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Smith's Grove Primitive Baptist Church

1940's - 1950's
Submitted by Nita Brooks 

Taken from church minutes pages 286 & 287

Adam A. Mortom deceased

Maude Helms

Dalie Anderson deceased 1/26/1954

Lucy Goodman deceased 10/1941

Mimmie Greene deceased

Jonah Morton deceased 4/20/1955

Delphie Morton dreceased

Jane Nance

Mary Meggs deceased 2/25/1958

Mary Hatley deceased 4/27/1941

Rillia Hatley deceased 9/? (unable to read)

Helen Hinson deceased 12/4/1949

Abagail Hinson deceased 12/15/1959

Sarah Little deceased 12/1938

Cornelia Ann Barbee deceased

Pinky Whitley deceased 10/26/1957

Lester Huneycutt deceased 12/16/1943

Cornelia Ann Smith deceased

M. F. Coble deceased 8/16/1941

Jane Coble deceased 2/27/1963

Sheppard Taylor ecxluded 8/15/1942

Rudolphus Whitley deceased 11/31/1953(sic)

Eva Whitley

Annie Bell Griffin

Mattie Hinson

Essie Morton excluded

Mary Floyd

Craig Whitley

Clifford Allen

Dalie Hartsell

Marshie Austin deceased

Arlie M. Taylor excluded 9/16/1944 restored

Arlie Helms

Maggie Tucker

Clarence D. Whitley

Flora Tucker deceased 12/17/1957

Nannie Morton

Watt Morton

Paul J. Jones excluded 9/14/1952

Dortha Jones excluded 9/14/1942

John T. Crisco excluded 11/15/1941 restored

Penins Crisco deceased 12/15/1956

Julia Elizabeth Morton Harris excluded returned

Claude Coble *

Ruth Coble*

Columbus Morton*

Cora Curlee*. & All Baptised 3rd Subdau in Aug. 1950

Myre Stoker

Villa Ann Williams 1950

Grady Smith excluded

Sarah Smith

Cora Belle Brooks

Beatris Hartsell

Olive May Mullis

Lukie Hinson

Charlie Hartsell

Willie Edwards

Robert Hinson deceased

Dock Little

Dewey Morton

Lillie Little restored 10/15/1950

Ofy Whitley restored 10/14/1950 deceased

Sunie Whitley united with the church

Viola Russel dismissed by letter 9/15/1951

Adam Russel dismissed by letter 9/16/1951

Walter Meggs 9/16/1951

Silas Huneycutt deceased 5/6/1961 10/21/1951

Willie Russel 9/20/1952

Bessie meggs 9/21/1952

N. D. Whitley out by letter 8/20/1955 6/19/1954

Carlie Whitley out by letter 8/20/1955 6/19/1954

Dora Lee Russel 9/5/1954

Marcelle Harvel 9/12/1955

Peril (sic) Hathcock 9/17/1955

G. Bunion Hathcock 10/15/1956

Carl Meggs 1/14/1956

Emma Nell Morton 5/19/1956

Price W. Griffin 6/17/1956

In full fellowship

Lee Harwood deceased 1956   7/30/1956

Hermie Harwood 7/30/1956

Ada Brooks 4/20/1957

Richard Smith 9/14/1957

Grover Hartsell 8/15/?

Ethel Barnes 8/15/? restored 10/19/1957 (?)
In full fellowship 1/7/1942 deceased

Sandy Thomas 7/16/190 deceased

Hallie Meggs 4/18/1961

Cranfford Whitley 5/14/1960 received by letter

Sara Ann Whitley 5/14/1960 received by letter

page 288

Dec. 18,1965
The church met in regular session Dec.18, 1965
Service introduced with song and prayer by Elder C, D. Whitley followed by
Bro. Robert Howard, Elder W. C. Allen and Eld. C. D. Whitley
C. L. Coble Clerk


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