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Surry County Cemeteries

Axsom Family Cemetery
submitted by Norma Axsom Zanetti

Enumerated 24 June 1998

Directions: From Hwy 601 S at Fairview Crossroads, follow NC 268 W for approximately 2 miles. Turn left on SR 1113 (Gilliam Rd. - dead end). Follow the road to an abandoned farmhouse (Old Lee Cockerham Farm). Follow the old road bed in front of the house for approximately 1/4 mile. The cemetery is located in a copse of trees to the right.

There are eighteen (18) graves in the cemetery. Eight (8) of those graves have inscribed tombstones. The remaining 10 graves are marked with rocks.

Inscribed stones:

Harden White 09 Dec 1825 07 Nov 1850 h\o Nancy B. Axsom
A.S. (Abraham Setliff) Axsom 29 Oct 1854 11 Oct 1856 s\o Joseph H.
Axsom, Jr.; gr-s\o Joseph H. Axsom, Sr.
Nancy Axsom 06 Feb 1783 24 Dec 1854 w\o Joseph H. Axsom, Sr.
Isaac Lundy 11 Apr 1823 30 June 1840 step-s\o Martin Axsom
Susanna (Lundy) Axsom 13 Dec 1798 10 Apr 1879 w\o Martin Axsom
Martin Axsom 10 Jun 1804 02 Jan 1873 s\o Joseph H. Axsom, Sr.
M.C. (Martin Columbus) Anthony 02 Jun 1850 02 Nov 1936 h\o Sussen (Susan) Axsom
Sussen (Susan E. Axsom) Anthony 16 Apr 1852 12 Jul 1888 w\o M.C.
Anthony gr-d\o Martin Axsom

Abbreviations: h\o = husband of

w\o = wife of
s\o = son of
gr-s\o = grandson of
gr-d\o = granddaughter of
step-s\o = stepson of


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