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Harward Chapel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery



Take Hwy 138, turn on Chapel Rd, take a right on Winfield Rd, church is on the left.


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Updated and photographed March 2010 by William Poplin and son Phillip L Poplin. 


Vernon Lee Austin Sr. b.3-11-1938 d.5-20-1993   h/o Florence Eudy Austin
Carol Almond Austin b.2-23-1943   -----
Austin, Leroy 12-2-1910 12-19-2004     h/o Carol Almond Austom
Austin, Florence Eudy 12-3-1915 5-13-2003   w/o Vernon L Austin


Beverly Yvonne Bowers b.3-11-1949 d.3-12-1949 
Daughter of Clayton & Mary Kate Bowers


William Harden Brock   b.5-10-1917 d.6-27-1995
     h/o Elsie M Eudy Brock   S1   U.S.Navy WWII
Elsie Mae Eudy Brock b.9-27-1917   ----

Ricky Dale Brock    Apr 1, 1957  Nov 2, 2001  


Bertha Harward Brown b.4-13-1908 d.7-01-1994

Flossie Lee Brown b.8-18-1912 d.3-14-1997

Judson K. Brown b.2-21-1873 d.7-26-1949

Luther P. Brown b. 5-16-1868 d. 12-31-1945
Genie Harward Brown   b. 7-31-1876 d. 3-14-1917  w/o Luther P Brown


Avery B. Burris   b.6-05-1883 d.9-15-1954
Wife-Bertie E. Poplin Burris   b.4-26-1896 d.1-24-1980

Brack F. Burris b.3-10-1885 d.1-04-1972
Wife- Inez L. Smith Burris   b.6-08-1889 d.4-29-1944
Son-Clarence V. Burris    b.3-15-1912 d.11-27-1912
Son- Melvin A. Burris    b.4-14-1916 d.4-03-1921

Clarence Frank Burris b.12-29-1909 d. 7-08-1943   Tech Sargent

Clyde Burris b.2-20-1900 d.12-24-1955
Wife-Flonnie Wilhoit Burris   b.1-16-1902 d.3-28-1993
Willie Marvin Burris    b.11-07-1927 d.5-16-1948   F1 US Navy WWII

Curtis Newell Burris b.6-19-1933 d. 2-01-1965

Ezekiel Burris    b.4-27-1833 d.1-10-1910
Pvt Co E 39 Regt GA Inf  CSA
Wife-Mary Huneycutt Burris  b.9-30-1837 d.1-06-1920

Garvin Leander Burris b. 12-03-1901 d.3-29-1996
Mae Kirvin Burris b.5-23-1907 d.4-11-1942  1st wife
Hettie Derrick Burris b.11-19-1899 d.10-26-1988  2nd wife

G. Hilton Burris   b.1-08-1927 d.11-06-1986   Tec 5 US Army WWII

Henry Frank Burris b. 9-06-1909 d.1-07-1978
Agnes Talbert Burris b.10-12-1907 d.5-10-1993  w/o Henry Frank Burris

John Burris b.12-21-1828 d.1-26-1920

John R. Burris b.7-01-1862 d.4-29-1936
Wife- Isabelle Huneycutt Burris   b.10-09-1876 d.12-18-1937

John V. (Buddy) Burris b.5-14-1901 d.1-04-1971

Mary Pauline Burris b. 5-07-1931 d.4-06-1932
Daughter of J.F. & Lela Burris

Ruben R. Burris b.11-06-1914 d.10-02-1978
Daughter Mrs. Caroll Almond   Children Dell-Tommy- Terry

Infant son of Reuben & Thelma Burris b&d 11-18-1940

Rufus B. Burris b.4-17-1858 d.7-06-1930
Wife-Mollie Howell Burris   b.12-09-1869 d.12-17-1948
Son- Joseph C. Burris b.7-22-1913 d.2-01-1918

Thomas Gordon Burris US Army WWII
b.11-15-1895 d.12-26-1972

Vanuel L. Burris b.4-25-1904 d.9-26-1978
Osia E. Burris b.3-06-1905 d.3-17-1997


Ada Carpenter  b.4-17-1898 d.10-17-1989

Arch C. Carpenter b.1-28-1883 d.7-05-1974
2nd wife- Minnie Burris Carpenter b.11-06-1899 d.9-23-1993
Infant daughter b&d 1-31-1918
Infant son b&d 6-14-1919

Emma Honeycutt Carpenter   b.5-04-1887 d.7-23-1911
1st w/o Arch C Carpenter
Carl Carpenter    b.11-20-1910 d.6-04-1911
s/o Arch & Emma Carpenter

Carl "Buck" Carpenter b.1-04-1919 d.11-03-1983

Charles M. Carpenter b.5-01-1888 d.7-03-1968
Wife-Ella F. Efird Carpenter b.1-01-1889 d.1-08-1960
Daughter-Jennie Lee Carpenter b.9-07-1917 d.10-26-1917
Daughter-Estelle Carpenter     b.3-26-1924 d.10-18-1925

Henry Carpenter b. 8-20-1852 d.5-25-1932
Wife- Annie Harward Carpenter  b. 7-08-1845 d.8-23-1927

Henry Dudley Carpenter   b. 11-28-1924 d.8-09-1989
S Sgt US. Army WWII

J. Hugh Carpenter    b.2-09-1927 d.10-08-1996
Tec 4 US. Army WWII
Wife- Ona B. Carpenter b.3-18-1924  -----

James Garvin Carpenter   Oct 15, 1926   Nov 11, 2007

James R. Carpenter b.10-23-1890 d. 10-28-1968
Sally Kate Carpenter b.3-12-1905 d.6-23-1982

Julius B. Carpenter b.2-18-1858 d.5-26-1937
Wife- Mary L. Harward Carpenter   b.2-20-1860 d.8-02-1944
Infant daughter of J.B. & Mary L. Carpenter b.2-1896 d. 5-1896

Sally Kate Carpenter   Mar 12, 1905    Jun 23, 1982

W.C. Carpenter   b.11-10-1885 d.7-26-1914
Jennie A.. Carpenter   b.9-28-1890 d.7-09-1910
Infant daughter b&d 7-09-1910


Mary Ann Carver b.1868 d.12-28-1949


Malinda Hinson Coble  b.4-09-1846 d.4-26-1921
Wife of David Coble II


Phyllis Coley  Jul 23, 1946    Dec 15, 2009


Emma Edwards Coone b.11-30-1915 d.10-10-1992


Ella Carpenter Cooper b.4-26-1884 d.12-24-1976


Luna Carpenter Crump b.11-09-1903 d.6-07-1987


Mrs. David Curlee   d.5-11-1913   Age 58 yrs.

Joseph Simeon Curlee    b. 10-22-1845  d.5-22-1927 81 yrs. 7mo
Pvt Co C 42 NC Inf   CSA
1st wife- Elizabeth Curlee   b.1-06-1851 d.5-04-1906
2nd wife- Lucy Ann Curlee   b. 4-11-1869 d.4-14-1914 45 yrs. 3 days


Ada M. Edwards   b.11-12-1895 d. 9-16-1987

Edwina K. Edwards b.3-25-1941 d.7-30-1941

Evelyn G. Edwards   b&d 9-09-1944

Jacob W. Edwards b.7-02-1871 d.12-25-1950
Wife- Margaret Elizabeth Hathcock Edwards   b.2-22-1879 d.7-29-1942
Son- Jacob Vence Edwards b. 9-08-1920 d.10-20-1923
Daughter- Victoria E. Edwards b.9-09-1922 d.12-06-1926

James Collie Edwards  b.5-06-1896 d.12-16-1933
Wife- Mary Harward Edwards   b.4-24-1902 d.7-02-1979

Roger E. Edwards   b&d 1-14-1949

Tommy Edwards b.1912 d.1995 Funeral Marker    (could not locate Mar. 2010)


Corey Lee Eudy     1-20-1976 7-15-2004

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. James E Eudy   b&d 1-18-1969

James Herbert Eudy    10-22-1923    5-8-2003
Wife- Edith Burris Eudy   Oct 21, 1928  -----

Luther Eudy b.2-22-1888 d. 4-29-1957
Wife- Anliza Carpenter Eudy  b.7-26-1893 d.7-15-1979
Infant son   b. 12-02-1914 d.12-05-1914

Patricia Roberson Eudy b.7-25-1948 d.12-17-1993

Tammy Lynne Eudy b.7-19-1958 d.11-28-1974
Daughter of Nellie A. & Luther Eudy Jr.


Twins of J.P.& Mary E. Floyd
Son- Joe Floyd    b&d 11-27-1926
Daughter- Josephine Floyd   b.11-27-1926 d.12-29-1928


Rev. John M. Foster b.5-11-1906 d.5-08-1983
Effie H. Foster b.3-05-1904 d.8-13-1982
L.J.Foster son of J. M. & Effie Foster b. 1-20-1926 d.6-08-1926


Cleonie Elmer Burris Hall    b. July 1888 d.4-01-1935 About 47 yrs.
Wife of C.C. Hall
Son- Johnnie C. Hall  b.9-12-1926 d.3-12-1928


Bertha Harward   b.4-13-1908   d.7-01-1994

Beulah Lee Harward  b.10-06-1918 d.3-24-1922

Daniel B. Harward  b.1-10-1850 d.12-19-1912
Wife- Nancy Lowder Haward  b. 5-14-1842 d.12-17-1917 75 yrs. 7 mos. 3 days
Son-William D. Harward b.1-13-1879 d.6-09-1965

Cornelius F Haward   b.12-20-1874 d.12-25-1944   Stone reads Howard
Wife- Winnie S. Aldridge Harward  b.5-25-1878   d.6-23-1948
Son- Asberry Harward b.8-27-1893   d.9-07-1893
Daughter- Rodia Harward b.8-12-1894  d.10-28-1894
Son- Travis Harward   b.10-15-1898   d.10-02-1902
Son- Craven Harward b.11-17-1902  d.6-15-1904

Infant Harward  son of G. C. & Alice Harward b.10-21-1905 d. 10-22-1905
Daughter- Zora Bell Harward b.8-01-1911 d.10-19-1911

Houston A. Harward b.1910 d.1965   Headstone shows Harwood
Wife- Bessie H. Haward   b.1913   1991   Headstone shows Harwood

James F. Harward  b.8-29-1928 d.9-08-1928
Son of T. F. & Neta Harward

James Oscar Harward   b.2-12-1905 d.11-22-1967

Daisy Harward  b.9-1916 d.7-1918    stone is hard to read

Jesse B. Harward  b.1-14-1910 d.8-24-1998
Wife- Ophelia H. Harward  b.12-06-1908 d.4-17-1960

John W. Harward b.7-05-1878 d.9-20-1960
Wife- Hattie L. Kimrey Harward   b.5-08-1882 d.3-01-1965
Infant daughter b&d 1900
Infant daughter b&d 1900

L.J. Harward b. 6-26-1882 d.9-28-1954
Wife- Henrietta Rummage Harwasrd  b.2-22-1884 d.3-16-1922

M. Thomas Harward b.7-09-1871 d.4-10-1964
Wife- Sarah Elizabeth Eury Harward   b.2-25-1878 d.6-09-1969
Son- Sidney J. Harward b.12-07-1897 d.9-12-1903
Son- William C. Harward  b.6-12-1899 d.6-14-1900
Son - John A. Harward  b. 5-26-1920 d.6-02-1920

Olin Keith “Pop” Harward  12-6-1935 10-27-2002

Patsy Hudson Harward b.8-23-1822 d.3-14-1901
Wife of Beverly D. Harward

Peter Harward   b.1-17-1853 d.2-04-1936
Wife- Mary Minerva Poplin Harward   b.12-20-1854 d.12-01-1934

Roy J. Harward b.2-22-1914 d.12-21-1977

Walter Jay Harward b.8-22-1920 d.1-14-1987
Wife- Mae Poplin Harward  b. 3-08-1926 d.2-01-1995

Wilfred Lee Harward    11-14-1931 10-14-2003


Houston A. Harwood  b.1910 d.1965
Wife- Bessie H. Harwood   b.1913   1991


Eddie Luther Helms b.9-23-1954 d.7-07-1970

Eugene Helms     11-6-1925 12-1-1989

Frank Monroe Helms    b.11-26-1888 d.6-08-1964
N.C. Pvt Med. Dept WWI
Wife- Bernie May Brewer Helms   b.10-15-1900 d.6-17-1932

J.A. Helms b.5-26-1859 d.10-28-1922   Aged 63 yrs, 5 mos, 2 dys
Wife- Julia Coble Helms  b. 12-01-1859 d.1-16-1931


Annie Huneycutt Hinson    b.1-13-1892 d.8-28-1918
Wife of B.H. Hinson    Dau. of L.C. & Eliza Huneycutt
Son- Charlie Hinson b.6-04-1913 d.6-18-1914
Son- Hugh Hinson b. 8-24-1917 d.9-02-1918

E. I. Hinson b. 10-04-1870 d.3-04-1943

Frank Edward Hinson Sr.    b.9-12-1919 d.9-17-1992
Wife- Ruth Eudy Hinson b.7-12-1921   -----

J. H. Hinson b.5-13-1848 d.1-06-1924
Wife- E.M. Hinson    b.11-03-1846 d.3-29-1918  Dau. of Beverly & Martha Harward

Lillian Hinson b.10-20-1921 d.7-06-1923
Daughter of B.H. & Ethel Hinson

L.M. Hinson b. 8-02-1875 d.6-23-1942

William J. Hinson b.1-15-1899 d.2-20-1899
Son of C. H. & Mary C. Hinson


Infant Howard   son of P.A. & Martha Howard 3-15-1934

James Wilbur Howard b.7-14-1873 d.4-09-1920
Wife- Mollie Thompson Howard   b.12-12-1876 d.11-10-1959

William B. Howard    b.2-01-1887 d.6-04-1970
Wife- Ada Mills Howard   b. 9-15-1891  d. Unknown


Bobby Huneycutt b. 9-26-1932 d.10-06-1937
Son of J. C. & Lillian Mae Huneycutt

L. Calvin Huneycutt b.7-15-1856 d.1-18-1927
Wife- Eliza Jones Huneycutt   b. 3-12-1862 d.6-15-1945


Clarence John Ingold b.10-04-1887 d.10-25-1979
Wife- Lillian C. Brown Ingold b.11-07-1894 d.4-29-1928
Ada Carpenter b.4-17-1898 d.10-17-1989


Elmetta P. Johnson b.1-05-1880 d.2-26-1913
Wife of D.A. Johnson


Idell Carpenter Kimrey b.9-05-1915 d.8-03-1993


Mary H King  12-24-1935 6-12-2006


Ray Clark Lamonds b.11-22-1922 d.9-24-1974


Arlie L. Lefler    b.4-23-1907 d.12-20-1982
Hettie S. Lefler    b.6-14-1903   -----
Janie N. Lefler    b.9-03-1928  d. 2-14-2002


James T. Logan b.7-17-1906 d.7-18-1906
Son of G.P. & N.C. Logan


Catherine Maulden Lowder b. 7-28-1883 d.3-11-1924
Wife of W. H. Lowder


Margaret Howard Mauldin b.8-10-1863 d.11-15-1937
Wife of J. F. Mauldin
Daughter- Eliza F. Mauldin b.5-21-1907 d.5-11-1908


Marvin Theo Miller b.4-13-1907   d.11-14-1973
Margaret Morton Miller  b.12-07-1911  d.10-27-1981
Martha Anna Elizabeth Miller b.11-17-1929   d. 1-12-2010


L.W. Morgan b. 6-18-1880 d.2-15-1933


David C. Morton b. 12-25-1881 d.8-20-1950
Wife- Martha C. Mauldin Morton b.6-06-1885 d.11-11-1955
Infant Morton   b&d  6-22-1904
Son- Daniel Peter Morton   b.7-03-1909 d.1-15-1962
Son- D.A. Morton b.8-07-1920 d.1-16-1921

Roy Hamilton Morton   b.5-16-1918 d.9-20-1993
Pvt US Army WWII


Leonard H. Mullis   b.8-02-1907  ----
Wife- Anne E. Mullis     b.10-27-1909    ----

Sandra Jean Mullis b.9-21-1944 d.3-11-1986


W.H. Poplin b.11-10-1829 d.4-15-1907


Philmore J. Russell b.3-10-1917 d.5-09-1917
Son of P. & N. C. Russell


Edwin C. Simpson b.1-15-1938 d.1-31-1938
Son of Hugh & Mary F. Simpson

Hugh R. Simpson b.10-14-1907 d.10-03-1984
Wife- Mary B. Simpson b.5-22-1911 d.3-07-1995

Robert H. "Bob" Simpson b.9-14-1935 d.2-02-1994


Geneva Smith b. 1896 d.1899
Sarah Smith b.1861 d.1900

John Smith b. 4-19-1840 d.3-24-1903
Wife- Fannie M. Jones Smith  b.11-14-1858 d.3-05-1941

Lawrence Matthew Smith b.8-06-1895 d.3-24-1968
Wife- Cornelia Carpenter Smith  b. 2-14-1901 d.12-12-1986
Children: Lenox, James, Robert, Melvile, Spencer, Macie, Ann, Lawrence


B. Victor Swaringen b.11-12-1908 d.5-21-1976
Wife- Nellie K. Swaringen   b.11-25-1912 d.7-03-1993

Crowell Joshua Swaringen   b.3-30-1897 d.4-22-1964
WWI Veteran
Wife- Susie Tysinger Swaringen  b.12-02-1900 d.9-15-1995
Son- Lester Swaringen b.10-19-1924 d.10-03-1935
Daughter- Viola Swaringen b.10-20-1926 d.6-02-1947

D. F. Swaringen b. 10-16-1862 d.10-01-1900
Wife- Margaret Isabelle Swaringen b.6-06-1866 d.6-29-1898   Stone is broken
Daughter- Bertie C. Swaringen b.5-19-1885 d.11-12-1944
Daughter- Mary B. Swaringen b.2-06-1889 d.7-12-1903   Stone is broken

Elonzo C. Swaringen   b.8-16-1895 d.10-19-1913

James Harvey Swaringen b.5-26-1906 d.11-06-1977

John Dee Swaringen b. 10-26-1932 d. 10-11-1966
Bessie G. Swaringen   b&d 8-28-1931

J. T. Swaringen b.4-26-1870 d.12-03-1933
Wife- Jane Hudson Swaringen  b.4-23-1875 d.6-04-1967
Daughter- Judy F. Swaringen b. 8-27-1894 d.2-17-1910

Walter Crowell Swaringen b.1-18-1920 d.9-04-1987
Wife- Lessie T. Swaringen b.2-14-1923 d.9-25-1991


Marvin O. Swicegood b.8-16-1906 d.10-21-1914
Son of C.B. & M.M. Swicewgood


Jesse Allen Taylor b.1-11-1860 d.4-6-1929
Wife- Amanda Frances Crisco Taylor  b.11-25-1867 d.6-27-1939
Daughter- Martha Elizabeth Taylor b.4-05-1886 d.2-06-1912
Daughter- Daisy Ella Taylor b.6-05-1891 d.10-30-1917


Collie Deberry Thompson b.1-11-1899 d.4-22-1987
Wife- Eula M. Thompson b.9-17-1893 d.4-22-1985
Eva Jane Thompson   3-20-1928 12-14-2005


Manda Kearnes Tysinger b.5-02-1871 d.3-29-1956


Marvin L. Tyson   b.8-21-1920 d.3-19-1985





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