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City Officials

Stanly Co., NC


Mayor - S B Kluttz
Treasurer - S H Hearne
Tax Collector - J Ed Kluttz
Attorney - Austin & Smith
City Physician - V A Whitley
Supt of Health - V A Whitley
Surveyor - C J Mauney
Supt Fire Dept - C J Mauney
Chief of Police - J E Kluttz
Board of Aldermen -  J M Brown, T R Forrest, J M Boyet, J M Harris, C J Mauney
City Public Schools - S G Linsay, Supt.
School Committee - J M Brown, S H Milton, W T Huckabee, S H Hearne, J A Hathcock, L A Moody, V A Whitley,
                               I W Snuggs.
Postmistress - Miss Ella M Sanders
R R Agent - John Ross
Express Agent - John Ross


Mayor - R A Robinson
Clerk - F H Lilly
Treasurer - F H Lilly
Tax Collector - Rufus Maulden
Chief of Police - M R Maulden
Board of Aldermen:  F H Lilly, J A Tyson, M E Blalock
City Public School - E M Rollins, Principal
School Committee:  T Colson, Geo. T Dunlap, T A Hathcock, M E Blalock
Postmistress - Mrs R B Lee
R R Agent - J M O'Neal
Express Agent - J M O'Neal

New London

Mayor - C T Reeves
Clerk - J W Hardester
Treasurer - R J Ross
Tax Collector - W F Ross
Chief of Police - W F Ross
Board of Aldermen - J W Hardester, L B Staton, F T Edwards
City Public Schools - E W Cox, Supt.
School Committee - R J Ross, J W Cotton, J L Palmer.
Postmaster - J M Vanhoy
R R Agent - R S Knight
Express Agent - R S Knight


Mayor - M M Ritchie
City Public Schools - R L Taylor, Principal
Post Master - John Earnhart
R R Agent - C G Ritchie

Big Lick

Mayor - M M Ritchie
Public School - D M Stallings, Principal
Post Master - W H Cagle


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