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 April 2011 Minutes

Robeson County Genealogy Society
PO Box 2292
Lumberton, NC

Date: April 02, 2011
Time: 2:00 p.m.


Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by President Jonnie Flowers.

Sam West was introduced as guest speaker due to the absence of Sarah Britt.

Brochures were made available pertaining to the Proctor Law Office heritage.


Mintues had been received prior to the general meeting by all those present. Treasurer Angus McCormick reported the bank statement had not been received therefore he gave an estimated balance of approximately $5,025 as of March 31, 2011.

Motion by Pat Mercer and 2nd by Cory Mercer to accept the minutes and Treasurer Report as presented. Voted and approved.

Sylvia Niven reported Editor's Expense Reimbursement Request for $294.16 pertaining to printing and mailing of THE ROBESON SCRIBE. The report also included postage for mailing of a reply to member's letter.

Sam West asked if it were possible to start e-mailing the quarterly journal "Scribe" instead of printing and mailing to members. This would save a considerable amount of funds of our society.

Sylvia Niven reported for the Membership Committee a total of 80 memberships with 74 people.

Sylvia Niven answered questions from the floor about the Mitchell Cemetery Cleanup Project that had been presented by family member Billy Mitchell.

She noted she had sent a copy of the minutes which contained the conclusion of the society to have someone other than the society membership to perform the cleanup task.

Secretary Faye Floyd read thank you card from Martha McKinnon and family for the book presented to the Public Library in memory of her husband, Judge "Sandy" McKinnon.

The Public Library sent thank-you notes for two books presented in memory of deceased members - Nancy Starnes and Judge "Sandy" McKinnon.

Secretary Faye Floyd read letter from Jeanne Hansen of Fletcher, NC seeking interest in her book "My Life, My Family, My Memories".

The secretary also read a notification letter received from Dr. John A. Stephens for the death of his wife Mrs. Ava L. Stephens.

Dale Miller made a motion to purchase a copy of the book "My Life, My Family, My Memories" at a price of $20 to be placed with the Archive and Research Committee of our society. This book could be used by any member having an interest in researching. The motion was 2nd by Carolyn McCormick. Voted and approved.

The materials we have are currently being housed at each individual committee chairperson's home. It was noted that we need to have a permanent location for housing these materials.


President Jonnie Flowers announced she would publish location at a later date for our meeting in June. The June meeting would be a report by those who attend the National Genealogical Meeting in May.

Suggestions for upcoming meetings were to have a program entitled "History of Lumberton" presented by Sam West. Anyone interested in presenting a program could contact president Jonnie Flowers.

Computer Committee chairperson Jane Barnhill answered questions from membership about usage of the on-line website of the society.

Several announcements were presented by Jonnie Flowers about upcoming courses and seminars thru Robeson Community College. Those interested could contact her for more information.

A copy of "Robeson Living" was introduced to the membership which contained an article of interest. It was noted that this publication is free to the public.

Archive and Research Committee chairperson Pat Mercer presented an historical newspaper section "Remembering Robeson" printed in 1999. She will have this publication on hand. has made available to its members a Centennial Edition of January 1951 Robesonian Newspaper. The resource contains many pages of valuable information about our local region.

The National Genealogy Society will hold their annual meeting next month in Charleston, S.C. Lots of free materials will be available to those who attend.

Our May General Meeting will be a Round Table discussion of "Family Issues". The meeting place will be announced at a later date.

Angus McCormick made the motion to adjourn at 3:30 p.m. and 2nd by Cory Mercer.

Those Attending:
Jonnie Flowers, President
Sam West, Vice President
Faye Floyd, Secretary
Angus McCormick, Treasurer
Carolyn McCormick
Sylvia Niven, Parliamentarian
Pat Mercer
Cory Mercer
Jane Barnhill
Dale Miller
Steve O'Connor
Lisa O'Connor
Neil Thompson
Johnny Floyd
Virginia Floyd
Donald Kinlaw
Joyce Braswell
Nancy Mills
Annie M Ivey

Reggie Neal
Doris Ford

March 2011 Minutes

General Meeting
Date: 03/05/2011
Time: 2:00 pm

Place: Mclean Room, Robeson County Public Library

Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by president Jonnie Flowers. Guest speaker, Nash Odom presented program
entitled "Bible Records".

Old Business:

Angus McCormick reported a beginning balance of 02/01/2011 at $5,824.27 and ending balance of 02/28/2011 of $5,599.26.

Motion by Cory Mercer and 2nd by Joyce Braswell to accept minutes and treasurer report as distributed. Motion was voted and approved.

Bill Chism presented results from his meeting with Vicky Locklear, Register of Deeds at Robeson County Courthouse. Our society was interested in a mini tour of sites within the court house that would be of interest to those
involved with research of vital records and court documents. Our members present at the meeting suggested he meet with her again and schedule a tour on any Thursday afternoon that would be convenient for her.

Nash Odom offered his research information on Bible Records to the society as a project that they could compile into book form and offer to the public for sale. The profits could be used by the society to benefit genealogical research of the public. Cory Mercer made a motion to form a committee for this project and 2nd by Sylvia Niven. Motion was voted and approved. Sylvia Niven volunteered to serve on this committee. Jonnie Flowers will contact membership by e-mail seeking volunteers for this committee.

Nash Odom stated our society needed to donate a book "A Walk Thru Meadowbrook Cemetery" to the NC Historical Society. The Historical Society recognizes such items and awards are presented by their organization.

Jonnie Flowers gave a brief update of books that had been donated to Robeson County Public Library in memory of  deceased members as follows:
"On Sherman's Trail" presented in memory of Nancy Starnes...."Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade" in memory of Judge H.A. "Sandy" McKinnon...."1870 Census of Marion County South Carolina" in memory of Dr. Janie B. Silver.....These books will be entered into the library system and tagged as memory books.

Interest for the Mitchell family cemetery cleanup was discussed after the society viewed photos presented by Sylvia Niven. The society decided we should not take this project for ourselves but we could seek volunteers who may have an interest in such a project. Another possibility would be to advertise for a lawn care service to clean the cemetery then the family could make payment to the lawn care company themselves. Our society would only act as a laison for Billy Mitchell who is the interested party that contacted us for help with the cleanup project. Sylvia's main concern was for the tombstones which had been damaged. She will contact him personally to discuss the decision of our membership.

Sylvia Niven will resend her previous e-mail with Research Surname's and members contact.

New Business:

Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2011 will be the annual Sherman's March through the Carolinas re-enactment, at the Douglas Musselwhite farm located at 10765 Barker Ten Mile Road, Saint Pauls. About 1,000 troops, 12 cannons and 50 horses will participate.

Our society will meet for the April monthly meeting at the Proctor Law Office building in downtown Lumberton April 2, 2011 at 2:oo p.m.

Motion to adjourn at 3:45 p.m. by Angus McCormick and 2nd by Joyce Braswell. Voted and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Faye Floyd, Secretary

Jonnie Flowers, President
Faye Floyd, Secretary
Angus McCormick, Treasurer
Sylvia Niven, Parliamentarian
Bill Chism
Cory Mercer
Betty Edens
Joyce Braswell
Jeanette Baker - guest Johnny Baker
Nancy Mills
Jane Barnhill
Annie M Ivey
Nash Odom - guest Helen Odom
Johnny Floyd - guest Va. Floyd
Steve O'Connor - Lisa O'Connor
Sylvia May - guest
Jennie McDole - guest

February 2011 Minutes

Meeting was called to order by president Jonnie Flowers. Mr. Layton Dowless, guest speaker was introduced by secretary
Faye Floyd in the absence of vice president Sam West.


Minutes were read by secretary Faye Floyd and treasurer report presented by treasurer Angus McCormick. Motion to accept minutes as read with one
correction and treasurer report as printed was made by John Edens and 2nd by Cory Mercer. The motion was voted and approved.

Sylvia reported the following expenses she encountered as instructed by president:

  • Purchased book - "ON SHERMAN'S TRAIL" - in memory of Nancy Starnes to be placed in public library $ 15.59
  • Purchased book - "ATLAS OF THE TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE" - in memory of Judge H.A. "Sandy" McKinnon to be placed in public library $ 30.25
  • Purchased book - "1870 CENSUS MARION COUNTY - SOUTH CAROLINA" - in memory of Dr. Janie B. Silver to be placed in public library $ 60.00
    TOTAL $105.84

The Research and Archive committee expressed an interest in using the profit from the sale of Meadow Brook Cemetery book.

The Robeson County Public Library acknowledged the gift of: "1870 CENSUS MARION COUNTY - SOUTH CAROLINA"
in memory of Dr. Janie B. Silver who was a life-time member of our society.


The following committee reports were presented: Library Concern Committee - met with Tina Stepp, Director of Public Library.

They acknowledged the meeting as a success....Most of the concerns presented to Tina at an earlier meeting had already been addressed.

For instance:

  • security - doors in genealogy room - locked
  • micro-film viewer - serviced recently
  • new micro-fiche - will be purchased
  • new viewer printer - order has been placed
  • awkward chair for viewing micro-film - being replaced
  • revised library policy - will allow donations of CD's and included
  • in check-out system
  • library will provide shelf space - for copies of "ROBESON SCRIBE"
  • and catalogued into system
  • library director - will allow us to re-shelf books that had been
  • used by prior researchers left on tables
  • library director - securing permission to order new computer for
  • genealogy room - networked to a printer
  • and set on a time limit
  • library director - has no problem with re-arranging genealogy room to fit needs of researcher
  • policies for use of the genealogy room - will be posted on Robeson County Library website for public
    viewing as well as new acquisitions
  • library director - showed an interest in employing another staff person that would be assigned to the
    genealogy room as part of their job description

*Concerns were noted with the careless handling of discarded items from the library
Carolyn McCormick made a motion..... prior to book sales of the library....someone needed to make
sure all items up for sale - had not previously been donated or placed in memory/honor of
anyone....this type material should be kept in the library at all times and not sold to anyone or
discarded...if the library was not interested in keeping these items because of their age or condition....they
could be placed in the genealogy room for keeping....

Motion was 2nd by Betty Edens and society voted and approved the motion.

Membership Committee presented report as follows:

36 Resident Members
36 Associate Members
5 Institute Members
5 Exchange Members

*with a total of 82 Paid Members

2 Resigned Resident Members
13 Non-Resident Members
1 Institute

*with a total of 14 Not Paid Members

Computer Committee reported our society web-page is under construction for improvement

Publicity Committee reported that a brochure is being devised for our society - to be placed in various locations for public access.

Motion to adjourn at 4:35 p.m. by Angus McCormick and 2nd by Cory Mercer.

Those attending:

  • Jonnie Flowers
  • Faye Floyd
  • Leon McLean
  • Jay Niven - Sylvia Niven
  • Nash Odum
  • Pat Mercer
  • Cory Mercer
  • Dale Miller
  • Joyce Braswell
  • John Edens - Betty Edens
  • Bill Chism
  • Angus McCormick - Carolyn McCormick
  • Donald Kinlaw
  • Jane Barnhill
  • Nancy Mills
  • Johnny Floyd
  • Lisa O'Connor - Steve O'Connor


  • Layton Dowless - wife

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