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Debbie Wilson Cutlip Dec 29 1997
I am trying to find some information out about some of my relatives. I have just been told that I had a great grandmother and maybe a grandfather who were Cherokee Indian. I was also told a great uncle of mine was at one time a chief of the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. His name was Earlsel Wilson. My grandmother's last name was Youngblood.

KAPPSFISH Dec 27 1997
My husband's great-grandmother was Katherine McGrady Hall b. 9/14/1857. He has been told that her mother was full-blooded Cherokee (Polly m. John McGrady in Wilkes county. Need to find info on Polly being Cherokee.

Kirk Stephens Dec 25 1997
CRANE, CROW(E). Desperately seeking information on parents and siblings of Mary Elizabeth CRANE (b. 3 Dec 1868, d. 10 Dec 1936 in Dillsboro, Jackson, NC). First married to Sevier/Severe CROW -- no documentation exists. Second marriage to Will GREEN; again no documentation, but they were enumerated in Sylva, Jackson, NC in 1920 Census. Mary had one known brother, Anthony (called "ain't-nee") CRANE. Any information appreciated. Email, or write Kirk Stephens, 132 Laurel Branch, Sylva, NC 28779.

CastawayDR Dec 14 1997
My grandfather several times over, James Ralls, Jr. married an Indian and moved to Stewart County, TN. I'm wondering if anyone has a record of what her name might have been. Their son was Jack Ralls, who married Bedie Adkins, who may have also been an Indian. Their son, Edward E. Ralls (1830-1862) married Sarah Caplinger (1836-1885) and was their first man from Henry Co., TN to die at the Battle of Shiloh in the Civil War.

Jean Beech Dec 11 1997
William Holland Thomas (First White Cherokee Chief) is my ggg grandfather. He had two sons and a daughter. One son's name was William Holland Thomas Jr. I believe that he had a son named William Isaac Thomas which was my great uncle, and also a son called Doc which was my g grandfather. Doc was killed at an early age by bushwackers while he worked in his fields and Uncle William Isaac Thomas helped raise my grandfather and his sister, because my grandfather's mother also died at an early age . I was told this story by Uncle Isaac at a very early age, and cannot find a way to link all of this together.

Kat Bailey Dec 10 1997
I am searching for any references in North Carolina on the Reservations to a Katie Bell Niblet, or any of her relatives. It seems that my great grandmother lived/or her mother lived on the reservation. Katie Bell or her mother may have moved off the reservation after marrying a man by the name of Bowman. John NIBLET or Hanna RENFRO may be referenced as well. Supposedly Hanna was on the Trail of Tears and escaped to Mississippi. The spelling of Renfro may not be accurate. Katie Bell married a 1/2 Scotts 1/2 Cherokee man named Robert B BOWMAN. The BOWMAN branch moved to Mississippi and to CHATTANOOGA, TN. Also supposedly according to family history, JOHN BOWMAN and Jennie/Jane (SMITH) were in the area of the NC Qualla lands. Jennie's last name is unsure but it is known that she lived on the Reservation. Any help with references to those surnames from records or from other families would be helpful

Vickie Turner Crowe Dec 7 1997
I am trying to locate any information on my great grandfather Clayton Smith. His wife's name was Cora and I was told they were both listed on the rolls of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina. I checked with the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation and they were unable to help me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Don & Mary Setser Nov 30 1997
Seeking Cherokee information on gg grandmother, Sarah J. HOUSEMAN b. 10/12/1842 in Covington, Virginia, d. 09/11/1906, married 07/09/1882 to James KERN. He b. 06/28/1846, d. 07/09/1882. Their son, John S. KERN, b. 11/24/1877, was Fed. Judge in Ft. Blackmore, VA, and ran for vice Presidency vs William Bryan in 1908. Also: g grandmother-Sarah Ann KERN b. 07/03/1869 in Allegheny Cty, VA, d. 07/27/1945 in Caldwell, WV, married to William Thomas FURRY(b. 12/23/1870 d. 03/11/1935).

Vivian Wilson Goodgame Nov 19 1997
TOWNSEND and WILSON families My ggggrandfather, ANDREW GAMBLE TOWNSEND b. 12/24/1813 d. 10/8/1878, was full blood Cherokee according to family stories. He married MARTHA NORRIS. Their children are Isaac, Henry, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Silas. I found ANDREW TOWNSEND's family on the 1850 Federal Census, Emanuel County, Georgia. MARTHA TOWNSEND, Andrew's daughter, married JONAS WILSON. Both the TOWNSEND and WILSON familys lived in Emanuel and/or Johnson Co, Georgia and came down from North Carolina. Any information would be helpful. Especially need help documenting the Cherokee ancestry of ANDREW GAMBLE TOWNSEND.

Paul Green Nov 16 1997
Looking for information on Elizabeth GREEN. She was a Cherokee Indian, however I am not sure she is from North Carolina, I know the man she married was. She died in 1882 and is buried with her husband Samuel GREEN (born 1817 Jan. or Feb. and died 1889) in White Oak Cemetery in Missouri. Family lore has it that they married in Tennessee and that she did not tell anyone her given Indian name for her fear of the white man. I am trying to prove my Indian heritage and would also like to find any genealogy I might find out about either of these two.

Darla Bostick Nov 15 1997
Searching for further info of Judith (Juda) JEFFRIES who was Cherokee. Her son was Willis GUY. When the children of Willis & Mahala GUY sign Applications for Enrollment to Cherokee Nation, they name Willis's mother as Judith JEFFERS before she married Edmund GUY, & that JUDITH was 1/2 Cherokee. Reference is made to a document having an affidavit of Geo. K. CLAMPETT, Geo. L. GUY & J.C. GIBSON. Who is George L Guy b. 1854 who made an affidavit to witness the Dawes 1896 Petitions? Judith GUY is listed living w. son, Willis Guy & family in the 1840 &1850 censuses Macon Co. NC. She is not present in 1860. In the 1870 Macon Co, NC census, Juda is age 80, b.VA living with her son (Willis GUY) & his family. This is the last account of her known to me. The reference to her husband, Edmund GUY is the only account found of him. Willing to share information. Would like to learn more of Judith & Edmund.

J. Quinn Nov 2 1997
I am seeking information about Suky TONY (phonetic spelling) and her husband Jessee SIZEMORE. They resided near Carter Co. TN in 1830. Jessee died before 1851 at an unknown location. I would like to locate other descendants of this couple. My great-grandfather was their grandson. I have much information to share.

Dan Oct 28 1997
In searching my roots, I discovered that my gg grandmother was possibly a Cherokee Indian. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Her name was Mahala CROOK or HOOKS. Born in the 1820's or 1830's. Married to Charles LEWIS.

Cheryl W. Oct 28 1997
We are looking for our great grandfather, Wolford RIDDLE dob approx. 1885, date of death unknown. Wife Francis JOHNSON. At least one daughter, Pearl. Son Paul. We know that this is very little information, but it is all we can possibly obtain. Thank you.

GRCC Staff Oct 24 1997
My g-great grandmother was Tempy WILLIAMSON was full blood Cherokee, and her husband was full blood Irish from Ireland. 1870 census Lincoln Cty, Fayetteville, TN shows only Tempy age 44 yrs born about 1826, Tempy's daughter, my g-great grandmother Rosa Williamson-TODD (age 29 yrs. born abt 1841) with husband William TODD (Creek Indian). Same census shows the birthplace for both as Mississippi. Were there Cherokee Indians in Mississippi or was the transition of travelling to Indian Territory? Rosa and William married in Fayetteville.

Jeff Jarriel Sep 25 1997
I am looking for any information on the surname Jarriel. My 3x grandfather was John Lee Jarriel, I have been informed that his mother adopted or had him in Carolina and that he was Full Cherokee (Its obvious in his picture), we are trying to find out who his mother was and if his brother was Bennet. Apparently his mother's name was Merici and she may have started using Mary Kay. Any help would be appreciated.

Mary Ellis Sep 24 1997
I am helping a friend research his father's line of HENDRICKS. He knows very little. Elijah HENDRICKS, his grandfather, is listed on a 1860 and 1870 Kaufman Co., TX census as having been born in NC in 1840. He was buried in Hugo, Choctaw County, OK. The family suspects that some of the family is Indian, but whether Choctaw or Cherokee. My friend told me that allied families by the name of BIRD/BYRD (from AR/MO) and A. RENSHAW are believed to be Indian. He said that the spelling of the name differs in Choctaw and Cherokee. My question is, how is the best way to research this, since the family does not appear after 1870. I then jump to 1880 what. He is not in TX. OK does not become a state until after 1900, so do I jump to 1910 OK census? A lot is missed in those 30 years without census. All of Elijah's grandchildren were born in OK after 1910. We do not know where Elijah's 2 children were born. Any suggestions?

Wilson Hatcher Sep 12 1997
I am seeking information about John HATCHER. He left North Carolina about 1810, believed to be Eastern Cherokee. However, his granddaughter Victoria HATCHER was denied application in 1907, because John was not on the treaty of 1835. I am seeking information about his father, name is unknown. Thanks for any help.

Terry Gritts Sep 8 1997
Am looking for Wilson Hair, Oce Hair, Little Hair. Also Lizzie KEENER, Nora KEENER and children.

Alice M. Coghill Aug 28 1997
For years my father has told me that his grandmother was a Cherokee. Her maiden name was Addie Ryder and her married name was Coghill. I would like to find our more information about her if possible.

Janice Enk Aug 28 1997
Can anyone give me information on Deborah STARR, greatgranddaughter of Nancy WARD, or her Indian name NA-NI GHI-GA-U. Deborah STARR was married to William Harvey SLOAN, and had a son named Samuel Harker SLOAN. I am wondering if this is my great-grandfather Harker SLOAN, who was born in 1809.

Christopher Ford Aug 27 1997
My grandfather Clyde Newman FORD recently passed away. In the last few years of his life he was unable to recall significant portions of his family history, though he told me that at one time he had received a letter from the Cherokee nation which stated his role in the tribe. The letter must have originated from the Qualla Reservation since our family resided in Eastern Tennessee and Western NC. When I have tried searching the tribal rolls, I have not had any success with the name Richmond, his Father's name. I know that my grandfather was 1/4 Cherokee. If anyone has information on how I might obtain a copy of such a letter I would be very interested in speaking with them.

Shirley Rogers Aug 24 1997
I would like information on the family of Lewis MEDLIN and his wife Jane WELCH. They had two children: Thomas and Lewis Marion. Jane had two daughters by her first marriage to fnu WELCH, Sarah Ann WELCH, (b.1-24-1836 d.3-27-1880), and Nancy L. WELCH (b.11-12-1839 d.10-25-1927). Sarah married William M. LOVING, Nancy married John L. SAWYER. Sarah and William went to Kansas in 1875-76 and settled in Osborne Co. Nancy stayed in NC and lived in Swain County. I am looking for the first name of their father, and for Jane's maiden name. Jane was born ca. 1806 in Haywood County and died after 1880 as she is in the census for that year. Jane married Lewis MEDLIN ca. 1840-1841 according to Margaret Freel in her book "Our Heritage". Lewis Medlin, her second husband, was b. Dec. 11, 1818 in SC and d. on Nov. 2, 1909. He is buried at Panther Creek Cem. in Graham Co. There is a possibility that Jane lived near Whittier in Haywood County. This based on information on Nancy Welch Sawyer's death certificate. I would love to share information with anyone interested in any of the above name families. The families I am researching from NC are LOVIN(G), CRISP, WELCH, JENKINS, SAWYERS, SUMPTER, and MEDLIN.

Joe Williams Aug 18 1997
My family always thought that my ggrandmother Frances Adaline PRICE WILLIAMS was Cherokee from NC. She was born in 1843 in NC and her family came to LA when she was very young. We think her father's name was Reddick PRICE and that her mother was full Blood Cherokee and her anglo name was Martha BERRY, her grandfather was a Cherokee Chief. (This was probably family pride and not fact.) In the early 1900s, or at least before 1927 when she died, she and some of her brothers received some kind of allotment or compensation as the descendants of their Cherokee ancestors. I don't know where or what to search to find out what the payment was for and if their names are on any records. I would appreciate any information on how to start searching. Thank you.

Lynn Hawkins Aug 4 1997
Would like to hear from anyone doing research on the KIRKLAND family. My 5th great grandfather was Nathan "Cheesquire" KIRKLAND. He was at least 1/2 Cherokee. His wife was Lillia Berrie FAW. He was born about 1750. Nathan is buried in the National Park near Robbinsville, NC and a large monument placed by US Park Service. His Cherokee name "Cheesquire" is on the monument. Would like any information on these Kirklands and related families: Shelton and Hodge. Thank you.

Vickie Jul 26 1997
I'm not sure where to see information and hoped maybe you could head me in a good direction. My Great Grandfather was born in Asheville, NC in 1870. He was born Carmen James JUSTICE but I first knew his name as James Burton JUSTICE. His childrens names were Jestis and Justice. There is a family story that any member descendent of his family can go and live on land in Banner Elk, NC. Most of the descendents have dark hair and eyes and this was said to be a true JUSTICE trait. ANY guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Angela Bethune Jul 11 1997
I am looking for an "Indian" named Thomas Judson CAPPS, who married Sedora Euphrasia "Dorie" Parker-Samuels at the turn of the century. As Mr. Capps passed away 2 months before his daughter, my g-mother, Java Louise Capps, was born, I have only word-of-mouth. He was supposedly "from" Townsville NC, and met my G g-mother in Stanley NC, having gone there to work. However, knowing that there is the Cherokee Reservation in western NC, I have to attempt to start tracing from there. Does anyone know of any Capps's on any of the rolls? I am in Texas, so I can't do "right there" research. Thank you.

L.T. Williamson Jul 3 1997
I am searching for information on Bob BENGE. The info I am seeking is a tie to Jane Jenny WILEY. I believe he fathered a child with her and that I may be a descendant of this union. At one time there was on display at the museum in Cherokee, an ax he used in battle. Have been looking for many years to make this connection, no amount of info too small would be very grateful for anything available. Can't find him on any rolls, but family history says he was a war chief during the time Kentucky was the western boundary.

Betty Bonnet May 27 1997
According to my grandmother, her parents were Cherokee Indian and lived in North Carolina on or near the reservation. My grandmother's name was Florence Louise LEDFORD, b. 1883 d. 1965, and her parents were Dolphus Christopher Columbus LEDFORD, b. abt. 1860, and Quincy Jane ROGERS. Dolphus' parents were John LEDFORD and Nancy EVANS. My Aunt remembers that her grandfather, Dolphus, would quite often spend time on the reservation, but at that time was not living there. He was raised in what is now known as Hurricane or Cole Creek in Haywood County. Supposedly there is a picture in the museum in Cherokee of the 1888 ball team and he is in the picture. I've been told this but have not been there to see it. Also, on another branch of the family I have a gggg grandmother named Leonah ROGERS, born about 1800, who I am unable to connect to any of the Haywood County Rogers. On a list I found on the internet of Cherokee Indians, I found a Leona Rogers. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks.

Berna Stillwell May 25 1997
I'm researching JOHN STILLWELL (Stilwell); other STILLWELLS who were part of the Stillwell compound established bet.1720-1730 on Stillwell Creek, Oconaluftee River, Cherokee Reservation territory. Would like to hear from anyone who is also researching members of this settlement.

Richard Morton May 20 1997
I'm looking for evidence of a Minnie Bell REED that lived somewhere between Mingus' Mill and the town of Cherokee, sometime between the turn of the century and the 1910s. I don't have any names any farther back than her, but do know that her grandmother had lived on the reservation before moving off after.

Marty Sailsbery May 15 1997
I would like information on my deceased mother Wayma Whomethia Hensley born in Old Fort NC May 8, 1931. We believe she was adopted by the Hensely Family. Possible father' name was Will Hensley, adopted mother's name is Blanche Hensley.We know she was 1/2 Cherokee, any information to help us research this would be helpful.

Diana Cantrell May 12 1997
My father (deceased) is Woodrow Cantrell, his father was Issac Cantrell and his mother was Dora Kelly (may be Kellie). My father was born in Pike County, KY in 1918..Records show two different birth dates, one is Dec 24 or 25. My father had brothers named, Cass, Alan, Millard; sisters named Cassie, Sarah. I'm sure there were more but these were the only ones I ever met. My father said his parents were both full blooded Cherokee Indians. Sister said we used to have a picture of our grandparents in their full Indian dress before it disappeared.

Shelia Chumley May 11 1997
Oral History by my Cherokee ancestors say that we are related to Chief CHI CHI DUPREE through his daughter who married James HARRIS. Their known children were Daniel and Edward. Was there a Chief by this name, and if there was, where can I do research on him?

Charles L. Johnson May 2 1997
My great grandfather, Harley HENDRIX, claimed he was born near Soco Gap. (Dec. 28, 1872). His father was Isaac HENDRIX and his mother was Elizabeth Fanning KNIGHT. My grandmother said that the family lived on the Qualla Reservation in the 1890's or 1900's. Any information or contacts would be greatly appreciated by a large WNC family.

Jackie Zortman Apr 25 1997
Trying to trace my Cherokee heritage! My mother always said that her grandmother was either half of full-blooded Cherokee. My great-grandmother's name was Mahala EDWARDS and she married John MURPHY. They lived in Kentucky, but I have no place names or dates. Perhaps Casey County, KY? She was probably born in the mid 1800s. Her mother's name may have been Hannah EDWARDS. I want very much to establish my Cherokee roots.

Maurice Potter Apr 24 1997
My grandmother Fannie KIRKLAND was born in Bryson City in 1886 and lived in the Qualla Boundary. She told my mother that they were Cherokee. I have found my KIRKLANDs in Eastern Tennessee (Monroe Co.) and Western North Carolina (Swain, Rutherford, Burke). Although applications were denied around the turn of the century by over 200 people stating they were the descendants of Nathan KIRKLAND, a Cherokee chief and also part of the Thomas Indians, I am seeking information that proves the KIRKLANDs were Cherokee as they claimed. They are found on the US census from 1810 to 1880. They do not show up on the Indian census rolls.

Linda Brooks Apr 15 1997
Looking for ancestors of David ENGLAND, a white man, and his wife, Susannah CONNER (1/2 Cherokee). They married ca. 1815-25, and lived on Tusquitee Creek in the vicinity of Peachtree Mission, Murphy Co., NC. In 1826, David ENGLAND was clerk of the 3rd District of Cherokee Nation (Aquohee District.) In 1835, the family consisted of: a white man, one half-breed, and seven quarter bloods. He operated a grist mill. In 1838, they removed to Maysville, Benton Co., AR. Their oldest daughter, Louisa (Louysa) ENGLAND married Robert Dean BLACKSTONE (a white man from Monroe Co., TN). Louisa ENGLAND and Robert Dean BLACKSTONE are my gg grandparents. I have much information to share after their relocation to Benton Co., AR in 1937, and then finally to Webbers Falls, Canadian District, Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma. Can anyone help?? Thanks. Linda Brooks, Ft. Gibson, OK.

Shelby Upchurch Apr 2 1997
I am looking for my Cherokee heritage. I would like to know if these names are on lists from the Cumberland Mountain area. My grandmother was Mary Ellen Chapman born in 1889, she had a brother Dillard Chapman and their father was John Chapman. I have knowledge that they lived in later years in Fentress County, TN. Any help will be appreciated.

Steven Redding Staley Apr 5 1997
REDDING; especially pre-1864.

Mike Moffitt Mar 28 1997
Seeking information on origins of surname HORNBUCKLE on Reservation. My particular HORNBUCKLE line is Thomas (b.1740, VA; d.1799, NC) married to Nancy (Cherokee) (b.?; d.1810, Caswell Co., NC). Wish to contact other Cherokee HORNBUCKLE researchers.

Nancy Pattullo Mar 18 1997
Seeking information on the BIRD CLAN of the Eastern Cherokees. BIRDWOMAN/SNOWBIRD m. John BLACKBURN 1700's.

Val Vanover Mar 15 1997
I am searching for my Cherokee ancestors. My grandmother, Emma STRONG (aka Emma EVERSOLE, Emma CHANDLER--maiden name) and her children (one by the name of Ronnie Wayne VANOVER, my father) donated her land to the Eastern Band Cherokee Tribe sometime during the late 1960's or early 1970's. The land is located in the northern part of Cherokee, south of the mountains. This land was passed down from my great grandmother, a full-blood Cherokee (name unknown) who married a white man by the surname of CHANDLER. (Do not know when and where the marriage took place--except that it was during the 1800's--early? mid? late?) From what my father has told me, Emma Strong (Chandler) was from either Sylva or Waynesville, NC. I would greatly appreciate any information, such as who or where to contact about the land donation to the Tribe, and for the records listing the Chandler marriage. Thanx!!

Charity M. Lynn Mar 15 1997
I have come to a standing point with my family tree. I have made it to Frank & Frances (MAYES) LAWLESS, both born in 1856. Both are Cherokee Indians of Tennessee (theIr first child was born there), should I consult the Dawes Roll? On the other side of my grandmother's family I am stopped at Neverson COLLINS and his wife Susannah (?) both born in South Carolina in 1825. I am not sure what to do at this point. This information was gathered from different courthouses in Tennessee and my grandmother. Ideas of what is next? I am new to this. I would like to continue this with all of my grandparents. But, I must conquer this first one in order to continue. Thanks for your help.

Charles H. Williams, Ph.D Mar 12 1997
Jacob YOCUM b.~1790, d.~1848 in Barry Co, MO. He was reported to be married (2nd) to Winonah, a Cherokee Indian and may have been a White Chief that led the Cherokees West to Barry, Stone, and Taney Co, MO about 1815-19. We have evidence that he was in MO by 9 Jan 1819. He had one son, Levi YOCUM by his 1st wife, and I go back to Levi's daughter Nancy Jane YOCUM, b.1844 in Barry Co, MO. Jacob was reported to have three brothers, Michael YOCUM, d. 1862 in Springfield, MO but lived most of his live in Izard Co, AR. Solomon Yocum, noted for selling moonshine to Indians South of Springfiled, Mo and was run off the reservation. Jesse YOCUM was also reported to have married an Indian woman. Any information would be appreciated.

Jimmie Lee Robins Mar 6 1997
Osio My grandmother's name was Agness Anna Mae FORD, her father was William Franklin FORD, born 1849 Sugar Creek, northwestern Arkansas, among the Old Settlers. His father was Jefferson Thomas FORD, born Tellico Plains area of southeastern Tennessee in 1819. I understand from Gilliam Jackson, when we last met at an all Indian conference in Washington DC, that some of my family still live there on the Boundary. Those that escaped the Trail of Tears. My great grandfather died thinking they were all dead. I myself am mixed blood from five different tribes, but recently the Chickamauga from northwestern Arkansas has been pressuring me to register with them, due to my grandfather being born in their area and therefore they feel we belong to them. Any help is appreciated.

Barry & Deb Dusel Feb 28 1997
My wife has always been told since she was a "little girl" that her gg grandfather was a Cherokee indian from North Carolina. All that is known at present is that her gg grandparents were John BOWEN and Caledonia Elizabeth Jemima Josephine ST.GERMAINE/BOWEN. Is there anyone that has done research on this family or anyone that can help us? Thank You.

Kim Amburgey-Flinn Feb 28 1997
Looking for info on one of my ancestors, Cherokee woman named Perlina ELKINS, born around 1836 in NC, had tract of land. Later married man by last name of ROSE, and moved to what is presently Logan County, West Virginia. They had daughter named Jane ROSE. Rest of Elkins family (Perlina's parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins etc...) some stayed around NC during The Trail of Tears, but some were moved to Oklahoma. Found some of what may be Perlina's Elkins family on some of Oklahoma Rolls, but need more help, would like to find cousins living in Oklahoma (or NC) today descended from persons on the rolls.

Geary Grange Feb 24 1997
My 5g grandfather Joel Gunter was born in July 1795, NC. His mother or wife was Cherokee. He moved to TN and was in the War of 1812. He was married to a woman from TN about 1817. He was well documented in IL after 1825 and died there. I have tried to research him in NC and have not been able to find anything in IL on his NC roots. I am especially interested in his Cherokee ancestors.

Leona (Lee) Simonini Feb 20 1997
I am looking for more information on the IDDINGS and ARMFIELD families.The Iddings families were in North Carolina, mainly Guilford County from the early 1800s into the 1900s. Also Debord/Deboard, Coffin, German, Vest and Mathewson. I also have lots of information on the Iddings and Armfield families that I would be glad to share with anyone. Any information will be appreciated.

Cassie Wagoner Feb 16 1997
I would like information regarding John Nelson ROGERS who married Sarah Francis MURPHEY in Wayne County, Tenn on 3-7-1875. Sarah was the daughter of Sarah LINVILLE and Calvin George MURPHY of SC. Calvin George Murphy served in Civil War. The older Sarah Murphy and her brother, Clevlan or Leander MURPHY, are buried in "Cedar Grove Cemetery" in Tennesse? Where is that??? John Rogers and Sarah Francis Linville Rogers had children born in Tenn: Laura W. Rogers who died as a child and may be buried there--Laura W. Rogers born 2-12-1876 and died 9-15-1880. Other children born there are: John W. Rogers born 8-4-1878, Cleveland Bud Rogers born 1-29-1881, Minne C Rogers born 2-8-1884, Lillie Flora Rogers born 1-27-1886, and my grandmother---Lee Nora Rogers born 6-17-1889. These folks left Tennessee as part of the Indian movement and came to Arkansas where most of the above are now buried. If you have any info which may help, I would definitely appreciate it.

Gary Farmer Feb 13 1997
We have found that our great-grandmother was full Cherokee. Her name was Barbara Jane Farmer, wife of John Farmer and possibly daughter of Robert Balden. Barbara Jane had six kids, and moved to Gaston and Cleveland counties between 1900 and 1910. We have found Farmers in NC and SC, but are having trouble with Balden. Robert had to be full Cherokee and we cannot find him in the household in any census, 1870 and beyond. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

M. Lehr Feb 12 1997
I am searching for the truth about my Cherokee Indian heritage. Mother told us her grandmother was a Cherokee Indian who married a white man, then lived in the world of the white man. I have always been very of this and now that I live in NC, I hope I can trace backwards and find the truth. Sarah CLARK was her name and she married Thomas Burton GUNTER -- lived in Haywood County, NC in 1850 -- died in 1858 in Haywood County. Can anyone help me find the CLARKs? any help will be appreciated.

Harold Gray
Family tradition says that George Washington BROOKS, my g grandfather, was part Cherokee. He is thought to have been born in KY, but questionable, prob in 1830's, m. Elizabeth DEAN in 1855 in Newton or Searcy Co., AR and died at Battle of Pea Ridge, AR in 1863. Are there any Cherokee records that I can check? I am Harold Gray, Greensboro NC.

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