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2009 - 2010

October 4, 2009
Kron Family Cemetery, Kirk Family Cemetery, Old Family Cemetery, Old Whitley Cemetery ,Sweet Home Baptist Cemetery, New London Cemetery, Richfield Cemetery, Newspaper Abstracts (see Newspapers),Researchers Homepages

October 6, 2009
  Friendship United Methodist Cemetery, Graveyard Island Cemeteries, Hathcock Family Cemetery, Hearne Family
  Cemetery, Henry Marshall Gravesite.

October 9, 2009
Businesses 1851-1852  Search Engine Photo Album -  Send me pics of your families, and other photos of interest., Listing of Books about Stanly Co., Randall United Methodist Church, Norwood - history and slave members

Oct 13, 2009
Randall United Methodist Cemetery  - pictures and reading

Oct 22, 2009
Corrected Businesses, Ministers and County Officials to read 1866-67........they were originally designated as 1890, and
this was in error.

Nov 24, 2009
Big Lick Baptist Church Cemetery, Henry Marshall gravesite amended and pictures added, Culpepper Watkins Sr family graveyard

Dec 13, 2009
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, Liberty Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Little Family Burying Ground, Locust Presbyterian Cemetery

Dec 15, 2009
Post Offices & Post Masters to 1876

Dec 16 & 17, 2009
Vital Records - this is a start, more to come
Schools, added more info. 
Surname List - added new names
Researchers Home Pages - added several more

Dec 18 & 19 & 20, 2009
Added some pictures to Liberty Hill PBC Cemetery
Old Hudson Family Cemetery
Bethesda Church Cemetery - Old reading 1965
Clarks Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Eli Huneycutt Family Cemetery
Bethel UMC Cemetery - Added Pictures
Military - added fallen soldiers to the Vietnam listing
Indian Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Mineral Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
Smith Grove Community Cemetery/ (Smith Grove Primitive Baptist Church)
Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery

Dec 28,29,30,31, 2009
Matton's Grove Cemetery - This is going to be redone row by row in the next week or so
Harward Chapel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery

Happy New Year

Up to and including January 12, 2010
Davis B & Luerena Kennedy McDaniel family picture - photo album
1870 Mortality Schedule - census
Poplin's Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Newspaper Abstracts from surrounding counties - newspaper
Dan Furr Graveyard
Another fallen Vietnam soldier
Providence Church of God Cemetery - partial

Jan 13-15, 2010

St Martin's Lutheran Church Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery
Anderson Grove Baptist Church Cemetery - updated from older reading

Jan 19-22, 2010
Fairview Cemetery  Alpha listing and pictures through J - still under construction
Marriage Records 1854, 1855, 1856, 1857

Jan 23-29, 2010
Fairview Cemetery is finished, may not be complete, but quite a listing.

Jan 31, 2010
John Green Cemetery.........headstone pictures for the reading.
New Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery - more listings and pictures

Feb 4-10, 2010

Old Albemarle Cemetery + some headstone pictures
Palestine Community Church Cemetery
Moss Family Cemetery + pictures
More Marriage Records
Rheobeth Methodist Church Cemetery
Morgan Memorial Cemetery
2 new pictures in the photo you have old pictures of families or individuals???  consider letting me put them up on the site.

Mar 12-18, 2010
Aquadale Baptist Church Cemetery + headstone pictures
Mountain Creek PBC Cemetery - Updated from old reading
Eastside Cemetery - PARTIAL with pictures
Green Memorial UMC Cemetery + headstone pictures
Marriage Records 1859   1860
Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church Cemetery + headstone pictures
Mission Baptist Church Cemetery - PARTIAL + some headstone pictures
Stanfield Baptist Church Cemetery
Wiggins Family Cemetery + headstone pictures
Beulah Church Cemetery
Union Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery + headstone pictures

Mar 23-25 2010
Love's Chapel UMC Cemetery + some headstone pictures

Apr 18-25 2010
Harward Chapel PBC Cemetery --- added headstone pictures
Herrins Grove PBC Cemetery  ---- plus headstone pictures
Cottonville Baptist Church Cemetery ------ plus headstone pictures
Old Whitley Cemetery --- Stanfield
Allyson Whitley Cemetery ---- Oakboro
Bethesda Church Cemetery ----  UPDATE and headstone pictures
Stallings Cemetery  ---- headstone pics

Apr 29- May 17, 2010
Added pictures to Old Whitley Cemetery
Simpson Cemetery + headstone pics
Rheobeth Methodist Church Cemetery - Updated and lots more pics added.
Meadow Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - + headstone pictures  UPDATED more names
Old Morgan Burial Ground.
Pine Grove Cemetery + headstone pictures
First Baptist Church, Locust    Updated and more headstone pictures added
Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery -- added some pictures
Cottonville AME Zion Cemetery - + pictures

May 19 - 23  2010
Added several new pics to the photo album
Porter Community Cemetery + pictures
Porter Baptist Church Cemetery + pictures

May 27 - 29  2010
Towns and townships - added historical links to some of these.....great info, with a lot of information and Stanly Co. names.
New information added to the Schools site.  Teachers, etc.
1903 Business Directory, which includes:  County Officials, City Officials, School Teachers, Ministers, Drs  etc.

Jun 9 - 13   2010
Running Creek PBC Cemetery + update and pictures
Added pictures to Bear Creek Cem
Added pictures to Bethel UCC Cem
Brown Hill AME Zion Church Cem + headstone pics
Hudson Cemetery + pictures

Jun 25-  2010
Added land record from William Rogers to Matthias Barringer ---- see Court Records
Solomon Burris Will.......probably short record.   See Wills
Listing of microfilms available at the Family History Center, plus a link to find the nearest one to you......under BOOKS
Centerville Cemetery + headstone pictures
Dunns Grove Baptist Church Cemetery + headstone pictures
Trinity Baptist Cemetery
Several new surnames to the Surname List.
42nd Regt Co C  Roster  CSA   - see Military
Kendall's Baptist Church Cemetery---work in progress
1860 Mortality Schedule - see Census
Hearne Cemetery - added pictures


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