDC; pp. 291 - 294. Portrait p. 48]

Abner W. Clopton: 1784 - 1833. Born Mar. 24, 1784 in Pittsylvania Co., Va.; graduated UNC in 1810. Baptized at Shockoe Bapt. Church, Pittsylvania Co., Va., on Aug. 1, 1812. Agent for Columbian College in Washington, DC, in 1827. Bitter opponent of Campbellism. Died Mar. 20, 1833. [NCDC; p. 43.]

John James Coltrain: 1817 - 1881. Native of Martin Co., NC; home several miles from Jamesville in the Maple Grove Community. Baptized by H. D. Cason on Nov. 3, 1853. Ordained Nov. 12, 1856 with Seth H. Tyson and H. D. Cason officiating. His funeral was preached by Henry Smith Gurganus in 1881. [NCDC; p. 294. Picture p. 177]

Catharine Crandel: "June, 1871. On motion the name of Catharine Crandel was erased from the Church roll on account of her passage across the cold river of death..." (quoting Oak Grove Church minutes, Pitt Co., NC) [0NCDC; p. 254.]

Betty Guilford Croom, Mrs.: Died Nov. 26, 1942, aged 82, dau. of Joseph and Winnie Guilford, was last surviving charter member of Robersonville Christian Church. [AA; p. 81.]

George Frederick Cuthrell: Of Broad Creek, Pamlico Co., born Apr. 22, 1881, son of Hiram Cuthrell and Holland Dunn Cuthrell. Baptized July 15, 1896. Preached 60 yrs. in Ala., Ga., NC, and Texas. Retired and living in Sherman, TX, in 1961. [PP; p. 20.]

Henry Swain Davenport: 1837 - 1921. Born near Dardens, Martin Co., NC; died in Hyde Co., NC. Buried at Mount Olive Church, Hyde Co. He was orphaned at age six. Married 1st to Amelia Annie Spruill on Mar. 8, 1860; married 2nd to Miss Katie Hodges. Volunteered Co. G., 1st NC Troops, in 1861 and was attached to Stonewall Jackson's command; wounded at Chancellorsville; captured at Gettysburg; imprisoned at Fort Delaware. He was baptized by Joe Grey Gurganus in Oct. 1881. [NCDC; pp. 295 - 296, Picture p. 321. Also AA; p. 56]

Caleb LaFayette Davis: b. Oct. 23, 1854, d. Mar. 2, 1936, son of Samuel Little Davis and Sarah Smith. Was a lifelong resident of Mount Olive Church community in Hyde Co., NC. An active member more than 60 years. His father was the earliest resident Disciple minister in Hyde. Married Ellen Cutler (living in 1961); had dau. Mrs. Lulu Pearl Farlowe of Raleigh (in 1961). [AA; p. 57.]

Dennis Wrighter Davis: 1861 - 1912. Born near Jamesville, NC; died at Washington, NC. Baptized by Joseph Grey Gurganus in 1882; trained at the College of the Bible, Lexington, KY. Married Miss Mary Cotton Johnson; survived by wife and 9 children, 4 brothers and 1 sister. Buried at Poplar Chapel, south of Jamesville, Martin Co., NC. He had brother Warren A. Davis. At time of death, he was the Roanoke District Evangelist. [NCDC; p. 296. Picture p. 289. Also AA; p. 77.]

Jesse T. Davis: 1828 - 1909. Born in Greene Co., NC, son of Blake and Rhoda Davis. Married Martha Jones, dau. of Gardner and Bethany Jones. Lived in Hobucken, NC; minister at Bethany Church in Pamlico Co., 1882 - 1884. Spent last years in Ayden, Pitt Co., NC, where he was buried. [PP; p. 13.]

Samuel L. Davis: 1820 - 1881. Native of Hyde Co., NC. Ordained in 1855. [NCDC; p. 297.]

John H. Dillahunt: Lived mainly within the 1st half of the 19th century. Born near Trenton, Jones Co., NC. He married Miss McDaniels. [NCDC; p. 298.]

John Holliday Dixon: 1795 - 1843. Native of Greene Co., NC. Home about a mile south of Farmville [Pitt Co.], NC. He left widow and children. [NCDC; p. 299.]

Penelope Lyon Dixon, Mrs.: 1842 - 1924. Wife of James S. Dixon. Contributor to the Disciple press of the State under the pen name "Neppie L. Dixon." She was b. and reared in Edge. Co., NC; buried in Littleton Cemetery. Survived by 2 children: S. J. Dixon of Weldon, and Mrs. W. G. Coppersmith of Littleton. Also left 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. [NCDC; p. 299.]

Sally Rasberry Dixon, Mrs.: 1838 - 1908. Only dau. of Robert and Hannah Rasberry of Oklolona, Mississippi; attended school in Aberdeen, Miss. Married Dr. Frank W. Dixon of Hookerton Church [Greene Co., NC] on Dec. 11, 1860 and came to NC. Had 9 children; survived by husband and 4 children. She was founder and president of Christian Woman's Board of Missions in NC; wrote "The History of the Christian Woman's Board of Missions in NC." [NCDC, .Portraits p. 160, 161]

Winsor Dixon: 1802 - 1858. Native of Greene Co., NC. Married 1st Miss Sallie Dunn, sister of John P. Dunn; married 2nd Miss Clary Albritton. Never preached, he was a layman; attached to Disciples of Christ about 1834. Taught school, farmed, and lived at Holliday Hill, 5 mi. east of Snow Hill, and 4 and 1/2 mi. from Hookerton. Children: Dr. Frank W. Dixon, J. S. Dixon, Mrs. John Coward, Mrs. William Coward, Mrs. Lemuel Mewborne, Mrs. J. J. Murphy, Mrs. J. B. Faircloth, and Mrs. C. A. D. Grainger (Clara A.). [NCDC; p. 301. Portrait p. 113]

Sue Helen Draughan, Mrs.: 1846 - 1924. Educated at Winston-Salem Academy. Married James Draughan and lived in Edge. Co., NC; he died 1879. She died at dau. Mrs. Rufus Cherry's home in Roseneath Twsp., Halifax Co., NC. Had 8 children, four living as of 1927: Mrs. Wallace Askew, Mrs. Alex. Barnes, Mrs. Hannah Cherry, and Mrs. Frank Leighton. She taught in Edge. Co. public schools for forty years. [NCDC; p. 301. Picture opposite p. 160]

John Patrick Dunn: 1792 - 1859. Native of Lenoir Co., NC; had 2 homes, one called "The Pleasant Villa" and one "The LaFayette" in the vicinity of the present Airy Grove Church. Baptized Aug. 1830. Funeral preached by Elder Jno. T. Walsh, interred by the Masonic fraternity. Married Theresa _______, b. 1802, d. 1845. [NCDC; p. 302 - 304. Portrait p. 49]

J. P. Ellis: Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Church in Hyde Co., 1919 and 1920. [AA; p. 57.]

James Ellis: Pastor in Swift Creek in 1784 which, "along with Goose Creek which was in, 1774 - 76, and then out, did enter the Kehukee (Baptist Association) . . . In 1794 these 2 churches participated in setting up Neuse Assoc. (also Baptist)." [PP; p. 54.]

Joseph Henry Foy: 1838 - 1917. Native of Scotts Hill, New Hanover Co., NC. Began teaching in 1856 at age 18. Came to Wilson, NC, in 1859. Married in 1860 to Miss Kate Battle, dau. of Amos J[ohnston] Battle [see also]. Studied law at Chapel Hill; taught in Wilson Collegiate Institute in 1864. Became professor in Wilson College. Baptized by Amos J. Battle in 1868. Had son named Paul Foy who d. before he did, and a dau. Josie Foy. He moved to St. Louis, Mo., in Mar. 1878. [NCDC; p. 189, 304 - 306. Picture p. 288]

William R. Fulcher: 1801 - 1877. Son of Joseph and Mary Fulcher; born on June 17, 1801 in Craven Co., NC. Became member of FWB church at about age 26. Married twice, 1st to Miss Catherine Morgan on Jan.3, 1826; 2nd to Miss Sarah J. Keel on Mar. 12, 1857. Ordained on June 6, 1841 by Elders Robert Bond and John Powell. Fulcher lost his hearing. Survived by wife and 3 living children. [NCDC; p. 306.]

John B. Gaylord: 1816 - 1851. Born of humble parentage in Beaufort Co., NC. Joined Methodist Church when young; later the FWB, and still later the Christian Church. Married Miss Ann Smith, dau. of Elder Henry Smith, in May 1839. Ordained at Broad Creek, Pamlico Co., NC, on Oct. 5, 1845. Lived in Beau. Co. until 1842 when moved to Hamilton [Mart. Co.]; later moved to New Bern [Crav. Co.] and was coach maker; later moved to Kinston, Lenoir Co., where he preached and made coaches. Funeral preached by Elder Jno. P. Dunn; buried near Christian Chapel in Kinston, NC. [NCDC; p. 307. Also PP; p. 19.]

Clara A. Dixon Grainger, Mrs.: Married C. A. D. Grainger after 1871. [NCDC; p. 150. Picture of her opposite p. 160].

Thomas Green: 1857 - 1919. Native of Nansemond Co., Va.; lived at Pantego, NC. Ordained Sept. 4, 1891; came to the Disciples from the Christian connection. [NCDC; p. 308.]

J. T. Grubbs, Capt.: 1843 - 1907. Born in Virginia about 1843 or 44. Served as Capt. in War Between the States. Married Miss Kate Aldridge ca. 1866; she d. 1879? and left 6 children. He married 2nd, ca. 1887, to Miss Eliza Fields. Funderal conducted by D. W. Davis of Washington, NC. Left wife and 7 children. [NCDC; p. 308.]

Henry Smith Gurganus: 1825 - 1911. Son of John M. Gurganus of Washington Co., NC, preacher. He was "a short man." Buried at Christain Hope Cemetery, Wash. Co., NC. [NCDC; p. 309.]

John M. Gurganus: 1802 - 1876. Native of Washington Co., NC. Father of Henry Smith Gurganus, John W. Gurganus, and Joseph Grey Gurganus. Buried at Christain Hope Cemetery, Wash. Co., NC, with 2 sons Henry Smith Gurganus and John W. Gurganus. [NCDC; p. 310. Also AA; p. 23.]

Joseph Grey Gurganus: 1850 - 1882. Native of Christian Hope community, Wash. Co., NC; son of John M. Gurganus. Baptized by Elder J. B. Respess. Was a husband and father. A "Son of Thunder...Having bought the good fight of faith, he died with his armor on." Buried at Saint's Delight. [NCDC; p. 311. Also AA; p. 23.]

James W. Hardison: 1831 - 1906. Native of Martin Co., NC. Baptized in Oct. 1873 and ordained to Disciples of Christ in Apr. 1874. Voice was impaired. [NCDC; p. 311.]

John James Harper: 1841 - 1908. A Founder of Atlantic Christian College. Born near Bentonville, NC, died at ACC. Son of John Harper and Amy Ann Woodard (b. 1820 - 1900, and dau. of James Woodard). His father John was a charter member of Mill Creek Church. "An ancestor of John J. Harper was a Norman French officer under William the Conqueror, at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, and was knighted on the field for bravery..." [More Harper genealogy given.] John James married Miss Arrita Anderson Daniel of Pitt Co., NC, on May 1, 1862. [NCDC; p. 311 - 314. Portrait p. 240]

Henry Donald Harper, Dr.: 1847 - 1906. Brother of John James Harper (above). Served in the Confederate Army. Studied at Kentucky Univ. in Lexington. Studied dentistry under Hodgen & Kelly. Married Miss Della Coward on Apr. 21, 1877. In 1882 located in Kinston, NC. Was a Mason, Odd Fellow, Pythian, and Knight of Harmony. [NCDC; p. 315.]

Joshua Harrison: First Postmaster of Powell's Point in Currituck Co., NC, in 1835. [AA; p. 78.]

Alexander C. Hart: 1836 - 1903. Native of Greene Co., NC; died at his home near Maple Cypress. Married Lucretia Fussell in 1856. Left widow and 4 children. Buried in Butler's Church Cemetery near Vanceboro, NC. [NCDC; p. 316.]

John R. Hill: Member of Haw Branch Church, Chocowinity, Beau. Co., NC, Had 3 sons who became ministers in the Christian Church: James Roland Hill (DeLeon, Texas, Christian Church), O. Blakely Hill (Ridgewood Christian Church in Brooklyn, NY), and William Hill (Northern Baptist Church in Seattle, Wash.) [AA, p. 44.]

Peter Edmund Hines: 1812 - 1891. Born in Edge. Co., NC, died in Wilson, NC, where he was mayor for 7 years. Lived on Goldsboro Street. [NCDC; p. 317. Picture p. 193]

William Heath: 1816 - 1867. Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Heath; a native of Jones Co., NC. Was of poor stock. Married Mary Spencer in 1837. Began preaching in 1845.

Alonzo Jerkins Holton: 1837 - 1935. Son of Enoch Holton of Broad Creek. Ordained on Oct. 9, 1866; in 1927 was the oldest living minister of the NC Disciples of Christ. He lived to be 98 years old. His father Enoch was the first Elder of Broad Creek Church, 5 mi. east of New Bern in Pamlico Co., and had 3 sons who were Disciple preachers. [NCDC; p. 265. Also PP, p. 18, 19]

Charles D. Holton: Was 94 yrs. old in 1944; baptized July 19, 1894 at age 44. [PP; p. 20.

Enoch Holton: Father of 3 Disciple preachers. [PP; p. 18.]

Isaac Pipkin Holton: 1834 - 1907. Native of Pamlico Co., NC. Baptized July 4, 1855 by Gideon Allen. Ordained in 1861 by Wm. Dunn, Japtha Holton, and J. W. Holton who was his brother. Married Rebecca Robinson in 1861 and had 6 children; one died 11 mos. before his father. Uneducated; "singing master." [NCDC; p. 317 - 318. Also PP; p. 19.]

Jesse Walker Pipkin Holton: 1826 - 1904. Native of Pamlico Co., NC. Married Barbara E. Bennett on Jan. 19, 1854; celebrated 50th anniversary. Born humble, uneducated, he could read and write. Baptized by Henry Smith in July 1849. Preached 1st time in 1858. Called "Uncle Jesse" by Geo. T. Tyson. "The walking preacher." [NCDC; p. 319. Also PP, p. 19.]

Rolando Clarence Holton: Born Aug. 15, 1873 at Olympia (Broad Creek), son of Barzillae Holton and Mary Tunstall Holton. Attended UNC in 1904. Married Miranda Tillman Spencer on May 24, 1905. Was principal of high schools at Oriental, Atlantic, Wakelon, Arapahoe, and Newton Elementary. Was County Supervisor and a Representative at Raleigh. [PP; p. 61.]

John Jarman: 1816 - 1850. Son of Emanuel and Sarah Jarmon; born on Tuckahoe in Jones Co., NC. [NCDC; p. 319.]

Milton Frost Jarvis: 1851 - 1877. Born in Washington, NC; parents soon moved to Pantego. Baptized by John R. Winfield and Augustus Latham, Jr., on July 1, 1872. Tall, slender, naturally frail; a merchant. Wife mentioned, but not by name. [NCDC; p. 320.]

Irvin Jones: 1816 - 1887. Native of Greene Co., NC. Itinerant minister of limited educations. "Sketched" by J. L. Winfield. [NCDC; p. 320.]

James Benjamin Jones: 1846 - 1911. Native of Forsythe Co., ancestral home near Bethania. Of Welsh, Huguenot, and German descent. Son of Dr. Beverly Jones, a grad. of Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Julia Conrad Jones of Moravian faith. James was student at Nazareth Hall, Penn., Moravian boys' school. Served Confederacy; clerk in Louisville, Ky. Entered College of the Bible at Lexington in Jan. 1867, graduated 1871. Ministered at Little Rock, Ark., and at Newport, Carlisle and Georgetown, Ky. Taught in the Christian College at Columbia, Ky. Lived in Florida 2 years, and in California. President of William Woods College in Fulton, Missouri. [NCDC; p. 321 - 322.]

John P. Jordan: Postmaster of Columbia, NC, in 1834. Thomas J. Jarvis (later resident of Greenville, Pitt Co., and Gov. of NC) was the only lawyer in Columbia in 1867. [AA, p. 24.]

George Joyner: 1823 - 1885. Son of John Joyner and Clara May; born near Farmville, NC, on Oct. 16, 1823. Died in old home community on Sept. 17, 1885; buried in Farmville Christian Church yard. Began preaching in 1853. Studied at Wake Forest College. Married 3 times: 1st Miss Speight of Greene Co., NC; had dau. Mrs. Mary E. Beaman of near Stantonsburg, NC. 2nd Miss Henrietta Parrott, dau. of Jacob Parrott. 3rd Miss Blount of Washington, NC, who gave him 6 children who all survived him. Funeral conducted by Jno. T. Walsh. [NCDC; p. 323. Portrait p. 144].

Tillitha Keel: "January, 1854. Our Sister Tillitha Keel expired the forepart of January, 1854. She had bin subject to spasm for several years whitch we suppose was the cause of her death." (quoting Oak Grove Church minutes, Pitt Co., NC) [NCDC; p. 254.]

John Kewell: Postmaster at Washington, Beau. Co., NC, 1833 - 1839. [AA; p. 85?]

Joseph Kinsey: Born 1843 in Jones Co., NC. Soldier of Confederacy, captured at Fort Sumter and imprisoned at Johnson's Island in Sandusky, Ohio, for 21 months. Taught in Pleasant Hill, Jones Co., NC, and in 1868 established Pleasant Hill Academy with the asistance of Jos. H. Foy. [NCDC; p. 172 - 174.]

Augustus Latham, Jr.: 1847 - 1901. Parents lived near Leechville, Beau. Co., NC. Married ca. 1865 to Margaret Windley, dau. of Samuel Windley; she survived him. A writer of considerable merit. "Sketched" in Gazette Messenger, Mar. 18, 1901. [NCDC; p. 323 - 324.]

Josephus Latham: 1828 - 1889. Son of Thomas Jordan Latham and Nancy Cordon of Pantego, NC. Baptized June 4, 1843 by his father. Ordained Apr. 1, 1849. Married Miss Martha F. Brown of Pitt Co., NC, on May 31, 1854. Was Superintendent of Public Instruction of Pitt Co. Schools 1882 - 1889. Had daughter Nanny who attended Hamilton College in Lexington, Ky. Nanny/Nannie E. married Mr. Quinerly of Pitt Co., NC. [NCDC; p. 326. Also AA; p. 59. Picture p. 224]

Thomas Jordan Latham, Sr.: 1797 - 1862. Born at Pantego, part of Hyde Co. at that time. Postmaster at Pantego, and at Washington in 1853. Married Miss Nancy Cordon on Feb. 4, 1821. He married 2nd Miss Ann E. Everett of Martin Co. on Jan. 13, 1839. Had total of 17 children; only 4 survived him. [NCDC; p. 326 - 327. Portrait p. 80]

Jeremiah Leggett: "departed this life the 15th of November, Colonel Latham said he was at the enterment and if he saw one tear shed it was by Joe Leggett. The old lady was sick on her bed; no wet eyes but plenty to wet the throat; said it was more like a frolic than burial." (quoting letter by Edith Pearce Lanier to her dau. Louisa Clark in Jackson, Miss., dated Nov. 21, 1839) [NCDC; p. 276.]

John A. Leggett, Dr.: 1801 - 1868. Native of Beau. Co., son of Jeremiah Leggett who was pastor at Old Ford belonging to Kehukee Association. Married on 2nd Lord's Day in June 1829 to Elizabeth Swain of Martin Co., NC. Ordained June 1835 by Elders Jeremiah and Daniel Leggett. Was a doctor, often gave free service to the poor. [NCDC; p. 327.]

A. F. Leighton: 1854 - 1925. Married Miss Draughn of Old Bethany Church in Edge. Co., NC. Graduated from Johnson's Bible College in 1899; ordained same year. Attended Atlantic Christian College 1904 - 05, also UNC, and later taught in high schools for 18 years. Buried at Bethany Church in Edge. Co., NC. [NCDC; p. 327 - 328.]

James Rodgers Lewis: 1792 - 1862. Son of Kedar and Mary Lewis; born at "dwelling place" on Contentnea Creek in Greene Co., NC, on Sept. 16, 1792. Little education. United first with Methodists, later with FWB and finally with Disciples of Christ. Married Mrs. Artesia King in Sampson Co., NC, where he settled. Had 3 children. Mrs. Lewis died in 1853. [NCDC; p. 328 - 329.]

Alice Mallard, Miss: Assistant Principal of Kinston Female Academy in 1860; principal was Dr. Jno. W. Walsh. [NCDC; p. 160.]

Asa James Manning: 1869 - 1927. Native of Martin Co., NC; born near Maple Grove Church, 7 mi. SSE of Jamesville on Dec. 9, 1869, to John W. [or M.?] Manning and Sarah Daniel. For 5 yrs. was Pres. of Carolina Christian College in Ayden, NC. Died at Williamston early Sun. morning, July 10, 1927. Married Miss Blanche Hodges of Beau. Co., NC, in Jan. 1900, who surived him with 5 sons and 2 daus.: James C. of Eureka, Robert of Williamston, Henry S. of Williamston, A. J., Jr., of Williamston, Charles of Williamston, Ruth, and Grace [female surnames not given]. Two brothers survived him: William Christian Manning (1871 - 1938), editor of the Williamston Enterprise, and J. E. Manning of Jamesville, NC. John M. Manning was a Confed. solder, Raleigh legislator, and "maintained the pre-Revolutionary homestead acquired by his forebears from the direct grant of a British King." [NCDC; p. 329. Also AA; p. 53.]

Nancy A. Martin: Baptized Sept. 7, 1867 on the River Shore (quoting minutes of Bethany Church in Pamlico Co., NC) [PP; p. 12.]

Shadrack Riggs Messick: 1836 - 1910. Member of Bay Creek Church near Hobucken, NC. Had eleven children. [PP; p. 7.]

David H. Miller: 1810 - 1885. Born in New Bern [Crav. Co.], NC; died in Goldsboro [Wayne Co.], NC. Began preaching in 1841, first with the Free Will Baptists. [NCDC; p. 330.]

Asa Moore: Father of 2 Disciple preachers: James T. Moore and George A. Moore. Asa was a delegate to Annual Meetings from Goose Creek (tributary of the Neuse) Church in Pamlico Co. between 1850 - 1885. After 1889, the Goose Creek church was named "Amity." [PP; p. 3.]

Alfred Moye: 1793 - 1863. 4th generation of Moyes in Pitt Co., lived at Lang's Crossroads, 6 mi. east of Farmville. Son of Joel Moye and Sarah Darden Moye. Married Orpah Tyson in 1818, dau. of Moses Tyson of Pitt Co., NC. Was 1st president of the Raleigh and Greenville Plank Road. Was Representative to the General Assembly in 1828, 1829; Senator 1831 - 1844; and a Pitt Co. judge. Had a son named Moses Moye. [NCDC; p. 112, pp. 331 - 332. Portrait opposite p. 112]

Elbert A. Moye: 1842 - 1914. Native of Pitt Co. (5th generation), son of Alfred Moye. A farmer and manufacturer; Lt. in Co. G., 8th Regiment, in Civil War; was a NC Representative in 1877 and Senator in 1879. [NCDC; p. 332.]

Moses Tyson Moye: 1827 - 1900. Son of Alfred and Orpah Tyson Moye of Pitt Co.; d. in Wilson, NC. He md. Penelope E. Whitehead on Jan. 6, 1863, at Wilson, by Rev. Geo. Joyner. She was daughter of Howell Grey Whitehead and Elizabeth Clark Whitehead of Pitt Co. They had 6 children: James Wilton, Alfred, Nellie Moye, Allie Whitehead Moye, Susie Whitehead Moye and Frances Clark Moye. He attended Wake Forest & Bethany College, Virginia; ordained Oct. 9, 1870 at Oak Grove Chur., Greene Co. Was Confederate soldier, First Lieut. under Lt. Col. G. W. Johnson; was Capt. of Co. G of Confederate Cavalry; after war was chaplain of the Jesse S. Barnes Co. of Confederate Vets, until death. He was once editor of the Watch Tower. [NCDC; pp. 333 - 335. Portrait, p. 129]

Washington Neely: Married Miss Mary Atwater "a Western lady who came south after the war to teach the colored people." Neely often preached at Pfafftown Church in Forsythe Co., NC. [NCDC; p. 274.]

Nancy Frances Koonce Nunn, Mrs.: 1842 - 1921. Mother of Etta Nunn. Lived in New Bern, NC. [PP; p. 45]

Benjamin Parrott: 1798 - 1858. Native of Lenoir Co., NC, born on Lousan Swamp; died near Wheat Swamp home. Married Miss Harriet Kennedy on Sept. 23, 1825; had 9 children. Baptized in 1831 by Elder Levi Braxton. [NCDC; pp. 335. Portrait p. 81]

Mary Frances Holton Phillips: 1874 - 1947. Dau. of Isaac P. Holton of Broad Creek. Baptized 1884. Married Erastus R. Phillips (1873 - 1948). Leading members of Bridgeton Church in Crav. Co., NC. Had 3 sons, 4 daus. [PP; p. 17.]

John Powell: 1791 - 1850. Born Lenoir Co., NC, son of John and Celia Powell; humble people, poor. Baptized by James Roach. Involved with Little Swift Creek Church, Crav. Co., NC. Left a widow, but no children. [NCDC; pp. 336.]

David Purviance: b. Nov. 14, 1766 in Iredell Co., NC, on South fork of Yadkin River near Statesville. Parents were John Purivance and Jane Wasson, natives of Pennsylvania who moved to NC 1764, and were married on Aug. 2, 1764 in PA. John served in Rev. War, and was also a JP; had 3 sons and 8 daus. all of whom lived and had families. They were Presbyterian, charter members of Bethany Church in Iredell Co. in 1775. On Oct. 27, 1778, David began study with Dr. James Hall. Was Assistant to Clerk of Court before Iredell was formed in 1877. In 1789 David married Mary Ireland of Iredell Co., dau. of John and Martha Ireland. She was a member of an old Irish Presbyterian family that came with early settlers from Pennsylvania. In 1790, David and Mary sold their farm and moved to Tennessee, settling near Nashville in Cumberland River Valley. David's brother John was killed there by Indians in 1792. They moved ot Cane Ridge, Kentucky and joined with Barton Warren Stone's Christian Union forces in 1803. David served in the Kentucy legislature. He moved to Preble Co., Ohio, in Sept. 1807 and later served in the Ohio legislature. He died in Illinois of a "paralytic stroke." [NCDC; p. 33. Portrait opposite p. 16]

John Bunyan Respess: 1833 - 1909. Born near Plymouth, NC, died at Pantego, NC. Married Miss Elizabeth Hyman Stubbs on Dec. 16, 1853. Married 2nd Miss Cornelia Alice Latham on Jan. 16, 1893. Was a Representative and a Senator in NC Legislature for Beau. Co., NC; Postmaster in Washington, NC, 1898 - 1903. Son of Ransom Respess and ______ [his mother died soon after his birth]. Ransom Respess remarried and moved to another state, leaving J. B. and his brother George (who was 2 yrs. older) with their grandfather Rhuel Windley. Rhuel Windley was a Calvinist, little interested in the boys' education. John Bunyan united with the Christian Church in July 1850. [NCDC; pp. 337.]

Manley Macon Respess: Of Long Acre Community, Wash. and Beau. Counties, NC. He died June 26, 1927. Married Joanna Gurganus, born Nov. 28, 1863, dau. of Henry Smith Gurganus; she was still living in 1953 when Mary M. Toler featured the family in an article in the News & Observer. Family record: 14 children, 44 grandchildren, 105 great-grandchildren, and 11 great-great-grandchildren...69 of her descendants and their spouses were members of the Christian Church. [AA; p. 50.]

Jesse Rountree: Was a Private, Co. of Capt. Evans of the Tenth NC Continentals in the Revolutionary War. Was Sheriff of Pitt Co. 1818 - 1820. [NCDC; p. 275.]

Sheridan Lee Sadler: 1891 - 1934. He and his brother, McGruder Ellis Sadler, b. May 5, 1896, were reared in Goose Creek Island's Hobucken area, part of Beau. Co. until 1874, now in Pamlico Co., NC. McGruder was Chancellor of Texas Christian Univ. in 1961. [PP, p. 4 - 5.]

Margaret Silverthorne: Dau. of John D. Silverthorne of Middleton, Hyde Co., NC. In 1961 she was Director of Children's Work in the Tenn. State Missions office at Nashville. [AA, p. 56.]

Will H. Simons: 1891 - 1940. Son of Charles and Nannie Simons; grew up in Bridgeton (?). Lived 22 years in New Bern, Crav. Co., NC, and was elder in Broad Street Christian Church. Married Alta Holton, dau. of Alexander Campbell Holton. [PP, p. 16 - 17.]

Henry Smith: 1789 - 1857. Born at father's home on Pungo Creek, Beau. Co., NC, son of Joseph/Josiah Smith (a Baptist Min.) and Mary Smith who were poor. Began preaching in 1814; had a "splendid talent for singing." Married 1st to Susan Ives of Crav. Co., NC; had 3 sons and 4 daus. who all died before he did. Susan died in 1837. Henry married 2nd to Miss _____ Wilkinson in Hyde Co., but she lived only a short time. Preached for 12 churches, visiting each once every 3 mos. He died Dec. 6 or 7, 1857 in the home of Stephen W. Woolard. He was bald and toothless in latter yrs., procured a black wig and false teeth. His son-in-law was John B. Gaylord, who moved from New Bern to Kinston to become the Disciples first resident minister in that town. [NCDC; p. 110, 337 - 339.]

Josiah Smith: Father of Henry Smith, from Pungo area of Beau. Co., NC. Josiah was an 18th century evangelist of the Arminian faith. [PP; p. 25.]

Stanley Stallings: 1823 - 1900. "an efficient Christian layman for 40 yrs., first at Maple Grove, then at Macedonia, and (later) at Jamesville, NC." [AA, p. 48.]

Robert William Stancill: Born June 5, 1854 in Pitt Co., native of Gum Swamp Community. Died Aug. 28, 1924. Graduated from College of the Bible. Married Miss Sallie Dixon of Hookerton, NC, dau. of Dr. Dixon and "Mother" Dixon. Had 3 sons, 2 daus. Buried Aug. 30, 1924 in Columbia Cemetery near Washington, NC. [NCDC; p. 339 - 40. Also AA; p. 59.]

Edward Kerman Statzer: 1839 - 1875. Born Sept. 15, 1839 in Abingdon, Va., reared in Russell Co., north of birthplace. Civil War volunteer put on light duty in Richmond as a clerk due to physical disability. In 1862 he left the Methodists for the Missionary Baptists, and in 1866 united with the Church of Christ in Washington Co., Va. Married Miss Esther Braddy of Fayetteville, NC. Moved in Sept. 1869 to Taylorsville, Tennessee. Ordained May 14, 1870. In Mar. 1872 moved to Battleboro, NC, and in June 1872 moved to Fayetteville, NC, where he died on Mar. 30, 1875. [NCDC; p. 340 - 341.]

Mrs. John Stocks: From Lenoir Co. near Kinston, had been in Plymouth since shortly after 1865. [AA, p. 74.]

Barton Warren Stone: b. Dec. 24, 1772 at Port Tobacco, Maryland. Moved at age 7 with widowed mother to Virginia, near Danville. Studied near Greensboro under Dr. David Caldwell until 1793. Studied divinity under Wm. Hodge who was minister at Hawfields, near Mebane, NC. Taught school, after 1795, in Washington, Georgia, where 2 of his brothers lived. Stone professed Presbyterian faith until ca. 1800 when he joined the Christian Union movement. [NCDC; p. 25. Portrait opposite p. 16]

Lemuel David Sumerlin: 1845 - 1877. Born Duplin Co., NC, son of Jesse and Margaret Sumerlin who late moved to Wayne Co., NC. Not wealthy. Ordained Oct. 1869 at Mill Creek Church. Married Miss Emma Etta Bryan on Mar. 18, 1875, of Sampson Co., NC., who with 1 child, a dau., survived him. Sick for 2 yrs. before death; died at father's house in Wayne Co., NC. [NCDC; p. 242 - 43.]

Samuel W. Sumrell: 1854 - 1921. Native of Lenoir Co., NC. Married Miss Eunice Haddock in June 1878. Was first a Union Baptist, later Christian Church at Bethel. Ordained at Hookerton, NC Convention in Oct. 1890. Left a wife, 2 sons, 2 daus., 1 bro., 1 sister. Funeral conducted by B. P. Smith; buried in the family cemetery. [NCDC; p. 345 - 346.]

Peter Stephen Swain: 1862 - 1906. Native of Washington Co., NC, son of C. W. and Ann Eliza Swain. Ordained at Kinston Convention in 1894. Married Mrs. Lora Windley Harrison on June 15, 1882, in Norfolk, Va., by G. P. Rutledge. Began ministry in 1894. He had been a one-time supervisor of public schools of Washington Co., NC. Ill 2 yrs; funeral conducted by Bro. D. W. Davis. He left a wife and 5 children. Buried at Saints Delight Church near Plymouth, NC. [NCDC; p. 344 - 345.]

Joseph Wickliff Trotman: 1835 - 1892. Native of Gates Co., NC, son of Quentin H. Trotman. Was first a Missionary Baptist, joined Disciples at 45 yrs. of age. Married 1st Miss Margaret Madry in 1855 and had 7 children. Married 2nd Mrs. Mary Goodwin on Jan. 11, 1876, and had one more child. Studied at Wake Forest College. Preached in 1883 in Farmville, NC. Last in Martin Co., 1891, living in Jamesville. Retired to Perquimans Co. until death. [NCDC; p. 346. Portrait p. 128]

Wilbur T. Wallace: Native son of Martin Co., NC; pastor of Robersonville Christian Church, 1952 - 1962. Donated Bible in memory of his mother, Mrs. Clara Wallace. [AA; p. 81.]

John Tomline Walsh, Dr.: 1816 - 1886. Born Hanover Co., Va. Joined Methodists in 1830, a circuit rider of Va. Conference. United with Baptists in Caroline Co., Va., and ordained by them. Later united with Disciples of Christ. In 1845, located business in Richmond. Received M.D. degree from Eclectic Medical College of Penn. Came to NC in 1852. Editor of many publications. [NCDC; p. 347 - 349.]

Asa Waters: Father of John M. Waters. Hunters Bridge Church, Beau. Co., NC. [AA, p. 46.]

Nelson Waters: He, wife, and 2 daughters, Connie Waters and Pearl Waters, were among first members of Plymouth Church in Wash. Co. in 1897. [AA; p. 73.]

Thomas W. Whitley: 1825 - 1912. Born Beau. Co., NC. Married 1st Miss Lula Ann Squires ca. 1845; 2nd Miss Caroline Burgess; 3rd Miss Mollie Satchwell. Baptized ca. 1857 by Amos J. Battle. Survived by a "number of children and grandchildren." [NCDC; p. 355.]

Willis Robert Williams: 1826 - 1910. Born Pitt Co., son of Robert Williams, grandson of John Williams who was Pitt Co. Patriot during Rev. War; great-grandson of Robert Williams who was born in Wales and came to Penn. and later to Falkland community of Pitt in 1727. Willis Robert was orphaned and reared by an uncle. Was a JP for 20 years. Served in NC House and Senate between 1866 - 1890. Married Miss Harriet P. Leary, dau. of Col. Thomas H. Leary of Edenton, NC. Was a founder of NC State College at Raleigh. [NCDC; p. 349 - 350.]

Virgil Angelo Wilson: 1834 - 1905. Born Pfafftown, NC, son of Dr. Wilson, reared at Dowelltown near Yadkinville. Married Miss Martha Hauser on Dec. 27, 1856. Lawyer at Yadkinville. Preached often in eastern NC. [NCDC; p. 350 - 351.]

Henry Winfield: 1845 - 1897. Born Pantego, Beau. Co. Married, ca. 1872, to Mrs. Mary Gradeless Voliva, dau. of William Gradeless of Pantego. Ordained Feb. 1, 1874 by Augustus Latham and John R. Winfield. Lived in Robersonville 10 years; in 1886 Jamesville, NC, was his post office; was living in Bayboro, NC, at death. [NCDC; p. 352.]

James Latham Winfield: 1852 - 1897. Born Beaufort Co., d. in Washington, Beau. Co., NC. United with the Union Baptists at age 17; united with Disciples of Christ in 1871. Studed at College of the Bible, Lexington, KY, 1873 - 74. Married Miss Sarah A. Ellis on Feb. 22, 1876. Was a founder of Carolina Christian College in Ayden (Pitt Co.), NC, and an editor of the Watch Tower. Was chairman of the Beau. Co. Board of Education at time of his death. "In 1896 he was unanimously nominated for the Legislature in Beaufort County, but his devotion to the ministry and his editorial duties caused him to refuse this honor ..." [NCDC; Portrait p. 272]

James V. Winfield: In 1894 it was written that he was "5th one of that name now preaching in Eastern N. C." The other four were Henry (father of James), J. L., John R., and W. O. Winfield. [PP; p. 49.]

John Winfield: An Armenian Baptist preacher in Pungo section of Beau. Co., NC, during the youth of Henry Smith (1789 - 1857). [PP; p. 11.]

John Robert Winfield: 1820 - 1899. Born Pantego, NC. Preached first at 21 yrs. of age in Concord Church. Married 1st Nancy Satterthaite, ca. 1850 and had 2 children, both dec'd. as of 1927. Married 2nd in 1856 to _____ and had 4 children, one living in 1927. Married 3rd in 1877 to Miss _____ Porter of Pantego and had 7 children, 5 living in 1927. Last few years was too feeble to preach, had stroke shortly before death. [NCDC; p. 354.]

John Wright: Native North Carolinian, preaching in southern Indiana in the early 1800s. [RC; p. 11.]


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