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Newspaper Abstracts

1890 - 1899

Used with permission of Julie Hampton Ganis

From surrounding area newspapers with mention of Stanly Co residennts
or former residents.

February 14, 1890, THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION (Atlanta, Georgia)
-Charlotte, N.C., February 13. – [Special] A very remarkable case of attempted highway robbery is reported tonight from Cabarrus county. Yesterday, Jona LITTLE, a Stanly county merchant, was returning home through the country in a covered wagon, which was loaded with merchandise, and when about ten miles out of Concord, he heard a childish voice near his wagon call out, “Halt there.” LITTLE stopped his wagon, and raising the canvas a queer sight met his eyes. A thirteen-year-old boy in knee breeches stood by his wagon, and with a double-barrelled gun leveled square at him, commanded the driver: “Throw up your hands, or off goes your head.” LITTLE was dumbfounded, but seeing from the lad’s eyes that he meant business, up went his hands in compliance with the youth’s command. The young highwayman was prepared to overhaul the wagon, when the Stanly merchant suddenly jumped down upon him, and before the lad could realize the change of situation, he was slapped down and his gun taken from him. Getting on his feet, he ran for dear life. His name was Willie COLEMAN, the son of a Cabarrus county farmer.

December 1, 1892, THE LANDMARK (Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina)
-Wednesday morning of last week Mr. Francis TALLY, who lived alone near New London, Stanly county, was found brutally murdered. He had been killed with an axe. His neck was cut about half off and five gashes were cut on the back of the head and he had been struck over the left eye with the pole of the axe, mashing in his head and eye. The Stanly News says he was a very quiet man and it is not known that he had an enemy in the world. Robbery is supposed to have been the object of the murder. The Salisbury Herald says two white men and a Negro have been arrested and jailed on suspicion.

-The Stanly News says some days ago Mr. Augustus TAYLOR got his left hand caught in PARKER’S cotton gin at PENNINGTON’S mills, about 10 miles from Albemarle, and his hand was torn off and his arm badly mangled. Only a short time before he lost his right hand in a similar way.

May 16, 1895, THE LANDMARK (Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina)
-The Monroe Enquirer learns that a 14-year old son of Mr. Daniel AREY, of Big Lick, Stanly county, was kicked in the stomach by a two-weeks-old colt and so badly injured that he died in a few hours.

Wednesday, October 16, 1895, PLOW BOY (Wadesboro, Anson Co, NC)
-Miss Sallie LEDBETTER and Mr. Claudius COGGINS were married at the home of the bride’s father near LITTLE’S Mill on the 2nd of Oct. Mr. COGGINS was from Palmersville, Stanly County.

December 28, 1897, THE LANDMARK (Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina)
-The Concord Standard hears that Crowson HARTSELL, who lived near Big Lick, Stanly county, committed suicide Monday night by shooting himself. Disappointment in a love affair is said to be the cause.

June 22, 1899, THE ALAMANCE GLEANER (Graham, Alamance County, N.C.)
-In Stanly county Saturday afternoon a week, Ivey KENDALL shot and killed Lum CALSON, both negroes. CALSON went to KENDALL’S house and asked for some money the latter owed. KENDALL got his gun and shot and killed CALSON. The murderer escaped.


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