Our annual dinner meeting will be at 1pm,  Saturday, 6 December at Pier 41 Seafood Restaurant in Lumberton at 2401 East Elizabethtown Road.

***Please note: This meeting is 1 hour earlier than our normal start-time.***

Youíll find directions to the restaurant at http://www.pier41seafood.com/ and can pre-plan your meal-choice using the menu at http://www.pier41seafood.com/Menu. The phone number is 738-8555, should you need it.

If you will be attending, please email jmackwf@hotmail.com so she can notify the restaurant of how many people to prepare for.

Since we wonít be doing the extensive walking or standing required at the last few meetings, we hope to see more of you at this meeting.

As always, you may bring your spouse, family members, friends, or anyone you know with an interest in researching their family history.

If you want to pay your 2015 dues at the meeting, please pay by check to eliminate confusion in who paid and who didnít.

Rates are $20, individual; $25 family.

I can also take orders for the RCGS Logo shirt, should you want one.

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