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St Martin's Lutheran Church

Short history and list of Pastor's

From the Notebook of Lilly Carter Hoffman:

Some information taken from the "History of the Lutheran Church in North Carolina"

St. Martin's Church is located in Stanly County about halfway between Albemarle and Oakboro. Records show that Rev. David Henkel held services for the group in Montgomery Co. 1822 in Jacob Efird's home and administered communion to 30 members. It is believed that Henkel organized the congregation at this time.
The name St. Martin's was chosen in 1828. The first church was built of logs with a balcony and a high pulpit. This building was later removed and reconstructed for a barn on Mr Arthur Efird's farm.
The second Church was a frame building, erected in 1860. It had two doors in the front, each leading to an aisle. At first the pulpit was placed between the two doors but later moved to the other end of the building and the pews were removed.
In 1902, St. Martin's was transferred from the TN Synod to the NC Synod. In 1908, Rev H.M. Brown was called as pastor and a brick building was built. An educational building was built in 1848 while Rev J.S. Wesinger was pastor.
The first parsonage was built in 1898 and one mile west of the church. It was destroyed by fire Oct 16, 1911 but soon rebuilt. In 1914, that building was sold and a new parsonage was built near the church and completely renovated in 1951. They now have a beautiful new brick ranch style parsonage, nicely
furnished near the church.

List of Pastors:
(1) David Henkel 1820-1828 Occasional Supply
(2) Henry Goodman and Nehemaih Bonham, 1832-1831 Occasional Supply
(3) Nehemiah Bonham and Adam Miller, Occasional Supply 1832-1838
(4) A.J. Fox 1838-1842
(5) J.W. Hull 1842-1847
(6) Adam Efird 1848-1850
(7) Daniel Efird 1850-1854
(8) C. Moretz, Jr. 1855
(9) Timothy Moser 1856-1857
(10) E.E. Smyer 1860-1863
vacant 1863-1865
(11) D.S. Henkel 1865-1867
(12) Timothy Moser 1867-1888
(13) J.F. Price 1888-1900
(14) W.H. Little 1901
(15) H.M. Brown 1902-1912
(16) J.A.L. Miller 18914-1919
(17) B.S. Brown, Sr. 1920-1921
(18) E.K. Counts 1922-1925
(19) H.W. Jeffcoat 1926-1925
(20) James Walker 1930-1935
(21) J.C. Dietz 1936-1942
(22) W.H. Dutton 1943-1947
(23) J.S. Wesinger 1947-1950
(24) J.E. Smith 1951-1952
(25) B.D. Castor 1953


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