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January & February 1998 Queries
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Gary C. Mercer Feb 28 1998
My grandfather died 10/1/1962 on an indian reservation in Galup, NM. His name was John Edwin Loyd (changed to LLOYD) His father's name was Duncan Dee Loyd. John Edwin Loyd's mother was a Dyer..... My great grandmother on my father's side was a full-blooded Seminole named Samantha Barron...... My grandmother was named Clifford Luvice Crane (Mercer) and the Crane's are listed on numerous Cherokee Rolls in the southeast since my first cousin has been admitted to the "Blue Clan" of the Cherokees of Southeast Alabama....

Sonya J Pettit Feb 28 1998
My great grandfather was FRED ARTHUR MINTER. I am told he was 3/4 Cherokee from the NC/TENN area. He married Myrtle McVey (probably no Native American ancestry on her side) and had four children, Esther (my grandmother), Jack, Lori, and Frank. His only sibling was Will MINTER. His parents were Frank MINTER and Isabel NEAL. I know nothing more about them except their siblings names. Frank had two siblings; Bill and Mary. Isabel had two siblings; Liza and Fountain. I would like to discover whether the MINTER and/or NEAL families were on any of the rolls and any other information available. If anyone can be of assistance, I thank you in advance.

Vera Juanita Moore Feb 28 1998
I am looking for information on my Paternal Grandfather (Clarence HAWKINS)who I am told was Cherokee. He would have been born sometime in the 1920's and died in GA in 1946. He may also be half Black. my father was born from HAWKINS and his union with a Black woman (Vera Moore)whom he never married. I do not know my father nor anything about this side of the family and would like any information regarding HAWKINS related Cherokee families to help me narrow my search. I believe he may have come from North Carolina and later migrated to Georgia. The other surname that I am also researching is WILSON my Paternal Grandmother's (Vera MOORE)mothers maiden name where Cherokee blood is believed to be found on this side as well. All helpful information is greatly appreciated. Please contact me at the above E-Mail address with any info. Thank you

Vrtreena R. Jenkins Feb 26 1998
Hi All. I am beginning genealogy research on the JENKINS family surname. I am not looking to attempt to register with anyone. I am just wanting to know who my ancestors were. My father is dying of cancer and I am wanting to get information for the family (himself included) before he passes. My Grandfather's name was Mose JENKINS and he was born in Savannah Georgia in March of 1875 and died in May of 1958. 16 years before I was born. His mother was rumored to be ? Pheasant. She moved from the reservation to GA where she had my grandfather. She later came back and was rumored to live well beyond her eighties. The story goes that she gave him away because he was too dark. Other's say that she hated to do it but she had no choice. My Gfather moved back to NC in his youth but later went back to GA and got into trouble. A shootout with some white folk and the KKK that decided to rush a church in Carswell Grove. They put him on a train that night and he changed his name and moved back to NC. To my knowledge I have relatives in Raleigh. My father's half-siblings Gilfrost JENKINS, Margaret JENKINS, and Johnny JENKINS who married a Lilly. I do know that my uncle Gilfrost has passed but I have been unable to locate any family members. To my understanding we are Black Indians. Very dark skinned people and I've been told that this is not uncommon in SC and GA. My father mentioned the following names.....Lizzie JENKINS and Addy (Short for Adelaid?) JENKINS. Researching has been a doozie because all I have for now is a death certificate with no names except for my Grandfather and a verbal history on both sides. I am also researching the surnames of POWELL, BURKE, HURST, JENKINS, and MICKENS. Thanks...Vrtreena

John Edward Edmonds Feb 25 1998
I am a descendent of John Metcalf and H.C. Metcalf. They were each a great great grandfather. Both great great grandmothers were also mixed blood. Both H.C. and John are on the Hester Roll. Does anyone have any more info on Indian names etc. They were both born in the 1850's.

Deni Feb 25 1998
DYE,LITTLE,DAUGHERTY, RANDOLPH, HARRIS. I am researching the paternal line of my fathers ancestors. Although nobody has claimed any Indian blood on this line, they did refer to some of the DAUGHERTY as the "black Daughertys". I have found some of these names and surnames on the Cherokee rolls: Issac DYE, born abt. 1830s (probably around Eastern Tenn., McMinnCo) married Jane LITTLE. They had Margaret Ann DYE, born 10/11/1850 who married my gggrandfather Andrew HARRIS. Andrew and Margaret had son (my ggrandfather) William Joseph HARRIS, born 9/20/1870 in McMinnCo, TN. He married Ollie Daugherty, born 7/26/1876, on 10/3/1891. Ollie's Parents were John DAUGHERTY and Harriet RANDOLPH, both born abt. 1850s. There is a John DAUGHERTY listed on 1835 Cherokee census rolls (too old to be mygggrandfather) and John Daugherty listed on 1906-09 Miller rolls. The surname LITTLE and HARRIS also appear on rolls. If anybody has any records/history / connections with these surnames, please contact me.

Deni Feb 25 1998
WHITENER, NOGAL(NOGLE),MONTGOMERY,THOMAS. Family legend has it that we have Cherokee blood in our line. The following line all come from Cherokee County NC. Logan WHITENER was born abt. 1840s. He owned a cotton gin. He married Anna NOGAL(NOGLE) and they had son Noah Stephenson WHITENER, b 1/1/1860. He was a Justice of the Peace and married Margaret Susanne MONTGOMERY, born 3/13/1868. Margaret's parents were Jack MONTGOMERY, born abt. 1840s, who married Margaret THOMAS, born abt. 1840s. NOGAL is an unusual name and I can't find it listed in any white records. I have seen THOMAS listed on some of the Cherokee rolls and I am wondering if she is the Cherokee connection. If anyone has any history/records/connections with these surnames, please e mail me.

Rincy Fox Feb 23 1998
My grandfather, Fletcher Lee Bone married Annie Mae Bartlett, changed last name to Bowen. They had 6 children, Letha Pauline, Amy Lee, James Dexter(my dad)born 11-9-1919, Thomas Baxter, Nellie Mae and Norman Howard. My dad's grandparents came down from the reservation to live in Mint Hill, NC. As far as I have found out from my dad, their names were Running Bone and his wife was Sky Blue. I don't have any dates and haven't been able to find birth records, am just trying to find out any info about them for my dad. thank you for any help you can give me, Rincy Fox (one note my uncle, Norman Howard (deceased) was some kind of (honorary chief or something like that)my dad said that he had a full headress and they went to some kind of ceremony up at the reservation. (this was many years ago and my dad don't remember it all too well. but any help or at least point me into a direction where i can find out for my dad is appreciated.

Karen Shapiro Feb 20 1998
Fanny Elizabeth PARKER, I've been told she was related to Quannah PARKER. I would like to know how. She was married to James Madison or Monroe Bennett. They were offer Indian Land because of Fanny which was located 2 miles north and 1 1/2 miles west of Comanche, OK, but they didn't want to put out the $500.00. Any help you can offer will be great. Thank You

Julie N. Watts Feb 20 1998
I am searching for information on my ggrandmother, Daney GREER McGuire Eller. Other than her name, the only information that I have is that she was married to a McGuire, had two daughters (Belle and Bertie) and then married my ggrandfather, Taylor Henry Eller around 1899. Their first son, Samuel Alonzo Eller, was my grandfather. He told my mother that he was "part indian". At this point, I am going on the assumption that his mother was (at least) part Cherokee. After seeing old family photos, she seems the most likely candidate. I would appreciate any pointers anyone can provide.

Ernestine Reeder Feb 20 1998
I am seeking information on my Great-Grandmother, Mary Adeline CARDIN (b.1844). Family records indicate that she was a Cherokee Indian. She married William L. Hackney in Monroe Co., TN in 1866. Her parents were Amos CARDIN and Margaret TAYLOR. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Crabtree Taylor Feb 19 1998
I am searching for information about my paternal great grandmother,Mary Elizabeth DRIVER, born January 13,1860 and her father and mother. Their names were John H. DRIVER, born 1/4/1824 in Tenn., married 2/1/1847 in Macon Co.,Tenn. to Lydia Ann Doss, born 2/19/1827 in Tenn. They lived in Akersville, Monroe Co., Kentucky. John DRIVER died 9/9/1902 and Lydia DOSS died 8/28/1899, both are buried in Akersville, KY. Mary Elizabeth DRIVER married my great grandfather Dr. Joseph Anderson Crabtree. They were married 11/19/1876.

Trina Huskins Feb 19 1998
I am looking for my Murphy ancestors. My Murphys have been in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Mary (Polly) Murphy (#1016 of the Powell Roll, Eastern Cherokees) was born about 1798 in Georgia and died after 1870. She had 9 children by various fathers (1867 Powell Roll). This could be wrong as there may have been more husbands not listed in the Indian rolls. Her first husband was James (Oo-wuh-gah) Matoy who died about 1835. They had a son named William (Weeliah) Matoy in 1818 (Habersham Co., GA) who died 4/23/1900 in East of Jay, OK. He was married 5 times, but only had children with the first three wives (Martha Smith, Millie McMillan, an unknown, America Matoy, and Mary Hoger - or Hickenbottom- were the wives.). Her second husband (marriage record noted but not found) was Tauhs taheesky - a full blooded Cherokee Indian (around Hiwasee, NC). (1848 Mullay Roll). Their son, Arch Murphy, was born in 1822 and died in 1864. Arch had a son named James Murphy (Huskins) with Nancy Huskins around 1840. James died after 1908, but he went by the name Huskins die to threats against his life if he acknowledged his Indian blood. This is the line I am from. James is #333 in the Cherokee By Blood book Volume 2 (although the name is spelled Ruskins). Arch had several brothers: Joseph (b1824 d 1847) and John (b 1840 d 1864). This is where she could have had children with someone else between 1824 and 1840, but that has not been proven. This is part of the information I am looking for. Polly then had a son named James Murphy whose father is unknown. Her third husband is Kow-stee-nee-stah (or Whiplash or Old Muskrat). They had David Murphy, Jesse Murphy (d1864), and Martin Murphy. Polly then had her last known child, Elijah Murphy, by an unknown father. Any information on Polly's ancestors or decendants would be appreciated.

Deni Feb 18 1998
I am beginning my search of family tree. Some of the info I have is sketchy but would appreciate any information on the following family members: great great grandfather Logan WHITENER married great great Grandmother Anna NOGAL(NOGLE) Cherokee Co NC around late 1850s (both born around early 1840s). Great great great grandfather Issac DYE married great great great grandmother Jane LITTLE (both born around 1830s possibly Eastern Tenn. or NC) and great great grandmother Susan Jane NODINE(born around 1860s in or around the Eastern band of Cherokee's Reservation in NC). Does anybody have any information on these family members or surnames? Thank you.

Randy Ditmmore Feb 18 1998
I am interested in any information on John DITMORE born 1823 (Cherokee Nation?) and his wife Mary (surname unkown) born 1829 (Cherokee Nation?). They moved to Williamson Co., Ill. a community on the Trail of Tears. Also interested in John ROGERS born Sept. 1813 (Cherokee Nation?) Any information would be appreciated.

Jeff Reynolds Feb 17 1998
I am looking for proof that Hannah Thacker was of Cherokee descent. She was born around 1790.

avatar Feb 14 1998
I am a descendant of John A. Roberts and Avy A. Mobley. My research has pointed to Lewis Roberts, father of John Roberts, father of George Roberts, father of John A. Roberts. The Mobley side points to William Mobley, father of John Mobley, father of Solomon Mobley, Sr., father of Solomon Mobley, Jr., father of Avy A. Mobley. William Mobley was reportedly born in North Carolina in 1772. I do not know who he married. Lewis Roberts was born in 1779 in South Carolina. If you can help me find a little American Indian heritage I would appreciate it. My Grandmother told me that I did have an Indian heritage. My Grandfather, Henry Branton, also looked like an Indian. He was abandoned by his Mother at an early age. He was born in 1857. He married Angeline Clark. I have not found where they were married. Feb 11 1998
As you might have suspected I am a newcomer to this area. I am a child of a mixed marriage and have just begun to research my family lineage. My grandfather, a Full-Blooded Native American Chrokee Indian was adopted into a family by the name of Munro and was named George David Munro (Monroe), born September 15,1857 died Jan. 6, 1943. On the resevation he was called Marshall. My Father's name was George Reginald Monroe (Munro), born August 4, 1918, spent a few years living on the Reservation located on Long Island New York (Shinnecock Hills) around 1920's or so. My Father's first cousin, is known to me by the name of George Grey Horse. I am told he was possibly a chief. Whateve information you can supply would be greatly appreciated. Can you help me find whatever is left of my family? Feb 16 1998
My family story of my 3 Great Grandfather Mr. LINDSEY which was a full blooded Cherokee and lived on the Cherokee Reservation in NC. He had 3 known children 2 girls Mattie, Lou, and one boy Oakley. Moved to AL when the children were young. Mattie and Lou are both my 2 Great Grandmothers and I was told they were also full blooded Cherokee. I was told that Mr. LINDSEY had a roll number there. If anyone knows of the LINDSEY's please contact me at my e-mail address He should have been borned around early 1800's.

Darci Smith Feb 15 1998
I am looking for information on JOSEPH C. STALEY and his wife Catherine. I am told that they were full Blood Cherokee. They had a daughter named MAGGIE/MAGNOLIA STALEY b.1871 believe in NC. She married a man by the name of John Westley PRATER in Washington County, VA. They were married in 1891. If you have any info on Joseph or Catherine STALEY, please email me.

Donna Baertsch Feb 15 1998
I am searching for any information on my ggg grandfather who was Cherokee. His name was ADAM WEBBER.

George Baxter Feb 14 1998
Please research files for Lucinda Cloud Jolly, Cherokee born 1807, Kentucky.

reje eberhardt Feb 14 1998
I am trying to verify the family stories of my great-grandmother, Rhoda Hensley Kelley, of Waynesboro, TN and her relation to the Cherokee tribe. She had several brothers, no known sisters, and died in 1969. She was probably close to 90 years old. She had 11 children, 2 boys and 9 girls. Her husband, my great-grandfather, was James Marion Kelley. They had a very productive farm in Wayne Co., TN. My mother, her granddaughter, believes she and her brothers were adopted. Family photographs lend credence to the belief that they were Indian. My 83 year old grandfather, her son, says she and her brothers were maybe half Indian. Anyone who thinks they have helpful or interesting info, please let me know!! Thanks.

jenise joan strickland Feb 14 1998
looking for sally lightfoot records born approx. 1915-1920. she was latter married and last name was coker. i need any information on her she was fuul cherokee im 24 i live in seward alaska and need proof of indian blood for land and housing rights here plus medical benifits to help me. her maiden last name was one of these two lightfoot or nelson she lived on the north carolina cherokee reservation and got married and moved to england and did not register any of children anything but white so they could get decent jobs i ohope ypu can help me.

David Wilson Feb 14 1998
I am reseaching the following Cherokee relatives. Samuel WILSON born in Stokes County N.C. ab 1804. Mahaly WILSON was a sister to Samuel. His Mother was a full-blood, Polly WILSON dob unk. Polly had a brother Elijah WILSON and a sister Dicey (WILSON) REVELS. Also researching Julian (GUY) WILSON (1823-1915) who resided in the Henderson County N.C. area. Her Mother was Patsy WHITMORE dob unk who was possible a full-blood. Somehow the names IVANS and JEFFERS are connected to Patsy. Any info very appreciated.

James W. Barber Feb 13 1998
I'm trying to find proof of Cherokee Indian Ancestry in my family. I know my great-grandmother or great-great-grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee Indian, her name was Buella Jones. She lived in Oklahoma for a time. My last name is BARBER, which is English. My great-grandfather Aaron Barber married Buella JONES and her name was changed. Another possible name that I have heard mentioned but found no connection is SKAGG or SKAG. Can anyone help?

Hillra S. Qualls Feb 13 1998
I am searching for FANNY(LYONS, LINES or LIONS) Benson born ca 1817 near Cherokee Reservation Qualla. Searching for FANNY LION's mother. Family folk lore stated she was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. Other related families are QUALLS, QUARLES, KING,BENSONS. Fanny named the last grandchild Mekle Qualls..Is this name Mekle an Indian name?

Dan Willis Feb 11 1998
My wife's middle name is WYNEMA and she's been told that it's Cherokee. Can anyone verify this or give me a clue as to it's origin? Thanks!

Asberry Dwayne Simpson Feb 11 1998
I thought I was of the Miami Nation in Wabash, Indiana, but have just learned my heritage is with the Cherokee Nation from N.C. My grandmother's name was Lena COPELAND and my great grandmother's name was Sarah HEAVENRIDGE. The only other thing I know about it is that "way back" there was an "evans" or "evens" in my tree. ANY help will be most appreciated.

Kristy Grunden Feb 9 1998
Searching for information on Henry TEVEPAUGH. He was born ca. 1829, died ca. 1900. According to family tradition Henry was Cherokee. In 1870 he was living in Chester Co., S.C. In 1900 he became ill and left his wife and granddaughter in the Steele Creek area of Mecklenburg Co., N.C., departed to the Fontana Dam area, where he died. I would appreciate any help in verifying this information. Thank you.

Tatrina Jeanette Young Feb 9 1998
HARPER, Myrtle (1897-1970s) married Dee YOUNG (1876-1963) of Mississippi around 1910 or 1912. I am searching for any information about these two people.

Nancy Jeanette Buckner Jones Feb 9 1998
Looking for information to confirm my Cherokee heritage. Have been told that my great grandmother or my great-great grandmother was of Cherokee descent. My grandmother's name was Sarah Anderson Buckner, who died in the Fall of 1997. Her mother's name was Polly Sue Goforth Anderson. Her mother's name was Harriet Roberts. Both Polly Sue Goforth Anderson and Harriet Roberts lived in the Big Pine Creek community of Madison County, North Carolina. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Barbara Costales Feb 8 1998
Searching for any information on my G-Grandmother. Martha BROWM, full Cherokee, She married a LANGE. They had a son among other children named, Charles Lewis LANGE, born Jan. 31, 1907 Martha BROWN'S parents were both full Cherokee.

Maurice Potter Feb 8 1998
WADKINS, David: I am looking for information on David Wadkins( b.1820 TN) and Sarah Presley(b.1830 NC) who claimed to be Cherokee. They had children Mary Ann, Tilda, Joseph, Fannie M., David, John R., Henry, and Sarah Jane. All of these children were born in the 1850's and 1860's. Mary Ann married John Bud Kirkland and lived on the Qualla Boundary. Later many of these people moved to Arkansas. Since the Census has their Wadkins names spelled with a D. instead of a T. I believe they are a different family than the Watkins. Other names: Kirkland, Presley, Alexander, Shelton, Boston, Faw, Pitmon.

Maurice Potter Feb 8 1998
I am looking for information on Matilda Kirkland the wife of Felix Hampton Kirkland both descendants of Nathan Kirkland a Cherokee chief. Although both lived in Monroe county Tennessee and some of their children were born there, these people later moved to Swain county North Carolina where Felix is buried. Some of their children lived on the Qualla boundary and through their descendants claimed to be Cherokee. Matilda(b. 1828) is the daughter of George Washington Kirkland and Louisa Alexander. Her brothers and sisters were William, Samuel, Louisa, Margaret, and Calvin who were all born between 1832 and 1845 in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Darcy Tolliver-Noonkester Feb 7 1998
Can anyone give me more information about the 'SNOWBIRD' Cherokee? I never knew of their existence until today when I logged on to this site. Maybe that's where my Cherokee ancestry lies? Looking for Mary Ann (Martha) Gentry born around 1827 in Surry Or Surrey County North Carolina. Her father was Shadrack Gentry. Mary Ann married William Amberse (Ambrose) Chappell [full blood French man]. [Their son, Levi Jackson Chappell was my grandfather!] Any information on this family of Gentry's would be of great help! Any other 'Gentry's of Cherokee ancestry from surrounding counties in North Carolina out there? Would love to hear from you! Thanks, Darcy (Little Dove).

Darcy Tolliver-Noonkester Feb 7 1998
GENTRY-Looking for any information on Shadrack Gentry, Eastern Qualla Band. Daughter, Mary Ann (Martha) Gentry born around 1827, married one William Amberse(Ambrose) Chappell on 3-18-1847 in Surrey County, North Carolina. Need verification of her Cherokee lineage...can anyone help, are there any related Chappell\Gentry 'cousins' out there? Would like any information...thanks, Darcy

Douglas W. Tyler Feb 7 1998
My GGGrandfather was Robert (C.?) Helton who was born in December 1848 in South Carolina. He married a Frances A. Jenkins who was born in Jan 1858 in St Clair County, Ala. They were married on Mar 8, 1877 in Pell City, Alabama. They had children named: Maggie (Feb 15, 1818),Edgar W.(Feb 1886), Frances E. (Mar 1887), Mary M. (Nov 1889), Robert A. (Jan 1892), Lille N.(Feb 1895) and Holland L. (March 1898). Family has always said Robert Helton and Frances Jenkins were both part Indian and that there families left the Carolina's and moved to Alabama (St Clair County) so they would be left alone. Any help you can give me on this I would greatly appreciate.

Gloria Susan Whitford White Feb 6 1998
I am attempting to finally establish our family's Cherokee roots on my paternal grandmother's side. Her maiden name was Eula Mae BRINKLEY b. 9/1902, married to David William WHITFORD b. 9/1898. Her parents' names were Henry Ellis BRINKLEY and Mary Elizabeth WIGGINS or WIGANS. I have recently discovered that her WIGGANS' relatives came from the Boone, N.C. area. They moved to Grifton, N.C. in Pitt Co. where her mother met and married into the BRINKLEY family. I know my grandmother Eula had a great amount of Cherokee blood, not only from her physical characteristics, but also in her manner of speaking and non-verbal communication skills. My father and his siblings all have very handsome American Indian physical characteristics, and I have been asked if I was "part Indian". I have lived in Alaska for 32 years, since I was 13yrs. old, and have spent my professional career working in community development throughout the Alaska Native villages in our state. During this time I have stayed with Eskimo and Indian families and have always felt at home, and have observed that my grandmother's traits were quite similar to some of the elders I have spent time with, and I have always been successful in communicating and working with the village residents. I owe this to my grandmother's influence while I growing up. Unfortunately, as with many southern families, my grandmother's Indian heritage was never proudly discussed or openly acknowledged. One of my dad's sisters recently told me that my ggrandmother WIGGINS had a dark complexion, hair and eyes and must have been full-blood. Any information I can obtain from this forum would be greatly appreciated. In addition my WHITFORD side included RUSSELLS and ANDREWS from western N.C. and probably had Indian lineage through the Russells.

Mary Ozella Howell Feb 4 1998
Mother, Elouise WILSON Born Murphy, NC, 1916. Father, John William HOWELL Sr. Rome, GA.1912. Grandmother, Ozella Adeline FERNANDERS, Grandfather Mont HOWELL on Father's side. Ida Mae ROBINSON grandmother, grandfather John Monroe WILSON on mother's side. Roots in Franklin, NC and Rome GA, also Ammons family in TN.

Jackie L. Morgan Feb 4 1998
Looking for info on tribal affiliation and ancestry on my great-grandfather, Turner Breckenridge WATSON, b 5/15/1871 Grayson Co, Texas. Verbal history from my aunt says that he received a letter from the Eastern Cherokee Nation with his role in the tribe. His father Stant(?) WATSON was supposed to be half Cherokee, married to Martha Ann BROWN, b. 2/12/1851 Monroe Co, Kentucky. His grandfather was Stewart (Stuart?) WATSON, teacher/educator around Chattanooga Tennessee. Married to full Cherokee woman, unknown name. Any clues or followups I can get to trace him back much appreciated.

Harold Gordon Maxwell Feb 3 1998
My father said he is part Cherokee from NC, he does visit there from time to time. His name is Chester B. MAXWELL, his wife name is Ruth L. MAXWELL. They are still living, but I can not get them to talk about the connection. I guess my thinks the goverment will come after him. I would happy for any help on this. Thanks.

Virginia Ketron-Jones Feb 2 1998
I am looking form information on MRYA ANN or MARGARET ANN BOLTON born between 1830 and 1840's She was full Cherokee, Married to PERRY HOMER SILER or ? SILER. 1850's 60's . She is supposed to be buried on the Qualla Reservation, as my grandmother visited her grave their in the 1950's. Any BOLTONS out there?

Charles Steven Adair Feb 1 1998
I am looking for information and ancestors of my grandfather, CHARLES H. LENEAR, b:12APR1885, d:27SEP1956 in Spartanburg, SC. I was told that he was of Cherokee descent, but have no proof and cannot trace his family. Appreciate any help.

Dianne Fields Jan 31 1998
I am looking for information on Emaline BRYSON Dale born June 21, 1849 died June 17, 1917 was married to John Henry Dale born Aug. 9, 1829 died Dec. 14, 1908. They left Bryson City area between 1860 and 1870. I believe her parents were Steve and Susan Bryson. Also believe Susan was half Native American. Any information would be helpful.

Johanne Moore Jan 31 1998
PANTHER, Martha. Appears on Siler Roll 1851 as daughter, age 3, of Catharine and Felix PANTHER. Believe she married Eli Maxwell Narramore and eventually migrated to Texas. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Lori Steele Jan 31 1998
My friend Wanda is looking for her great, great, great grandfather his name was BIG SIR. She is researching her family tree. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Miriam Headley Jan 31 1998
I am interested in the ROGERS surname. My great-grandfather was a Trustem Rogers. His mother an Abigail GOULD. They came from Ohio. Before that the Rogers came from Massachusetts. Wasn't there a school that some Cherokee young people went to in the northeastern states? We have not been able to locate the connection, but we think from hearsay that there is an Indian connection. One relative looked a lot like Will Rogers.

Trina Huskins Jan 31 1998
I am looking for a TAUHS TA NEE SKY who fathered children by a Polly MURPHY. This was late 1700/ early 1800s. Polly had at least one child named Arch MURPHY. I am trying to find information on both Polly and TAUHS TA NEE SKY. I would appreciate any help you can offer in trying to track the Cherokee heritage as well as any marriage information between those two and Arch and a Nancy HUSKINS.

Randy Huffman Jan 31 1998
I am looking for the parents' names of Edgar Clifton Crow, born in 1863, adopted in 1867 and name changed to Andrew Alexander.

Alva H. Duke Jan 31 1998
I am looking for any information on a Susan Barnes who married Warren Duke in Pickens, SC. I have no exact birthdates and estimate that they were born around 1830. They moved from SC to Arkansas after 1859. They moved to Oklahoma sometime after and then back to Arkansas. Family tradition has long held that she was Cherokee, but we have no documentation.

Lynda Phillips Jan 30 1998
I'm looking for information on Bessie Mae Blume and or Cecil Harold Dyches her husband. These are my husband's grandparents and we have been looking for information. Can you help?

Charly F. Jan 30 1998
Looking for information on woman named HOSLA (spelling it phoneticly), was forced to leave the reservation, but instead fled to the mountains and left her two children son and daughter with a farmer named BINGHAM and wife in 1810s or so. Son had three sons Lillington, Joseph and Henry, all with the middle name of Hosla. Bingham lived in Rowan County, now called Salisbury.

Jayne Knew Jan 30 1998
We are trying to trace back my husband's father Estel Wayne Knew, his parents John Buchanan Knew and Minni Alice Abrams. Information handed down through the family is that the name was changed to Knew. We don't know if the original spelling was New, Nue, Neu or Nu. We would like to locate the roll numbers.

Cris Lee Jan 28 1998
I am looking for four brothers, Chas, Edmund, Darcob, Joseph DUNCAN. They started in Tennesee but were belived to have moved to North Carolina around 1840's. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Daniel G. Ele Jan 27 1998
My mothers maiden name was Dodson and she briefly stated that her grandfather was Cherokee. All the information I have is that they lived in the Tenn. area, can you see if there is any truth to "Dodson" being Cherokee.

Daina Hopper Jan 26 1998
I am trying to get some information on my great grandfather. His name was Theodore Owle. He later changed it to Reed. His Parents were Nettie and Soloman Owle. I believe Nettie's maiden name may have been Reed. Does someone have any information regarding any of these 3 people?

Pat Wilmarth Jan 26 1998
I really need to find out how to document that my great-grandmother, Harriett Montgomery, was Native American. Any help will be appreciated.

Shelly Cobb Jan 26 1998
Hello. I am looking for any family information on a BURCH family. This is all I know: My Grandmother is Hilda "BURCH" Parker, her father was James Homer BURCH and his father was David BURCH. Both lived in North Carolina and both are now deceased. Burch is suppose to be a Cherokee name, but it's not believed either James or David were registered. I'm trying to do family history. This is all the information my Grandmother remembers. Would like to make the connection further in the family tree. Any leads appreciated.

Judith Laughlin Jan 26 1998
I am looking for information on my Grandmother who I was told was a Cherokee Princess. Her name was Martha Patsy BOX. She was born 12th of May 1859. Married Jacob Shelton of Grainger County. Any and all information appreciated.

Pat Jenkins Jan 25 1998
Have found who I believe is my great-grandmother listed as niece of John W. Wallace, his file # is 28559. The niece's file # is 33855. Her name (Great grandmother) is Sarah Harwick. This was listed as court records of the Guion Miller Cherokee Rolls. How do I proceed from here in checking this out? Where can I find the information listed on the rolls which pertain to to these people?

Jan Kelley Jan 24 1998
I am searching for the Cherokee name and both the birth parents and adoptive parents of a full blooded Cherokee girl adopted as Jessie Norma COLLINS. She was born on January 29, 1900 and died April 1988. During her life, she married Paul KEITH and later Joe GOODNER. She was born in Indian Territory in/around what is now Porum, Muskogee County, OK. She had three children: Beatrice KEITH (born January 19, 1917), Ruby Irene KEITH (born January 19, 1919), and Don GOODNER.

Clayton Smith Jan 24 1998
I am trying to find the parents of Ruth (Sawyer) Cantrell, and Isaac Cantrell. Ruth was born 1806 Orange Co., NC. Isaac Cantrell d.o.b. unknown also from Orange Co., NC. Children of Ruth & Isaac are Benjamin, John, Eliza, Permelia, Isaac, Adaline, William, Joseph. I believe they are of Cherokee descent and would like for you to check the rolls to see if they or their parents Ruth & Isaac are listed.

William Edward MoonJan 23 1998
Thomas Moon, birth date unknown, his son: Joseph Milton Moon birth date Aug 7, 1848, son: John Will Moon birth date Apr 5, 1894, son: Ray Hugh Moon birth date Jul 20, 1933, son: William Edward Moon birth date Apr 21, 1953.

Nicole R Tighe Jan 21 1998
I am looking for the surname Moon. I have been told that my great-grandmother Nellie (Moon) Blankenship was full-blooded Cherokee. I have been told that she lived on a reservation in OK between Ft. Sill and Purcell. She married a Marvin Washington Evans and produced my grandfather Nathan Gale Evans. Then divorced and remarried Blankenship. She was born on 10-26-1905 and passed on 1-14-1980. Her parents were George Harvey Moon (died 12-21-1956) and Eliza Jane (Glenn) Moon (died June 1936). I also know that Eliza's parents are Harrison Glenn and Mary (Morris) Glenn, but I have no other info on them.

Dan B. Jan 21 1998
I'm trying to find the birthplace of my great grandfather who I think was from Cherokee NC. His name was Robert Parris, and I'm guessing, born around the 1860's. He had 6 children, James M. (my grandfather, born 25 Feb 1884), Garrison, David, Annie, Polly, and Minnie. My grandfather married Ellen Queen who was married three times (Smith, Thomas, then Parris). He always told me his name was Jimmy Crackcorn and was raised by the Cherokee in NC, but I don't know how true this was. I have checked some of the Rolls for "Queen" and "Parris" but didn't seem to match.

Steve Lamb Jan 21 1998
I have an ancestor named William (maybe John William) SHARP born ca. 1820-1850 in ??Huntsville, Alabama. We always heard as children that this man was a Cherokee indian. He had at least one daughter Dapsy Lee?? who married a man named Fowler.

Charles A Elburn Jan 21 1998
Looking for information that will confirm my Cherokee heritage. Have been told , my grandmother on my fathers side was Cherokee (NEE: ROE). Born in late 1800s in Maryland, married Earl ELBORN (ELBORNE, ELBURN). Have found the name ROE in the Western Band rolls, but not the Eastern rolls. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

John G. Dzikowski Jan 21 1998
I am searching for Patricia Herco(?). The correct spelling is unknown--it may be Hurco. She is Cherokee, raised in Flat Rock, NC. My sister is with her, and would today be about 22 or 23. My mother has used the name Sparks before, as well. I have not found either my mother or sister. Last contact was around 1975 in southwest PA. ANY information would be helpful, including family enrollment, other family members, or anyone who may know anything.

Perry Creed Jan 20 1998
I am trying to find the origin of the given name "Uphuysion". Uphuysion Louise Jordan Creed was my grandmother.

Cindy Schmidt Jan 19 1998
Looking for information on great grandmother Amanda EATON who was full blooded Cherokee born Dec. 25. 1859, North Carolina. Married James Blye NIX, Born 1862, North Georgia. Son Edward Theodore NIX (my grandfather) born Cherokee Territory 7-16-1891 told my mother they were fearful to be put on "the roll". Also looking for grandmother's side. Edward married Ida Caroline REID. Her grandmother Sarah ELLIOT was also Cherokee. Sarah had a son Jason REID born 9-20-1851 who married Martha WEST. They had 11 children living around Blairsville, Georgia. Sarah later married John Saxton.

Frances Garcia Jan 18 1998
I am looking for a connection with Chief Whitcloud whose daughter married an Inman man. I thought they were from Florida perhaps before 1800.

Pat West Roberts Jan 18 1998
Both of my parents were born and raised in Western North Carolina and it is my understanding that we have Cherokee ancestory. The names that I have available to me are KECIAH VANN CORN {Also spelled CHORN}. I also have the names of ELIZABETH CAPPS CORN, born NOVEMBER 19, 1798, who was the daughter of NANCY KOOHSEY KIRSKEY and JOHN CAPPS. I also have the name of SALLIE COOSHIE. I am told that they lived in the Yancy County area. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Dianne Robinson Jan 17 1998
Looking for any information on the surname Tilley or Tilly on any census roll. My gggrandfather, Gabriel Tilley was Cherokee if the information I have by "word of mouth" is true.

Christine Diane Voliva Jan 17 1998
Information on Becky Estep, father John Estep married to Anne Rhoton. Need percentage of Cherokee blood--through Estep.

Betty L. Welch Jan 17 1998
Searching Cherokke Roots: Seeking info on James Edmondson in NC. Sons, including son named James left NC in early 1800s. Went to TN. James 1780-1830 m. Elizabeth. Children John b. 1810 m. Lucinda James. William b. 1815 d. 1851-59 m. Baberry.Around 1830 left TN went to AR. Maybe in or around Seiver or Howard Co. Any info would be appreciated.

Ronnie Register Jan 17 1998
I've been told that my Grandmother was half Cherokee. The only info I can find out is the name Pink Knee. I think it was later changed to Pinkney. I know my Grandmother was from North Carolina. Please let me know if you have any info on this name.

DCygan Jan 17 1998
Looking for information on Ester Dora CRESONE-CRESON who was supposed to live on the North Carolina Reservation. Her Father was Alford CRESONE-CRESON. Her mother was Dixie BARTELL. She was born August 26, 1886, and married to Walter Albert ROLAND on March 8, 1913 in Marion, NC. The story in the family is my grandfather sneaked her away from the Reservation late at night and married her the next day. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Denise Cruey May Jan 17 1998
I'm trying to locate the origins of William Anderson SANDS/SANS who came to Tennessee from NC circa 1840. He married Suzannah McClain in Knox Co. He was of mixed blood and was born in North Carolina.

Nanette Jones Reepe Jan 17 1998
Searching for Mary Louisa Teasley Born 1848 (in ?) brought into the home of Andew Teasley (soldier NC) from Oklahoma of the band of Cherokees. Referred to as "Morning Star" or "Ya Tee Ha So Do" ??? She was of the "Wolf" clan. (?) until proven this is not facts. Only word of mouth combined with sketchy records. This Mary was my husbands great grandparent. Andrew Jackson Teasley was married to Elizabeth Gibbs - Georgia. Three Children with less than a years birthdate on found census. Mary Louisa was the middle child when found on the census record. Did not appear before on census records as being a child born in the family. She married in Georgia to William Henry Chapman Born SC living in Ga. W. H. Chapman - a Civil War Veteran of Georgia (Schley Co, GA) White County GA.

Sherilyn (Joyner) Segal Jan 16 1998
I am looking for any information leading to the discovery of my cherokee ancestry. I know they were from the reservation near the Smoky Mtns. in NC, and that the ancestry is from my maternal side. Some of my immediate family migrated to Virginia two generations prior to mine, but most are still in the reservation area, or possibly on it. All I know is my grandmother's maiden name which was 'Barker'. Can anything be found with such little information?

Linda Asbury Jan 16 1998
SIZEMORE: I am looking for information on George "Ned" Edward Sizemore. He and his family were of Creek/Cherokee blood. His wife supposedly was Anna Elizabeth Hart. She was said to be a member of the Eastern Tribe of Cherokee. Their daughter Elizabeth "Betsy" Sizemore was married to Solomon Stamper. Any information on these names would be greatly appreciated. All I have are names except for Solomon. Thanks.

Tandy Candida Gene Basham Jan 16 1998
Looking for any information on my Great-Great Grandfather, JAMES GOBLE SMITH. He married Gertrude Mathews Smith. They lived in Livingston County, Kentucky. He was full blooded Cherokee. Would like to found out anything about him.

Ann Shields Rowland Jan 14 1998
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Molly Parker; she was full blood Cherokee. Her daughter, Nora Frizzell was my grandmother on my dad's side. No one wants to talk about her or no one seems to have any information.

Travis Clarke Dean Jan 13 1998
Henderson Roll 1835: I am looking for members of this roll with the last names of DEAN or SUITOR in the Tennessee/North Carolina area. Thank you.

L. F. Davidson Jan 12 1998
I am looking for grandmother Annie MCBRIDE who was 1/2 Cherokee. She was married to a Frenchman, John Allan VIA, (my grandfather). They had two small daughters when he died with tuberculosis at the age of 27, 1913. She later remarried and died in child birth around the age of 32, 1920. The VIA family came from the Carolinas. They could have been married there or married in Tennessee. They both died in Tennessee.

Walt and Linda Shuler Jan 11 1998
We are trying to get information about PATIENCE JONES. We understand that she lived in Cherokee, NC. She was the wife of Ira Ellison Mosier. They had a daughter, Charity Mosier, that was born on 5/7/1852 and married Hiram P. Speer on 3/15/1873.

Dale Overman Jan 11 1998
Looking for information on Amanda Teller, living in Thayer, Missouri in a time span of 1890-1893. She had 1 son, John William, and a daughter, name unk. Son John William was adopted by a man named John Bliss.They moved to Pennsylvania in about 1898. Amanda was Cherokee or the man who fathered John was. His last name may have been Overman or Teller. No record, everyone is now dead.

ML Bagwell Jan 11 1998
Looking for children of Ellen GREER who married Robert COBB. Resided in northwestern South Carolina.

Michael Thomas Clark Jr. Jan 11 1998
I'm looking for information on my family and heritage. My grandfathers name was Frank Anderson Clark. He was born in Sweetwater Sc.sometime between 1905-1915. If anyone out there can please help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Joseph E Candler III Jan 10 1998
Looking for the parents of Joseph Ervin CANDLER. He was born on the NC Cherokee Reservation between 1879-1881. His father was white and his mother was a full Cherokee Indian. He had a brother, Wade CANDLER, who was also born on the reservation about four years later. Joseph, his father and brother had to leave the reservation around 1900 when their mother died.

Paula Paszke-Andrews Jan 10 1998
Recently my grandfather informed me that my grandmother had Cherokee ancestry. As you have probably heard countless times, this was sadly kept a family secret until after her death. In life, she was always quietly appreciative when I refused to participate in prejudicial conversations at our family gatherings. Now I think I know why. I was never able to thank her for her support in my stances because it wasn't acknowledged or discussed openly. I feel I owe it to her and to myself to trace her ancestry and honor her lineage. I remember there was no record of her even existing when she went in to apply for social security, it must have been in the 1960's, no birth certificates or anything. All I know so far, is that she lived in or around Mole Hill, Kentucky and her maiden name was Irish, McMULLEN. Her first name was Ella. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Rebecca C. McNeill Jan 10 1998
I am seeking information on WILLIAM HENRY CALHOUN and his wives. My information points toward 3 wives, with the second being Cherokee and the last being named ELLEN TABOR. I also seek information on WILLIAM'S ancestors. GROVER CLEVELAND CALHOUN was his son and my grandfather.

Barbara Allison Jan 8 1998
I am looking for NANCY J. VAN OR VANN. She was born in 1827 and had a roll # 17821 and the application # was 1489. She supposedly was in the 1906 census and shold be listed in the Muskogee county seat. Thank you for any info that you may have about her.

Barry Ray Exum Jan 7 1998
Seeking any information ref: Nancy Heas b. 1848 on NC res. Married John W. Exum in 1868 in Berrien Co., GA. Any info appreciated.

Joe Candler Jan 7 1998
I am looking for the names of my Great-grandmother and great-grandfather. My Great- grandmother was a full blood Cherokee Indian and my Great-grandfather was white. They had two sons, Joseph Ervin CANDLER (my grandfather) and Wade CANDLER born on the reservation. My great-grandmother died before 1900 and ny great-grandfather and his sons were forced to leave the reservation. My grandfather was born between 1879-1881 and Wade was born 4 years later.

Al Bradshaw Jan 6 1998
Searching surname VIERS. Minnie Rosella VIERS was a Cherokee who traveled from Maggie's Valley, NC Crockett's Cover, VA. She married Preston WADDELL. Dates unsure, probably late 1800's. Other name would be MCKIM, her second marriage.

Ed Schulenberg Jan 6 1998
Nancy L. McKINNEY, Hester roll 1883, #1876. This info. has been given to me, but I wonder what other info is to be found. My Nancy, my ggg grandmother, had two children, Sarah Ann and Laura. My Nancy moved to Missouri circa. 1830 where the two girls were born. I have never found any information regarding a husband/father.

K Tackett Jan 6 1998
Looking for any MACKLEY from the reservation, or near there in the 1920's to 30's. May have moved to Hampton, Tenn in the 30's.

Kathleen Speaker Jan 5 1998
My gg grandmother who was orphaned as a result of the Trail of Tears was named "China Larue" (unsure of spelling). She had 2 sons who were also full blooded Cherokee and whose father is unknown to me. One son, believed to be the eldest, "Nebro," my great-uncle, was not accepted by John Watson, who "purchased" China Larue as a domestic slave. China's other son, my g grandfather, although full blooded Cherokee, was raised as a white man and given the name "George Watson." He and his wife Bessie Humphreys Watson had 4 children, George II, Audrey Watson Uhazie, another sister whom is believed to have also married a Uhazie, and my grandmother, Velma Opal Hoover. George Watson and his family were last known to live in Dunbar, PA when Velma died in 1959. "Nebro," after not being accepted by John Watson, was said to have returned to the reservation in North Carolina.

WA Gibbs Jan 4 1998
I have been searching for a number of years for marriage of Albert Gibbs b. ca. 1819 m. ca.1830's Sarah Alley b.NC. He was born in Miss, KY, TN or NC? There is supposed to be Indian blood in Gibbs family. I am hoping some information may be given on one of these parties. Thanks!
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