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Sylvia Niven

The Robeson Scribe is a quarterly journal established by the Robeson County Genealogical Society to provide records, and other materials of genealogical and historical interest to members and others seeking information on ancestors who, at one time or another, resided in Robeson County.

All readers are encouraged to submit manuscripts, family Bible records, articles from previously published sources, transcriptions of original records, etc. Sources MUST be cited for each submission, along with submitter's name, postal address and e-mail address, if applicable.

Likewise, all readers (not just Society members) are encouraged to submit queries for publication. Queries must be 75 words or less and must mention at least one Robeson County surname and date . Multiple queries may be submitted, but only one query per submitter will be published in each issue. Queries may be e-mailed to Sylvia Niven or typed and mailed to the Society's postal address: RCGS, Attention: Editor, P.O. Box 2292, Lumberton, NC 28359


Sam West will be publishing a collection of Revolutionary War Pensions soon.
Sam West
In the subject line put  -  War Pensions
He will send you more details.

The release of a new Robeson County, North Carolina publication, entitled:


Valuation of land for 1868 in Robeson County, North Carolina

By Sam West

This is the first official listing of all White, Black and Indian Landowners in Robeson Co NC after the end of the War Between the States, which includes approximately 2000 entries under the heading of the following surnames: Absher, Adams, Albin, Alford, Allen, Amons, Ashly, Arnett, Atkinson, Ausly, Ayres, Baggett, Baker, Banes, Barfield, Barker, Barlow, Barnes, Bartlet, Barton, Bass, Baxly, Baxter, Beard, Belch, Bell, Benbow, Bethea, Bethune, Biggs, Black, Blackman, Blake, Bledsoe, Blount, Bluew, Boddeford, Bodiford, Bond, Boon, Bowen, Braboy, Bracy, Branch, Braswell, Brewer, Brewer, Bridgers, Brigman, Brisson, Britt, Brooks, Brown, Brumble, Bryant, Buie, Bullard, Bullock, Burchett, Burns, Butler, Byrd, Caldwell, Campbell, Carlile, Carrol, Carter, Chavis, Chisholm, Clark, Clemmons, Clewis, Cobb, Coble, Collins, Conner, Conoly, Council, Cox, Crawford, Cribbs, Criden, Crump, Culbreath, Currie, Curry, Dallas, Daniel, Davis, Deal, Dewey, Dial, Dick, Douglass, Duncan, Eaden, Easterling, Edmund, Edward, Ellis, Evans, Fairly, Falk, Faulk, Flowers, Floyd, Foly, Ford, Freeman, French, Fuller, Fulmore, Furguson, Gaddy, Galbreath, Gardner, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Glover, Godwin, Goins, Graham, Grantham, Gregory, Griffin, Grimsly, Gunn, Hagin, Hall, Haman, Hamans, Hamer, Hammond, Hardin, Harding, Harrel, Harrelson, Harrington, Haynes, Hayns, Hays, Hedgpeath, Hendren, Herring, Hester, Higley, Hill, Hilliard, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgin, Holcom, Hooper, Horn, Howard, Howell, Huggins, Humphry, Hunt, Hussy, Hustling, Inman, Isreal, Ivey, Jackson, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Kelly, King, Kinlaw, Kitchen, Klarpp, Knox, Lamb, Lammond, Lancaster, Lawson, Leach, Lecine, Lee, Leggett, Leitch, Leith, Lennon, Lewis, Lieupo, Lilly, Linch, Lindsey, Little, Livingston, Lockleer, Locklier, Loe, Love, Lovett, Lowery, Lowrie, Lowry, McAlister, McAlpin, McArthur, McBryde, McCall, McCallum, McChargue, McClellan, McCormack, McCormick, McCrimmon, McDearmid, McDonal, McDonald, McDuffie, McDugald, McEachern, McEachin, McElyea, McFadyen, McFarland, McGeachy, McGill, McGirt, McGugan, McHargue, McInnis, McIntyre, McKaskel, McKay, McKeller, McKenzie, McKinnon, McLauren, McLauchlin, McLean, McLellan, McLeod, McMillan, McNair, McNatt, McNeill, McPhail, McPhatter, McPhaul, McPherson, McQueen, McRae, McRainy, McRimmon, McVicker, Mainor, Malloy, Manning, Martin, Matthew, Mears, Mercer, Miller, Mills, Millsaps, Mitchel, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Morisey, Morris, Morrison, Munroe, Murphy, Murry, Musslewhite, MWhite, Nance, Nash, Nelson, Nichols, Nicholson, Nixon, Norment, Nye, Odum, Oldham, Oliver, Oxendine, Page, Parker, Parmelee, Parnell, Patterson, Paul, Penfield, Perry, Peterson, Perry, Peterson, Petteway, Phillips, Pierce, Pitman, Pope, Porter, Powell, Powers, Prevatt, Price, Proctor, Purcell, Purnell, Purvis, Rackly, Ransom, Ratley, Ratly, Ray, Reaves, Regan, Revels, Rhodes, Rice, Riddle, Roan, Roberts, Robertson, Robeson, Rogers, Ross, Rowland, Rozier, Russ, Russel, Sampson, Sanderson, Santee, Saunders, Saunderson, Scott, Scovall, Sealy, Sellers, Shaw, Shepherd, Sheridan, Simmons, Sinclair Singletary, Small, Smith, Snipes, Speight, Southerland, Spivey, Stanly, Stephens, Sterling, Stewart, Stone, Streeter, Stickland, Surles, Sutton, Tally, Tatum, Taylor, Thaggard, Thomas, Thompson, Todd, Toler, Townsend, Trawick, Troy, Turner, Tyner, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Ward, Warwick, Watson, Watts, West, Wentz, White, Whitfield, Whitted, Wiggins, Wilcox, Wilder, Wilkerson, Wilkeson, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilks, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wishart, Wood, Woodell, and Wright.

Anyone interested in purchasing this book from Sam send email to: – and in the subject line put “LANDOWNERS 1868”

Contents of Robeson Scribe, Fall 2014

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