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Misc Marriage Bonds

Submitted by S Buchanan

Marriage Bonds were usually applied for to show that there was no
reason that the Groom or Bride could not be legally married.

Smith, E M Smith, M L Dec 31, 1860 L A Whitlock, M G
Curlee, James F Trease, Gemima Feb 22, 1862 Wm P McLester, bds
Hatley, Daniel A Vanhoy, Sarah Ann Oct 30, 1862 Whitman C Hatley, bds
Milton, Elisha H Marbary, Frances Mar 13, 1862 Alfred Hinson, bds
Petrea, Laban Smith, Frances Feb 26, 1862 John Williams, bds
Hathcock, E W Marbary, Nancy A Nov 2, 1863 L A Whitlock, M G
Melton, Green Melchor, M C Oct 29, 1863  -----
Maulden, M P Rummage, Martha Aug 13, 1864 John Moose, bds
Williams, John Rummage, Rebecca Dec 26, 1864 L A Whitlock, M G
Furr, Aaron Hatley, Janie L Nov 21, 1865 Hasten Hatley, bds
Mason, James A Hurlocker, Lydia R Nov 23, 1865 L Perry, bds
Snuggs, Benjamin F Lisk, Mary Ellen Dec 30, 1865 L A Whitlock, M G
Thompson, D T Smith, Mary A Nov 2, 1865 L A Whitlock, M G
Furr, Ransom Smith, Malinda C Sept 19, 1866 John Furr, bds
Green, Martin V Barbee, Serena Nov 14, 1866 J C Hartsell, bds
Hinson, James Hinson, Rebecca Jul 27, 1866 Elijah Hudson, bds
Hinson, John Jane Rummage Aug 6, 1866 C C Foreman, J P
Kimra, Daniel E Shoffner, Mary E Sept 10, 1866 C C Foreman, J P
Ramsey, William Allen, Mary E J Nov 22, 1866 G W Nash, bds
Smith, Moses Whitely, Rebecca Jan 11, 1866 N M Clark, M G
Tucker, A M Coble, Catharine E Nov 28, 1866 J W Morton, J P
Turner, F G Eury, Minty Dec 21, 1866  ----
Walters, Embury Austin, Mary P Jul 30, 1866 J R Huneycutt, bds

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