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Death Certificates

These are folks who died in Stanly County or who had Stanly Co ties.
Shows birth and death date, parents and where they were born (if known)
cause of death and burial information.

The information is only as good as what was provided by the informant so follow the trail.

go to this website and enter the name - the acutal death cert is available on line.

Will be adding more as time allows.

McSwain, William R  b. 1840
Hubbard, Cora    b. 1895
Barbee, William   b. 1878
Efird, Mary V   b. 1861
Ross, Whitson Elbert   b. 1852
Kimmer, William Henry   b. 1868
McClure, Sarah Adaline   b. 1862
Kimery, Bessie McDowell  b. 1884
Thompson, Rosalie   b. 1930
Simmons, James M   b. 1898
Pennington, Noah J   b. abt 1855
Little, Sophice   b. 1879
Maulden, Mrs Wilmer  b. 1899
Johnson, Lucie   b. 1878
Shoe, Flora Elizabeth  b. 1888
Fisher, Daniel Jacob   b. 1852
Lambert, Dewey A   b. 1901
Caudle, Esther   b. 1891
Cauble, John Timothy b. 1848
Jones, Mamie   b. 1900
Harvell, Eva Commillae  b. 1862
Sawyer, Margaret J   b. 1843
Bowers, Jesse W   b. 1876
Love, Trois  b. 1899
Hudson, D Henry   b. 1852
Shoe, Henry   b. 1847
Peck, James Luther  b. 1857
Swinson, Elizabeth   b. 1853
Underwood, Robbie   b. 1898
Palmer, Archibald McQueen   b. 1896
Cable (Coble), Pricilla   b. 1843
Burroughs, Mary C   b. 1849
Burleson, Alonzo Shuford   b. 1894
Tyson, Collier Pierce   b. 1880
Gentry, Chas M    b.  1851


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