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County Officials
Stanly County NC

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Superior Court meets fourth Monday in March and September

Clerk Superior Court - S H Milton
Commissioners - I W Snuggs, Caleb Moose, I P Efird
Coroner - G C Smith
Register of Deeds - W T Huckabee
Sheriff - B C Blalock
Solicitor Seventh Dist - B F Long
Surveyor - Jacob Howard
Standard-Keeper - David Melton
Treasurer - S H Hearne
Supt of Public Schools - J A Bivins
County Board of Education - S J Pemberton, M L Barnhardt, L C Pond

Townships and Magistrates

Albemarle - John W Bastian, J D Forest, J M Redwine, J F Lilly
Almond - W E Furr, D A Hatley, Rufus G Greene
Big Lick - R H Griffin, S D Bost, James D Tucker
Furr - Franklin Moss, Joshua Brooks,
Harris - E F Eddins, C H Brooks, M S Moody
Ridenhour - J C Ridenhour, W A Moody
Tyson - R W Thompson, F M Wilharts


Attorney: W. J. Montgomery
Clerk Co. Court: L. Greene
Clerk Sup. Court: J. M. Redwine
Chairman Co. Court, J. W. Morton
Clerk and M. in Eq.: ________
Coroner: ________
Register: ________
Sheriff: Jonathan Mann
Surveyor: ________
Standard Keeper: ________
Trustee: ________
Associate members of Co. Court A Hunnycutt, A. J. Shankle


Clerk of the Court - R A Crowell, Albemarle
Sheriff - J S Smith, Albemarle
Register of Deeds - W T Huckabee, Albemarle
Treasurer - I W Snuggs, Albemarle
Coroner - W R McSwain, Cottonville
Surveyor - D A Holt, Albemarle
Standard Keeper - John Sanders, Albemarle
Supt of County Home - Ed Smith, Albemarle
Co. Supt of Schools - R L Smith, Albemarle (may be R D)
Co. Board of Education - S H Hearn (chm), Albemarle; C L Coggins, Palmerville; W T Sinclair, Norwood.
Co. Commissioners - G T Dunlap (chm), Norwood;  J C Parker, Albemarle; R L Lipe, Copal Grove.
Co. Board Elections - S H Hearn, Albemarle; Geo T Dunlap, Norwood; D P Whitley, Millingport.

Justices of the Peace (by town)
Centre Township - J E Hathcock, Lowder; W H Parker, Norwood; James W Smith, Norwood.
Albemarle - W K Littleton, Palestine; A W Andrews, Albemarle; M M Poplin, Albemarle; T S Parker, Albemarle;
                   J W Bostian, Albemarle.
Harris - V Mauney, Yadkin Falls; John W Cotton, Richfield; C L Coggins, Palmerville.
Ridenhour - C A Ridenhour, Copal Grove; M D Brooks, Ritchie; D P Whitley, Millingport.
Almond - John M Morton, Bloomington; John D Howard, Finger; John F Burleyson, Bloomington; J H Snotherly, Plyler.
Furr - E D Smith, Locust; S A Jenkins, Locust; Alonzo Little, Locust; R W Simpson, Locust.
Big Lick - W C Hartsell, Big Lick; J S Little, Big Lick; M F Honeycutt, Big Lick; J W Efird, Big Lick.
Tyson - W A Hough, W F Crump, Cottonville; J M Reap, Efirds Mills.

City Officials    So far only for 1903.

 Postmasters & Post Offices


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